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Fun and scary, with a great lead performance. Worth checking out!
stsinger2 June 2012
"The Pact" is a treat for fans of this type of horror/thriller film. The basic plot seems simple enough -- a young woman's sister convinces her to come back for their mother's funeral, despite the fact that the two sisters were estranged from their mother for a while. When she comes back, her sister is gone, and strange, supernatural things begin to happen...

"The Pact" has a lot going for it. First of all, there is no forced romance to make us roll our eyes. Secondly, the lead character behaves like you'd expect a person to behave! When weird things start happening, she books out of the house. When she has to go back, she brings a policeman. When she gets in danger, she screams and flails and kicks. There are still some "Why is she doing that?" sequences, but a LOT less than usual in this type of film. And finally, NO IDIOTIC TWIST ENDING THAT MAKES NO SENSE BASED ON THE REST OF THE MOVIE!

But the best thing this film has going for it is Caity Lotz. The best part, by far, of MTV's cool but sadly departed "Death Valley," Caity is very easy on the eyes and she really shines in this role -- it's a virtuoso performance. And it needed to be -- a good portion of the film is her alone, so the entire film is on her shoulders and she carries it off. Very impressive, and I hope we get to see more of her in the future.

The film is not perfect -- a major plot is given away in a serious "deus ex machina" moment, there are some plot holes that the movie ignores, and I'm still not totally sure what the very last shot of the film is supposed to mean (maybe it will be explained when the DVD is released). But there is WAAAAY more good than bad, and it's worth seeing and supporting.
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Very scary and well put together
dld20128 July 2012
This movie has gotten a lot of terrible reviews here, so I feel the need to add another positive one. If you love horror movies and don't confuse "gory" with "scary" - and if everything doesn't have to be spelled out for you in an unrealistic expository scene - don't miss this gem.

Most horror movies either insult the audience a little by over-explaining, or they leave many elements simply unexplained (which can be a plus too.) This one actually gives you all the clues you need to put it together and get the answers. Really, it's all there - if you are observant, you don't need the characters to spell it out for you. I found the characters and dialog very believable (for a horror film, of course.) And a HUGE plus - no fake scares. Plenty of real ones. My boyfriend screamed out loud once, and I don't think I've ever heard him do that. I give it 8/10 because while I'm not likely to put it in my top ten films of all time, it was an immensely entertaining movie.
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A Very Well-Done Low Budget Horror Film
BobbyGuerrieri12 November 2012
Written and directed by Nicholas McCarthy, "The Pact" stars Caity Lotz as Annie, a young woman who returns to her childhood home following the death of her mother. Her sister and cousin have disappeared and it appears that there is some supernatural entity inhabiting the house. As Annie digs deeper, she learns of a serial killer whose last victim may have had some kind of connection to her mother. Annie begins putting the information together, revealing shocking and terrifying secrets.

Sound clichéd? Well believe me, it's not. What starts out as your typical run-of-the-mill haunted house film becomes one of the most intriguing and horrifying horror movies of the year. Not many movies scare me half as badly as "The Pact" did. I can tell you honestly that this film messed with my head and left me fearing my own house.

Caity Lotz does a great acting job, especially since she has such little dialogue. She really gets her feelings across by body movement and facial expressions. Another actress who really stands out is Haley Hudson, who plays Stevie, Annie's friend who just happens to be able to contact the dead. It is her character that scared me the most.

The movie also has some very good cinematography, especially when Annie walking throughout the house. Rather than constantly cut to new angle every time she turns a corner, the camera follows her with one continuous shot, immensely adding to the suspense.

The best part about the movie is that it doesn't assume that the audience is stupid. One of my least favorite things is when all questions are answered by the characters talking to themselves, or even to other characters. In "The Pact" the audience is given the information, and we are required to put it together ourselves. I have seen the movie twice now and certainly picked up on some small things that I missed in my first viewing.

