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Evidence for the skeptic mind!
s_sahar9923 October 2022
Thank you Candace for a riveting and well-needed documentary on the truth of the BLM movement. My jaw dropped, my head spinned, and my heart moved while watching this. The evidence is self-explantory. I recommend everyone to watch this to get a better understanding and actually realize the lies the media and these so-called organizations are acrually telling people about their endeavors. I watched Ye's interview on piers Morgan show and I didn't realize what he was talking about but now I do. Anyone with half-a-brain will know what I mean. The democrats and the current government have been involved in instigating this from the very start. Just wow. I couldn't believe it. Thank you so much for making this.
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Why can't we just be truthful?
bradencn13 October 2022
This documentary is depressing and enlightening all at the same time. Depressing because you realize the tragedies of the world, how bad consequences come from bad actions, how otherwise well meaning people can get their name twisted and lied to in the media to convert an entire nation to an untruthful narrative. Enlightening because you are shown the truth. It is literally laid in front of you on the screen, without apology. You realize just how much you were lied to, and the effort that went into that lie.

My question after watching this is why... Just... WHY can't the media care about the truth anymore? Why is it about narratives? Why is it about a money grab. Why do we need to rely on small market journalism like the Daily Wire to get truthful information about what is happening in the world?

If anything, this documentary reveals the greed of the media and political activist organizations, and it shows the lives of people they ruin to feed their greed.
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Much Needed Balance
AmorLucis13 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
While I don't agree with everything in the documentary and I do not agree with much of Owens' political views, we all owe her a debt for exposing the biggest danger to freedom in America from George Floyd's tragic death--bully mob mentality, media manipulation, normalizing violence, justifying criminality, institutional corruption and epic grifting. These tools in the hands of any group, whether privileged or marginalized, lead to heinous human rights violations and degrade our social fabric. Facts don't lie. Owens followed the money to where it leads and it's not pretty. George Floyd was not a saint. Derek Chauvin is not the devil. Owens humanizes both of them fairly, noting their strengths and weaknesses. Too bad so many others made a rush to judgment, which this documentary is a long time in correcting.
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geotech-2750723 October 2022
I give this 10 stars not necessarily because the production is anything fantastic, but because this was very informative. Candace Owens covers the stories that the mass media does not want to. BLM stole millions of dollars from supporters by spending lavishly on themselves (yes be wary of anything called a "non-profit", they show no profit but they pay their staff ridiculous salaries or embezzle most of the money, this is why i do not give to many "non-profit" organizations that enrich their staff instead of demanding volunteerism of their own ownership). But BLM is not even a charity, it was a scam, as revealed in this film. Look at where the BLM owners live today, in houses and properties worth millions. Anyone who gave money and time to BLM just enriched people underserving of their charity. Companies that give to BLM should be ashamed.

The George Floyd story is sad but the entire truth needed to come out, which this documentary achieves in doing. This is investigative journalism, something lacking the past 2 decades because of the political control of mass media mostly by the Democrat party. We do not have journalists anymore in the mass media, just political pundits expressing their biases. We need more Candace Owens type investigative journalism, and less political opinionated punditry in those pretending to be journalists.
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Very informative and eye opening
CoolG9124 October 2022
Very informative and eye opening. I'm not giving a 10 only because I think it could have been done a little better, but it was still pretty good and does a great job at exposing the BLM organization and how they spent/wasted their money and how the whole George Floyd situation was just a way for them to make more money. I suggest the Daily wire make a documentary on abortion and planned parenthood in a similar style.

I think the documentary could have spent more time on the organzations that BLM has given lot of their money to. These organizations don't have anything to do with race issues or police brutality.
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Ready for part 2!
StrawberryJello578213 October 2022
This documentary was extremely educational. Hilarious what the 7 year old said "So they think the police made a mistake and that's why they are taking things from Target?" LOL Amazing. It's funny what mob mentality makes people do. It's definitely a documentary not just about what BLM did the millions they received (spoiler: nothing to actually help black people), but also human psychology and the effect that the media has on all of us. Patrisse Cullors needs to be investigated for money laundering, at a minimum. I don't know what else to call purchasing a home for 3 million and selling it to the organization that you founded for 6 million. In the end, it seems the money mostly went to herself, her family, and her friends. Oh, and the trans activists too - because nothing says Black Lives Matter more than donating to trans rights organizations - who knew?! LOL 🤦‍♀️
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Previous post deleted- Seems fishy
salisburyjoshuas26 October 2022
I never thought I would see the day that one of my comments would be removed. I posted before about how much I liked this documentary, but mysteriously my last review was deleted without any notification about when or why it was taken down.

