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Season 2

6 Oct. 2012
Chile: First Lady of the Sea
Richard travels Chile to meet the only commercial fisherwoman in the entire country. He goes from Santiago to Valparaiso to Horcon. He meets fisherwoman Eugenia Ogaz, and discovers how she's faced danger for 40 years on the open seas.
13 Oct. 2012
Namibia: Elephants of the Desert
Richard Wiese travels to Namibia to search for the desert adapted elephant. Discover how they've learned to survive the harsh, dry conditions. Learn how communities protect their land and coexist with the wildlife.
20 Oct. 2012
England: The Royal Swan
Richard travels to England where we discover that the swan has been a part of the British tradition for hundreds of years. Caring for these magnificent birds is a royal tradition. Richard participates in swan rescues and ongoing research.
27 Oct. 2012
Cypress: Cleopatra's Secret
Richard explores Cyprus' ancient connection to the love affair between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. He joins archaeologist Dr. Joan Connelly on a dig. Richard swims around the Rock of Aphrodite and journeys deep into the Troodos Mountains.
3 Nov. 2012
Chile: The Horse Whisperer
Richard Wiese journeys to explore the world of the Huaso-the Chilean cowboy. He lassos cattle, makes spurs. and meets a "horse whisperer" who guides him in the art of gently taming, saddling and riding a wild thoroughbred horse.
10 Nov. 2012
Namibia: Saving the Wild Cheetah
Richard journeys to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. He learns why orphaned cubs can never be released back in to the wild. We track cheetahs on the Namibian plains and discover what is being done to protect these big cats.
17 Nov. 2012
Canada: Land of the Spirit Bear
We journey to Canada in search of the legendary grizzly bear. Richard travels to British Columbia and the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. He journeys to encounter grizzlies and experience one of the last true wilderness regions of the world.
1 Dec. 2012
Earth's Hidden People
Join Richard Wiese as we journey from Belize to the Tiwi Islands and the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco to meet the local people of these exotic lands.
12 Jan. 2013
Taste of the World
Richard explores the way food mirrors the cultures of the world. Richard goes to Morocco and the world's largest outdoor restaurant. He learns how chocolate and coffee is made in Hawaii. He dishes up mopane caterpillars in Africa.
19 Jan. 2013
Cyprus: In Search of the Golden Fleece
Richard searches for the elusive mouflon sheep in the mountains of the Paphos Forest. Richard gets a taste of the island: he makes cheese from fresh goat milk, samples cuisine with a restaurateur and learns about the "tatsia" dance.
26 Jan. 2013
Canada: The Islands of Beauty
Richard travels to the remote islands of Haida Gwaii. It's home to the Haida nation, one of Canada's First Nations tribes. Discover the mystery of Haida Gwaii's monumental cedar totem and meet who protects this sacred site.
2 Feb. 2013
Chile: Oasis in the Desert
Richard travels to the Atacama Desert, on of the driest places on earth. Richard rides through the Valley of the Moons and meets the Atacameno. He takes part in a sacred ceremony called the "Floramiento" or flowering of the llamas.
9 Feb. 2013
Namibia: Kissed by the Sun
Richard meets the Himba tribes of Namibia. The Himba's traditional way of living has not changed for thousands of years. Richard discovers mysterious "fairy circles," samples local "braai," and learns the secrets of the desert.
16 Feb. 2013
South Dakota: Where the Buffalo Roam
Richard joins the cowboys and cowgirls of South Dakota in the 50th annual Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park. Join in the festivities of a county fair and explore the underground caves of South Dakota as Richard goes spelunking.
23 Feb. 2013
South Africa: A Penguin's Tale
Richard travels to South Africa. He learns what's being done to conserve Capetown's penguins and how they are rehabilitated. Discover some of South Africa's rising talent in a local music contest. Richard tries Cape Malay cuisine.
6 Apr. 2013
The Wild Life
Richard travels from Botswana to Namibia and on to London and Dartmoor, England. Here, he has close encounters with elephants, cheetahs, swans and wild ponies.
13 Apr. 2013
Hidden Villages
Born to Explore travels the world in search of hidden villages. Richard journeys from Uganda to Iceland, Cyprus and Morocco to discover the power of community. He encounters Batwa Pygmies, a nomadic family in Morocco, and a Cyprus wedding.
20 Apr. 2013
South Dakota: Sacred Land
Richard journeys out West to learn about the Lakota Nation, the original hunters of the Great Plains. He discovers how the culture of the Lakota people is still very much alive and celebrated through art, dance and song.
27 Apr. 2013
South Africa: Circle of Life
Richard travels to Kruger National Park for amazing encounters with elephants, rhinos and other wildlife. We learn how South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are working together to preserve the migration routes of these incredible animals.
4 May 2013
South Africa: The Mighty Rhino
Richard travels to South Africa for the rhinoceros. Richard comes face to face with the mighty horned rhino. Richard meets the Zulu people and learns about their customs and dance.
11 May 2013
Tale of the Turtle
Join Richard Wiese as he searches for the extraordinary 300-pound loggerhead turtle, which swims thousands of miles to lay its eggs on the same beach year after year. Richard experiences the traditions and culture of the Thonga tribe.
18 May 2013
India: The Royal Elephant
Richard travels to the mystical land of India to discover its exotic traditions. He spends a day in the life of elephants and travels to an elephant village. Meet an artist who is a master at decorating elephants for royal processions.
29 Jun. 2013
Bears Across America
Richard is in search of bears. Richard comes face to face with the mighty polar bear and the Inuit communities who co-exist with these magnificent creatures. In South Dakota we meet adorable bear cubs.
13 Jul. 2013
Arizona: The Grand Canyon
Richard explores the legacy of the Royal Maharajas, sees how Bollywood spectacular reflects the culture and meets the descendants of a noble family in a 17th century palace they call home. He also prepares Curry Gobi.
20 Jul. 2013
Mysteries of the Desert
Richard explores the mysteries of the Atacama Desert of Chile and Namib Desert of southern Africa.

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