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This is for Tyler Perry Fans
alesclavon22 December 2011
I have been watching Tyler Perry Plays for as long as I can remember. Sometimes the plot is pretty simple but it pays out big in the end. And as always this one is a winner. Tyler Perry's Madea, Bam and the newest addition Hattie are such a riot that I could not stop laughing. the story is strong and keeps you wanting to what next is going to happen next. I am not going to give up any spoilers so don't look for none. It's been awhile that we have seen a play with the dept an emotion that this play brings and the music is top notch. the actors and actress are on point with this one. I highly recommend this play to everyone. And we all can use a good laugh a this time of the year.
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Who's It Gonna Be
bblack1-699-9685771 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After "Madea's Big Happy Family: The Play," I was hoping to see another totally awesome play. So, would I love this like "Madea's Big Happy Family: The Play," or would I be underwhelmed like "Madea's Big Happy Family: The Movie?"...Underwhelmed. I will say that I watched it again this past Christmas season and it was better than I originally remember it being, but it still doesn't live up to Tyler Perry's greater work.

When a good joke arrives, it's really funny. The morals are pretty good. The spirituality is really good, and there's a really good song called "Who's It Gonna Be?" So what's wrong with the play? Well, unfortunately, there's a lot. The characters aren't really all that interesting. The family is OK, but they don't scream interesting. That is, I'm not as invested in them like I would be in another production. As I look at them I think to myself, "You're rich. Yay." But they're not as bad as Madea's family or Hattie. These people are annoying. Even Madea is sort of annoying here! Yes, one of my favorite popular characters is a little annoying here! She has some good moments, but when she first appears, you want the play to hurry up and get to the next part. There are some bad jokes here that don't really work, and when they don't you want the play to end that much sooner.

Finally, there's a really annoying song here where the father sings these nursery rhymes...Yeah, I won't tell you why he does it so as not to ruin too much. I get why he does it, and I like the meaning behind it. But for what the song is, it's pretty lame. But the play makes up for it by giving us "Who's It Gonna Be?" Like I said, the play isn't really that bad. When I watched it for the first time I said, "Wow! That sucked!" When I watched it again later I thought, "That actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was." Again, there are a lot of good moments, like when Bam, Hattie, and Margaret are singing about God to Lilian. There are good moments and scenes, but, sadly, this play doesn't meet the likability or excellence that "Madea's Big Happy Family: The Play" has. I don't care about the characters, the plots, or half of the jokes. If you and I share the same taste, you can give this play a skip, I say with a tear in my eye. BOOYIKA!
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Great MADEA Christmas
Kencrogers3007 December 2011
I am surprised I am the first to write a review. I will keep this simple. A Madea Christmas Play is fantastic. The story, characters, music and mostly Madea will have you laughing out loud. Please enjoy this wonderful play during this holiday season. Mr. Tyler Perry is an amazing actor, writer, and director. I look forward to them making a movie out of this wonderful piece of art. The performers in this play really hit their characters portrayal like a hammer to a nail. Especially the woman who plays Hattie May. The musical numbers are eloquent, I just wish they had more Christmas songs then what they did. Mr. Perry's original music is wonderful, but I just would of liked to hear many more Christmas songs. I hope everyone is able to enjoy this film as much as I did! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
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can't wait
susan56553 January 2014
All I can say is that I am now sitting on pins and needles waiting for A Madea Christmas (2011) to be released on DVD. I love all Madea movies. One thing I don't understand is that it says A Madea Christmas (2011) does that mean it was released some place else first then in the US? So far I have watched all of her movies and can watch them time and time again. Tonight I just finished watching 2 of them that I have already seen before and they are still as funny as the first time I watched them and will watch them again too. So far I have watched Family Reunion, Witness Protection Program, Madea goes to jail and just to try it out Aunt Bam's it was pretty good really.
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Funny, Touching, and Holds the true meaning of Christmas!
austin7200424 December 2013
A Medea Christmas - The Play is amazing. It is very touching and has wonderful plot, actors, and meaning. It holds the true meaning of Christmas. Family, Friends, Giving, and Jesus! And of course, Medea! It is hilarious! Tyler Perry is amazing! You will laugh and laugh. It has beautiful music (some original songs by Tyler Perry), too. I wouldn't recommend this for small children because it contains crude humor, language, and sexual comments. It is perfect for people 13+.

Warning: This is a stage play. It is not for everyone. Some people will like it, and some people will want the movies more. However, this is an amazing story.
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Is There a -1 Rating That I Can Give?
mc_thou13 December 2012
I am a Tyler Perry fan and have purchased some of his movies. I was really looking forward to a Christmas movie with Madea but was I ever disappointed.

WARNING: This is a play not a movie and it has a fake lifeless feel. The play starts with the characters each standing in the room of a house and singing a Christmas carol. This lousy singing was my first clue that this movie was going to be a bust. No talent there. And it just gets worse. I turned the movie off after 20 minutes. It was going nowhere and the acting was lacklustre and seemed forced. The live audience seemed to see humour in the dialogue; maybe I'm missing something but the movie had me cringing instead of laughing.

What happened Tyler Perry?! This play is not up to your usual calibre. Don't waste our time and money on this one.
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