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Season 3

17 Nov. 2017
Episode #3.1
After his father died, Genny is in charge now. He has to cover Pietros death and take care of the streets.
17 Nov. 2017
Episode #3.2
Genny involves Gegè, his accountant, in his dirty businesses. Don Giuseppe, Genny's father-in-law, comes back from prison.
24 Nov. 2017
Episode #3.3
Ciro, now in Sofia, has some issues with his new boss' son.
24 Nov. 2017
Episode #3.4
Genny tries to close a deal. Scianel gets out of prison.
1 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.5
Genny finds Ciro, who has teamed up with Enzo and his crew. Ciro offers Genny his support, and organizes a heist using Enzo and his people.
1 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.6
Genny and Ciro's alliance solidifies as they offer an olive branch and opportunity to Schianel, to go against the Federation, with Blue Blood at their disposal.
9 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.7
The Federation take notice of their profits dropping. They spot Blue Blood's operation, and offer him important territory for his mastermind's head.
9 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.8
Enzo and crew are under attack. Ciro convinces him not to react on impulse advising him to come up with a plan to exploit the weaknesses of the opponents.
15 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.9
Blue Blood wins back his grandfather's neighborhood but victory is short-lived and the misfortune compounded when he doesn't listen to Ciro. Genny finds out he must move more quickly against his father-in-law. Ciro faces a choice of whom to ally with. Scianel makes a new alliance.
15 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.10
Avitabile and the Federation make their move. Genny has to prove how high of a price he's willing to pay. Forcella gets a new master. Vocabolario assumes a new role in the Forcella gang, while two of its members get impatient with the new arrangement and freelance on the side. Patrizia continues to be a go-between for both Genny and Scianel.
22 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.11
Azzurra and Pietrino have come to be in the Confederate's sights. To save them, Genny is forced to work out a secret plan whose variables are endless.
22 Dec. 2017
Episode #3.12
Ciro, Genny and Enzo sign the peace with the Confederates, obtaining part of their territories.

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