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So slow, you almost forget what's even going on.
exterminateall14 July 2015
I must say I was pretty bummed over this one. Slashers are my favorite style of Horror, and after seeing that bat with all the nails and self made bayonet attached, I thought this might be an awesome one.... I was very wrong.

I'm all for a "So bad it's good" movie, but this is just BAD. The acting is really ridiculous, almost inexcusably horrible; and this goes for really every singe actor and actress in this film. There was a typical Slasher movie stoner who was kind of funny, and actually probably the best actor in the movie, though that isn't saying too much.

The story is FULL of plot holes, and it doesn't seem to make too much sense, ESPECIALLY the twist at the end. As I mentioned in the title, this movie drags on so long in between kills that I started to forget what the hell was even happening in the plot. I didn't remember any of the characters names either, all just forgettable throughout. Usually the teens/people in Slasher movies are pretty dumb, but they take the cake in this one. At the end the female character sees a murder and freaks out saying "I need to get out of here!", and instead of jumping in the truck parked outside that has worked throughout the entire film, she decides to run into the woods. What the? The most bizarre and ridiculous scene in the whole entire movie happens when one of the male characters jumps in his truck to go on a drive and think for a minute, and he is joined by another male character who goes to help him get his mind off what's happening. They stop at the edge of the woods, where the driver then tries to kiss the passenger? Out of no where. And after being denied he says " I'm not gay!!" and gets out and runs into the woods? There is just so many stupid and unexplained things that happen in this movie, and by the end I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Other than a few kind of gory kills that looked half decent, I'd stay away from this one. I was going to buy it on Amazon just because I like to collect movies good or bad. But after checking it out on Hulu, this is just too bad to add to the collection.
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As Boring As Watching Baseball With a Few Great Kills
moviesandcandy8 January 2015
Not horrible and not good. And nowhere near great or bad enough to be trashy campy treasure. Some nice use of 1990's nostalgic microfilm and a CD jukebox. Back before the internet murdered everything and made most things available in your home and at your fingertips instantly. A funny pizza delivery scene killing with the wrong suspect being arrested by cops and fleeing away in his Bryan Cranston tighty whiteys. Kudos to the ATV go-pro hallucination scene that came out of left field and was a home run. Most of the kills were professional and impressive.

To harsh to call the filmmakers "wannabes" or fugazi because their heart was in the right place. But if I watch one more formulaic clichéd flashback than I will bash myself in the head with a baseball bat full of rusty nails.

Nothing real original a Graduation Day (1981) / Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) ripoff played out with a baseball theme. And a crazy baseball horror movie called Catcher (1998) seemed to inspire a few scenes as well. Just passing my opinion to fellow movie lovers to skip this one like a rock and get your jolly ranchers elsewhere. Time available to watch our beloved films is so precious.

Nobody likes to trash somebody's art. These guys obviously love movies. Fanboys love them so much we all dream of making one or two. But at the end of the day some of us were just born to watch them.

Trevor Layne Movies & Candy
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Milwaukee Does It Right
gavin69426 October 2013
Fifteen years after a gruesome triple homicide devastated their Little League baseball team, four friends reunite to commemorate their dead coach and fallen teammates. A mystery unfolds as the secrets from their past return to haunt them and a vengeful killer, hidden by an antique umpire's mask, returns to even the score.

I saw this film as part of the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival and was drawn to it by the fact it was filmed in Wisconsin and many of those involved were from Milwaukee. I knew nothing about it beyond that, and had no expectations. For the most part, I was quite pleased.

Being a fan of slashers, I love the whole plot of a past crime being avenged years later by a masked killer. And then you throw in the mystery of the killer himself -- is it the same guy as years ago? An imposter? Why now? This is always good.

Next, you throw in a good group of actors, some excellent direction and camera work, and plenty of humor. This is a winner any way you slice it. Of the two big Wisconsin films this year (the other being "Don't Go To The Reunion", which also featured Nick Sommer who wrote-directed-starred in this film) this was the one that really hit a home run. (I say that with all due respect to "Reunion", which is itself a fine movie with great kills and humor and was made by two wonderful gentlemen.)

