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Guardians of Galaxy
auuwws2 November 2020
One of the funniest Marvel films is a comedy movie with distinction. A simple story. All the heroes of the film were excellent, especially Drax, Rocket, Groot, and Alcmestri among the heroes of the film was excellent. The music scene was great, especially Come And Get Your Love.
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andreascaloni1 March 2021
Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy is a smart, funny, bright, weird and exciting movie. It's a dazzling spectacle of gloriously bizarre entertainment. It boasts of a talented cast, an awesome soundtrack and great special effects. Guardians feels at once both epic and intimate. James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy's one of Marvel's best films to date. Rating: 9,2
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One of the best mcu films
waqassaleem-852018 September 2020
It is a very fun and entertaining film. The story and screenplay is amazing. The direction by James Gunn is awesome. The CGI and visual effects of the film are outstanding. The film is one of the best MCU films humor wise. The performances of the cast are great. All the main characters are very likable. Definitely a must watch even if you aren't a superhero movie lover.
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Fun, Exciting and Soulfull
risbyceonna14 June 2021
First off I just wanted to say how amazing this movie is. Everything is perfect from the soundtrack, colors, characters, visuals, storyline and tone. This movie is funny but can be serious when it needs to be, the characters have actual personalities and they grow as well. The soundtrack fits and is absolutely perfect, the color scheme completely matches the tone of the movie and the storyline connects and makes sense. My only problem is probably the villain, he could come off as cliche but he wasn't that bad and was an alright villain. 9/10, definitely recommend, you don't even have to do like marvel to like this movie it's just so fun!
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Pelvic sorcery saves the galaxy
utgard1415 November 2014
Like a lot of other people, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie. To say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. It's a clever and fresh gem in the stable of Marvel films. One of the best they've put out so far. The script is full of funny lines but it's also got lots of good character stuff with earned emotional moments. The action and effects are nice. The cast is great, including those just doing voices. Chris Pratt does a wonderful job blending the comic relief with the superhero. The soundtrack of old pop songs is terrific and integrated into the plot perfectly. The homages to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and more are fun. Which is the simplest and best word to describe this movie: fun. You'll have a blast watching it.
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reddiemurf818 August 2020
The MCU is putting out a movie about these 5 misfits in space called the GOTG? Eh,, I'll go see it. I've liked everything else they've done.

Well,,, I do believe the gamble that MCU rolled the dice on has paid off more than they could've imagined!! Even RDJ said this movie was the best thing to have come out of the MCU at that point, and we're not going to argue with Ironman. So take a journey with Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot!
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Perfect Film Entertainment
denise-882-1390232 January 2021
This film is perfect entertainment. Sheer bliss from end to end. Watch it, laugh out loud and enjoy.
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Resurrection of forgotten heroes!
Morejambo5415 April 2021
The biggest appeal of this movie, well there isn't one. There is multiple...the colours, the music, the action and the comedy all combine to create an epic and crazily fun superhero flick. The characters are really well written and all have great chemistry with on another. Along with the dialogue this allows the characters to be quite funny and have some really strong one-liners. The villain isn't terrible either but nothing special, he's pretty much just a strong guy that works for an even stronger guy. The plot is excellent, everything fits together well and moves at a good pace which means the film is very rewatchable. The action and special effects are obviously amazing, it is a high budget marvel movie after all, what do you expect? The soundtrack tho! So good, it pairs excellently with the humour and is brilliantly placed and timed with each scene. Even the actual movie theme(not the MUSIC music) is terrifically triumphant. Coming back to the characters, what makes them so special is that each one of them has a blatantly obvious flaw that means they all have competition with each other and gives so many options when it comes to humour and overall scenes and plot.
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One of my fav movie
rawonela22 December 2020
I don't know how marvel did that but man this movie was something, TBH I wasn't sure if that movie will success because It sounded like silly for me when I heard about talking raccoon and tree, suddenly they became one of my favorite characters in the MCU , Sorry marvel I was wrong.
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The Black Swan of the MCU
Moviedude907 February 2021
It has character, plot, plot twist, grandiosity, and most of all, resolve. In addition, it's almost unfair how much nostalgia they poured into that soundtrack. I had fun with it
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There is a lot to like
r96sk18 January 2021
When planning how I was going watch all these MCU films, this is one I earmarked as being one I thought I'd enjoy - not based on anything of note, I knew very little, but from the passing screenshots and such I had seen it seemed like one I'd enjoy. I'm happy to say I certainly did!