The final plot surprise terrified me and I definitely won't forget it anytime soon. I didn't care for the very end (as in the closing shot), but it didn't ruin the whole movie for me.

Overall, "The Pact" is one of the scariest movies this year and a very well done horror movie. Not many low-budget horror movies are able to maintain the constant level of suspense that "The Pact" did. I highly recommend this to any horror fan. "The Pact" is currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming.
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Highly underrated, should be at least 6.5 rating.
kuronox22 January 2013
Okay, sure, it's not a groundbreaking horror film (what is nowadays?), but I found myself enjoying it. I usually don't watch films below a 6.0 IMDb rating (yeah, yeah, I'm a ratings wh***, shut up). But I was really in the mood for a horror movie and decided to give this a try. Yeah, it's a traditional story and somewhat predictable, but the modern "offbeat" characters kept it interesting. I agree with the user that says it starts off a bit weak/slow, but the rest of the story kept me intrigued. I've seen (modern) horror movies that are far worse than this that have higher ratings so give it a try if you enjoy modern horror.
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Brilliant movie, for lovers of quality, not for mindless popcorn movie people
poetryminstrell28 October 2012
This film is simply superb, no matter what your average 17 year old blockbuster movie viewers say about this classic horror gem.

First of all, the cinematography is simply wonderful. It has very nice camera work, using unusual angles, and it shows us a great editing of the filmed scenes.

Second, the pacing of this film is consistent, and suspenseful. It builds up, as it should, by the start of our story, then adding the exact amount of information and depth to the storyline and characters, to leave the viewer with an eerie sense of unease, along with a need to find out what's going to happen next.

There are scenes with absolutely no score, giving this film a classic 70's feel, but when there's a score it's scary violins and cello's. Another thing which adds to the mood of this gem.

the lead actress Caity Lotz is doing a wonderful job in my honest opinion, playing the role of a victim of domestic abuse. The abuse, which is supposed to have happened when she and her sister grew up at their mothers house as children, isn't explained to the letter. I loved this, because it leaves the viewer use his/her imagination as to what horrors they went through. I can understand the low ratings, since nowadays people only get to see (or are only able to understand) simple movies, which are sure to make millions by using a simpleton movie formula. This movie doesn't go down that path. It invokes you to get involved, and figure stuff out for yourself, like films used to do before box office money was the only thing involved in making movies.

Casper van Dien was a nice surprise to see. The man proves he can do more than his career prior to this movie led you to believe.

To wrap things up, here's my personal account of watching this movie. It scared the hell out of me at times, it gave me goosebumps, and it took me on a ride of wanting to find out what the hell was going on. Being a fan of horror movies (in the broadest sense of the genre), I absolutely loved this film.

If you like movies made that call upon your intelligence, empathy and emotions....this film is for you.

If you like mindless-sure-thing-Hollywood-blockbuster, then pass this one because you're not equipped to appreciate this movie.

9 out of 10
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Underrated indie horror gem and my favourite horror film of the year
Boris_Day28 October 2012
When I rented this I thought that for some reason this is part of the recent, underwhelming wave of exorcism films. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this features no Catholic propaganda and biblical incantations and after having watched The Pact twice now (the second time with a group of friends who all really liked it), I regard it as the best horror film I've seen this year.

The Pact doesn't re-invent the wheel, it is a fairly traditional ghost story (with touches of MR James and J-horror in its use of "haunted technology"), but it is the best directed horror film I've seen this year. The cinematography is always inventive without being flashy, establishing a real sense of place, important for any haunted house film. It also has fantastic sound design. The film avoids cheap jump scares to build a slow burning atmosphere of genuine dread. While neither weird nor surreal, the way the film generates scares reminded me more of David Lynch, than the cheap shock tactics you usually get in this type of film. I saw Lynch especially in the way a character gets swallowed up by the darkness behind a door. A scene set to a deafening rock music drone is reminiscent of a sequence from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

After the rather poor period haunted house films I've seen recently (The Woman in Black, The Awakening), which rely on all the clichés of the genre (dolls upon creepy dolls, ghostly children in white make up failing to look scary) I loved how this was set in an impoverished, modern blue collar town in the US. The house itself looks just slightly 'off' with a 'wrong' layout and subtly oppressive wallpaper, instead of being decorated like amusement park ghost ride.