My biggest critique would have to be the flashbacks. From a Q&A, I gathered that the "modern day" (1990s) footage was shot first and the flashbacks were spliced in later. I feel like some it slowed the pace down. The kid parts were alright, but the hospital scenes just seemed to drag a bit and did not add the psychological angle the filmmakers were looking for.

You should definitely see this, though. A few snags here and there do not detract from this being a slasher that bats over .500 in a subgenre that rarely hits .333, if you know what I mean. Nick Sommer is a man to watch out for. First "Blood Junkie" (available from Troma), then this... who knows what is next?
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My Review Of "Billy Club"
ASouthernHorrorFan15 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The story is a pretty clever, dark piece of horror that draws on tradition slasher elements like the surrealist atmosphere, horrific backstory, and plenty of blood and gore. "Billy Club" starts with a terrible tragedy that comes back to haunt all those involved. Totally typical and completely perfect for any slasher. It is a set- up that I personally feel never becomes tired. Rosas and Sommers manage to bring out a nostalgia and adoration for classic 80's horror while creating a truly individual horror story and truly inventive masked slasher. One that is sure to be a modern day slasher icon worthy of franchising.

The acting and direction of the film is pretty standard with a cast that is rough in spots hitting the dialog and timing, but honestly no more than so many films that have come before it. Films that I find myself watching over and over. There are a few too many flashback moments in the film that can seem confusing but really fit when you get to the ending. The ending is one that is clever, well hidden until the very end and really solidifies "Billy Club" as worthy of the awards it has won. The humor is not the comedy "spoof" stuff but a blend of characters that fit into the "loveable losers" category and drug induced humor. It does seem to confuse the overall dark nature of the material but only in the way that several of the characters in the "Friday The 13th" franchise do for those films.

The special effects are all practical, organic, and traditional-no CGI here, at least none that I could tell. The directors never shy away from the kill scenes and showing the gruesomeness of it all, the effects artist has is consistency and quality at a level that the directors don't have to "insinuate" the brutality so deaths are pretty cool and graphic. The sound effects are a bit garden variety creepiness but work well to create a chilling environment for this nightmare to unfold. The effects in one final scene aren't quite as stellar as the rest of the film's gory effects but whatever, 95% of the slaugherfest in "Billy Club" is pretty tight.

Overall "Billy Club" is a worthy slasher film that is an instant cult classic. I enjoyed this film immensely, I connected with the vibe of little league having played up until JV, the nods and homage to classic 80's slashers are tasteful and not rip-offs, and the killer is just a nightmare. Truly creative and menacing. The cinematography is done nicely, enough of the film happens in darkness (which is how a horror film should be), the scenery and sets are odd, eerie elements that just amp up the chilling subject matter. But mostly the guts and gore are the big draw for horror fans to the film. Definitely check this one out!
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Pure garbage
Serenity300024 May 2018
Pure garbage, please don't waste your time. I love horror movies, but this is not one of them. Low budget is no excuse to make this kind of mess.
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Great Gore and Great Fun
Slasher_Lover235 October 2013
When a group of old friends: Bobby (Marshall Caswell), Allison (Erin Hammond), Kyle (Nick Sommer), and Devon (Mathew Dunlop) go off together to commemorate their two Little League friends and coach, they begin to find themselves hunted. They start to wonder if it's a kid from their past they played a prank on.

