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A Stunning Surprise
Loving_Silence26 July 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy is nothing short of an amazing movie. If there's anything I can say, it's that it is the best superhero movie I have seen. Not only does it have the impressive set pieces and enough action to last you a lifetime, it has an emotional core and you actually get to care about each and every single character. Overall this movie is filled with all the required thrills and spills and is a first class action movie. It also has a great mixture of comedic value and a deal of seriousness.

The film's unlikely hero is Quill (Chris Pratt), an eccentric gunfighter in the Han Solo mould who we meet stealing a metal orb coveted by the evil warlord Ronan. When he dispatches his top assassin, the green- skinned Gamora (Zoe Saldana), to recover the artifact, the pair find themselves locked up, along with the galaxy's most unlikely bounty hunters – a gun-toting raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and his sidekick (Vin Diesel) who just happens to be a walking tree. All the actors do a great job at portraying there characters, they feel real beings. You get to know about them and their struggles and you become attached to them. Every character in the movie got their time to shine, especially Rocket Raccoon who is voiced perfectly by Bradley Cooper. Everyone is pitch perfect in their roles even Batista!

For those that want specifics: effects were top notch, acting was excellent, story lines were compelling, the comedy was perfect 99.5% of the time and surprise there were a lot of one line typical superhero zingers that worked really well. What really can't be stressed enough is just how insanely fun and entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy is for literally its entire two-hour-plus run-time. I still have a hard time wrestling with who was my favorite actor in this. all in all, the film is brilliantly well done, action scenes are engrossing and genuinely done, you genuinely worry about certain characters and I for one was thrilled with it. Go see this.
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A sprawling space opera full of humor and action.
BrentHankins30 July 2014
I remember sitting in Hall H at Comic-Con two years ago, when Marvel first announced Guardians of the Galaxy. This came on the heels of the title reveals for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World, and my initial reaction was one of utter confusion. What the hell was Guardians of the Galaxy? I was completely unfamiliar with the source material, and upon learning that the team featured a gun-wielding raccoon and a fighting tree creature whose could only speak a single phrase, I was even more puzzled.

Fast forward to Comic-Con 2013, when James Gunn appeared onstage in Hall H to showcase the first trailer for the film. It was so unlike anything Marvel had ever done before, so far outside the box that I immediately fell in love with it and couldn't wait to see more. Although that first trailer was well-received by the Comic-Con audience, the general public seemed to be scratching their heads in much the same way that I had when the film was first announced. Marvel fans would love this, no doubt, but could this bizarre little sci-fi romp with a cast of unknown characters actually work?

The answer is a resounding "yes," as Guardians of the Galaxy is not only an exceptionally well-made comic-book film, but an exceptionally well- made film, period. It's a sprawling space opera with a host of memorable characters, a joyous sci-fi romp through beautifully realized worlds, wildly inventive action sequences, and an almost nonstop barrage of humor and fun. The protagonists are a bizarre assembly of losers and misfits, with the CG-created Rocket and Groot providing some of the most emotional and human moments of the film, and it's all brilliant. Marvel should be applauded for allowing Gunn the opportunity to realize his vision, because rest assured, this film wouldn't have been nearly as good with someone else at the helm.

Guardians of the Galaxy has a distinct personality that sets it apart from other Marvel offerings, yet there are enough recognizable elements to remind audiences that it exists in the same world. Clocking in at just under two hours, the film maintains an impressively well-balanced pace, avoiding the problem of over-inflation that many superhero films fall victim to. I can't think of a single moment when I wasn't completely enthralled with everything that happens on screen, and as soon as the credits began to roll I was ready to watch it all over again.
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I was smiling almost all the way through
marcus-blakelock31 July 2014
Expectations: surpassed - and they were pretty damn high to begin with.

Excitement: met - after watching the teasers, the clips, and after Captain America the Winter soldier I was crossing my fingers Marvel were on a roll.

