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It's not what it seems.
Katy C19 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm surprised that the viewers didn't really understand the movie in it's entirety. Shae has just gone through a horrific rape, she has also been dumped by a narcissistic prick who has no real feelings for her. She's in her own personal hell. What does Shae do? She creates a fantasy. A fantasy where she and "Lu" go on a killing spree. Lu Lu is a figment of her imagination. She is the Riot Grrrl inside Shae. How do I know this? At the end the camera pans across to all the places they supposedly killed all those men. They are clean, free of any bloody carcasses. Why? Because no one died in these scenes. The director is letting us know that it never happened. Shae takes a bath, cleansing herself, starting fresh. She's ready to take on the world. She is no longer afraid. She's brushing her teeth and the camera pans right and shows us the Japanese robe "Lu" wore while killing Shae's DJ friend. It's hanging there as if it's always been there. It's Shae's bathroom robe. Then we see Shae at work, smoking in the stairwell. When she's talking to the crying girl, Right before Shae inhales the smoke from her cigarette, the camera goes out of focus on Shae's face and in the background you see another light. This light is of another cigarette being inhaled. This is letting us know that "Lu" is NOT dead. At least not in Shae's mind. Shae has now taken on Lu Lu's persona. She is no longer an innocent. "Lu" has always been there. And now she sit's behind Shae figuratively, keeping watch over her girl. Shae needed those fantasy's and "Lu" to get her through the rape and breakup. She will probably always distrust men. Of course it's all relative. This is what I perceived happened. I encourage you to watch it again if you don't believe me. I loved this movie. The acting, cinematography and music made it a really beautiful film that made me really think.
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Feminism taking misandry to another level of insanity!
Celtic Druid4 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This depraved film is only the latest of a string of Hollywood films glorifying the wholesale butchering of men by 'feminist avengers,' in retaliation for some perceived slight. Torturing, dismembering and murdering men has been a predominant fixation in feminist literature and art for many decades, and it's now migrating to the big screen. The 'basic' plot almost always centers around an obsessive storyline of a woman being sexually assaulted or raped. The perpetrator is subsequently killed. Then the rest of the film rapidly descends into a slaughter of all men for any trivial incident (guilty by association of being the same gender). And people wonder why female filmmakers can't compete with men in terms of accolades?

I can't imagine many males paying hard-earned money to watch this sickening crap, unless a girlfriend/wife drags them to the cinema to revel in his uneasiness. So clearly, from the box office sales of previous misandric productions, there's a large enough perverse appetite by women themselves to warrant such films being made. But it taps disturbingly into something deeply rooted in the female psyche: that women are always somehow justified in enacting disproportionate violence, because 'the bastard probably deserved it' (the definition of misandry). And when you look at the writers, producers and directors, they're almost always feminists, except for maybe The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, where the author was a feminist appeasing male (Stieg Larsson).

Undoubtedly there would be universal uproar if the sexes were reversed, but unfortunately such hatred of men has become so prevalent it's essentially hidden in plain sight. But let's not forget how impressionable girls/young women take their social cues from such violence inciting agitprop, masquerading as an empowerment chick flick. Such films will ensure division between the sexes increases (the intent), and women's domestic violence against men continues to soar! Even low-budget Spaghetti Westerns from the mid-1960s onwards usually had a rape depicted, but my point would be that these rapists were almost always brutally 'dispatched' by a laconic hero. 'Justice' was seen to be done. It never left the viewer believing rape was OK and there wasn't accountability for such a crime.

So where is the equivalent avengers seeking justice for the innocent men murdered in the aforementioned misandric genre? There are none, because as I said previously, the mentality portrayed is that 'the bastard probably deserved it.' Sympathy is nonexistent! The female viewer leaves the cinema believing it's acceptable, empowering, justified, even a right. Therein lies the difference.
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Despicable female revenge movie.
incognitoami16 January 2013
After her affair with a much older married man is over with a young girl gets raped by a guy she meets at a nightclub. Terrible, I know, but then she goes on a killing streak along with her "girlfriend" who shares her contempt and hatred of men and they take sickening pleasure in murdering and torturing all the men in their lives who ever treated them badly.

This film advocates that all men are evil and that women should stand up and get even through violence and killing.

Waste of film. I'd give this zero stars if I could. Utterly despicable rubbish. Don't waste the hours of your life watching this.