Directed by stars Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, and also written by the two,Billy Club is a great revenge horror with everything to please horror fans. Sommer and Dunlop provide HUGE laughs for the film. Every moment with them provides great entertainment. We are also given a strong female lead in Erin Hammond. Apart from the laughs come excellent and gory kills. Every kill will leave the viewer cringing all the way through. The story itself is really engaging and keeps you guessing until it's blowout ending that will make you want to go back and watch it all over again. Billy Club is also supported by amazing filming styles that will put many large budget horror films to shame. For great laughs and great kills, check out this excellent indie slasher.
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Meets the minimums
adeleysim13 January 2019
Follows a formula and was watchable, but at some parts tries to take itself too seriously.
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Agile filmmakers deftly transform lowbrow camp into high art.
nohspeak1 October 2013
Balancing humor with horror, and honesty of emotion is not an easily accomplished feat. The baseball/slasher film Billy Club does so with such unique dexterity that there are few comparables. Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell and his original Evil Dead films are probably the closest you'll get. And Billy Club is right on par with them. It's a testament to the entire production team how well each of the films diverse elements contributes to the whole. The hilarious drugged out trip through the woods personifies the entire film. It is so well acted, directed, and written that viewers are engaged viscerally in the terrible feeling of ingesting far too many mushrooms. By capturing the inebriated emotional flailing so well, the hilarity and terror of the ensuing moments are felt much more acutely. This is a feat that countless lesser films attempt and fail. What's more amazing is that this is accomplished frequently and with different actors driving the drama each time. The consequence is a film that gets to have its cake and eat it too. Director/writers Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer are filmmakers who are adept at handling the disparate elements of their craft and they're having a blast doing so. The fact that they're local boys who film primarily in Wisconsin is an added bonus. Looking at their 2010 film Blood Junkie and the refinement of skills from then to now, it will be exciting to watch where their collaboration takes them. The sky's the limit.
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Can't believe that I almost never heard of this
acidburn-108 April 2015
Firstly I must say that I thought that this movie was excellent and makes me wonder why I didn't hear about this sooner than I did. For a start for an independent feature it looks so stylish and has excellent production values that it looks just like a big budget Hollywood feature. So for a start well done to the directors and writers Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer for making something that pleases horror/slasher fans such as me.

The plot itself isn't anything original but that doesn't matter as long as it's interesting and engaging enough for the viewer to keep interested all the way through. Here we get a group of old friends reuniting from their childhood days of being in a little league team, where their coach and some of their teammates were murdered by a boy named Billy who got sent to an insane asylum. But now somebody has been hunting down and killing the remaining members of that team, could it be Billy back for revenge, who knows.

To be honest I don't think that I've seen that many baseball themed slashers (the only one that comes to mind was 1998's "The Catcher") which I don't really remember all that well. But this comes as a really strong entry with a decent cast, namely from the 4 main leads were really strong and likable and I liked how the first half developed them, and then the 2nd half of the movie that's where things really take off, I really liked the homage scene where it showed the killer creating his weapon adding nails and a blade to his baseball bat, which was really cool and effective. Then of course the kills which were gory and well handled, and also left me wanting more and even the mystery surrounding the killer was again mind blowing and does keep the viewer guessing until the very end.

