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The Greatest Monster Mash of all time
japangaextra11 September 2012
I Really Really Love this Movie. You Can't Say Much for a short film though it was a pretty good watch. For a fan-made film it's pretty amazing. And Literally Feels Like I'm Watching a real Movie.And the Acting is Beyond Impressive. So it is One Amazing Masterpiece And Definitely Worth watching,Now It's One of the Best Monster Mashes I Have Ever Seen. I Just can't Do it Justice it's So Good For a Film. I Just wish it was a little Longer. It's a short film though if it was a longer film i could appreciate it a little more.Though nonetheless It's One Great Film. And This Freddy is pretty much identical to Robert England So Overall. If you're a fan of Jason,Leather Face,Freddy,Michael Myers, Or Pinhead Watch it.
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Slasher Monster Mash!
Scrius17 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The description says it all and it's about time such a movie came to be! For every fan of the slasher genre, including myself, this is a wish come true. To date there has only ever been one attempt at a slasher monster mash by a major studio and that was "Freddy vs. Jason" released in 2003. This brought the two slasher icons that dominated the 80s, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees together for an epic showdown. I remember seeing lines of adolescents around the block upon the day of its theatrical release, and I can't say I blame them, because it was so awesome to finally see two different slasher monsters sharing the big screen together. In spite its success however; no major studio has made any further attempts to make a new slasher monster mash. Why is that I ask of everyone? There are plenty of icons as of now to choose from and the possibilities are endless. Until the fateful day arrives when a studio sees fit to take a stand, I have one of my favorite Blinky Production shorts to enjoy; "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween".

This short film is composed of two parts. The first was released in 2004 as one of Chris R. Notarile's earliest projects. For his early filmmaking standards, it's truly impressive. Immediately you are put into the mood as Freddy Krueger of "Nightmare on Elm Street" (played then by Richard Myles) presents a monologue about his evil scheme. The opening is akin to the "Freddy Vs. Jason" when Freddy reveals his plan for Jason Voorhees. This time however, it's Michael Myers (played by Joe Davis) of "Halloween" that Freddy plans to wield as his weapon. As far as plot goes there isn't much to talk about, but that was never the purpose of the slasher genre's establishment. It's a genre that was made solely for good horrific fun and that's exactly what Notraile has in store for his fortunate viewers. It was great enough seeing Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger fight to the death, but for the finale we're given not one, but three more famous slasher icons, including Jason Voorhees of "Friday the 13th", Leatherface, of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Pinhead of "Hellraiser". That's unbelievable! The lighting was well done, the sets were well selected, the acting was well performed, the costumes and makeup were well made, and the pacing was well arranged. It's a satisfying slasher flick! On it's own the first part was an enjoyable treat and a sequel didn't seem necessary. Little did I realize the surprise that awaited me!

Seven years would pass before Part II was made. The first part was already one of my favorite Blinky shorts, so naturally I was stoked upon hearing the exciting news. In most cases, movie sequels don't tend to have the same appeal as the original. Such is not the case when it comes to Blinky Productions. Chris R. Notraile's filmmaking skills have progressed a great deal with time and it shows in "Nightmare Ends on Halloween Part II". The pacing is quicker and there is more focus on action than plot development, but I believe Part I has that covered. As far as quality goes, Part II is superior in every aspect to its predecessor. It continues directly where the first part left off with a refreshing new cast. Including Hector De La Rosa and Jerry Todisco as Jason Voorhees, Anthony Palmisano as Leatherface, Josh Rothman as Michael Myers, and Kevin Lennon as Pinhead. Chris R. Notarile is the only returning cast member as the voice of Pinhead, which is great for the character and captures the essence of Doug Bradley in "Hellraiser". For me however, the main attraction was Roberto Lombardi as the dream demon himself Freddy Krueger, who is absolutely perfect for the role. He is both funny and terrifying, exactly as Freddy should be. A perfectly bended comedic horror! He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Robert Englund, the actor who portrayed Wes Craven's famous icon throughout the whole of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. Any fan of Englund has got to love Roberto Lombardi's performance. Simply Outstanding! In the recent "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake, Jackie Earle Haley played Freddy. While a decent choice he didn't have the same appeal as Robert Englund. If Lombardi was casted, it definitely would have been more true to the original Wes Craven film and it would no doubt have been a more enjoyable experience. Roberto Lombardi was also the star of Notarile's "Krueger: A Tale From Elm Street" which I highly recommend giving a watch as well. Lombardi has the makings of an excellent villainous actor! How does Chris R. Notarile keep finding all these talented people I wonder? The rest of the cast does a great job in capturing the terrifying essence of the silent slasher icons. They have no dialogue and rely solely on menacing presence, which is executed just right. Again there is little to explain as far as plot goes, but the slasher icons have a spectacular battle that I could never tire of watching. I loved the pacing, the editing, the cinematography, and the sets reflected the original movies where the characters originated. It wraps up with a satisfying conclusion that resolves the story.