The way the mystery slowly unfolds is cleverly handled and satisfying (and really quite creepy when you think about it). This makes for a great re-watch, when I picked up on a lot of hints and details that I missed first time round.

I'd never heard of lead actress Caity Lotz before. Playing a character who is tough on the outside but also quite vulnerable due to a traumatic past, she did a fantastic job anchoring the film emotionally. The fragile looking actress who plays the role of the medium you often get in haunted house films (here seemingly recruited from a crack den) looks and gives a performance that is genuinely disturbing. I had not seen Casper Van Dien in anything since Sleepy Hollow. His "He-Man" face always struck me as slightly comical, but he is fine as a sympathetic cop, looking a little more grizzled than in his Starship Trooper days

In some ways the film is reminiscent of the Kevin Bacon starring Stir of Echoes from the 90s, but I think this does a better job with similar material.

The Pact is only let down by the 'blah' title and awful promotional art, which looks like the dated looking CGI spook from The Frighteners, a visual that doesn't appear anywhere in the film.
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The Pact is a good movie undecided about it's genre
Alex Vojacek1 September 2012
Just for clarification, I started to see this movie on a Saturday night, almost asleep and exhausted so, you can pretty much see that my expectations were not so high, in fact, The Pact started slow and I was almost done for in the first minutes.

But, even when the premise was done and re-done a thousand times, the movie somewhat got my attention, enough to watch it till the end.

The pact focus on 3 sisters that got a bad deal in their childhood due to an abusive mother, so, the movie start with them and slowly develops into a one-girl deal. Almost the entire movie is focused on Annie, acted by the beautiful Caity Lotz, one of the sisters in search of the truth about their past. This could be somewhat a mistake if the movie didn't knew how to handle the situation, but, in this case, having only one primary character and almost no development of other characters makes the movie more interesting since she does a beautiful job on screen. Make no mistake, this is not a dialog movie, the majority of scenes happens in silence, which is great since the objective is to capture the look and feel of our main character and I must say that it worked, at least for me.

The storyline is incredible simple but contrary to other movies that fail miserably, in this one it works and works because the movie relies on images more than anything.

It's not a perfect movie for it had it's flaws but the result gave a positive outcome to all this, plus Caity Lotz is gorgeous on this movie, a nice and fresh look to see on screen.

The Pact is a movie undecided of it's genre, a mix of suspense/horror with paranormal and thriller... The Pact does contain a little piece of each genre and does avoid the obvious clichés which is a nice welcome.

Balanced acting, a lot of suspense, almost no horror and some paranormal into the mix makes this movie somewhat a nice touch for a Saturday night if your expectations are not high, I will still watch it once more just to see Caity Lotz :)

Is not a bad movie and definitely not the disaster the other reviewers say it is, there are a tons of movies 10 times more expensive than this one with worse outcome so I can pretty much assure you... This is better than average.
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Fails to Impress
papurser7924 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While there are a couple of jump-out-of-your-seat moments, this film was fundamentally one of the most poorly composed films I've ever seen. Lots of elements in this film went unexplained and unaddressed. Poor writing, in my estimation. Egregious use of "deus ex machina" to avoid having to explain / give back history to people / places / events in the film.

WARNING: Numerous spoilers from here down, so don't read if you're planning on watching the film.