All in all "Billy Club" is a definite must see for any horror/slasher fans, it has a good story, engaging characters and gory kills which is basically everything you need and want in a movie of this genre.
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Bloody good!
corriesiegel21 October 2014
This instant cult classic had me on my seat the whole film. Suspense, Surprise and humor is delivered with impeccable timing throughout the movie. A total blast to watch, this delivers everything you could ask from a horror movie: Scary and mysterious murderer, spooky set and ambiance, adrenaline pumping surprises, fun cast and plot, comic relief and awesome pacing.Though Rosas and Sommer took great care to pay homage to 90's horror they kept the story and characters fresh and captivating and plot twists were unexpected and exhilarating. The moments of comedy always hit it out of the park, and certainly had the theater in hysterics. I still start laughing whenever I think of the scenes in the forest, these brought me to tears because they were so gut busting hilarious. My dream come true would to go to Rocky Horror style midnight screenings of this flick. So many great lines and moments to share!
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A Great Film About The Dark Side Of America's Favorite Pasttime
fadelman23 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There are far too few horror films about America's favorite pasttime: Baseball. I can only think of a handfull of true horror films that deal with the subject, like BLOOD GAMES (1989) and the truly awful THE CATCHER (1998). There have been plenty of thrillers and crime films that use baseball as a major plot point, but not many true horror films. That is, until now. This horror film is a true gorehound's delight and has a pretty good story to go along with it, with an ending that will take you by surprise. We see some unknown psycho watching a tape of a Little League game, while he puts a wooden baseball bat in a vice. He hammers huge nails through it and inserts a large retractable blade at the tip. He then goes to the library to look at some microfiche about a missing man in 1995, who was last seen stumbling out of a tavern drunk as a skunk. We see the drunk guy pissing in an alley, where the psycho, now dressed in an Umpire's uniform complete with mask and deadly altered bat, chases the guy and pulls him from trying to escape under a garage door. He splatters the man's brains with the nail-filled bat, burns a number into his flesh and then uses the blowtorch to burn off his face on a team Little League photo. We then see the psycho use some chain pulley system in an underground room (it will be explained later), while he goes outside and hits a baseball into a lake, while we watch the ball sink to the bottom. We are now in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (filmed on location) in 1996, as tomboy bartender Alison McKenzie (Erin Hammond) notices a young man walk into the bar and order a whiskey on the rocks. It turns out he is Alison's old Little League teammate Bobby Spooner (Marshall Caswell) and they haven't seen each other since they were kids when that unfortunate "accident" happened. Bobby and Alison's old teammates (and lifelong Two Rivers residents) Kyle (Nick Sommer) and Danny (Max Williamson) soon join them at the bar. Both Kyle and Danny are dressed in baseball uniforms because they just got done playing a game in the local Adult League. They reminisce about the old days while purposely avoiding the subject of the "accident". The three guys go to the local ballfield to play a game of hit and catch, making fools of themselves, generally having fun and are soon joined by Alison when she gets off duty. It's apparent that there is some sexual heat between Bobby and Alison, but something hangs above all their heads like a black cloud. None of the four want to talk about it, but it eventually comes out. This is the 15 year anniversary when something really bad happened and Allison mentions that they should have a memorial this weekend for their childhood friends Sam and Jamie, as well as their Coach Fredricks at the Coach's cabin in the woods. But what actually happened to the three? Kyle has a flashback to when he was a kid and he saw his three friends murdered by fellow teammate Billy Haskins (Sebastian Weigman) at the ballfield in 1981, while the police handcuff Billy and take him away (Billy shoved a baseball bat down Coach Fredricks' throat and the other two victims were left in bloody posed positions). The young Kyle screams out, Fuck you, Billy! Fuck you!" as the flashback ends. The Umpire goes back to the library and pulls out some more microfiche, where he reads newspaper stories about Billy Haskins and how he was committed to a mental institution for his brutal murders. We see a bald Billy in his hospital room, grotesque pictures drawn on the wall and he is always crying. The Umpire calls a pizza delivery guy and has him deliver it to the wrong address. Apparently, the pizza delivery guy was also a teammate on that 1981 team, as the Umpire stands in the middle of the road and the pizza guy gets a flat tire trying to avoid him. While he is changing the tire, the Umpire sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back, the blade protruding out of his stomach, by the homemade deadly baseball bat's retractable blade. He burns a number on the pizza guy's skin (What could that possibly mean? The numbers aren't in any discernible order.) and then uses the blowtorch to burn his face out of the team photo (by the looks of it, the Umpire has already claimed 6 victims). The problem is, none of the victim's bodies are ever found. Our four friends head out to the Coach's cabin, when they stop to play some miniature golf and hit some balls at a batting cage. Danny sees an old guy slapping a young boy behind a building and it triggers a flashback in Danny's mind, where Coach Fredricks (Michael Stansy) is yelling at a young Billy for not getting hit with a pitch and taking "one for the team". Seems like the Coach wasn't such a nice guy after all, especially to Billy. After the flashback, they get into their vehicle and head for the cabin, but someone is following them. Once at the cabin, all four of them see