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  • A British version of Family Guy; Everybody Peter touches turns into Robin Williams; A day through Stewie's point of view.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Brian and Stewie read their mail from viewers and tell three stories.

    Chap of the Manor

    The episode uses the premise that Family Guy is based on a British television show. In this British version of the series, the family at home watches Wheel of Politeness when Neville (Peter) states that he is going to the Pub to meet his friends. When the news announces that Queen Elizabeth II will be in a parade, Neville tells his friends that he is related to the Queen and wishes to gain a lock of the Queen's hair to prove it with DNA. When the Queen passes by, he sets up a fake barber chair along the route. When this fails to gain the Queen's attention twice, Neville and Collingswood (Chris) steal a police motorcycle and chase the Queen to her death in a tunnel. As Neville and Collingswood try to nonchalantly walk away, they are chased by a cohort of London Bobbies to the tune of "Yakety Sax". Back at the flat, Neville discovers they are not related to royalty after all.

    Fatman & Robin

    After Peter is offended by a roast of his favorite comedian Robin Williams, he is struck by lightning. After waking up in the hospital, he discovers he has gained the ability to turn everyone and everything he touches into Williams (similar to the Midas Touch). Peter turns everyone in the city into Robin Williams (while Rockin' Robin is played). At first, this goes well for Peter. But soon, the multiple clones become too much for him, especially after he accidentally turns Lois into one. After a failed suicide attempt (because everything he touches turns into Williams), he orders the drove of clones to venture the world to make others laugh, but chooses five clones to serve as replacements to his family members. The story ends showing that Peter appears insane and has cut both his hands off, a solution that prevents him from bringing any new clones into the world. Stewie was the only one that was not converted, as he mimicked the comedic antics of Williams, and at the end of the scene is shown on the roof stating that Disney will not let them do the Aladdin character.

    Point of Stew

    The audience sees the world through Stewie's eyes as Lois changes him (and somehow finds a coin in his buttocks), Meg wishes him to keep her ring (Stewie stating this is a "Red Flag"), and his friends ask him to go down the slide at the playground (doing a reference to the film National Lampoon's Vacation in the process). Later, Stewie secures a Twinkie to stuff in Brian's tail pipe on his car but ends up going for an unexpected ride with Brian where he chases a squirrel in his car and kills it. He later spots Herbert the Pervert underneath a school bus. At bath time, he imagines a doll being eaten by a shark and Peter joins him. At bed time, he makes a quick trip through time to stop Kurt Cobain from killing himself and has him turned to eating lots of Häagen-Dazs turning him fat. As Lois reads a bedtime story, a drunken Peter rudely interrupts for sex as Stewie is forced to listen. In his dreams, he pictures Peter and Lois as lumberjacks. And when Peter finishes early, Lois is forced to use a "chainsaw" to finish "sawing her tree."

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