There are a host of unexplained elements in this film: What did the mother do to the daughters in the closet? What was her role in the hidden room / her brother? Surely the mother was his accomplice in the crimes, as she gave the murdered girl's cross to her daughter; like a serial-killer's trophy... so she had to know what her brother was... so why don't we get an explanation? How did he come to occupy the room? What was his back history / story? Why didn't he kill the girls so many years ago? Why is he in his mid to late 60's but looks like he's in his late 30's with abs and pecs like an athlete? Why does he always sit on the edge of the bed and cry? Honestly, this film felt like a director loaded a bunch of unrelated horror-film elements into the barrel of a shotgun, squeezed the trigger, and shot them in scatter-fashion out onto the silver screen. I have a hard time imagining anyone could be scared of this film, as no one could understand what was actually going on in the film.

Overall, a big disappointment. The film was nothing like the teasers / trailers suggested.
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Not Too Bad But Disappoints Slightly
David Arnold16 January 2015
Nichole arrives back at her childhood home to take care of business after the death of her mother. She calls her sister, Annie, for help but after getting no joy, she carries on without her. It's during a video call with her daughter (who's being cared for by her cousin, Liz) that something happens to her. After a couple of days, Annie decides to help after all, but she discovers that Nichole has gone missing and not before long Annie starts to hear strange noises and is actually attacked by an unseen entity. Not before long, Liz also goes missing, so Annie decides to seek help to find out what is going it a violent spirit hell bent on creating misery for Annie or is there something much deeper going on? The Pact is actually not too bad of a psychological thriller, but in all honesty it is actually pretty slow. It takes a good while for the movie to really get going, but when it does it picks up quite nicely. It's just unfortunate that it takes a while to do this with a bit too many stop/start moments in between.

The feel and atmosphere of the movie wasn't too bad either, and what made these moments better was that there was no "music getting louder" moments. I find the lack of dramatic music in movies like this much more enjoyable as it adds to a better mood. There are some nice touches throughout the movie as well and with being a low-budget film some of the visuals are done well.

I think Casper Van Dien must have had more practice at acting as well because he was actually pretty decent here unlike the hideous over-acting done in Starship Troopers. There are definitely more pluses than negatives for The Pact, but I just wish that it managed to keep a better pace for the 1st half of the film.

Overall, though, it's not too bad of a movie.
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Pratima Bhatt16 October 2012
Going by the reviews, I assumed this movie would be neither horrific nor have much suspense. I was wrong! It is definitely not for the faint of heart. By the end of the movie, I was hoping for it to get over , not because it's bad,but because I was that scared! The lead actress has done a great job and the movie has a lot of thrills and chills. The supporting cast has also been chosen well, which makes the movie all the more believable and hence,scary. I am not a big horror fan ,but that said, horror movies don't easily scare me. But this one did and how! The pact will be a treat for the horror buffs. The rest, please look elsewhere. 9 points only because it does full justice to the horror-thriller-suspense genre.
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the scariest film of the year? Perhaps not!
alex (doorsscorpywag)9 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
According to the DVD box this is the scariest film of the year. Presumably 2012 which was full of disappointing horror films but The Pact was ironically one of the least scariest. In fact it's not actually scary at all and rather dull. Relying on the usual haunted house gimmicks which were once scary but nowadays aren't, as well as a storyline that is incredibly boring and stupid with a twist ending that is one of the most cinematically idiotic ever conceived.

What is the Pact? Well there isn't one really it's just someones idea of a cool title that does not actually mean anything. Rather like 'based on a true story' which means that there is an actual country where the action takes place but other than that it's made up nonsense.

Someone disappears in mysterious circumstances and some woman relative on a motorbike appears and after a traumatic experience with what seems like a ghost she rushes to the police. Nobody believes her but a detective who was the bloke from Starship Troopers (who ironically has the name of a famous ghost) who for no sensible reason other than he vaguely knew of the woman who disappeared as she got in trouble with the police lends a hand.They go back to the house and discover a hidden room which the police hilariously never noticed after the woman who disappeared from the house was reported missing.

