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A new to replace old.
vampyressgrace3 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love it. But this is mostly as a response to skyking-14, who called it criminally irresponsible. I do not agree. My sister and I have struggled with mental illness for years (our diagnosis are not the same). We have found ways to function without the necessity of medication. Depending on the severity of the disease is the big thing here and that was showed in the difference between Dr Pierce and Brady. Dr Pierce can function, while Brady is completely swallowed by symptoms. Many great people suffered from mental illnesses. I like this because it shows that we can be valuable and productive. Where as many things still show us as screaming maniacs in white padded cells. Mental illness is not who we are, but something we have.
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Criminally Irresponsible
skyking-1428 August 2012
The entire premise of this show is that untreated mental illness leads to genius! That is a criminally irresponsible approach! I have an adopted daughter who struggle with mental illness. Without treatment she would likely have either killed herself or someone else.

Columbine, University of West Virginia, the shooter in the theater in Colorado... all examples of untreated mental illness. TNT thinks this is a good idea? Forget freedom of speech, this is crying "Fire" in a crowded theater and should be stopped. How many people will suffer because of TNT's greed and lack of understanding of mental illness? Just because a show is entertaining, doesn't make it right. Mental health professionals across the country need to stand up and protest this show!
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