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Sex & Nudity

  • The movie's theme centers around sexuality, gender identity, and transgender people. Body parts are discussed nonstop.
  • We see an illustration of 2 nudes having sex in a kid's book, with only breasts visible. Only on screen for a few seconds, and it is more cringey than sensual
  • Matt interviews a naked man. We don't see anything below the hips. Random clips of transitioning influencer's breasts appear for split seconds. Not meant to be sexually appealing
  • Discussions about medical procedures involved in the transitioning process, especially modifying sex organs, but the procedures aren't shown
  • Even though there is a ton of discussion about sex and sexuality, it's all discussed in an intellectual way and there's nothing sensual or exciting about it

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of discussions about medical processes of transitioning and its negative affects, from physical to emotional to suicide.
  • In Africa, we see an animal getting slaughtered with blood spurting. It's a quick scene, but kind of graphic.
  • Matt destroys a cork board but is meant almost as a comedic affect. He isn't really angry
  • During a scene at the Women's March, Matt suffers from a seemingly intentional shoulder bump. There is a short replay in slow motion. He's hit right between the shoulder blades. It's certainly a graphic shoulder hit. Afterwards, we see what appear to be Matt's security team berate and order the individual to keep walking. We can't really hear what they say, but it's implied to be mildly aggressive language.
  • A trans man who received a vaginoplasty surgery shows cauterized, heavily damaged skin on his arm where a graft was removed. He states that constant infections will probably kill him when his insurance runs out and he can't buy the drugs to fight it off anymore.
  • Medical discussions about subject matter including abortion, osteoporosis in children, a minor child getting a mastectomy, death, pregnancy and castration. Most of this is only verbal and is not shown on-screen in any graphic nature.


  • One bleeped out f bomb, some s***s and a**holes, and possibly milder language
  • Correct names of genitalia are frequently used, along with some more crude names like d*ck
  • A crowd of women call Matt an a**hole for asking what is a woman

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Discussion of drugs, especially puberty blockers.
  • Chemical castration is discussed with regards to drug companies who supply puberty blockers
  • We hear that one man, who was abused as a child, overdosed

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the interviewed people are uncomfortable with the questions they are asked
  • A few female athletes talk about opportunities being taken from them by trans women. A father is in legal trouble for opposing his child's transitioning. One person who regretted transitioning talked about how they might die because of all the complications
  • Matt wakes up from a dramatized nightmare involving mannequins, but because of his dry humor he's unfazed and moves on after a few seconds
  • The interview with Scott Nugent is at times hard to hear. Scott medically transitioned and discusses the side effects and potential for a shortened lifespan as a result.

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