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A DC TV universe timeline guide: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl

Robbert de Koeijer Sep 23, 2016

Wondering how all the DC universe TV spin-offs, crossovers and webseries fit together? We have the answer...

In October 2012, Us network The CW launched the first season of Arrow, after wrapping up no fewer than ten seasons of Superman origin show Smallville a year before. Arrow was a completely new take on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, in a new universe that had nothing to do with Smallville or its version of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. The series proved quite the hit for The CW, and a second season renewal inevitably followed. In season two, we were introduced to forensic scientist Barry Allen, better known to DC Comics readers as The Flash. Arrow got a third season, The Flash got his own TV show with great success, and the live action shared DC Comics universe on TV was born. And with it the question: how does it all fit together?
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Top 5 TV: Have Yourself a Murray Little Xmas

Top 5 TV: Have Yourself a Murray Little Xmas
Parades and pigskin aside, there wasn't much happening on television during the week of Thanksgiving. But for the past seven days? The box has been overstuffed. While various series are racing toward their seasonal end games, the networks have begun trotting out some early holiday diversions, hoping to capitalize on the viewers who are already eager to surround themselves with mistletoe and holly. There were even a few premieres last week, including a sneak preview of NBC's new sitcom Superstore, the return of Bravo's Top Chef, and a single-episode sneak-peek
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"Arrow" Gets Behind 'Arsenal'

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According to producers of The CW's "Arrow", the brooding character of 'Roy Harper' (Colton Haynes) aka red-hooded archer 'Arsenal', will return to the series in a new episode:

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Roy will return in Episode 412, titled "Unchained." 

"...'Roy first appeared in the season one 'Arrow' episode 'Dodger' as a thief who steals the purse of 'Thea Queen'. 

"Eventually they reconcile and start dating, though their relationship is on and off. After 'Oliver' saves Roy's life in 'Salvation', he gains an active interest in the vigilante known as the 'Hood' and wants to emulate him. Roy continues to act as a recurring character throughout the rest of the season and becomes a series regular starting in season 2.

"In season 2, Roy fights crime in acts of vigilantism like the Arrow before he is captured and injected with the super-soldier drug 'Mirakuru', enhancing his physical capabilities...

"...giving him superhuman strength and healing,
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Arrow: The Complete Third Season Releases on September 22

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Burbank, CA (June 17, 2015) – Just in time for Arrow’s fourth season on The CW, viewers can catch up with the action-packed series as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment release Arrow: The Complete Third Season on Blu-rayTM and DVD on September 22, 2015. Averaging 4.2 million viewers weekly for each original episode, Arrow is The CW’s #2 show among Total Viewers, behind only The Flash! The release contains all 23 thrilling episodes from the third season that will have you on the edge of your seat, plus almost three hours of extra content, including episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Arrow: The Complete Third Season is priced to own at $59.98 Srp for the DVD and $60.10 Srp for the Blu-ray.

Oliver Queen’s Arrow has become a hero to the citizens of Starling City – but he will quickly discover that doesn’t mean he can lead a normal life
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Best And Worst Ads Of 2014: From The Oscars ‘Selfie’ To The Beer That Drank Up A Town

Best And Worst Ads Of 2014: From The Oscars ‘Selfie’ To The Beer That Drank Up A Town
In 2014, advertisers figured out they should stop interrupting the media they sponsor and instead start finding ways to look just like it.

Some of the year’s most memorable ads were the ones that blended into the content that attracted consumers in the first place, or ones that became a show unto themselves. Little wonder that Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars “Selfie” generated so much attention for a Samsung smartphone planted in her hands by the technology company as part of a deal with ABC, the network that broadcast the awards. Rather than interrupt the proceedings with a commercial, Samsung added more content that people wanted to see – in this case, a star-studded moment featuring everyone from Bradley Cooper to Jennifer Lawrence to Brad Pitt.

You can expect a lot more of the same in 2015. Ever since the advent of the DVR granted viewers the power to untether themselves from the
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Arrow Recap: The Boxing Glove Arrow... and Other Stuff

Arrow Recap: The Boxing Glove Arrow... and Other Stuff
This week on The CW’s Arrow, onetime Starling City vigilante Ted Grant landed in Oliver’s sights, while Roy came to believe that it was he who killed Sara. But first and foremost….

We got the Boxing Glove Arrow. Which obviously must be what showrunner Marc Guggenheim was teasing during this Q&A, about delivering a moment that fans have been asking about since the pilot. Of course, Arrow being the gritty superhero drama it is, having a glove “accordion” out of an arrow would be a bit goofy, so they instead orchestrated an “organic” way for it to come about,
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'Arrow's' Marc Guggenheim: 'We're Not Done Torturing Roy!'

  • Access Hollywood
'Arrow's' Marc Guggenheim: 'We're Not Done Torturing Roy!'
The mystery of who killed Sara Lance is continuing to deepen on "Arrow."

Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) recently has had trouble sleeping, and had a dream that he could be behind the death of Laurel Lance's sister, something that will be explored on this week's episode, titled, "Guilty."