The biker woman then for no sensible reason calls on someone she vaguely knew from school who has super powers and can communicate with dead people by using torches as electricity attracts the spirits apparently. After a visit to the house we discover a ghostly presence for some unexplained reason is trying to tell the biker something. After another shock in a motel which ends up with the biker woman trying to flee on a bike in her underwear leaving behind the missing woman's daughter, who has nothing at all to do with the story really, she decides to investigate.

A quick look on the Internet uncovers some information about a serial killer that once murdered someone in the town. An equally quick visit to a church ties it all together with someones dead mother. I was not really sure which of the characters was the woman's daughter but the mother seemed to be a bit of a nasty type who did something involving a cupboard which is never explained.

After a phone call to the psychic woman we get the films climactic reveal which involves a Oiuja board sequence which is stupid and an even stupider shock ending.

So what can we learn from The Pact. Basically ghosts are attracted to electricity which is a worry in these modern times, people with different coloured eyes are not to be trusted and film makers have far too much money to waste on complete toss like this.
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A Low Budget Horror movie, but with out the cheese!
gpailkids6 August 2015
It's a low budget horror movie, but not cheesy in the least. There is no cheesy fake blood and gore, no sex crazed teenagers, and no topples bubble headed blond's running from a psycho killer.

No cheap thrills here, just a very complex and layered plot with plenty of twist and turns. The movie never once lost my attention nor did I ever get lost in the plot. The movie moved slow enough to build likable characters and to build up suspense, but also wasn't so slow that it lost my interest.

I loved watching Annie as she went through the motions of loss and anger and then fear, and then ultimately the courage to discover clues and dig up old family secrets.
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What the hell was that???!!??
markjohnevans7914 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Scariest film of the year" is proudly proclaimed over the trailers. Really? I've seen Disney films that have disturbed me more. This film is truly awful. The plot is paper thin, you don't care about the characters, there are gaping plot holes and the ending makes no logical sense. I can honestly say there was only one part that made me jump just a little. The rest of the time I found my attention wandering. People who have given this film more than one star must be REALLY easily impressed. It makes no sense for a start. Two people go missing in the house yet the police feel that a 5 minute glance around the premises (which we're told about but don't see) is enough. In real life the house would be swarming with them. The title of the film also makes little sense at first glance. There's no obvious 'Pact' and other reviewers have also be puzzled by this. I only now realise it the pact the mother had to protect her fruit loop, serial killer brother. I can totally understand how this can be missed though. Ridiculous.
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Horror? What horror? Idea?..hmmm... Premise? Mediocre... Movie? BAD
elfoyzur8 June 2012
The Pact. I went into the movie with low expectations, however with tiniest bit of hope that they would somehow, in someway be exceeded.

Boy was I wrong!

Verdict: The premise was mediocre in setting with no apparent buzz you get from at least a decent horror flick.. like... EVER.

A vague story line coupled with incoherent events and 'scare scenes' that didn't live up to the build up meant the movie lost it's clout pretty early on(within the first ten minutes I'm wondering 'What the hell have I just walked into?').

This along the whole lack of logic towards the end of the movie, left subtle questions unanswered which kept aching away at me on the way home.

On top of this, the absence of a solid connection between the audience and the main character/s throughout the film, in conjunction with the B grade acting left me feeling sorely.. no BITTERLY disappointed.

Don't waste your time with this abomination, people.


(I'm going to go and watch some classics to drown out the misery this movie has caused me... pffft!)
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Not exactly a thrill ride
bowmanblue4 January 2015
The Pact is a story about a woman who loses her mother and spends a large proportion of the film wandering round various apartments on her own. Sometimes spooky stuff happens, but sadly not much.

She just wanders around. Sometimes she talks to herself. Sometimes she phones a friend and leaves a voicemail message. Once she even spoke to her daughter via webcam. Every so often, something would go bump somewhere in her apartment. I think that was my cue to be scared. I wasn't.

Nice atmosphere and sense of foreboding dread - pity nothing much happened. It's like the first (duller) half of Paranormal Activity (1), only without the second exciting half added on to it.