So I guess I will just say what I said before. This documentary is very simple. All Candace does is ask questions and the hostile reactions she is getting is telling. This documentary does not spread any hate it only seeks to find answers. Judge for yourself whether this is worth something. And if this post gets taken down again I guess we know that someone truly is trying to censor certain reviews. And in that case I will just write another review.
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Candace Owens Exposing the Truth
TheHollyandIvy14 October 2022
This documentary was shocking. Candace Owens uncovered many truths surrounding BLM. The mainstream media does not share anything outside their agenda so a big thank you to Candace and the Daily Wire for doing ACTUAL journalism. Many people in the US have been fed an agenda of lies. These types of documentaries are essential to the citizens of this country. "The media is your enemy." This quote from Candace is absolutely true and very scary. We need both sides to every story. Unfortunately, the fraud surrounding BLM has led to lost lives, damaged property and a dangerous and false narrative. Thank you Candace.
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Don't be ashamed to abandon BLM.
tautuatribe13 October 2022
Candace Owens answers the question that skeptics have never stopped asking, a question which donors are too ashamed to ask out loud: What has BLM done with all the money?

Other questions also feature: Is Derek Chauvin truly guilty?

Is the true story of George Floyd being told?

How has BLM impacted black communities?

Why do celebrities support looters?

Why do Democrats seem to love racial turmoil?

And why is there such a strong tie between BLM and transgender ideologues?

We don't get all the answers. We don't even get to see where most of the money went. But the portion we do see is alarming. The answers we do get are game-changing. And Candace Owens proves again to be best suited to pose the questions that linger.

Candace has produced a full picture of the rise of BLM, and as communities awaken to the scam, as donors demand answers - such a picture will aid in its ultimate fall. Poignant, straightforward, well-paced, and witty, Greatest Lie is the documentary that no one else was willing to make, but that all of us needed - some passionately, some secretly, and others who will only realize it when they see it.
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Must watch
jn-1410019 October 2022
Everyone must watch this to see the sick underbelly of leftist culture. Candace Owens is at the top of her game showing Americans what investigative journalism really means. The corruption exposed should make every American cringe at the direction this country is taking. Her in depth study and connection between the Floyd riots to the grifting of America is spot on. The reporting the Dailywire did on this shows just how much Americans were taken during the lead up of the 2020 election and beyond. People who invested into this corruption of BLM should be appalled. This should be required viewing for all of America in the interest of exposing truth.
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It seems some can't cure their cognitive bias.
alwayssmile9364 November 2022
It will never be ok that a man died this way. It's a lot of unpack, no matter the reason of his death. But it's equally not ok that the death was used for personal gain. It's quite despicable really.

People have been lied to and I get that people have their political bias, I get that no one wants to admit they backed a lie but it's there is enough proof here to show the corruption behind it.... Just let go of your pride.

Too many left vs right BS. The truth shouldn't matter whether you're left leaning or right. Maybe that's the moderate in me speaking. Lol.

Rather than get defensive, how about we demand that money go back into the black community like they said it would!!!
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Absolutely amazing film by Candace Owens.
jscottpearsonjr13 October 2022
Just finished watching this. All I can say is wow. This was an excellent documentary by Candace Owens and the Daily Wire team. It definitely exposes the lies that were told and pushed by the media to create a false narrative of what actually happened. Highly recommend to everyone to watch it.

The trailer got me extremely intrigued and ever since I've been anticipating the release of the documentary. It did not disappoint by any regard and will be recommending to family and friends to watch it as well.

The one star review left here is nothing short of an "activist" trying to run a smear campaign on Candace and the movie. Nothing about the movie is "conspiratorial". Everything that Candace reports and films is pure 100% factual.
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Important exposé of the sleazy, greedy, lying folks with the lovely label: Black Lives Matter
stephenoles24 October 2022
Candace Owens is getting better at keeping her emotions under control. She used to give in to anger and bitterness like her counterparts on MSNBC. Her cooler, calmer, less personal approach is a step forward.

BLM collected $90 million from corporations, foundations and movie stars during the racial riots and hysteria following the death of George Floyd, but nobody paid attention to where that money went. (DIGRESSION: Not unlike today as we send almost $100 billion to Ukraine with no strings attached. How much of that money is disappearing into off-shore bank accounts? How many of the weapons we send is Zelensky selling to China and other bad actors? Why are we bankrupting our country to defend a country most Americans had never heard of two years ago? Why is the EU doing so much less than we are? Is Zelensky ordering Biden around like he's in charge and Biden's his gofer underling because Z has the goods on the Biden family? Lotsa questions we need answers to.)