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very good!a lot of fun!
ironfist69920 February 2013
The horror movie category isn't for everyone, so be ready for some guts and gore in this film -- this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart. Although the violence is over the top, there is a subtlety to the plot, particularly the ending (no spoilers here, but the twist leaves the audience thinking about everything they have just watched in a whole new light).Anyhoo, the cinematography was excellent for a low budget such as this and I looked up IMDb to find out it was Kathryn Westergaard who seems to be plodding away doing documentaries and shorts but on seeing this I hope she gets noticed. You know, when you take this movies budget into consideration then you kinda get the idea just how good this flick is but with some of these reviews it's never going to get watched. A damn shame.
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Best film of 2013 for me so far.
nexus6201026 March 2013
I really cannot rate this film highly enough. It really is outstanding. Excellent performances all round but what really raises it above the norm is the tone,feel and direction. It shows that the writer and director are one and the same as he knows what he wants to put across and how to do it.

The who film is multi layered, raising many questions along the way, which are left for you to answer. The tone of the film really reminded me of "Drive", the soundtrack matches the film perfectly, ( which many do not these days).

I think many people will put this film next to " American Mary". I feel that would be unfair as this feels much more like a complete work. Yes, they do deal with the same issues, but this leans more towards art, without slipping into the art house field.

I think it really needs to be watched more than once, just to pick up all the details and whats really going on. I loved the scene with the Japanese Schoolgirl outfit and Geisha mask. Sums the whole film up in a way.
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Katy C hit it on the nail
flowirin13 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
it seems that nearly EVERYONE missed the point of this movie.

LU was not real. she was Shae's shadow, her through the looking glass other self. there was even a poster there, in the penultimate scene, with the word ALICE, seen through the looking glass.

Shae had worked through her revenge fantasies, and learnt that it did not make her feel better. she had learnt that that the thirst for revenge prevented her forming new relationships and she had defeated her own desires for it.

the final scene showed that Lu was part of Shae explicitly - with Lu smoking in the background ( beyond the wall) as Shae sits on the stairwell.

all that aside, what a great movie. love the acting, the cinematography and the well synced soundtrack. a great great movie
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My New Worst Movie Ever
Zebb6728 February 2015
At least the original I Spit On Your Grave knew what it was (exploitation plain and simple). This garbage tries to dress itself in artsy decor, even as it shows a young man being dismembered. But whatever you think you might be getting from this film, you won't get it. As a feminist statement...well, watch Thelma And Louise again. As exploitation, it is nowhere near as extreme as the poster art would have you believe (the one scene I described being the exception). As cathartic revenge, Death Wish this ain't. The fact that it earned a little over $6K at the box office (probably not enough to cover the catering costs during filming) proves there is no audience for this cr*p and as Dana's looks fade, the few roles she gets will quickly fade as well as she is singularly without any acting talent, exhibiting here the same vacant stare throughout the entire movie (the other lead actress is actually pretty good). I should also point out that in addition to being anti-male (well, not quite all of us), the film is also very homophobic.
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Finally, a real vigilante movie with a female lead
donduckie14 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Admitted, I love movies about vigilante justice, and this movie is no exception.

I've read the reviews of others, and I'm disappointed in the fact that anyone equates sexual assault with "imagined slight", and moans about feminism every time somebody dares to suggest that women have been oppressed through history and still are today. This movie shows the world as seen through the concerns and fears of some/many women. And some call the movie one-sided. If you want the "other side", you can watch any other movie. It's fiction with a very relevant theme - it's not supposed to give both sides(of rape, near-rape, and ignoring rape-victims due to paperwork concerns.)

What I like about this movie:

This movie only lets you observe the characters, you don't get a special omniscient view into the characters' mindset using dreams and flashbacks and what have you else in the CGI department. You get a slight insight into (I assume) a Women's Study Course, where some aspects of the oppression of women are presented, which frames the rest of the movie.

The story is awesome. The characters are good. The acting is great. The effects where a little clunky, but not bad considering the budget.

This movie is what "The Brave One" should have been, it's a true revenge movie without the sappy justification and last-minute-change-of-mind which usually come with these movies, or at least the ones with female vigilantes. Unlike male action heroes, they are forced into a more complex decision making process filled with cliché emotions and turmoil and regret.

This movie doesn't bash men for being misogynistic, it bashes the entire society for denying the existence of misogyny. And showing a guy being bound, gun-raped and murdered really makes the point(just read some of the other - horrified - reviews). This role reversal could have been used more in some of the other killings.