Oh, and Starship Troopers' former poster boy Casper Van Dian is in it. And he looks waay too old to be in the mobile infantry and more.
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This Film has changed my life...
Mark Pearson9 June 2012
Upon obtaining my 3rd date with the most stunning woman this side of Mexico I decided to go the movies, looking through the listings I decided The Pact was the film we would see. My idea was to get in the back row and have this beautiful girl curl up to me during the scary moments thus making me the protector in the potential relationship and a man that she could depend upon during a life crisis. The evening started badly as when purchasing us both a hot dog to give us sustenance during the fright-fest we discovered that there were no onions to accompany our under cooked over priced sausage snack. Undeterred we proceeded to our seats, the air of excitement was tangible in the small yet perfectly ample surroundings of the cinema. The film began with promise, it had all the ingredients for the making of a truly scary film that would see my grand plan come to fruition and for me to be the hero that my date was seeking in her life. It soon became apparent that my plan was going to unfold and that I was destined to never see this beautiful woman ever again. Frankly, this film sucks and is about as scary as an omnibus edition of Come Dine With Me. Looking around the cinema I was not alone in these thoughts, most people were talking about their day, eating food or catching up on email rather than be transfixed by what was happening on the big screen. Needless to say my date was bored and now thinks I have the worst taste in films known to man, I have zero chance of ever seeing her again and am now destines to live my life alone with only my pet tortoise to keep me company and watch me grow old. Please, do not suffer the same fate as me, do not watch this film. It will destroy your relationship and ultimately your life. The Pact - officially the worst film ever made.
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See this!
sagehopkins27 January 2012
Loved this movie! A great thriller. This movie contains all aspects of a scary movie from psychological to murder to paranormal. And, the viewer isn't sure doesn't readily figure out what happens. The director assumes an intelligent audience.The lead actress does an excellent, intellect job in her performance. She's believable throughout the entire movie, even as her character progresses throughout the movie as the story unfolds. You even find yourself rooting for the good- looking, somewhat dim-witted cop who is trying to help our heroine. There's an excellent performance by the blind psychic -- I was ready to dismiss her character and found myself really liking and loving her character. The sad twist in this movie is that in trying to help someone beloved you hurt the ones you probably care about the very most. It's a good one. Go see it!
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Enjoyable thriller
TdSmth511 October 2014
A woman's mother dies. She calls the rebellious younger sister to see if she will attend the funeral. She then chats with her daughter who lives with her cousin. During the chat the daughter asks her who's behind her. She sees no one but looks around the house. Then she vanishes.

During the funeral the little sister, Annie, does show up. The daughter and the cousin are there and spend the night at the house. Next morning the cousin has vanished.

Annie goes to the police. One night some force grabs her and yanks her throughout the house. Annie does some digging. There's a picture of her mom and a woman in a park. She also has visions of this woman.

When the cop visits her house they discover a secret room with holes in the walls to observe everyone else in the house. When the cop returns to the house by himself he's stabbed to death.

Annie meanwhile has a medium come over who experiences things. As she leaves she utters the name Judas. Annie discovers there was a serial killer in the area years ago who was known as Judas. He killed the woman she sees in the visions. Annie goes to the park and is led to a church/school where her mean mom worked. She finds out a man worked also there who has their same last name. He was a brother of the mother no one knew about. The medium tells her to do a Ouija session. It provides her with more answers and Annie will confront the evil in the house.