Back to Candace. She gets a lot of explosive info, but is held back a bit since no one involved in the organization will talk to her. So she doesn't get a bunch of great gotcha moments like Matt Walsh does in WHAT IS A WOMAN? Still, what she got is invaluable and hopefully will trigger more investigation into this coven of gangsters who haven't done squat with the money to help ordinary African Americans, but did plenty to enrich themselves and their friends and relatives.

In the fulminating one star reviews here, it's hilariously obvious none of them watched the film. Thanks for the comic relief, kids. :)
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Candace Owens, One Of The Very Few Honest And Truthful Journalists In America!
silicontourist25 November 2022
Black Lives matter just as much as any other people of colour matter...including white! But the BLM movement was all about self profiteering greed!

I am not an American and I have never heard of Candace Owens before but, I am so glad that I stumbled upon this amazing documentary. It is always good to hear from someone in the media who is hellbent on getting the real truth out there to the people of their country, and to the rest of the world. This is a well researched documentary by Candace Owens and she did/does not deserve the hatred backlash she got from it.

Americans (possibly more so than any other nation today) should be accustomed to the barrage of media BS that they have been fed over the last 20-25 years, most recently from the ex President Corrupt, Donald 'the Chump' Trump and all the CG they have been fed about the middle east wars and the Current Afghan situation, A great many of the American public, in this documentary, have proved once again that they don't know there arse (their bottom/butt/backside etc) from their elbows! They just go along with the lying side of the media reports etc and, never once try to find out for themselves if what they are hearing about corruption is even remotely true!

All we can hope for now is that the FBI etc get off their backsides and arrest everyone involved with the fraudulent use/theft/money laundering activities of the fake BLM charity; which to date has only spent millions of dollars of the money donated (for the George Floyd murder by a white cop) on themselves and family members and given nothing to any legitimate BLM needs. For those who do not know, the amount of money defrauded from donators was $90 million dollars plus!

Candace Owens deserves heaps of praise and a special award for investigative journalism. Long may she reign!
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Candace hit it out of the park with this one!
Right-Wing-Man17 October 2022
Candace did a brilliant job showing the truth about BLM. She actually put in the time and did the research and worked her tail off to provide real facts and truths! Also the false narrative the the media decided to roll with to demonize Derek Chauvin and the police. Thanks to the Leftist media we got cities burnt to the ground, cops and normal people killed by the 100s, but this is never talked about, but Candace talked about it. Also, why does no one ever talk about the amount of Fentanyl Floyd had in his body... there was zero evidence Chauvin killed Floyd, in fact it was his drugs! It's a joke how the media made this scumbag out to be a hero when clearly he is not! MLK a hero... yes!
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Very well done, and extremely informative
elcadejo14 October 2022
Candace does an excellent job in this film. She is respectful of touchy subjects and sticks to the facts. She explores perspectives of the story that the media refuses to cover. I'm shocked at the truth of what really happened, and even more so at the neglect the mainstream media demonstrated during this time period.

I found myself more sympathetic towards both George Floyd and Derek Chauvin thanks to this film. Candace does a great job at humanizing each person, which is something the media has epically failed to do.

This documentary will allow you to hear the different voices of the people involved in the incident that the media never covered. Overall, this is a great documentary and very informative.
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First Class Reporting
vortexmanagement19 October 2022
What happened to George and Derek is tragic in equal messure. The media has a lot to answer for, for manipulating the narrative.

Candice Owen and her crew are courageous. Anyone who stands up to the herd, speaks their truth with integrity is worthy of respect. Thank you Candice for all your great work. Stay strong, the people are with you.

From figures ive seen 84 Billion Raised world wide, i wonder where thats gone? The documentary highlights some of it. There needs to be an investigation by USA at the higest level and reveal the truth. Otherwise this could be viewed as a money laundering outfit.

BLM started by three female marxists whos manifesto included the intent to "Disrupt the Nuclear Family" getting rid of the terms father, mother, sister brother, daughter and son.
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If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...
glencoe-9623716 October 2022
In this era of extreme bias in journalistic reporting, the BLM mess forced me to see pass the thin veneer of truth. There was always something wrong inside my mind with George Floyd, which furthered peoples anger at the way he has been canonized and used as a pawn in the dirty culture war.

Regardless where you sit, we need more of these documentaries made thus to offer another viewpoint regardless, as the traditional media and those with access to them, cannot be trusted with the truth no more.

Leave your biases behind and allow your self to be open minded. If you feel challenged by this doco at the end, then seek out more truths. But sitting in a dark room and just allowing yourself to be conditioned by your cognitive dissonance is what landed us in this mess.