'Guardians of the Galaxy' is so enjoyable. It's 121 minutes of pure entertainment. It does, at least to me, have a different feel to it when compared to the nine preceding MCU films. That's not a negative for either this or those earlier productions, it just felt different to me.

I particularly enjoyed the cast, which features - as is customary at this point - a load of well known names. Chris Pratt is, probably, the perfect choice for Peter, he carries the role extremely well - his humour sticks out, but he also performs the more serious stuff nicely.

Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper and Michael Rooker are all thoroughly enjoyable too. Vin Diesel (kinda?) appears to portray Groot, which pleases me as someone who is a big fan of 'Fast & Furious'. There are a few others in there, including Djimon Hounsou and Benicio del Toro. Terrific cast!

There is a lot to like here. I look forward to seeing the follow-ups to it.
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'Guardians' is a joyous mash-up of action and heart.
Mysterygeneration21 December 2021
Guardians of the Galaxy is a motley crew of bickering, bumbling mercenaries driven by self-interest. The film's a giddily subversive space opera that runs on self-aware smart-assery. James Gunn directed with an effortlessly light touch by low-budget maestro of genre films such as 2006's Slither and 2010's Super. Marvel's fizzy franchise kickoff has tongue-in-cheek B-movie vibe that's more Starcrash than Star Wars. Guardians of the Galaxy feels more like an unofficial sequel to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension than a Marvel product.

The genius of Gunn's superhero send-up is its cheeky, anything-goes absurdity. I've been pretty mixed on Marvel movies over the years - some have dazzled me, others have left me depressed. But Guardians is the first one that feels excitingly unpredictable.
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A Stunning Surprise
Loving_Silence26 July 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy is nothing short of an amazing movie. If there's anything I can say, it's that it is the best superhero movie I have seen. Not only does it have the impressive set pieces and enough action to last you a lifetime, it has an emotional core and you actually get to care about each and every single character. Overall this movie is filled with all the required thrills and spills and is a first class action movie. It also has a great mixture of comedic value and a deal of seriousness.

The film's unlikely hero is Quill (Chris Pratt), an eccentric gunfighter in the Han Solo mould who we meet stealing a metal orb coveted by the evil warlord Ronan. When he dispatches his top assassin, the green- skinned Gamora (Zoe Saldana), to recover the artifact, the pair find themselves locked up, along with the galaxy's most unlikely bounty hunters – a gun-toting raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and his sidekick (Vin Diesel) who just happens to be a walking tree. All the actors do a great job at portraying there characters, they feel real beings. You get to know about them and their struggles and you become attached to them. Every character in the movie got their time to shine, especially Rocket Raccoon who is voiced perfectly by Bradley Cooper. Everyone is pitch perfect in their roles even Batista!

For those that want specifics: effects were top notch, acting was excellent, story lines were compelling, the comedy was perfect 99.5% of the time and surprise there were a lot of one line typical superhero zingers that worked really well. What really can't be stressed enough is just how insanely fun and entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy is for literally its entire two-hour-plus run-time. I still have a hard time wrestling with who was my favorite actor in this. all in all, the film is brilliantly well done, action scenes are engrossing and genuinely done, you genuinely worry about certain characters and I for one was thrilled with it. Go see this.
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Bold, brave and beautifully weird.
shawneofthedead30 July 2014
You might expect a movie studio at the top of its game to play it safe rather than strike out in new, bizarre directions. Certainly, it's hard to imagine any other studio giving the greenlight to Guardians Of The Galaxy - a huge blockbuster movie based on a title unfamiliar to anyone who isn't a comics aficionado, starring a relatively unknown actor playing a character most people have never heard of. And yet, Marvel scores once again with its willingness to head off the beaten track. GUARDIANS is a fun, fizzy delight, even as it mines some surprising depths of emotion from its ragtag group of anti-heroes.