the same team photo that the Umpire is using to burn faces off and Alison has to remind Bobby that he gave her her first kiss there (Bobby doesn't seem to remember). It just happens to be Halloween. so the Umpire walking around in his get-up does not raise any flags. The Umpire's next victim is a housewife (and former 1981 Little League team member) handing out candy, when the Umpire bashes her head in with the bat, burns the number "04" on her chest and blow-torches her face off the team photo. The four friends drive to the Coach's gravesite to pay tribute to him, when they are stopped by a police officer and he ends up hauling Bobby's ass in jail for alleged drunk driving (The officer seems to know Bobby, but Bobby has no idea who he is). Danny walks back to the cabin, while Alison and Kyle find the Coach's grave (they first find a grave with the name "Anita Mint" engraved on it!), but someone has removed his corpse from the grave. Kyle blames Billy, but Alison says he should blame her (There is more to Billy's story that we haven't been told yet.). The guy that was following them enters the cabin carrying a shotgun, so Danny hides under one of the beds. The mysterious man makes a phone call to tell the person that hired him that they are not there right now, but "someone's gonna die", then hangs up the phone and leaves. Danny lights his way under the bed with a Bic, where he sees strange drawings in the underside of the bed, the same type of drawings we saw in Billy's institution room. This could be interpreted as a prime example of child abuse. Bobby is booked and is purposely put in a cell with a crazy person who tries to kill him. What does this officer have against him? Danny finds a bunch of chocolates in Alison's purse when no one returns by daytime and eats them all. When Alison and Kyle return to the cabin a short time later and Alison notices that all the chocolates have been eaten, she freaks out. She tells Kyle that they were "boomers", or chocolate-covered psychedelic mushrooms. A very high Danny cuts the chain to the shed and steals a four-wheeled ATV and goes for a psychedelic joyride. Kyle finds a gun in the truck's glove compartment. Danny has a freak-out scene, which trips another flashback, where he sees Kyle, Bobby and Alison shoving Billy behind the bleachers because he's not a good ballplayer, telling him once again he "screwed up". Is it possible that Billy was being bullied by the four people we have come to know and care about? Danny continues to trip-out and finds an old school bus in the woods, where he has hallucinations of people looking at him and saying he did nothing to stop them. Danny then actually runs into the Umpire and he tries to get away on the ATV, but he is so stoned, he clotheslines himself on a low-hanging tree branch and is knocked off the ATV. Danny hops on the ATV to try to escape again, but it's "Batter up!" as the Umpire beheads Danny with one swing of his bat's blade. The Umpire burns the number "14" on Danny's chest (it's at this time we learn that the numbers burned on the chests correspond with the numbers on their Little League uniforms) and burns his face off the team photo. Want to know what happens to the other three, who the mysterious stranger is and if Billy is actually the Umpire? Well, you'll have to buy the DVD or watch it streaming. Either way, its a unique little horror film about America's pasttime and the denouement comes as a complete surprise for a film that looks like it is going to be the usual DTV slasher film. It's very gory, Alison finally shows her boobs and the story has a satisfying conclusion that nearly everyone won't see coming. There are also other surprises revealed, especially about Kyle and who the mysterious stranger really is. As a matter of fact, there are no loose strings I can think of, one of the first times that has happened to me in a film in a long, long time. Directors/producers/screenwriters Drew Rosas (BLOOD JUNKIE - 2010; who was also the sound editor and has the role of the police officer who arrests Bobby) and Nick Sommer (his first directorial effort; he plays Kyle in the film with a lot of style) keeps the mystery coming and the blood flowing at a rapid pace and the gore goes way past what the MPAA would consider R-Rated. All I will tell you is that nearly everyone is not who they say they are and we learn what the chain pulley system is used for when Alison finds the underground room and accidentally trips it (it's not pretty). I believe that this is the best baseball-themed horror film I have ever seen and, even though it was made with a low budget, the story is high concept. This should please most horror film fans, especially those who were bullied when they were young. The killer's sacrifice at the film's end is especially poignant and there are no end credits stingers like most new DTV films. This is what most horror films should hope to achieve: Give you a good mystery to go along with the gory effects (and all of them here were physical). This is not your typical DTV horror film.
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An above average B-horror flick.
djangozelf-123519 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The thing that set this apart from other horror flicks is the fact that it looks like this is a story that will not have sequels and for horror that's rare these days.

All the elements for a good horror are in place and I was some what surprised by the ending because I really didn't see it coming.

The way the killer looked and the weapon he uses are pretty original and at least it seemed like they put some thought in to this.

That's not to say everything was top notch but good enough to tell the story and with some parts of the movie that just surpass the B-status.

I think timing is the real problem here and if this movie would have been made before 2010 it would have had a bigger budget and than it could easily have been a mainstream horror movie.

If you are a horror fan you should really check it out.

If you're into mainstream like "conjuring"or some other rating 12 vehicle than this is probably not for you.

I liked it and therefor recommend it.

I hope you agree and enjoy it.

Billy club id bad ass.
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