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really liked the show
Sunny E3 September 2016
I was never big on watching TV series, but then I got a Netflix account and took a chance to watch one episode of this.. I liked it, so continued to next ep and then I was so engaged with the story, I ended up watching entire S1 and S2 within record two days!! I never expected I would ever spending literally hours watching any TV series like this.. but it happened with this one. needless to say, I liked this series a lot. In particular, I liked the strong character played by JLH. She totally delivered in the performance.. and so did the other supporting actors. The overall story is OKish if I think of it now, but what really made the difference was how the story was told/unfolded/delivered. The last few episodes in S2 were really gripping and kept the suspense going till last minute of S02E15. JLH is one damn hot babe, with a sensual yet a pleasing/lovely demeanor. I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It's pity that the series ended abruptly, so taking 2 points away for that.
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Not what I had hoped
dcobbimdb16 April 2012
So right off the bat, let me get this out there, yes I'm a guy and I know this is Lifetime "Television for woman." Okay now that that's out of the way, secondly I'm married and have two girls, hence I don't control the TV much before 10pm and my wife and daughters watch a fair amount of Lifetime and either I'm tuned in or out (actually it's somewhere in between if I'm to be at all involved), but I saw many previews for the Client list and that was enough to peak my interest. So the Client list, aired on Lifetime for reasons which I'm still trying to comprehend although yes I do realize the movie was put out by them and rightfully so as it's within their target demographics, but a series, really?

So down to it, my wife couldn't make it through the first episode and thought it was totally unrealistic, cheesy and overall gave masseuses a bad rep and felt it would make any wife creep out over their husband going to see a masseuse. So she's done, game over, congrats Lifetime as you've disgusted your target audience on the first episode. Now me on the other hand, I watched this for one reason only, JLH and if you need to look up that acronym perhaps you should stop reading now. She is beautiful and her being in lingerie and seductive scenes was enough to peak my interest, however very mixed results for me. On the one hand she is very beautiful and looks stunning in some of the attire she wears so it was a win there, however there is so much of the show that just seems so artificial, all these in shape guys come in, the towel guy in the 2nd episode, all sweaty from what changing towels? Yeah I've seen housekeeping, number one I've never seeing a male housekeeper and secondly 99% are not Caucasian. Taking a step back, okay I gotta remember this is "Lifetime" and they have to put something in there to reel in the woman so I guess this is it being how the plot is pretty unoriginal (hence the movie came and went and was complete in itself). But JLH's character is just not coming off right to me and it went downhill in episode 2. She gets drunk and pretty much puts out a sign for her brother in law to bone her, real nice. Wonder how long it will be before they do get together. So yeah I had little respect for her before being she's boning or hand jobbing or whatever to these clients (which they are careful not to really show or dive too much into) but now she's an easy target for the brother in law? Could we get any sicker???

Besides some bad acting, stupid supporting characters this show is just a mess and heading for the tube, and I don't mean the boob tube. I had hoped that somehow Lifetime would be able to pull this off and it looks like their method will be to turn her into a quasi therapist / hand job artist. But this therapy while tying into her life is just stupid and I certainly cannot buy into it. I give it 3 out of 10 stars, just for her being nice eye candy on the screen, but at this point I'm fading out. I know I'm only into the 2nd episode and I might give it another one or two but am on the way out. Even her pretty face and hot bod cannot keep me interested if I have to sit through detritus. Now had this show been on HBO or something where they could get raw if JLH would be so bold, then it could stand a chance, but without that just trying to stand alone on this honor-less story isn't going to win over the woman nor keep the interest of the guys, so I guess there you have it
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Go England!!!!!!!!!!
jamesstewart204826 March 2014
The idea was good but the show is totally artificial (for example all her clients are 25 years old body-builders/models), and not even the always great Loretta Devine can save the show.

So i'm expecting the English remake with real down to earth characters and situations like in "Secret Diary of a Call Girl".

And i still put a generous 3 for brainless teenagers how will be able to have fantasies about Jennifer Love Hewit in lingerie playing a hooker next door. But for people over thirteen it's just ridiculous.

And there is not much more to say about it but i can't be published under ten lines so don't read me no more, i said it all but i'm still filling the lines to get over with it. This ten lines rules is a problem when a show is so bad that there is nothing to say about it.
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Has a lot of potential. . .
zephyr-12322 April 2012
I'm already developing a sort of love/hate relationship with this show. The love part is with Jennifer Love Hewitt, especially with the way she is so good at creating warm, likable and lovable characters. That's a big plus for me because I just finished watching the first (and probably the last) season of Ringer only to never attain that feeling of empathy or connection with the characters. Riley is very easy to like and feel a connection with. I also like and care about the other characters on the show, her coworkers and her mother (played by Cybill Sheperd). I also like the premise of the show which is about a single mother trying figure out how to provide on her own and going into prostitution as a means to do that which has to be a common issue for some single mothers.