Peter Quill (Pratt) - a human abducted from Earth as a child - has grown up into an intergalactic thief who has no idea what he's getting into when he takes possession of a mysterious Orb. Little does he know that Ronan (Pace) - a genocidal Kree radical - will do just about anything to get his hands on said Orb, including sending alien assassin Gamora (Saldana) after it. Gamora, as it turns out, has an agenda of her own. Trapped in an intergalactic prison (long story), Peter and Gamora are forced into an uneasy alliance with three other misfits: a brainy, sarcastic raccoon-like creature named Rocket (voiced by Cooper), a giant tree by the name of Groot (Diesel), and the vengeance-minded Drax The Destroyer (Bautista).

The truth is that there's almost too much going on in GUARDIANS. Not only do we meet a host of characters we've never met before, on a raft of new planets teeming with brightly coloured life and detail, we're also introduced to several plot lines all stuffed somewhat awkwardly into the film. We have Ronan's planet-destroying aspirations, which are somehow bound up with the evil plans of Thanos - that creepy purple- skinned dude who popped up at the end of The Avengers. Peter's kidnappers turned surrogate 'family' are also on the trail of the Orb, turning up at moments both enormously convenient and inconvenient to the plot. It all makes sense in the end, but until it all clicks into place, it can make for a rushed, unsettling experience.

But, despite its occasionally unwieldy script, GUARDIANS triumphs because of the gang of scruffy losers (a term that will take on a different, more heartfelt meaning during the film) at its heart. Director James Gunn, who co-wrote the script, clearly feels a strong affinity for each one of these outcasts, all of whom are easily outlaws in some (if not all) parts of the solar system, each one battling - at least initially - to save his or her own skin rather than to save the world. It's fascinating to watch the five members of this unlikely group slowly banter, bicker and batter their way into becoming a team.

Most joyfully of all, Gunn never loses sight of the prickly, selfish side of his characters. He gives them plenty of rich, emotional moments - whether it's Peter and Gamora bonding over the loss of their parents, or Rocket's ability to read a whole range of meaning into Groot's extremely limited vocabulary ('I am Groot') - but never allows the film to descend into dangerously sentimental territory.

In fact, Gunn pumps up proceedings with a healthy, hearty dose of humour. Films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have always been more tongue-in-cheek than the likes of the considerably more dour Dark Knight franchise, but GUARDIANS is a heady trip of a different order. It practically delights in bursts of odd, subversive comedy, and actually dares to punctuate its most epic face-off with a sly homage to, of all things, Footloose.

Pratt - so winning in TV's Parks And Recreation - holds the emotional core of the film together. He exudes an easy, rakish charm that makes Peter both dashingly arrogant and achingly vulnerable. He's matched very well by Saldana, who is clearly delighting in the opportunity to play the world-weary, no-nonsense Gamora - bred into a killer, born a fighter. The rest of the cast does justice, too, to the film's cheerful swing from drama to comedy and back again: Bautista brings unexpected pathos to Drax's occasionally comical determination to avenge his family against Ronan, while Cooper sounds completely unlike himself - in a very good way - as a creature who hides a world of hurt beneath his mouthy exterior. Even Diesel manages to find a great deal of depth in a CGI character who only communicates via the same languid burst of three words.

If anything, GUARDIANS is let down by a trio of not particularly threatening villains. Pace snarls and spits in heavy make-up, but can't quite rustle up much in the way of nuance or genuine menace. Ronan is a one-note madman, with so little in the way of backstory that he automatically becomes less interesting. Thanos, too, now voiced and performed in motion-capture by Brolin, doesn't get much to do beyond lounge on his space throne. Only Gillan's cyborg Nebula manages a smidgen of complexity; even then, she struggles to be half as fascinating as her conflicted "sister", Gamora.

Before the film was even released in cinemas, Marvel announced that a sequel would be coming in 2017. It's a no-brainer as to why. The film is smart, funny and quite wonderful on its own merits. But, even more crucially, GUARDIANS is a gamble that pays off handsomely for Marvel. It opens up the MCU in, quite literally, all directions. Don't be surprised if you see our more earth-bound heroes heading into space sooner rather than later. The film also adds a new cast of lovable rogues to the MCU's roster of characters: a gang who, one might say, are actually all the more heroic for being people who would ordinarily be running in the opposite direction from any galaxy-guarding duties. Frankly, we can't wait to see what they get up to next.
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A sprawling space opera full of humor and action.
BrentHankins30 July 2014
I remember sitting in Hall H at Comic-Con two years ago, when Marvel first announced Guardians of the Galaxy. This came on the heels of the title reveals for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World, and my initial reaction was one of utter confusion. What the hell was Guardians of the Galaxy? I was completely unfamiliar with the source material, and upon learning that the team featured a gun-wielding raccoon and a fighting tree creature whose could only speak a single phrase, I was even more puzzled.

