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Worst example of political pandering yet
ifwm13 May 2012
In this episode, the writers lie about the origin of the tea party and its members, and carry water for Obama and the Democrats.

After watching, I was forced to once again wonder why the show spends so much time banging on one side of the political spectrum while totally ignoring things like the DEA cracking down on dispensaries.

Did they not do an entire episode on legalization?

So why aren't they calling their guy out on his lies? Why aren't they asking how the f*ck we ended up illegally selling guns to Mexican Cartel members, which were used to kill American citizens? Or murdering Citizens without trial, or why Gitmo is still open or, well you get the point.

Unless you like the taste of liberal taint, avoid the episode.
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This episode is a joke, just like its writer Patrick Meighan.
mygunzgoblam23 May 2012
Patrick Meighan, the writer who worked on this episode, was arrested on Dec. 7, 2011 for participating in the Occupy Los Angeles protests. But the Tea Party is a bunch of ignorant anarchists? Hello pot, meet kettle.

This episode is just anti-Libertarian propaganda and more uneducated yuppie politics from Seth McFarlane's circle of morons. This is worse then the 4/20 episode they did, when they made it seem like they were going to do an episode on why marijuana legalization is good, and then just did a bunch of stupid songs and dance that made the argument for marijuana legalization look just as dumb as the episode.

At least we know who's side Seth McFarlane is on, and it's not the side of Liberty / Freedom (unless it's freedom to make straw man arguments on your increasingly retarded "sitcom").
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Amazing double standard to the point of propaganda...
toolkien19 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For full disclosure, I am a libertarian and fiercely anti-socialist. But I've not really regarded the Tea Party as specifically libertarian either.

Now, presuming the Koch brothers were and always have been the prime mover behind the Tea Party (which I doubt), why can't they possibly have principled motives behind groups they support? And yet when George Soros throws millions behind his causes, it's pure as the driven snow? The difference? The writers/producers don't happen to agree with the Kochs. So they ignore the case they support and skewer the one they disagree with. It's simply too much take.

I can enjoy Family Guy in many instances. But then they reach too far, and rely too much on their own North Eastern parochiality like this episode. I understand it's not their job to "fair and balanced", and it is their platform, but they should also have some idea when they go beyond artistic creativity and become a shrill, straw man making hot-air machine. Not even MASH or All in the Family got so smug as to put out pure propaganda such as this, and that's saying something.

So, I'm not out to fight the Tea Party's battles, but they must on to something if both the statist parties' rank and file - and the media that support them - hate them so much (the second most powerful Republican in my State is personal friend and he detests the Tea Party). Personally I thought of the Tea Party as a ten years late and $11,000,000,000,000 short when they evolved out the middle class' resentment of Obamacare yet had nary a problem when the Republicans rammed through Medicare Part D, but I digress. At least it's some sign of the inevitable radicalization of the middle class when socialism marginalizes them, and any real change throughout history starts with the middle class - the rich/privileged are really just a small group after all, and the poor are too scattered and aimless. Poke the tiger that is the middle class, and see what you get.

Anyway, this episode simply is not funny, it is political propaganda by hacks who think liberty and freedom are a Government Program.
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Horrible piece of Liberal propaganda, and I consider myself Liberal!
MikeM198421 May 2015
I'm Liberal, but I have definitely made many friends over the years that support the Tea Party, or some form of libertarianism, and this episode literally smacks of some political propaganda. First of all Pre-Nazi Germany was not lawless. The law and Government was still very much intact, but certainly in debt. And it was a progressive government as well. I realize this was a joke, but I really felt as though the went out of their way to construct a horrid straw man argument. There are many points to be made about small government, and ironically the show has made them in episodes like "420".

Most Tea Party advocates are not all about rolling away every EPA standard and TV standard. Furthermore I don't buy that professional people would simply descend into madness. If anything Europe shows countries that minimally intervene on the personal lives of their citizens to actually be more peaceful.

The speech at the end is truly propagandist, from a show that is usually known to champion the little guy. There are many ways in which they could've made a parody of the Tea Party without accusing them of being anarchists while Liberals just want "more government" (because hint: Liberals are not necessarily for more government, just less is some places and more in others -- and the Tea Party is the same way, they just support different means by which to accomplish these things).

I've felt like before the shows is better about being even handed and taking shots and both sides. This is why I was so shocked to see such a truly one sided attack, and without the grace of Colbert or Stewart, against a group of common people.
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