Face: still trying to recover - you know when you go to the cinema to see a comedy ( a film designed to make you laugh ) and you feel like an idiot for paying for the ticket as you were forcing most of the laughter in the company of your friends? This is a film that it's genuinely easy to laugh about:

The humour is so subtle because the characters are so subtle - they're not too animated, they're not too stereotypical and they are NOT what we've come to expect from traditional superheroes and THAT'S WHY THIS FILM WORKS SO WELL! Regardless if you're a Marvel fan or simply a fan of movies in general this is an experience you will welcome as it's new and refreshing to a sci-fi genre which really needed something new and refreshing and with great performances, stunning visuals and a barrel of laughs mixed with the right amount of action this was a real treat to watch.

Thank you Marvel Studios.
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A New Hope
jonny-van31 July 2014
I entitle my review A New Hope as I walk out of the cinema feeling like I have just watched the Star Wars of our generation!

As a huge Marvel fan (both comics and film) I was delighted to hear this film was getting made with the perfect choice of Guardians and what a perfect cast to play them. The biggest surprise for me was Dave Bautista who I thought was only cast for his size but his delivery was spot on for Drax. Chris Pratt was hilarious whilst still excellent at delivering some of the films most emotional scenes.

CGI in this film was super, there's nothing I hate more than too much CGI in a film but it was so good in Guardians that I was completely lost in it. Never have a seen space look so good, the battles were incredible and Groot and Rocket never looked out of place (aside from being a tree and raccoon).

Gunn is the perfect director for this, his tone, his balance of comedy, action and emotion blended perfectly and directing GOTG would have been no easy job. DC are still trying hard to get Justice League going, Marvel just made a film with a talking tree and Raccoon and it was AWESOME!!!

Not a bad performance all round and comic fans will be happy with certain nods and winks scattered throughout. Probably my top Marvel film yet, it has the fresh new feeling the first Iron Man had with all the action and humour of The Avengers. 10 stars from me, even if your not a comic book or sci-fi fan, this movie has something for everyone.
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Really good
jakimiku31 July 2014
Great expectations before the film, definitely, and they really paid off. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best Marvel films to date, and a really good sci-fi at that too. The film is strong on so many levels, outstanding characters, great worlds, is emotional and humorous.

Peter Quill, or Star Lord as he likes to call himself, is a quick-witted man of Earth thrown into the far reaches of galaxy, who has stolen an artifact that everyone seems to want. By accident he stumbles upon four other characters, Gamora the assassin, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket the enhanced raccoon and Groot the humanoid tree, and the five of them form an unlikely team. The characters are really well presented, their emotional core is strong and back stories engaging. In short, they're interesting and easy to like. All of them have great moments and keep us wanting for more and more. Rocket, in particular, steals the show with his anger management problems and bright one-liners. It was great to see a group of people each with their own agenda come together, this dynamic worked really well. Star-Lord carried a lot of this weight, and was very sympathetic.

The film doesn't take itself very seriously, which was refreshing to see after also great yet darker themes of Thor and Captain America 2's. Guardians has a lot of laughs, witty dialogue, characters rub off on each other (and the audience), writing is perfect. The film is so entertaining, non-stop adventure but also knows when to balance with more dramatic themes. Scenery and worlds are spectacular, visual effects top notch. As a reader of the Guardians comics it was great to see some smaller motifs thrown in that may not be necessarily caught by regular viewers, but which the comic book readers will definitely be thankful for too.

All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome watch. Amazing characters, vivid cinematography, great dialogue, lots of humor, soundtrack was nice, story exciting. This wonderful adventure and its captivating characters will be in mind for a long time.
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A Beautiful Space Fantasy
alan_holloway_231 July 2014
It's no surprise that when Marvel's latest movie was released many, many people (the non comics reading kind, mainly) said "Who?" The comic itself has never been what you call top tier, with various incarnations having been around for decades, although the film is based on the team created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning in 2008, now being serviced by top writer Brian Bendis.