Fast forward to Comic-Con 2013, when James Gunn appeared onstage in Hall H to showcase the first trailer for the film. It was so unlike anything Marvel had ever done before, so far outside the box that I immediately fell in love with it and couldn't wait to see more. Although that first trailer was well-received by the Comic-Con audience, the general public seemed to be scratching their heads in much the same way that I had when the film was first announced. Marvel fans would love this, no doubt, but could this bizarre little sci-fi romp with a cast of unknown characters actually work?

The answer is a resounding "yes," as Guardians of the Galaxy is not only an exceptionally well-made comic-book film, but an exceptionally well- made film, period. It's a sprawling space opera with a host of memorable characters, a joyous sci-fi romp through beautifully realized worlds, wildly inventive action sequences, and an almost nonstop barrage of humor and fun. The protagonists are a bizarre assembly of losers and misfits, with the CG-created Rocket and Groot providing some of the most emotional and human moments of the film, and it's all brilliant. Marvel should be applauded for allowing Gunn the opportunity to realize his vision, because rest assured, this film wouldn't have been nearly as good with someone else at the helm.

Guardians of the Galaxy has a distinct personality that sets it apart from other Marvel offerings, yet there are enough recognizable elements to remind audiences that it exists in the same world. Clocking in at just under two hours, the film maintains an impressively well-balanced pace, avoiding the problem of over-inflation that many superhero films fall victim to. I can't think of a single moment when I wasn't completely enthralled with everything that happens on screen, and as soon as the credits began to roll I was ready to watch it all over again.
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the Rolling Stones of outer space
t-hf23 August 2014
So Guardians of the Galaxy is finally out and how is it? matches every expectation you had about it. Essentially, it is an absurdly fun, cheesy, old-fashioned space adventure with a superhero edge. For those of you who didn't know, the Guardians are pretty much the polar opposite of the Avengers - they're loud, brash, free-spirited, and most of all.....human....or as human as you can be being 4 aliens and 1 human. Unlike the Avengers, they don't play nice when it comes to saving the galaxy.

This movie has so much going for it that you can't really explain it in one paragraph but all you need to know is that the humour is great, the action is non-stop, the drama is riveting and genuinely heartwarming, the soundtrack rocks and unlike most superhero teams - everyone of the guardians are 100% awesome in their own way.

I won't spoil the plot for you but i will say that what makes Guardians work so well is that it has a genuinely good-natured, back to basics, rock n' roll approach that has swagger and style aplenty. Despite their late entry into the Marvel franchise, rest assured that the guardians are here stay and will be defending a galaxy near you soon.
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James Gunn, a crazy genius.
repojack4 March 2021
I honestly believe Guardians of the Galaxy would never have worked without James Gunn. I have to reluctantly admit that Joss Whedon put it the best when he said: "James Gunn is what makes me think it will work ... He is so off the wall, and so crazy, but so smart, such a craftsman and he builds from his heart."

The casting was fantastic. Each of the major actors fit their roles like a glove.

And it's another example of how music elevates a movie. GoG is he first MCU movie to actually have real songs (nostalgic 70's music) played throughout, setting the tone in the first 30 seconds with the melancholic I'm Not In Love by 10CC.

But what really sets this apart from all the others MCU movies before this is the mastery of the humor. I think this is the first Marvel movie that I busted my gut a bazillion times while watching. Nearly everything that comes out of Drax's mouth and so many quotable quotes it would fill up a cassette tape.

It is so apropos that James Gunn was tapped to reboot Suicide Squad. I hope his R rated version kills at the box office and makes Kevin Feige reconsider his stupid "only PG-13" for MCU movies (except Deadpool 3) rule.

"We are Groot."
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Worth seeing...but #37?
planktonrules11 August 2014
Currently, about a week after its debut, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is ranked #37 on IMDb. I assume that by the time you read my review it will have dropped in the rankings--mostly because the most rabid fans were probably the first to see and review it and the rest of us folks will be getting to it a bit later. This is often the case with big blockbuster films--though with an overall score of about 8.7, it's bound to stay well within IMDb's top 250. As for me, I really enjoyed the movie but cannot agree that the film is THAT good. Excellent yes....#37...nah.