The problems I'm having with the show have to do with the plot lines and characters needing more depth and complexity. There's simply not enough internal and external conflict happening with Riley over the choices she's making. She fairly easily segues into performing sexual favors after being hired as an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) without the pesky conscience. What I would expect to see is a woman who might start this in need of money to raise her kids but would have a mixture of good and bad in choosing it. She might go through periods of self-searching and guilt or disgust while sometimes actually enjoying it. She might develop issues of self-esteem while at the same time feeling a sense of power and confidence in her sexuality and in her life in general. But her experience so far is one-noted and difficult to believe. It just all comes off as so easy for her.

Another problem is the glorifying of the prostitution. It's made to look (exclusively) like a glamorous profession, easy to do, fabulous clothes and men who are all successful and good looking. Seriously, the "johns" so far are guys who could easily get it for free. They need to show more average, bald, old, fat, insecure or ugly men and Riley having to deal with performing sexually on guys who it wouldn't always be so personally gratifying for her to perform for. There are other issues that also need to be brought in (and maybe will be) such as the threat of STDs, the john who is abusive or dangerous, the angry wife. They did a little thing of a wife painting "WHORE" on Riley's car but it was turned into a big nothing. I would like to see a situation where some wife or girlfriend writes "WHORE" on Riley's car and comes after her but Riley has no defense or justification or is not vindicated in some way but has to deal with the real repercussions of being a hooker and damaging marriages and relationships. They're whitewashing what Riley is doing for a living and they made it look like the wife was the one to blame for the husband going to a "brothel".

Finally, there's this unexpected issue with the show. LMTs are up-in-arms about this show because they feel that it is depicting their profession in a negative light. They feel it enforces the misconceptions and stereotypes that it's common that LMTs perform sexually for clients as part of their job. A perception that they've combated for many years. They are afraid that they will lose the respect they have fought for and that it will cause an increase in clients coming in expecting, or possibly demanding, sexual favors in a hostile manner. They are concerned that LMTs who work alone may actually have their safety compromised by a client who won't take no for an answer. At the very least, the show will dredge up a loss of respect, snickers and jokes about the profession that LMTs have been able to assuage through decades of public education. I think they're right. The reason is because this show isn't depicting this scenario as a tacky "massage parlor" that is an obvious front to prostitution (something that I think the original movie came closer to) but as a legitimate massage therapy facility where the LMTs are performing sexually for clients. When real LMTs have posted their concerns on the CL Facebook page and on various message boards, they are met with disdain and ridicule by (already) fans of the show and treated like a nuisance that is raining on everybody's parade but they do have legitimate concerns that should be acknowledged. I don't think the show should be canceled or pulled like some LMTs suggest but they could have depicted the premise in a different manner (like the movie) or possibly attach a disclaimer about this issue during airing of episodes (as another LMT suggested). People pretty much know the difference between reality and fantasy, that real LMTs aren't hookers, right? But the reality is that there are plenty of people who watch TV and think that they are being well "educated" about something and will act on it.

This show has a lot of potential to go into areas about the premise with intelligence, sensitivity and depth. I hope it does so.
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Great cast but completely out of touch with reality!
badttboy3 October 2012
I gave this show 2 stars for the cast and lifetime's attempt to objectify men. It's just totally unrealistic in every aspect & not even funny enough to be a comedy. Perhaps it's time for a new genre like Unrealistic/Fictional/Drama. Imagine a massage parlor where very hot guys go for happy endings from not so prime looking masseuses and the undesirable looking people go for just a therapeutic massage. Sadly all the other plots and character personalities are inconceivable. I guess it's a lack of creativity with emphasis just being placed on what they think women want to watch. Surely they could have put some thought and discussion into the production. Then it might have been a great show. Such a great disappointment and abuse of talent! But if you really need to see Colin Egglesfield, even if it's just a little, then why not watch.
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Fire the writers of this tripe.
annefrancesw11 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think she's great. How has she sunk so low???

This show has the bones of what could be a good idea. It could've been a fun show, but instead they've given us this drivel.

