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Claustrophobic episode
bkoganbing17 May 2013
If this episode of SVU brings out symptoms of claustrophobia in you the reason is that most of it seems to be spent in the interrogation room. The squad with new members Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish is out looking for a missing infant.

Unmarried couple Lisa Joyce and Dennis Flanagan come down to Buffalo with their infant son to see the Halloween parade. Having lived in both places they have nothing like that in Buffalo. Joyce goes into a convenience store to buy something and the car is taken with the kid inside.

There whole story doesn't add up to Dann Florek nor the rest of the SVU team. Getting at the truth here involves some work by the Medical Examiner Tamara Tunie and the squad questioning them separately until a coherent and reasonable conclusion is reached.

It's tragic, but that's all I'll say.
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poorly written, poorly executed
mttiro14 May 2018
Dick Wolf wrote this? You're kidding me. My complaint with this episode is with the writing and the methodology, the execution of the plot, which seems almost non-existent. Perhaps the writers and the show's executives felt that a change of pace from the usual slam-bam action would be good, but this approach seemed almost too far to the opposite extreme. And for those who love the mental challenge of the detective sleuthing out the answers to a difficult crime, this episode seemed especially unsatisfying.

Is it possible that the episode was based on a real case, or perhaps more on the way real-life detectives work? Maybe. I don't know. Because otherwise, I can't figure out why anyone connected with the show would think this clunker would appeal to their viewers.
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Episode 50 minutes too long
Originator199415 May 2015
This episode was one of the most boring episodes on SVU..the story line was too long and what could have been done in less than one-half hour, instead dragged into 60 minutes. Not one of the better episodes or seasons ...

The writer took a plausible story line and lengthened it to the point of complete boredom. It lacked suspense , mystery and judging by the characters in the show, they appeared as bored as myself .

Not sure what more I can add to come up with ten lines for a review because this episode has nothing redeemable about it . The actors appear to be tired ,,physically , and maybe they are as fed up with the length of this episode as I am
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