What I didn't like:

Not much. The role reversal aspect of revenge could have been utilized more, but the bang-dead-forgotten approach works very well also.

It's definitely a movie worth watching, and if the themes anger you beyond those of classic action movies. I suggest you expose your mind to some new literature, or take a Women's Studies Class.
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Disgusting sorry excuse of a film
Sil20 February 2013
I rated this movie 1 because it's not possible to rate it zero or less.

Basically a half a page of screen writing seems to satisfy the director in justifying a badly played idiotic gore fest which is frankly borderline pervert because it hides behind would-be feminism and pseudo female abuse to try to justify showing atrocious violence. Let's just flash a policeman her private parts behind transparent underwear then kill him in a painful humiliating way top punish him for a short concupiscent glance.

As a tasteless comedy striving to be funny it could perhaps have satisfied a few blood hungry hormonally supercharged drunken teenagers.

As it is I bet it will disgust even violent film lovers who will see right through it, e.g. just an excuse to film inhuman tortures, dismemberment, exploding organs

Did I mention that the acting, filming, (lighting?), costume or music did nothing to save the movie? Frankly a direct-to-dustbin would have been the correct distribution.
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Not what it appeared to be
cms-771-82159218 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The victim Shae, like most victims, plays out the rage in her mind. She was in a rage, depression, disbelief, shock as evidenced by her flat affect when she was in the police station. Hence no police and the flashbacks to the scenes of the murders that, near the end, all looked like nothing happened. Every one copes this way at some time or another. Her alter ego even kills the good guy at the point she hates all men and realizes that all men are not evil and she reconsiders and kills her rage (roommate).

It was a good movie in this respect. I hope DP gets more and better roles. I actually watched the whole movie. Danielle is very attractive and capable.
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A dark movie
jerettfranklin13 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review ever. And with that being said i'm really trying to not give away too much if anything so if you already watched this and you're thinking, "this doesn't give anything away" well then I achieved what I wanted. But just to be safe I decided to suit up and label this as a spoiler in hopes of not losing my reviewing privileges. (fingers crossed)

For those that like fairytale endings, be careful before watching this movie, it's something evil. However, it's something of the truth and you know what they say about the truth right? Anyways, the movie is about a young college student named Shea and her dangers of being a female. If this movie was to have an alternative title then Ruthless would be it. I say that because I found myself chanting "oh my god" on how far Austin Chick traveled with such an idea. It seemed like Chick's secret ingredients were a little of "I spit on your grave with some shutter island or fight club (your choice) and cooked it for a little over ninety minutes or, until you could smell the cigarette smoke. How did it taste? I kinda liked it. I say this because of the ending However the after taste made me think again as to how much of this is actually based on unfortunate everyday truth. I might try watching this again. But then again, i might not. Take this as food for thought.
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Revenge is sweet or bitter?
kosmasp30 September 2013
This is a revenge movie ... or is it? There might be more to it, than you first think. Of course it's also something that people might feel cheated about. Why try to make something more intellectual than it is? But it does put/shed new light on the rest of the movie. You can decide how to see or observe some of the scenes. One might say it warrants a second viewing too.

The acting is solid, though we do get a few clichés thrown our way. And as stated the ending might not win you over to its cause yet. There is blood and violence and some minor nudity. There is also a very obvious hint at the beginning of the movie, that actually is followed by a flashback. Is it too smart, not smart enough? It has its flaws (emotional detachment being amongst them), but you can watch it, if you like those kind of movies (doesn't matter if you're a girl or not)
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Move over Thelma and Louise, these girls are ANGRY!
Robert W.22 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since TV's Shark I've had a guilty little crush on Danielle Panabaker. She was the sole reason I decided to give this a try. I've seen enough low budget schlock lately and didn't really want to see anything else. Well its always fun to be pleasantly surprised. This little indie vengeance flick is well worth the watch. It isn't perfect and has its moments where you really have to suspend belief to follow it. I mean with all the murders why are they not immediately caught? Its not like they hide their identities or clean up after themselves. Even still, thanks to two very disturbing performances as the lead girls, this film holds its own with plenty of tension and horror and a truly disturbing vengeance plot loosely reminiscent of I Spit On Your Grave, or Last House On The Left. There are some genuinely disturbing scenes (Tyler in the DJ booth immediately comes to mind) and the film even sports some very dark comedy but that's for you to decide. At times I felt the pacing was a little off and that it was dragging but not enough to hurt my opinion of an otherwise unique and downright messed up horror thriller.