If you haven't seen it already it, check it out! It's good horrific fun and one of my favorite films of Blinky Productions. "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween" is one hell of a ride!
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Superior Sequel!
DDPhilly25 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For an early effort made at the start of his career in 2004, Chris R. Notarile managed to make an enjoyable, interesting and well made short film called "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween". The fact that it was shot on home video is further proof of how good it was and showed promise of the talented filmmaker that Notarile would become.

The only drawback to the original film was that, at that time, a suitable pool of good actors wasn't available to Mr. Notarile.

Fast forward seven years and the sequel "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II" not only outshines, but buries the first film. The evidence is the fact that the ending of the original film has been completely re shot for Part II and then leads directly into the battle! Compare the two versions of this scene. It's obvious Part II is far superior! The first thing you notice is how professional everything is. Superior lighting, camera work, editing and direction. The story is less talk and all action from the start! Action fans will love the fight scenes and horror fans will appreciate Notarile's attention to detail both in characters and story.

Regarding the acting - OMG what an improvement! Hector De La Rosa, Anthony Palmisano, Josh Rothman and Jerry Todisco don't even have dialogue, but they totally nail the essence of Jason, Michael and Leatherface. Kevin Lennon completely embodies Pinhead (with fantastic Pinhead voice by Notarile) and Roberto Lombardi is absolutely perfect as Freddy Krueger! Lombardi plays Freddy more as a homage instead of flat out copying Robert Englund, while portraying the character his way! This film and "Krueger (A Tale from Elm Street) are proof that Notarile and Lombardi can handle this material and the fans seem to agree!
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Get ready to rumble!
Woodyanders22 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Picking up directly where the first one left off, Chris R. Notarile's eagerly awaited sequel to his much admired original horror short gets right down to stirring brass tacks and delivers exactly what it promises with Freddy Krueger facing off against his formidable peers Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface in a battle for his very soul. Notarile stages the wall-to-wall fast'n'furious fight set pieces with his trademark lean'n'mean skill and brio; it's a total treat to see these major horror icons vigorously mix it up in an extremely brutal no-holds-barred manner (for example, Freddy kicks Leatherface right where it hurts most). Roberto Lombardi portrays Freddy with a burning rage and vitality that's impressive and entertaining in equal measure. Of course, Freddy gets to spit out a few choice terse one-liners amid all the fierce butt-stomping (all-time favorite line; Krueger to Jason: "They should have drowned you at birth!"). Hector De La Rosa as Jason, Josh Rothman as Michael Myers, Anthony Palmisano as Leatherface, and Kevin Lennon as Pinhead (the latter is voiced by Notarile with appropriate deep and sinister relish) are all likewise sturdy in their roles. Kudos are also in order for Notarile's polished cinematography and snappy editing as well as the cool rocking soundtrack. But it's ultimately the sheer go-for-it verve of the whole enterprise that makes it such a blast to watch. Highly recommended.
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Notarile does it again
scottgeiter29 October 2011
First thing I want to say chris Notarile has the talent And he does it again what a brilliant short I absolutey Love it you have ( Freddy ) ( Michael ) ( Jason ) and ( Leatherface ) Last but not least ( Pinhead ) picture them all in the same room Enough said now Roberto Lombardi had a major task To play Freddy with his style well guess what he nailed it Fantastic job Jason was brilliant , Michael myers brilliant , leatherface brilliant , pinhead was brilliant and yes even the voice of pinhead was brilliant All in all a must see and a surprise at the end So go ahead take a look gruesome won't steer you wrong Grab some popcorn and let it rip Fun , fun , fun
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Fun watch for horror film fans
Horst_In_Translation9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is an 8-minute short film written and directed by the very prolific Chris R. Notarile. It includes Freddy Krueger as the main character, but also several other very popular scary guys from famous horror movies. Quite a challenger for Freddy to stand up to all of them will he succeed? In any case this is not the end, even if the title says otherwise. Notarile made a couple more short films in the last 5 years and many of them included Freddy Krueger, mostly in his life before turning into a super-villain. I personally am not the greatest horror film fan or Freddy Krueger fan under the sun, but I still had a good time watching it and I can see why some people consider Notarile a hero in terms of fan-made movies. All in all, a good watch. Thumbs up.
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Horror fans of All iconic movies into one
BrandonsNDP1 August 2014
Most Fan-films are very bore and lacks creative control; however, Chris and his creative mind combine all of the best and most iconic legends of horror into one short. Let's start off with the story itself. This is a great continuation from the first part which, in my opinion should have been all one movie instead of two a part series. The story continues directly right where the first part ends. The idea of having Jason, Michael and Leatherface working as Pinheads drones is great since all other those icons have there own personality and adding Pinhead as the leader of hell is a brilliant idea in of itself. With the acting to all the icons, I find the Freddy character, should have talked less and gave more action to his character. With him being the only icon that has a mouth and can speak, he should have talked a little less. On to Pinhead (actor), in my option, should have darker vocals since he is like the devil in a character made for horror films. The Directing, staging and blocking are pretty good when it comes to this part; furthermore, in my option, the first part might have been better in staging and blocking when it comes to having multiple characters on screen. For the settings; however, are very unique. I love the idea when Freddy gets knocked into the characters locations are great to see. During the Friday the 13th settings, has the best setting out of all three of them since the heavy rain gives it an eerie atmosphere to work with. My less favorite has to be the Leatherface settings only because it looks to unrealistic and does not really look like a Texas landscape. Whereas Jason and Mikes settings can really be any place that looks like the Myers house or a camp really.

