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Extremely odd
Horst_In_Translation4 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"The 3 Rs" is a 2011 short film made by famous director David Lynch. It only runs for a minute and was made to promote the Austrian Film Festival that year. Most of the action is black-and-white and it's a very experimental movie. It's very contradictory from start to finish. Pete obviously has 2 rocks, but that's not what the girls write on the board. I thought it was fairly uninteresting and unspectacular from start to finish, so I would maybe have given it a 4, but as there are 2 situations where animal cruelty is indicated, such as the way a rubber duck's head is severed or in the end when a guy hits the ground with a hammer and we hear noises as if he would hit animals (pigs?). That was fairly despicable and is the main reason why I do not recommend this. However, even aside from these situations, nothing really interesting is happening. Thumbs down.
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