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Sex & Nudity

  • Mild sexual content, no nudity.
  • Characters look through a camera at woman on set of a film, they stare at there legs and faces. A character wears a revealing dress, we see some what of a nude panting on the wall, although sensitive parts are covered up, and it is briefly shown.
  • A married couple kiss and dance briefly.
  • A character says ''were spending New Years Eve with whores''.
  • A character is seen with a woman, he undresses her revealing her underclothes, and calls her a ''bitch'' and how she 'screwed'' them. They begin kissing as other characters hold there belts and walk over to her. Implied sex, no nudity occurs. They are stopped.
  • A character is asked to pull down his pants, he does, but no nudity is shown.
  • A character mentions how he would chop their ''dicks'' off.
  • During the scene of the film, a sexual reference is made.
  • A sex scene occurs and no nudity. A character looks threw a telescope seeing implied sex about to occur, clothed and no nudity.
  • A man and woman kiss briefly during a fight scene.
  • A character sexually moans during her sleep.
  • Two men kiss in a non-sexual context.

Violence & Gore

  • In the opening scene of the film, we see a group of soldiers or army-related people filming for a movie, having guns in there hands, and shooting them in the air, we hear the bullets and see the guns being fired. We hear screaming, and see children and adults in the windows being held close together. This is suppose to represent a bank-robbery.
  • A character prays for a group of people to get a disease.
  • Characters are ''sentenced'' to death, and they cheer and clap. A woman slaps a man, and is taken away to ''jail'' or the ''local police station''.
  • A character is punched and we see blood on his face, another character mentions she would step on another characters foot if she danced with them.
  • During the shooting of the film, a character holds a gun to another ones head, this is for the film they are shooting inside of the film. A character mentions he is going to shove film down their throat.
  • A character gets arrested and she is refusing to, and shoves cops, she is slapped.
  • A character throws a bottle of some sort to a television cracking the screen, the man gets upset and throws her into a pool/drops her.
  • A character fakingly arrestes his son and takes him to a rifle range to bond.
  • Another character looks through a telescope and sees a man and woman fighting. A few characters discuss nostalgic memories of them being arrested for the first time.
  • Character discuss how ''suicide''. And a character asks another to hide guns for him, and the robbery scene is seen taking place.
  • A character who is younger asks to be apart of the robbery, once she discovers during the robbery her son is filming it, she flips out and calls him a bastard and shoots her gun off. We see bullets in the air.
  • Two characters are tied up for a fake scene.
  • A character violently beats another one up.
  • We see the bank robbers getting ready to be murdered.


  • use of the word ''screw'' ''scum'' ''bitch''. ''damn''. ''whore'' five uses of ''fuck''. ''ass'' ''dick'' ''shit'' ''hell'' ''bastard''

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social drinking. We see smoking, a character asks another to buy him vodka and carry it around with him all-day.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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