With Laurel (Katie Cassidy) training in the gym with Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez) and suggesting in the trailer that she wants to avenge her sister's death, AccessHollywood.com took our questions about what's next to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim.

Photos: 'Arrow': Scenes From Season 3, Episode 6 - 'Guilty!'

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Arrow S03E06 Title Revealed, Suicide Squad To Gain New Members

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed via twitter that the sixth episode of season three will be titled "Guilty". The ep was scripted by Erik Oleson and Keto Shimzo, while Peter Leto directs. Arrow Ep. 3x06 begins filming today. Written by @ketomizu and @erikoleson! http://t.co/P7o1SC3JvE — Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) September 5, 2014 Over at Entertainment Weekly, their Spoiler Room feature has revealed a juicy tidbit regarding the Suicide Squad. In discussing Diggle's role in season three, EW reports, "...Speaking of A.R.G.U.S., I hear there will be some new faces joining the Suicide Squad this season." Who would you want to see added to the Squad. With meta-human baddies set to pop-up on The Flash, it's likely that some of the bad guys Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) puts behind bars could find themselves on Taskforce X. Then, there's also the likes of Slade
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Fox Drops Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Legal Series 'Guilty'

Some bad news for Cuba Gooding Jr, now that it has been reported that Fox has officially dropped his potential legal series, Guilty, despite strong test scores that the show's pilot got. As Tambay reported last summer (Here) the series would have toplined Gooding as a "brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling, and to ultimately exact revenge on the man who set him up." Sharon Leal was also cast as Gooding's wife in the pilot, but her option was not picked up, leaving some...
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Fox passes on Cuba Gooding Jr's legal drama 'Guilty'

Fox has passed on Guilty after one year of picking up the legal drama to pilot. The Cuba Gooding Jr-starring project was "kept in consideration" after it missed the cut in May, reports Deadline. Warner Bros TV extended the options for its cast - Gooding Jr, Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris - in June. Fox was also planning for Guilty to premiere in fall 2013. Guilty follows a defense attorney (Gooding (more)
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Fox Officially Passes on Greg Berlanti's 'Guilty'

Fox Officially Passes on Greg Berlanti's 'Guilty'
Fox has officially passed on Greg Berlanti's pilot Guilty, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The one-hour drama project, initially developed for series consideration for the 2012-13 season before being mulled for a possible fall 2013 addition, centered on a smart, ethically questionable defense attorney who used his unique methods to solve cases he's been banned from handling after being stripped of his law license. Cuba Gooding Jr., Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris starred in the project from Warner Bros. TV, Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions and Wonderland Sound and Vision. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim penned the

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Fox Drama Pilot ‘Guilty’ Officially Dead

Cuba Gooding Jr. is back on the casting market just in time for pilot season. Exactly a year after Fox picked up legal drama Guilty to pilot, the network has officially passed on the project. Guilty was a strong contenter for a series pickup last season, with star Gooding Jr. testing very high. After missing the cut in May, Fox kept Guilty in consideration, and the studio behind it, Warner Bros. TV, in June extended the options on actors Gooding Jr., Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris. In an unusual twist, Fox eyed Guilty not for midseason but fall 2013. Guilty, from Wbtv, Berlanti Prods. and Wonderland Sound and Vision, centered on a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney (Gooding Jr.) who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling and to
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InDepth InterView: Sharon Leal Talks Upcoming Films, TV Series, Broadway, Hollywood, Dreamgirls & More

Today we are talking to a tremendously talented triple-threat star all about her many recent and upcoming endeavors, including the forthcoming feature films Addicted, 1982 and The Last Letter, as well as the pilot for a new TV series, Guilty, and, of course, her debut solo album project - the magnetic and beautiful Sharon Leal. In addition to discussing many aspects of her films to date and her starry assortment of co-stars and collaborators on them - Jennifer Hudson, Bill Condon, Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson, Pam Grier, Chris Brown, McG and Cuba Gooding, Jr. included - Leal and I also discuss her theatrically-attuned work thus far in her career, having appeared on Broadway in Rent, as well as in starring in Bright Lights, Big City, regional work and in a prominent featured role as part of the big screen film adaptation of Dreamgirls. Plus, Leal recounts her fruitful artistic and
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NBC and Greg Berlanti Developing Drama Series Napa Based on Wuthering Heights and Family Affair with Sara Goodman

Prolific producer Greg Berlanti may have two more wins under his belt as he has sold two dramas to NBC.  First up is an hour-long drama series based on Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights."  Set in the Napa Valley, Napa will be written by Tom Donaghy (The Whole Truth).  Donaghy, Berlanti and Melissa Kellner Berman will co-executive produce the hour, which has a put-pilot commitment from the network.  The story, originally published in the mid-1800s, centers on the doomed relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff.  Hit the jump for info on Berlanti's family drama, Family Affair. THR reported on Berlanti's sale of Napa to NBC, as well as the family drama, Family Affair.  The series, which also received a put-pilot commitment from NBC, revolves around two Connecticut families who clash when an accident claims the lives of a mother and father who were involved in an affair. Sara Goodman
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Interview: Stephen Amell On "Queer" Beginnings And The New "Arrow" Queen

Stephen Amell is playing a Queen. Oliver Queen, to be precise, in the new CW action series Arrow. And while initial jokes about the character’s name may be juvenile, viewers will see in the pilot episode that this is not a kid’s comic book series. (Be warned, the Queen jokes are going to be coming much too easily.)