Because of my little crush on Danielle Panabaker I have seen her in a lot of things. This is without a doubt a far stretch for her and yet she manages to pull it off flawlessly. She plays a disturbed, depressed and messed up young woman and really shows some emotion and some lack of emotion as well but in a way that fits her character. She proved in this film that she has more range as an actor than what she has shown so far. In a twisted and demented performance Nicole LaLiberte gives a wickedly evil performance as LuLu. Just one look in her eyes in this film and you'll feel your skin crawl. It will without a doubt be a understated horror performance that won't soon leave my mind. Supporting cast including Liam Aiken, Michael Stahl-David, and Andrew Howard are all good in their roles. None of them particularly stand out but all fill their parts nicely. I would have cast someone a little younger than Andrew Howard (who according to Panabaker's character says he is 35...he looks 45 and is well into his 40's.) Just a small thing that annoyed me only a little.

Even fans of a good art-house film could go on board with this because there are a few scenes that border on the bizarre and are just so cleverly shot. The film is gory without being obviously so. I usually notice that when a director also writes the film and doesn't have a lot of experience it makes for a very poor campy movie but director and writer Austin Chick made me take notice because this was well done and likely on a very low budget. Only in the beginning did I feel like the film dragged more than it needed to but that only served to help set up the entire concept and the characters. My biggest complaint with the film that really hurt its credibility in my book was the complete lack of any follow up story as to whether or not they were being chased, or tracked down or anything. They kill, they maim, often publicly and yet nothing is ever said about whether they're being chased or even looked for. That really hurt the movie's overall feel and could have cleverly answered I think. Still if you can get past that which I managed to, then you're in for a bizarre horror treat that won't soon be forgotten. 7.5/10
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Absolutely a waste of time. Stay away!
meneermalik27 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I'm not sure what I was looking for when I decided to watch this movie but it definitely wasn't anything I wanted to see. As so many people already stated, it's just a pure 'men suck' film which in turns translates to 'let's kill all men we come across because obviously men are pigs'.

Summary - college girl dates older men (with family). He breaks it off after he gets back together with his wife (because they have a little daughter). Girl meets psycho girl. They party, girl gets raped (bad no matter what scenario). They decide to get revenge and kill the guy. But not before they kill two other guys trying to get his address (among others). If a guy looked at these girls crooked he'd be dead.

I actually thought the girls would get what's coming in the end but no. Just another sexist/feminist piece of crap that depicts all men worthy to be killed just for the fun of it.

Apart from that - long drawn out scenes, poor acting, poor script. All around piece of crap. Wish I had watch Manos, the Hands of Fate again rather than watch this.
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allenelswick197926 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is just plain boring. Filled with wooden characters that do not come across as humans. The film is poorly written, and lacks in the violence and gore department. This movie is not good, avoid it. If you really wanna know what happens, read below.