I think aside from the truly terrible, terrible writing; one of the biggest problems that I have with this show is how unbelievably unbelievable it is. I mean, every guy she sees is chiseled and attractive? Except for the one married guy who isn't getting any at home. Aw, boohoo. Sure, I'm willing to believe one, maybe two chiseled hot guys. But pray tell, where are the old wrinkly guys? Where are the heavy bordering on obese guys?

Avoid. Unless you want a laugh. Or feel like yelling at the telly.
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Is this a satire or something?
soger9 May 2012
I couldn't get through the pilot because this show is a joke. Let me sum it up to you. First of all what do we learn about prostitution:

1) Apparently only good looking guys go to massage parlors with happy endings. Probably because they are the ones with self-confidence issues.

2) Guys who do go there respect and admire prostitutes and want to talk about their problems because what they really want is a psychologist.

Give me a break.

Second of all I have a problem with the main character. I can't feel any compassion for her, because her situation is that she is stupid. I tell you why:

1) Why would she buy a house from loaned money? Probably because everyone else does... Banks are nothing more then legit loan sharks. They don't break your leg, but they do take everything you have if you can't pay.

2) All right, so she has a mortgage and no money. Why would she drive a gas eating monster? She could have just bought a scooter like Larry Crowne did (you know, in the movie with the same name).

3) When things are really tough she becomes a prostitute. Well I guess that sums it up.

I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and she is beautiful but that's not enough for me to watch a show.
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Tons of fun
phd_travel8 August 2012
Yes it is a bit exploitative with the one of the sexiest women on TV Jennifer Love Hewitt in various stages of undress and in provocative outfits in every episode. Yes it is a "Hooker with a heart of Gold" story with JLH dispensing her Ghost Whisperer help and advice to her clients. Yes her clients are all unrealistically attractive guys - why would these type of guys have to pay for it! But whatever the detractors say, it is an enjoyable show and the guilty pleasure of this season. There is enough excitement in the story to keep it going. Every week waiting to see whether they are busted and hoping they get away. The on going forbidden love of JLH by her brother in law. All this led by the one and only Jennifer Love Hewitt with the face of an angel and body of a goddess. It's an adorable show and very entertaining.
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Could be called Sex Whisperer
SSMich25 April 2012
I really miss Ghost Whisperer and was happy to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in another series. This show to me has a very similar vibe to Ghost Whisperer, but instead of ghosts being gently coaxed to go into the light, gorgeous men are coaxed to find a life outside paid sex, whether that be in the form of working on their marriage or ending their workaholic ways. Guess that's a little like going into the light.

It is indeed a very silly show. But then so was Ghost Whisperer. I'm not complaining, except for the prostitution aspect of it. The Client List is very entertaining. Jennifer Love Hewitt has something that comes across that screen and makes me care about what is going to happen to her character. I cringe to think of the day when Riley is outed to her family and friends.

It's wonderful to see Cybill Shepherd in another TV series, and she is living up to her well-deserved reputation as a great actor, comedy or drama. She's the perfect Mom to Hewitt. I still miss Moonlighting, one of the best shows ever made, and also very silly. And I love, love, love Loretta Devine as Georgia, manager of the massage parlor. Without her, the massage parlor wouldn't have the comedy that it needs, and even with her amazing talent, there is still not enough comedy in that workplace.

On the downside, I think the show would stand just fine on its own without using prostitution to show the plight of a woman struggling to raise children on her own.

If the prostitution in this show is intended to be comedy, then more needs to be done to let the audience in on the joke. The way it is now, there is just enough serious in the plot that it begs the point to made about what prostitution really is: a sad, heartbreaking thing that has more victims and tears than beautiful women, gorgeous men, and laughter.

Regardless, I still enjoy this show a lot, and I will keep watching it.
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another TV show trying to be on the edge of reality...
larryssa-68-8668885 November 2012
In "The Client's list", we have the economy -crisis- as a severe background but a housewife who seems really compelled to buy non essential things. I can understand the difficulties of that family but why the big SUV, the new boots, and apparently the new kitchen: didn't she hear about savings? So that situation leaves her with no other choices than to accept to be a masseuse (despite the strange definition of the job) and put aside her apparent morality... And what about her so-called clients! all so wealthy and good looking! because everyone knows than the ugly ones don't have the same needs than the first category... Seriously!?! Do i have to add that i'm not convinced by the relationships being developed between all the protagonists... none of the characters seems to act natural but trying to enter a category: you have the brave strong mother, her cheerful friend, her tormented brother-in-law, the jealous co-worker... Finally what do we get of that show? a remedy to financial crisis: moral crisis! or how to flip a problem for a new one... I don't advise that show except if you're looking for something easy to process, you just have to watch and you will forget it!
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Really bad
botteon6710 May 2012
I gave it a 2 only because I like some of the actors. I like JLH however this show is dumb. It's as if it was a show wrapped around someone that just can't seem to get enough of herself. "oh look at me, I'm so adorable". I wonder if she produced it. I think this because she is the only "hot" woman on the show. You would think that in a "happy ending" massage parlor all of the women would be hot. But no, you have a large woman running it, an older lady, a very average young girl, another woman that is a total bitch and nothing to look at, and JLH's best friend is a heavier girl. I tried to like it because I like her, but it's a total waste of an hour. Come on Jennifer, you can do better.
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Secrets, Sex, and Romance
ajdblue ajdbaby12 April 2012
As a huge lifetime channel fan, and a big Jennifer Love Hewitt fan I was happy when I heard they were making this show.