Based on the popular DC Comics character, Amell plays a billionaire playboy who had been written off as dead but returns very much alive with not only a jaw-dropping torso but with mystery shrouding what happened on the island where he had been living for five years. What we do know is that instead of all-night clubbing and partying he once indulged in, Queen is now focused on fighting crime (some possibly within his own family) and, bow and arrow in hand, dons a costume to become Arrow.

Arrow kicks
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ABC Buys McG-Produced Drama With Put Pilot Commitment

Exclusive: In one of ABC’s first major development commitments for next season, the network has bought a soapy drama from McG, producer of Fox’s The O.C., which helped usher in the current resurgence of the primetime soap genre. ABC, home of some of the most popular nighttime soaps on TV, including Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge, has handed out a put pilot commitment to the McG-produced project, which will be written by Byron Balasco (Detroit 1-8-7). The untitled drama, which echoes the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, revolves around the haves and have-nots of one of California’s most seductive cities, Venice. It focuses on two rival families and a forbidden and dangerous romance emerging between them as the two families battle for control of Venice. McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision is producing with Warner Bros. Television where the company is based. McG and Balasco
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TV Castings: Gary Dourdan, Jay Harrington And Aisha Hinds Book Recurring Roles

TV Castings: Gary Dourdan, Jay Harrington And Aisha Hinds Book Recurring Roles
CSI alum Gary Dourdan is set to recur on ABC’s summer 2013 soap Mistresses, about four women, April (Rochelle Aytes), Josslyn (Jes Macallan), Katie (Yunjin Kim) and Josslyn’s older sister Sarah (Alyssa Milano). He will play a detective who will cause trouble for Karen and Elizabeth Grey (Penelope Ann Miller). Also set to recur on the series is Matt Del Negro as a Karen’s co-worker who has a crush on her. Better Off Ted star Jay Harrington has been tapped for a six-episode arc on the TV Land comedy Hot In Cleveland as a love interest for star Valerie Bertinelli. Last seen in American Reunion, Harrington, repped by ICM and A Management, is attached to Fox drama pilot Guilty, which is in consideration for fall 2013. Aisha Hinds (187 Detroit) has booked a 6-episode recurring role on midseason CW mystery/thriller drama Cult. She will play Roselyn Sakelik, celebrated Lapd homicide detective,
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Cuba Gooding Jr. Legal Drama 'Guilty' Still Alive At Fox; Options Picked Up; Looking To 2013 Debut

The new Cuba Gooding Jr. Fox legal drama series Guilty. wasn't picked up for next season, however, it appears that it isn't entirely dead, as the network has reportedly remained interested in it, thanks to strong test scores for its pilot episode, which was directed by McG - particularly in reaction to the series' star, Cuba Gooding Jr, as a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling, and to ultimately exact revenge on the man who set him up. Sounds promising. Sharon...
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'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23' Season 2 changes plus Cuba Gooding Jr. remains 'Guilty'

If you haven't gotten enough TV news today, here are some snacks to digest. Happy Saturday!

James Van Der Beek's assistant, Luther, is one of the unsung heroes of "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23," so it's only fitting that Ray Ford has been upped to a series regular for Season 2 of the snarky comedy. More screen time for this guy is definitely a good thing. [THR]

"Friday Night Lights" and executive producer and genius Jason Katims has a new two-year deal with Universal TV. He'll stick around as executive producer of "Parenthood" while he works on developing new projects and on building his own production company. He's hired Michelle Lee as a development exec and plans to use "Fnl" and "Parenthood" as the foundation of his business. "I'm very proud of these shows, and not only am I am proud of them creatively but of the environment we've
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Fox Pilot ‘Guilty’ Extends Options On Actors As The Network Mulls Pickup For Fall 2013

Exclusive: Legal drama pilot Guilty is staying in contention at Fox as the studio behind it, Warner Bros. TV, has moved on to extend the options on four actors, including star Cuba Gooding Jr. Pilots that are kept alive post-upfronts after missing the cut to series are usually put in midseason consideration. But in an interesting twist, I hear that Fox is exploring different scenarios for Guilty, including a potential fall 2013 launch, so the actors’ extensions are longer than normal. Of the five regulars in the pilot, Wbtv has extended the options of Cuba Gooding Jr., Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris. The option on Sharon Leal was not extended. Guilty, from Wbtv, Berlanti Prods. and Wonderland Sound and Vision, centers on a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney (Gooding Jr.) who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to
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