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  • Just as one would expect it from the name " Extended Cut", this version of the movie is a little longer, however, does not really add anything tremendously new to the movie, nor does it alter the course of action too much. Due to the limited number of extensions the high pacing of the movie stays intact. What is noticeable is that some violence was added to the movie due to which one might assume that some scenes had to be cut out for the theatrical release in order to receive a lower rating. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Unfortunately, it had to be censored. War of the Arrows, like many other new historical dramas from Asia, had to be cut in the UK. In comparison to other movies like Red Cliff or The Warlords, this movie has very few fight scenes with horses, but at the end there's a fall which falls within the scope of animal cruelty. Edit (Coming Soon)


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