If you saw the movie you know that The Client List is about a married mother who due to hard times goes to work at a massage parlor where some of the workers do a little more than give massages.The difference between the movie and the show is that the audience gets a more in depth look at the different clients and the everyday life of the main character Riley, plus we get to know about the other women that work in the massage parlor and how their jobs impact their lives.

Overall the show is lighthearted and funny but it still has its dramatic moments. I would say the only thing about the show that's a little hard to believe is that so many of the clients are really hot extremely fit guys (personally I think lifetime added the hot guys because they know their audience).

The biggest reasons why I like this show and will definitely keep watching is because the show is filled with secrets,sex and romance.
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Started off great..
Michelle16 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was hooked on the first few episodes, Jennifer Love Hewitt played a desperate lonely and betrayed wife trying to make ends meet. Then however half way through the season and into season two she became all ego, I believe she is the executive producer so she ensured that she would gain loads of comments about her looks and assets. That's when the show began to disappoint. I'm all about a woman empowering herself but vanity is another thing and she has plenty of it. She barely changes her look and always has a face full of makeup and false eyelashes that are so annoying.. no one wakes up with perfect hair and makeup so a bit unrealistic. Jennifer also is a hypocrite knocking others about their 'secrets' yet here are far worse. It's a shame as she is a natural beauty and doesn't need to cake on the makeup. Bad behaviour is a much better show.
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Loved it
dianagioia895 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this series, So sad the series ended. Was not expecting to get hooked so quickly on this kind of series. I usually get into the more supernaturally inclined series.

Its going to be hard for me to find another series to top this one. Not sure if this is considered a spoiler but they left the ending open to continuing it. I hope they pick the series back up.
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Client List
jmcarey-765888 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! What a series, I absolutely love Jennifer Love Hewitt and she plays a brilliant part in this very short lived series.

Wish they didn't cancel the season!

It is sexy and steamy with a brilliant twist, Wish we could find out what happened at the end of season 2 with the fire at "The Rub"

But we will never know!
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Not really a great show
jamariana27 July 2017
I started (and finished) the show for one reason and one reason only: Jennifer Love Hewitt. In fact, it's the same reason I started "Party of Five", not realising that she only shows up in the second season, so I watched almost 17 hours of television just to familiarise myself with the show before I got to what I wanted to watch. I don't necessarily think she's a great actress, but I like to see her, so I gave the show a shot. It is not that bad, but oh my dear God it is not great either. I'm surprised it lasted two entire seasons, because honestly there isn't enough material in this show for a feature length film. I wouldn't really recommend watching more than the first episode if all you want out of this show is to see a bit of Texas and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
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Great show
aiyana_of_limdule18 July 2017
This show is a prime example of how good and honest people who will do anything for their family can easily get caught up in doing the wrong thing. What's worse is when you get comfortable doing the wrong thing because you can't turn down the money and you think it's helping. So many people get mixed up in life altering mistakes and this story is just one of them. Only thing I hated was that it ended unfinished. Very worth the watch however. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
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What a waste of time .
Jimmy Mo2 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Produced by church of Orthodox saints who are so scared of sex that they get red faced just by the reference of sex .

Apparently all the super model looking guys are her clients or the rich ones . There are so many strong actresses who are better than JLH and they will have the energy to tell the story how it is , not like it was told in 1970 . One word for 'The Cient List' .