The first third of the movie is following a love lorn college girl that has just been dumped by her older married boyfriend. To get her mind off of her recent change in facebook status she goes out with a co-worker to a few bars. The two girls venture to a nearby loft with three hipsters. Our broken heart girl decides to head home, and is accompanied by one of the three hipsters. After the hipster's advances are rejected, he rapes the broken heart girl. This rape takes place in the hallway near the front door of her apartment. I guess her neighbors are deep sleepers, as she cried and screamed several times. The next day she tries to call her mother at work but is unable to reach her. So she decides to go to the home of the man who dumped her. He tells her she can't just show up and takes her home. Then he tries to rape her, breaking her coffee table. So she calls the co-worker and they go to the police. The police do not take her report very seriously. So the co-worker lures a cop to a hotel room. She blindfolds him, handcuffs him to the bed and goes Phil Spector on him with own gun. Since the police are unable to help, the girls head over to the hipsters loft to find the rapist hipster. They kill hipster 2 & 3 using the cop's gun. They confront the hipster rapist, cut off his feet, and shoot him in the head. They then kidnap the ex-boyfriend take him out to the woods, broken heart girl says he doesn't deserve to die but co-worker shoots him as he flees. Broken heart girl tries to move, starts hanging out with a dude from school and discovers co-worker girl has become a bit stalky. Co-worker girl flips out, kills dude with a sword. Broken heart girl finds his body, heads home to find co-worker girl naked in her apartment and the sword on display. Broken heart girl kills co- worker girl with the sword. Then we get a look back at the places where they killed hipsters, the rapist, and the ex-boyfriend followed by broken heart girl getting ready to go work. The film ends with broken heart girl becoming the co-worker friend of a new broken heart girl.
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zealot6920021 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Caught this by accident on late night cable, which is exactly where it belongs. I stopped watching after the third murder…the first was completely despicable involving a police officer being shot in the ass. Anyone who finds this kind of revenge/murder flick enjoyable, let alone wrote or directed it should get to a therapist…and quick. The females kill indiscriminately, call men "fags" and may be the two most disgusting characters put on film if you discount several documentaries about Nazis. I nearly watched it all just to see if the two women meet a deservedly grizzly end, but thought better of it, when I realized the writer and director most likely intended to let them get away with it, which would have just ruined what was left of my night. An utter piece of crap.
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A best movie with great acting and story
jerry-saleem26 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
well this is a great movie with great acting everything was perfect in this movie main character (negative rule) acting was so good ,well this movie is about a girl Shae (Danielle Panabaker ) after a series of bad experience with men,shae teams up with her Co ;worker Lu (NICOLE LaLiberte,who has a simple deadly way,of dealing with the opposite sex well u can said its really a great,outstanding movie of 2013,i did not know why so much negative review about this movie maybe all r men which r against this movie so much because women is in this movie with there full power and I request to the audience don't notice r care about movie low rating (which is not a good rating) and don't notice negative review because movie is great by himself not need to be a good rating r any prove of his perfectness because when people watched this movie they must loved it its movie only just for open hearted people which not be jealous that why female did bad with guys) so must watched this movie a really great story with twist with great acting and great music I simply say I loved it
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Great "revenge" movie. Top notch!
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so refreshing to see. I had thoughts that it would be another teen slasher type movie (which isn't all bad) but it turned out to be one of the best movies I've seen this year! I love the revenge style movies and this one was a great surprise. The acting in it was great, the storyline was very good, and it kept me intrigued with every frame. Its one of those films where you see it and you want more, and you could quite easily see again any time. I was disappointed when it finished because of that reason, I wanted more. There are some confronting scenes (which made the film for me), and you can't help but want to see Shae get her revenge. A top-notch movie here, and for that I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Highly recommend it.
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If you're a girl, you might like this one
ihearthorrorfilm17 February 2013
If you're a girl and you like horror, I'm pretty sure you'll find something to like about this film. If you are not a girl, you may not find this film entertaining. It revolves around a girl who is slowly unraveling due to her choices in men. She meets another girl (who is pretty awesome to watch) that helps her to deal with her new hatred towards her fellow man. There are a couple of jaw dropping moments that are pretty sweet, minimal gore and some slow-motion dreamy sequences that are interesting. But overall, not the greatest revenge flick as it advertises. I feel the best way to describe this one is as an art house feminist slasher piece.

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Exceptional Acting
jenny-sozzi4 February 2013
The lead actress in this movie is spell-binding...totally sinister, and you can't take your eyes off her wondering what's going on behind those evil eyes. The horror movie category isn't for everyone, so be ready for some guts and gore in this film -- this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart. Although the violence is over the top, there is a subtlety to the plot, particularly the ending (no spoilers here, but the twist leaves the audience thinking about everything they have just watched in a whole new light). Girls Against Boys opened at the SXSW festival, which was the perfect setting for it: a bit quirky, cutting edge, and totally hip with some edge. It awesome to see the girls showing those bad boys who's boss!
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can i have a refund for the wasted time
pjth196513 February 2013
this is the sort of movie where you ask yourself did i really spend money to watch this utter rubbish ?

how do these things get funding ?

My advise !

If you spend 10 minutes watching this, you have just wasted 10 minutes of your life that can not be refunded.

watch paint dry, it is more entertaining.

for free this would simply be to expensive. for me this is one of the worst movies made in a very long time.

what can i say i have to write 10 lines and i am simply out of thoughts how to keep describing this or find something positive to mention.the only way to make this watchable is if you children would be the actors and you had to watch it and tell them what a good job they did if they were 4 or 5 years old. there is simply not one reason that i could think of to tell anybody go and see this. OK there is one ! I hate the person that I send to see this. cruel and unusual punishment having to watch this.
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Lacks courage for it's convictions
lovecraft23128 February 2013
I find it a bit creepy to be on the internet sometimes. Part of the reason is the ugly undercurrent of misogyny that permeates so many comments sections and user reviews (you know who you are BTW.)They tend to rant about women who don't want to f#@k them or how they believe feminists are ruining everything for men in America. I'm mostly going on and on, but what I'm getting at is that there's some awful human beings on the internet and around the world. So, I must admit that I went into "Girls Against Boys" with a level of interest, as it would be nice to see a horror film from a feminists perspective. What I got instead...was kind of a mess.