The best thing going for "Guardians" is that with the huge glut of super-hero films during the last decade or so, this one manages to stand apart--something that cannot be said of most of the films. There is just a certain sameness that make me less than thrilled with all the comic book hero films. But a few, like this film and "Scott Pilgrim" manage to seem different enough to merit your rushing to see them. So, of course, rush to see this one

So how is it different? Well, there are MANY ways. Chris Pratt (Peter Quill) is NOT your typical super-hero. He is NOT a disaffected millionaire or guy bitten by a spider or a super-being from outer space- -he's actually pretty ordinary in most ways. But, like his character on "Parks and Recreation", Pratt is a bit of a goof-ball--a dopey but likable guy who manages to do well despite himself. This is kind of cute--but fortunately the film is NOT just about a dopey goof-ball but he's assisted by a strange group of new-found friends with strange abilities. Another way this is VERY different is that almost the entire film takes place in outer space. While "Thor" and "Superman" have their brief moments in space, "Guardians" is almost completely there--and as such has a HUGE reliance on special effects and CGI. It is a SUPER- expensive film because of this and its all-star cast--coming in at about $170,000,000--which is greater than the gross national product of many nations!!! So, although the film has earned over $100,000,000. it has a long way to go to earn back its costs--though I am pretty sure this will soon be the case. As for these special effects, they are beautiful and the film has such an other-worldly look as it jumps from one weird planet to another. So, the film is absolutely jam-packed with eye candy. Finally, the dialog (mostly from Pratt but also due a lot to his new friend, a VERY sentient raccoon) is amazingly strange. Often crude, it sounds much like the dialog was spiced up a bit here and there by 13 year-olds. While I usually don't like this, it DOES make the film very different.

So what's not to like? Well, not much. However, because the story has so much action and CGI, you do sacrifice a bit when it comes to plot, back story of many of the characters and you might just feel a bit overwhelmed. Still, it's the sort of overwhelmed I don't mind feeling from time to time.

By the way, if you do see the film, you'll certainly enjoy the obligatory Stan Lee cameo--it's one of the better ones I can recall.
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A Visually Stunning Galaxy
CalRhys19 August 2014
With each new film they release, Marvel outdo themselves time after time, from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' to 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and now to this amazing and irreverent superhero space opera packed full of humour and action in a visually stunning galaxy. Admittedly, I have slowly become more and more bored with superhero films since the high point of DC's 'The Dark Knight' and Marvel's 'Avengers', however 'Guardians' was something that was truly different, something that truly blew me away and has, as a result, become what is arguably my favourite Marvel film. Previous Marvel films have tried too hard to place humour in situations that didn't require it, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' however employs it frequently and due to the constant stream of jokes it works perfectly. Chris Pratt is by far one of Marvel's best casting choices since Robert Downey Jr. as 'Iron Man', even beyond this the other acting bodies were cast perfectly. The visual effects are utterly stunning and the battle scenes are epic, 'Guardians' is a truly amazing and thrilling superhero flick full of visual splendour.
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Generally funny and entertaining, helping it get over the occasional more serious hump
bob the moo15 November 2014
A lot of articles have been written about just how many comic-book hero movies there are in the market and planned for the coming years; they talk about viewer fatigue and market saturation and other such terms. They perhaps have a point but it is hard to really pay it much mind when the genre produces films which are fun and entertaining. With its massive success and the fact that it comes with association to already successful franchises, Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps looks like an easy film, but I do wonder how much people were taking a risk when they greenlit a sci-fi film based on an pretty much unknown comic book series, with a lot of things that could potentially have been really silly; seeing Howard the Duck in here is also a reminder of how something that is quite cool in theory can fail to connect to the audience.

What makes it work though is that it is really light fun, easy to get lost in because you are laughing or smiling for the majority of it. It is at its best when the main characters are allowed to do their thing, with the best laughs coming from the banter between them (who would have thought that wrestler Bautista would have such great comic timing). The silliness is kept at bay by how tightly funny it is; it is sharp, daft, cool and engaging. The actors do well, with Pratt being charming fun, Saldana being more than just a figure, Cooper having a lot of presence with his voice, Bautista getting lots of laughs with his straight delivery, while Vin Diesel (who must have wondering if they were making fun of him with this casting) produces one of the most lovable characters with only a few lines of dialogue.

