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I think this is the best of the Tom and Jerry movies
TheLittleSongbird18 September 2011
I love Tom and Jerry, their cartoons were the epitome of my childhood. The direct-to-video movies have been rather hit and miss for me. I liked Nutcracker Tale and Shiver Me Whiskers, but disliked Fast and the Furry. I loved this though, with Tom and Jerry and a truly timeless story to work from it couldn't fail in my eyes. The animation is great with fluid backgrounds, lively colours and appealing character designs that reminded me strongly of MGM Hanna Barbera. The songs and music are wonderful, tuneful and makes you want to sing along, the writing is funny and touching often and the story is still the timeless classic you know and love albeit with a clever Tom and Jerry twist. Tom and Jerry are a delight, Dorothy is cute while never cloying, Scarecrow, Lion and TinMan are great fun and the Wicked Witch is menacing and cunning. The voice acting is strong, especially from Grey DeLisle who is wonderful as Dorothy. In conclusion, while a little rushed and a little too short, Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz is a very entertaining movie. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Super Cute! An Instant Classic!
whatsupdoc_5515 September 2011
I never thought any movie could compare with the original Wizard of Oz! Let's face it, when I watch the original 1939 version, I sit there reciting every line of dialog in unison with the cast! Everything about the original is "sacred" to me.

A few years ago, Disney made a live version RETURN TO OZ. I own it on DVD. It's nice -- but I can never fully enjoy it because of all the "differences." Any change from the original, and the lack of music, just remove the "magic" for me.

I bought this DVD for my wife as one of her anniversary presents. I expected to not like it. Wow, was I ever mistaken.

The whole production is absolutely adorable. It follows the original very closely, including ALL THE MUSIC! The colors are gorgeous. The DVD includes TWO versions -- one version begins in black and white (in Kansas) and then changes to color (in Oz), exactly like the original! I won't belabor the point. For ANYONE who loves The Wizard of Oz and is a fan of the 1939 Judy Garland version, this is a must-see, must-own, must-share.

Enjoy! I hope my little review encourages you to give it a go and to lots of smiles and memories.
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Another Tom and Jerry movie that's good
garthryuu27 April 2012
I have to say, I was surprised at how good "Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes" was for a Tom and Jerry movie, but seeing this timeless classic with a Tom and Jerry twist made my heart soar. "Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz" took me by surprise on how it stayed true to the story and "Tom and Jerry" lore at the same time. There were no big unnecessary changes (besides the addition of a certain Munchkin mouse, but Kath Soucie is still good) and the voice-acting is excellent, with Grey DeLisle as Dorothy and Rob Paulsen as the Tin Man, etc. The one problem I had was that it was too short. But to each its own, and I am glad to see a (sort-of) renovation to such a timeless tale that I will never forget.
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Signature Funny "Tom and Jerry" Hijinks that Still Respect the Classic Movie
japamo29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Cartoon Network" has been playing this unlikely crossover movie for some time now. Being a "Tom and Jerry" and, of course, "Wizard of Oz" movie fan, I plopped myself into my easy chair and watched "Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz" (hereafter T&J&WOOZ) one day, curious to see if it would work. To my delightful surprise, it does, and should satisfy both "Tom and Jerry" and "Wizard of Oz (1939)" fans.

The cartoon is essentially a nearly shot-for-shot duplication of "The Wizard of Oz" (including the "Over the Rainbow" singing sequence), with Tom and Jerry accidentally tagging along for the ride. The only scenes missing are Dorothy's first encounters with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion, plus a few minor others, which was prudent because otherwise it would have inhibited T&J&WOOZ's manic pace. In this feature, the cat and mouse are mostly allies, trying to help Dorothy get back home to Kansas. However, every so often, they hilariously get their licks in against each other. Other "Tom and Jerry universe" characters appear, such as Tuffy the Munchkin Mouse, who wants the Wizard to make him taller (SPOILER: The Wizard gives him stilts), Droopy the phlegmatic head of the witch's guard, and Spike the Irish bulldog as a hapless guard trainee who always manages to hit Droopy with his pikestaff.

I think both children and adults will enjoy this lightning-paced and even harrowing and suspenseful movie, especially the climactic scene as Tom, Jerry, and Tuffy attempt to get a bucket of water to Dorothy to take care of the Wicked Witch of the West, including lassoing a little storm cloud. It has vintage Tom and Jerry cartoon violence (including lightning jolts) but nothing too upsetting except for really sensitive children. But somehow TJ&WOOZ preserves and respects "Wizard"'s classic stature with fluid, vibrant colors and movement, and even enhances it with the cat and mouse's presence. The duo are not a sideshow; they truly are integral to "Wizard"'s plot. It's kinda like an animated "Wizard of Oz: The Lost Scenes".

So please relax, "Wizard of Oz" movie purists. T&J&WOOZ is no travesty. Not at all.
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Okay, but not exactly a "good" remake
lydiadwoznicki13 October 2018
I love the Wizard of Oz with all my heart, just like everyone else. This IS a good remake, but I find it kind of boring. Much of the story is taken away, and Tom and Jerry don't really make the story any better for me. I prefer the original over this.
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3rd Review-Wizard of Oz
shopex25 September 2011
I watched this cartoon at home while I was playing a game of Scrabble on an app. It's about 55 minutes and the animation is so-so. I laughed when his hands got slammed in the window. Since neither Tom or Jerry talk they had to have an annoying chaperon(who is a mouse) just like Jerry, but a munchkin Mouse. I laughed 2 more times and the witch was OK and the singing wasn't so bad. I really hated the big doe eyes on Dorothy but Droopy reads the personnel day benefits. What can I say I watched it at home. I wasn't in a crowded theater with no leg room and no doors on the restrooms. I wonder how much money it made. I think it was straight to video or do they say straight to home DVD. Remember to have fun since its a new cartoon. I might give them away as Christmas gifts.
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