The Pact is a well-done lower budget horror thriller. Why it's called "The Pact" is entirely unclear. It's a slower movie but it's effective. Music and effects are very good and you do want to find out just what is going on. The story combines human evil with the supernatural in a convincing way. It could easily have chosen either of those but together they make things more interesting. Direction is excellent and the cast does a solid job as well. My main complaint is the casting of Caity Lotz as the main character. They already hired better choices in the lovely Kathleen Rose Perkins and Agnes Bruckner. The story is a bit short as we learn next to nothing of our main character or the family.
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albrechtcm28 November 2012
One reviewer said there are no fake scares in this deplorable mess. The movie begins with the camera wobbling down a dimly lighted hallway to the tune of pounding music that leads up to the horrible climax of a door opening to reveal a pretty young woman waking up from a pleasant night's sleep. That's just the beginning and it's downhill all the way after that. Even the title is a mystery to me. Unless I missed something important (and I'm not going back to find out), nobody made any pacts that I'm aware of. Nobody. Who, especially when frightened, would go down a hall and walk into a tiny dark closet? We have a typical '50s tract rancho home. How many buyers had a neat blueprint of such a house even when new over sixty years ago? How many people need a blueprint of such a house to know exactly how many rooms it has? How many people some sixty years later have a spanking new blueprint of such a house in their purse? This could possibly have been a decent little story had those responsible not been over-tempted to include every little scary cliché in moviedom. Okay, they forgot the normally ubiquitous cat that jumps out. Aside from that, everything else was there. Pounding music at inappropriate moments, flickering lights, eerie noises and false scares (save for the cat). Alas the acting was wooden and expressionless. Where do they find investors dumb enough to put money into these projects? I'd like to get their phone numbers. We'll talk.
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Decent Horror Film, Brilliantly Shot
gavin69421 January 2013
As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother's death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.

First, let me praise Casper VanDien, who (to put it bluntly) did not suck. I cannot say he is particularly known for his superb acting, having done a number of cheesy movies, but VanDien shows off his acting chops here. This kind of performance could get you a supporting actor Oscar if it was not in a horror film.

I heard the judges at Sundance were praising Nick McCarthy's direction, and that is absolutely fair. Above all else, the camera is the star here. Maybe we should give that credit to the cinematographer (Bridger Nielson), but it is hard to draw that line -- could one have been great without the other? Alan Bacchus said that the film was "smart, well written and genuinely scary". He is right on all three counts. I rarely find horror films scary (I am immune to their nonsense), but I actually had to peek through my fingers at one point. I am embarrassed to say it, but this is true. Well done!
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Really do not bother!
starsteamer21 July 2012
This really is one of those films that you feel you have wasted an hour and a half of your life watching it when it is over. Also it is one of those films that should have been so much better. I am unclear whether the huge gaping holes in the plot are because of lazy writers or insane editors. Throughout the film the build up in tension is either wasted or not used properly. The film cannot decide on the genre it would like to exist in and the work put into the set has been wasted due to poor plot structure. The actors do try their best to work with the script but it is a wasted effort. A really frustrating watch that has so much wasted potential. Use your time more wisely and watch a better movie!
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Give this a miss
rebecca-bool30 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad I can't even begin to list everything that's so very awful about it.

Do not see this movie! Acting is very poor, the storyline rubbish,far too long and made not much effort.

The idea for the story could have been made into something great, but it was let down. We were teased all the way through the film about a horrid past that the two sisters had faced at the hands of their mother, but no story behind this ever developed. The real 'monster' in the film was revealed to us in the last 5 minutes of the film, and I really feel that if they had centred more around him, his story and his background, the film would have been far more interesting and scary and worth watching. Instead we got lots of over dramatic face posing, the occasional poltergeist throwing things around and appearing in the odd photo.

I fully expect this movie to be in the bargain section of the DVD shop, where it's 99p and buy one get four free.
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Average Movie
Claudio Carvalho29 March 2013
Nichole Barlow (Agnes Bruckner) comes to San Pedro with her daughter Eva to attend the funeral of her mother. She calls her estranged sister Annie (Caity Lotz) to help her to resolve pending businesses, but Annie is too traumatized with the bad treatment spent by their mother and does not want to return to their childhood home. Nichole convinces her sister to come and she arrives to the funeral.

