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5 Oct. 2011
Head of Hair Can Lift a Mustang
Penn & Teller make 7 outrageous claims. 6 are true and one is a big fat lie! Stories include, a head of hair can lift a car filled with people ten feet in the air, profanity can lessen pain, if you can land a plane with it's doors.
12 Oct. 2011
Forest Fire vs. Jet Engine
Penn & Teller make 7 outrageous claims. 6 are true and one is a big fat lie. Stories include, a torch fueled by bacon can cut through solid steel, wrestlers can be defeated by a large cheese and wallpaper is strong enough to withstand a wrecking ball.
19 Oct. 2011
Piranha Will Not Kill You
Penn & Teller make 6 outrageous claims. 5 are true and one is a big fat lie. Stories include, road kill can be healthy eating, four hundred eggs can hold up a ton of cheerleaders and Piranahs will not kill you.
26 Oct. 2011
Hair Bleach Is a Rocket Fuel
You can make rocket fuel out of hair bleach. You can pan for gold in New York City. The eye can fool the inner ear. Tails prevails. A butter knife can split a bullet. Termites blow up a house.
2 Nov. 2011
Monster Trucks vs Hook-and-Loop Fabric
Penn & Teller present the following true or false stories, where only one will be false: Which has a higher kill rate, a machine gun or a single-shot automatic AR-15? Is there a clothing line made out of sour milk? Did a group of children from an educational school really send up a pizza box covered in foil and duct tape with a large weather balloon, into space? Did a man in 2004 really beat a horse in long distance marathon? Does a woman named Nina Rodecker really make and serve floating cotton candy, using helium? Are carnivals really using basic physics to cheat ...
9 Nov. 2011
You Can Crack a Safe with Liquid Nitrogen
In the final episode of the series, Penn & Teller present their last seven unbelievable stories, where all are true except one which is false and the viewer must decide. The stories presented: Did ancient Greeks really create arrow-proof armor using multi-layered fabric? Can you really crack a safe by dipping it in liquid nitrogen? Can you pour a drink in reverse in a plane when rolling? Is there really a blind man whom can mountain bike using echo location clicking? Can powerful MRI magnets be used to removed tattoos? Is there a city that uses modified speed bumps to...

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