All in All i gave this fan-film 7 out of 10 because of the acting, settings and comparison of part 1 to part 2. The concept and story are great but without believable settings, they do not work well, in my option.
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"A judgement by your own peers..."
Foreverisacastironmess12324 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well pretty much from the start you can see how much of an improvement this is over part one of The Nightmare Ends on Halloween, the costumes and masks look a lot better, the camera work is clearer, it moves faster and the action is better staged, the lighting, all of it, you can see how much Chris Notarile had improved his basic skills as a director in the intervening years before he made this short. It picks up right where the first part ended, with the scheming Freddy Kruegar being condemned to eternal damnation by the king of hell Pinhead for attempting to escape the netherworld a second time and being sentenced to fight for his unnatural life against the chainsaw-wielding hillbilly maniac Leatherface, the dark and deadly stalker of Halloween Michael Myers, and the undying and unstoppable might of his old foe, the slaughterer of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhies, one after another, and finding himself transported to each of their respective hunting grounds as he does so. And after surviving each trial by combat through his own grim determination and sheer viciousness, the nightmare slasher of Elm Street comes up against the death-dealing torture judge lord of the Cenobites himself, who, rather than engaging in any form of combat, simply takes away all of Freddy's supernatural abilities, rendering him a mere man once again, who is helplessly strung up as his bloodthirsty cohorts close in for the kill... Has the suddenly mortal Freddy met his final doom at last? Well we'll probably never get to know because Notarile has yet to make a third part! It's all good though, perhaps the numerous short films about Freddy that Notarile has made since could be seen as serving as a continuation of sorts.. Most of the fan made short films like this are often just horribly stiff and awkward, but like every short directed by Notarile that I've seen he's the exception to the rule and this works and is very entertaining. The guy that played Freddy in the first part was fine to me, but the actor in this, Robert Lombardi, did a fantastic job and he embodied a lot of the looks and attitude of Robert Englund. Even his voice was great, I loved all of Freddy's dialogue, it really seemed like stuff that Freddy would actually say I thought. And the 'point' is that if you're a fan of the movies these characters come from then it's just a lot of fun see them share the screen as it were. Great short, it's action packed it never stops moving and it ends on a hell of a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more, fun watch. Please make one more someday Chris!! X
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Why bother?
vonofthedead22 October 2017
What's the point? It's great to be a super fan, & if you wanna make short films, then do it, just don't bite off more than you can chew. The Krueger shorts were a good idea, and manageable, but Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers vs Leatherface featuring Pinhead? That's more than most Hollywood writers can chew. So why bother? If you can't do it right, why do it? At least when it comes to Indie filmmaking. I mean they could've all looked much worse, but Freddy's giant nose, Myers's mask sticking out all weird at the neck, and Leatherface's goblin mask w/giant chin? They were too distracting to ignore. 90%-All of Freddy's dialogue was god awful, and nothing like the character. They used the same trope twice in a row with Myers and Jason both dropping their famous weapon. And Leatherface...ahh it was all pretty bad. It was good for one of these weird Batman Dead End shorts, but overall it was pointless. Oh yeah, and there was ZerO Gore.
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