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Getting better and better
Rory Marin5 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! Not the kind of TVShows I am used to, I mean, I'm not a fan of Lifetime and it's series for women, but this definitely caught my attention. First of all because of Hewitt, who I love in movies/series and really admire. It's true, this series did not start up that awesome, but it got better and better, and it keeps getting so. For example the last 2 episode, one left till the finale and it's looking awesome. I just love the dialogs, and the way at the end it teaches you something, about life, about people, cause I believe that's what cinema is, it tells you a story or presents a situation that either teaches you something or makes you wonder about something... and The Client List does just that; Yeah! I loved the film too, and it was hard at the beginning to deal with the changes, but Hewitt and the writers make it all worth. I just love the fights between Riley ans Selena, I can feel the fire they are both putting into it, and as much as I hate Serena's character I admit that girl is doing a great job.

I already look forward to a new season from The Client List! I hope nobody gets any ideas and cancels it.
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Has the potential to be a good show.
angelchav0422 April 2013
I gave it 4 starts because even though I like the show I can't really get into it because of how phony the writing is at times to benefit JLH. The storyline can draw you in but only to a point because JLH is always getting told how "beautiful" she is, making it very corny. It gets old real quick. It must be produced by her because in every single episode they have to throw in the whole town fawning all over her like she's Angelina Jolie and not the girl next door that she is. Its weird. Like other reviews have mentioned...the rest of the cast is below average in looks to make JLH's average looks go farther. Except for her BFF, she's beautiful, but a bigger girl, so I guess she's safe for JLH to act opposite of. The drama and her hectic life is very well written...if they can stop treating her character like the hottest thing to ever walk the Earth and get beautiful women to act opposite her like any other show not produced by her would have, they really will have a good show.
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What could you possibly expect?
mepawlewicz15 April 2012
We're only two episodes in, and I personally, love it. People, what do you expect? It's LIFETIME (TELEVISION FOR WOMEN) What do women want, honestly? Half naked me with glistening, beautiful chests and arms. Win.

The subject matter is a little shallow, SO FAR... but again... so far is TWO episodes. Give it a chance.

The Texan characters are believable and charming (trust me, after living years in Texas). And I really care about Jennifer Love Hewitt's character, and am rooting for her.

Go Client List!
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Subversively realistic
Eryximachus8 April 2017
I'm really amazed by how honest and accurate this show is regarding sexuality. It completely flies in the face of long established post- war dogma.

1) The inclusion of obese women, while not visually appealing, makes the show realistic. No one can deny that female obesity greatly exceeds male obesity, yet outside of a few major metro areas this is a regular part of life that is not depicted on television.

2) We live in a world today that proclaims women as victims of all manner of sex crimes, prostitution among them. Uniformly in this show, we see how prostitution is very much entwined with all female characters even if it is simply tolerance.

3) Amazingly, male socio-sexual behavior is very accurately prescribed. Most men are without question losers, or desperately desiring female love and affirmation. It is hard to watch this show and believe in "the patriarchy". Yet, this is how it goes.

4) The depiction of the kids is really tremendous. This is a messed up show in many ways, and it does show them as a casualty. You can't walk away from this and think broken families are a good thing.

5) The diversity police weren't bad in this show. I feel like the black and white relations were very typical of modern Southern society. Nothing seemed forced, and it seemed genuine.

6) While the show clearly shows how prostitution is a part of the female existence, there is an element of caring to it that is not commonly understood.

7) The show indirectly brings awareness of the ongoing economic crisis. Soft prostitution has undoubtedly increased significantly over the years, and this shows just how it happens.
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Really Liked
defaultaiz12 June 2018
I don't know, but as I'm saying, if you don't like then don't watch. I really enjoyed show and waiting for new season where maybe something could be improved, but i would like to get new season here. :*
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It's not that bad, worth a try
fnieves28 November 2017
I read some of the reviews before watching and I would not have watched it except that I like Jennifer Love Hewitt. So I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm not an experience reviewer but, it's not true that the acting and the script are awful. Yes, maybe not award winning but I found it engaging and interesting. Character development is good. I felt empathy for the main character and her struggles. It's a metaphor for "anything that can go wrong, will". Yes, I found it a little ridiculous that all her clients were hotties but I got over that. I feel some of the reviews are plain hateful. The "don't waste your time" and "avoid at all cost" comments are totally off. So, the bottom line, it's worth a try, if you don't like it after one episode, you only wasted one hour.
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Great series, crappy ending.
tactismith4 September 2017
I would have given this series a 9 but I was SO TERRIBLY disappointed with the ending. I am uncertain if perhaps the writers thought there was going to be another season or maybe they just got tired of their job & said "OK, we're done. We'll just kinda throw this together and end it." They had a great series going that showed great potential for a long running series. Great cast of characters with some good acting. occasional minor plot goofs but hey it's a movie.
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