However, Nichole goes missing and Eva stays with Nichole's cousin Liz (Kathleen Rose Perkins). When Liz also disappears, Annie claims that supernatural events happen in the house but she becomes the prime- suspect. The open-minded detective Bill Creek (Casper Van Dien) assumes the investigation and realizes that there is something weird in the house. Meanwhile Annie summons the medium Stevie (Haley Hudson) believing that the ghost of her mother is responsible for the vanishing of Nichole and Liz. But the woman warns Annie that there is a great danger in the house. Annie decides to go further in her investigation and discovers dark secrets from the past of her family.

"The Pact" is low-paced thriller and horror movie with a messy story that begins with a typical ghost story in a haunted house and ends with a mysterious serial-killer. The movie is not scary and uses the typical clichés, like the pistol jamming when necessary. I have just seen the forgettable "The Pact" today in a raining holiday afternoon and it is just an average movie with a gorgeous lead actress (Caity Lotz). My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Pesadelos do Passado" ("Nightmares from the Past")
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Indie Horror sleeper - Soooo Creepy!
Warning: Spoilers
A sleeper hit in 2012, "The Pact" directed by Nicholas McCarthy melds many common horror themes into one thoroughly haunting and creepy movie. Actress Caity Lotz, who looks a lot like Lindsay Lohan but with out the baggage, plays Annie, who comes back home to attend the funeral of her estranged mother only to find the house she grew up in is still hiding secrets.

The film opens with Annie's sister, a recovering drug addict, already at the house and Skyping with her daughter. The next day as Annie arrives (on a motorcycle) her sister is nowhere to be found. Thinking she is just on another bender, Annie doesn't put much thought into it. The house itself just has an altogether uneasy feel to it with its over abundance of religious artifacts and of course it's old and creaky doors and floorboards. There are also times when Annie is roaming around in the dark investigating noises. All these scenes feel necessary to build the suspense of the scenes to come and really don't feel forced like many other films do. After her mothers funeral Annie meets up with her cousin, who is looking after her little niece. They end up staying overnight at the house but vanish when Annie comes looking for them in the morning.

When Annie suffers a frightening incident of her own at the house she goes to the police and enlists the help of Officer Creek to further investigate. What they find is quite disturbing and tries to offer some explanation as to what's been going on. Annie does some investigating on her own and with some ghostly help unearths some troubling family history. She also gets some help from Stevie a girl she knew from high school, who just happens to be blind, and a medium, and looks extremely pale. Weird I know but just go with it. With the help of some supernatural forces Annie must deal with the very real threat that lives within the houses walls.

"The Pact" is well made for its budget, even if we've seen some of this stuff before. The story is well structured and thought out, with some wonderfully creepy characters and tense feeling throughout.
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Decent creepy horror film
Lucabrasisleeps11 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In recent years, there have been a few movies which have experimented with the slow burn style. Often the secret is to create something that will last in your mind for days.

I wouldn't say the Pact reaches that level. But as a creepy slow burn movie which does make an impact for a short period of time, it does its job. The one thing I did like about the movie was the slow progression and the evolution of the plot. It quickly changes from standard supernatural fare to something else. And it takes its time to do so, the change is not abrupt or irritating.

The central character of Annie is also quite interesting and she doesn't really conform to stereotypes. There is no annoying romance subplot, it is just a creepy film throughout. One thing I didn't like was maybe the actress clothes in certain scenes which I felt were a little inappropriate and distracting for a movie of this type. Also I would have preferred a more natural looking woman for such a role. But I guess you can't blame her for being good looking, she has done a pretty good job for the character.

It was pretty much a movie which was right down my alley with many quiet an creepy moments(in Japanese horror style) and no big jump scares. And to add to that, there are not many scenes of violence. Yes there are a few gory moments but they don't have a pornographic quality and they are appropriate for the movie. The last shot is weird but I think that is common for horror films especially nowadays.

I still think even with the creepiness, it doesn't really have a long lasting effect like some other movies that come to mind(maybe Kill list). But still a decent horror film to pass the time.
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