Shae (Danielle Panabaker) has undergone a traumatic experience in the form of being raped by a seemingly "nice" guy. To add insult to injury, the guy she's been seeing (Andrew Howard) is married and with kids, and seems to be more interested in nookie than helping her cope. The only person who seems to understand is Lu (Nicole LaLierte), her co-worker, who believes revenge is the only answer. Unfortunately, her idea of revenge involves murder, and when Shae actually does show interest in an actually nice guy, Lu becomes jealous.

I appreciate what director Austin Chick is aiming for here. One could say that there should be more horror films done from a feminist's perspective. While I must commend the performances (Panabaker in particular is good. Girl deserves to be a bigger star IMO), the end result is lacking. There's violence, but there isn't a whole lot of gore here, so fans of that will be disappointed. It also largely feels more like a generic indie movie than it does a horror movie. It clearly wants to be a respectable horror movie, but it doesn't understand how horror works.

Which leads me to my biggest complaint-for all it's good intentions, "Girls Against Boys" seems to lack the courage of it's convictions. It's attempts to comment on gender roles in society feel undercooked, and once the revenge aspect comes to play, it all feels like your basic revenge movie. It clearly wants to say something about these issues in society (and in horror in general), but instead of being a thoughtful commentary or a "Men, Women and Chainsaws" style examination, it all feels "Been here, done that." The fact that Lu ends up becoming obsessed with Shae also feels unnecessary. It's feels exploitative in a "Hey, lesbians!" way, but this is not a movie that needs that. In trying to play it both ways, the film muddles whatever message it intends to have.

If you want to have an intelligent, feminist take on the horror genre-the go watch "Audition", "The Descent" or "Ginger Snaps" instead. Those movies actually make you think about gender roles and equality in the genre. This is just pretending to understand when it doesn't know s#!t.
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Not for those overly-concerned with political correctness...
euroGary10 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'Girls Against Boys' was probably added to the 2012 London Film Festival's programme to provide the guilty pleasure element: after first getting dumped by her married boyfriend and then being raped, both within the space of a few hours, a young student teams up with a waitress - who just doesn't like men - to go on a revenge killing spree (methods of murder include sawing off a man's feet, and shooting another man in the anus - ow!) Although the scene where the woman reports the rape at the police station and gets passed from pillar to post is pretty powerful in its portrayal of how the system dehumanizes victims, this film has no pretensions to deep messages - it's just a couple of hot babes in cut-off denims with big guns. It really hits the spot once, but I won't bother seeking it out again.
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Like watching a hard-R Lifetime movie.
Kolobos5110 April 2013
Girls Against Boys is not a good film. It's also nothing like what you might expect from the current promotional art, which suggests it's some sort of cross between Kill Bill and I Spit on Your Grave. Instead, this is a cheesy, man-hating melodrama about a nice normal girl that snaps after hitting a really bad patch of luck all because of, you guessed, those evil, penis wielding creatures known as MEN.

Scream queen Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th and The Crazies remakes) stars as a meek, naive college girl immersed in a boneheaded affair with a middle-aged married man (Andrew Howard of Hatfields and McCoys and the I Spit on Your Grave remake). Him dumping her right before he was supposed to take her on a dream vacation to Aspen is bad enough, but then, while out getting trashed to forget the breakup, she is raped by a douche bag pretty boy (Michael Stahl-David of Cloverfield).

The cops, all men, obviously, are insensitive jerks that act like a rape is a minor misdemeanor but wait, she has luckily just made a new BFF, a psychotically anti-male lesbian played by Nicole LaLiberte. They go on a killing spree that involves murder of random guys that never did anything to them and torture of guys that did.

That's about it. The first half of the movie, which is all setting up Panabaker's hatred of men, is painfully slow not to mention silly and contrived. The second half becomes dramatically more violent and, consequently, more fast paced. I'll also point out that the production values and performances from the cast are solid. It's not enough to save the movie, though.

Theoretically, this could be described as a rape/revenge film in the tradition of Ms. 45, They Call Her One Eye, or even I Spit on Your Grave only made for female audiences and that would be okay if it weren't so thin and dull. Instead, Girls Against Boys feels like Thelma and Louise if it were more violent and made by less talented people.
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