While the cast have good timing, it should also be said that the film does too – for example cutting away briefly during an action sequence for one line to get a good laugh. The film unfortunately is not quite as strong when it has more serious or narrative driven moments. The opening of the film is a good example of this, but it is just as relevant during more intense moments or serious 'franchise' moments, because it still needs to be a film. The mix just about works, and the laughs, fun and cool silliness carry it across moments where it has none of this.

It is not a work of art, and it is not as remarkable or brilliant as some would have you believe, but it is still very entertaining. In a genre filled with action-packed but overly serious films, or films that are just silly in a bad way, it is quite refreshing to be able to watch such a film, laugh all the way through it and come out having enjoyed it a lot for how well it balances, judges and delivers the humor consistently.
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a galaxy full of fun
SnoopyStyle30 June 2015
On Earth 1988, Peter Quill loses his mother and is taken by a spaceship. Twenty Six years later, Peter (Chris Pratt) is caught trying to steal an orb but he manages to escape Korath. The Krees have signed a peace treaty with Nova Prime which is opposed by Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace). Ronan needs the orb to satisfy Thanos who promises to destroy Xandar. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) goes to track down Peter and the orb. Also trying to capture Peter are Rocket and Groot. All four are imprisoned in the Kyln. They escape with the overly literal Drax who has a vendetta against Ronan.

This is a rip-roaring fun space opera. Chris Pratt is at the top of his game. This is a bright, wild, crazy ride. There is a lot of Marvel lore to go through for the uninitiated. That's probably my main concern about this movie. The 70s soundtrack is a terrific touch and the humor is infectious.
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"The Avengers" of space
Wuchakk25 December 2014
The Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared in 1969 and in various Marvel comics of the mid-70s, like The Defenders, before appearing as the main attraction in Marvel Premiere in 1976-77. The Guardians are like the Avengers (or Justice League) of space, a superhero team with a revolving door line-up.

This popular 2014 film was based on the 2008 version of the team, which includes Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Rocket Raccoon (voice of Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voice of Vin Diesel). The movie details how these characters meet and become the Guardians of the Galaxy as they square off against Ronan (Lee Pace), Nebula (Karen Gillan) and the intimidating Thanos (Josh Brolin). Michael Rooker is also on hand as Yondu, the space redneck who kidnapped Peter Quill (Star-Lord) from earth when he was a boy.

I'm only familiar with the 70's team, which included Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax, as well as the villains Thanatos and Ronan. It was fun seeing these characters come to life on the big screen. The movie combines elements of The Avengers, Star Trek and Star Wars and is a thrilling blockbuster that's fun, but probably too goofy at times for people who prefer the dead seriousness of Nolan's Batman trilogy. As far as galaxy-traveling superheroes go, I prefer the more-serious-albeit-still-amusing tone of "Thor" and "Thor 2."

Despite that cavil, I liked the way these independent, misfit anti-heroes slowly learn to gel as a team and even care for each other as the story progresses. Their initial selfish goals morph into a noble universal cause. Gamora is my favorite character, followed by Drax, Rocket and Groot. The sinister Thanos -- Jim Starlin's knock-off of Jack Kirby's Darkseid -- is excellently depicted in his brief appearance.

The film runs 121 minutes.

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Marvel Highlight of the century!!
ItsRobinTV8 November 2022
At first I didn't wanted to watch this movie because I thought it would be garbage but holy cow...this is one of my all time favorites....

This movie is good written from beginning to end. All the Characters make so much fun and I just loved seeing them in action especially together in action. The VFX are just outstanding, the CG Characters felt like their were living for real also because of the great voice acting from Bradley Cooper.

Not to mention the Soundtrack... OMG... I just heard the music for weeks after I watched the movie. What James Gunn did cannot be put in Words you have to watch the movie to really see how good this is.
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Every member of this team is my favorite!
SPZMaxinema2 September 2021
The amount of hilariousness in this movie is unprecedented. I was very pessimistic when I first heard of this team but then I watched it and the rest is history, this is one of the best MCU movies and has some of the best MCU characters and I say that confidently!
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