Well done to Candence, its made me think deeper about BLM and what they really stand for.
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Eye Opening!
amandaper-5835513 October 2022
Just finished watching the film, and it is incredible! Definitely a must watch for anyone who cares about truth and integrity. The film proves what many of us were suspecting - corruption. The signs were all there, and things just weren't adding up. Sadly, many have been blinded to the truth either willingly or out of ignorance. This film reveals it. Truth-seekers will love it. Those who care more about pushing their narrative and agenda than actual facts and morality will cringe and feel uncomfortable by this documentary. These people claim they are for justice and humanity, yet their actions tell a different story... and we all know that actions speak louder than words. It's time we as a nation wake up, stop being afraid, and stand up for what's right! We're on a slippery slope America, and we need to course correct before it's too late.
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Movie_fan8513 October 2022
The film in itself, not as brilliant as Matt Walsh's "What Is A Woman", yet still incredibly revealing to what most of us have already known.

I commend Candace Owens for the courage to go against the main stream narrative, taking the investigative initiative to discover the suspected scam many of us already knew concerning BLM, and publishing it for the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE. In the case, the BLM picture is most certainly worth more than a thousand words!

Owens does a great job exposing the fraud, blackmail, and extortions of BLM through witness interviews, tax and financial documents, and the true motives of BLM through their luxurious lifestyles and guilty pleasures. It seems it is the BLM organization that needs to be defunded, not the police.
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David7891520 October 2022
There is a reason there is a massive divide between 1 stars and 10 stars - which is sad.

Candace done perfect in remaining factual despite there being an obvious opinion on the subject matter. The documentry is nicely paced, it doesn't feel to long yet still provides all needed to know to form an educated opinion on the organisation.

Those who are fans of The Daily Wire will immediately recognize the informative yet humerous to filmaking they have mastered.

There is obviously going to be an attempt to silence the documentary which makes it more important to watch but it is nice to see a refreshing change of narrative.

I think the best takeaway of the documentary would be ....

Looks for facts not and innocent until proven guilty and Always doubt the intentions of those who benefit the most from suffering - or just in general.

Finally the whole Blm Organisation gave me Hunger Games vibes.
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Just Validating What Most Reasonable People Know
nicksmith-9460413 October 2022
From the beginning of the BLM "movement" (Of money) , I figured it was all a scam. The movie brings to lights many facts I didn't know. Would recommend to anyone, even those.on the left who are willling to take the wool offf their eyes and see that the organization is a fraud.

I appreciate the interviews with the rooommates, I had never even heard of them when all the news coverage was going on. I think she did give a very fair assessment of Floyd before turning the focus on the crux of the situation. I wish there was even more details and in depth look at the BLM organization. I found it very telling that they much of the donations went to Trans organizations.
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Utterly Superb!! BLM = Buying Lavish Mansions
Goldie716 October 2022
A real eye opener for the masses who were duped. I personally never believed the worldwide narrative surrounding George Floyd. I saw with my very own eyes that BLM wasn't an organization to help black people in any way. Their website, before the huge donations started pouring in, was all about removing the nucleus family and male-centric figure from the household. It all makes sense now with the amount of funding for Transgender organizations this documentary provided. Later, that information was scrubbed and their website was revamped.

You'd have thought funds made from the face of black death would be used in assisting the murder and violence rate in deprived areas like Chicago, New York and Detroit, but nope!

Unfortunately, we now live in a clown world and that's just how it is. If you speak out too loud you get banned from everything, or like that business owner did in the documentary, blackmailed to conform.
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Eye Opening!
jonathanbroomhead15 October 2022
This documentart has solid reporting, lots of facts and data used, as well as some fun anecdotal stuff. I highly recommend it. There are so many things in this film that I took for granted, but this has seriously opened my eyes. I do wish that more of her sources would have been in the movie, but Floyd's room mates were a surprising addition and added a lot.

It kind of stinks that you can only watch on daily wire because it's seriously so good and I don't watch much else on daily wire, but it was almost worth the annual subscription just to watch this one documentary. It's a must see for sure!
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Truth needs to be shared
devinhaywarddunn13 October 2022
Candace is unashamed in sharing truth as she sees it. I appreciate her attempt to stick to evidence and enlighten the public on what the media seems so adamant about keeping in the dark. BLM is shady at best and a complete lie at worst. Appreciate the investigative work done here. I hope more is done in the future and i hope the people who donated, hoping to see change done get justice for being sold a complete lie.

The music, story telling, cinematography, and interviews were top notch. Hope Candace Owens spends more time on content like this. And i hope this subject gets much more attention.
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