Marvel certainly have made sure the Guardians have plenty of publicity, turning a bunch of also rans into a must see event and even having the confidence to proclaim "The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Return" at the end of the movie. This is a company with the utmost confidence in their product, and after seeing it it's very easy to understand why.

First and foremost, Guardians... is fun. After a truly heartbreaking beginning everything goes a bit daft, mixing swashbuckling sci fi action with larger than life characters, and whilst at first you may be a little puzzled, it all streamlines into a simple plot soon enough. Basically, Guardians leader Peter Quill (known mainly to only himself as Star Lord) has a plot device, and other people also want the plot device. He forms an alliance with a very disparate bunch of people who each have their own reason for helping him. To go into more detail really isn't that necessary, as all it will involve is laying out a roster of names and personal grievances, and you'll get all that when you watch the film, because if you're reading this review I will lay odds you're going to see it.

The movie looks beautiful throughout, probably thanks to the thousand or so "Digital Artists" who take up a large part of the end credits. Ship design is fantastic, with many looking like they were pulled direct from a Chris Foss art book, and if you know Foss you'll know this is a high compliment. Yeah, the bad guys have dull, dark vessels with inadequate lighting (surely evil needs to see as well?) but the good guys have some sexy vessels indeed. Sound wise, it may seem odd that a 2014 state of the art sci fi movie will have a 1970's chart soundtrack, but the inclusion of The Runaways, Rupert Holmes and, of course, Blue Swede's "Hooked On A Feeling" is completely explained and rather poignant. It would be nice, too, if kids start downloading some of this awesome old stuff and finally start listening to real music (so speaks an old fart).

So in a nutshell this is a very good movie. It's packed with fun and enjoyable characters, but also has it's fair share of down beats and dead beats. Top honours are fought out for between Chris Pratt, excellent and ridiculously likable as Peter Quill, and the brilliant Rocket Raccoon, a purely CGI character stuffed with attitude and some great one liners. The other main characters all do well, however, with even big bag Ronan (no, not the Boyzone one, mores the pity) being well served and very well played with menace aforethought by Lee Pace.

One thing people want to know about Marvel films is what's the after credits scene like? Well, without being spoilery, I'll say two things: one, it's NOT a big reveal or anything like that, but two, it's really funny if you have a knowledge of a certain old Marvel character. Oh yeah, and you get to play everyone's favourite game in the movie - 'Spot Stan Lee'. It just wouldn't be the same without him mugging it up somewhere.

In closing, "Guardians Of The Galaxy" is right up there with the rest of Marvel's cinematic output, making a clear mark by being totally different to anything else we've so far seen. It's Fun with a capital 'F', and engaging throughout. Some of the violence may be a bit much for smaller kids, and there's a bit of moderately fruity language (is 'dick' fruity still? I fall behind sometimes). That said, kids who don't mind a walking tree impaling people or a raccoon murderising people with a kick ass gun will have a blast. Big, beautiful and bad ass, "Guardians Of The Galaxy" is definitely the feel good fantasy of 2014, as evidenced by the grin still stuck to my face. All together now... "I'm hooked on a feeling..."
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Bold, brave and beautifully weird.
shawneofthedead30 July 2014
You might expect a movie studio at the top of its game to play it safe rather than strike out in new, bizarre directions. Certainly, it's hard to imagine any other studio giving the greenlight to Guardians Of The Galaxy - a huge blockbuster movie based on a title unfamiliar to anyone who isn't a comics aficionado, starring a relatively unknown actor playing a character most people have never heard of. And yet, Marvel scores once again with its willingness to head off the beaten track. GUARDIANS is a fun, fizzy delight, even as it mines some surprising depths of emotion from its ragtag group of anti-heroes.

Peter Quill (Pratt) - a human abducted from Earth as a child - has grown up into an intergalactic thief who has no idea what he's getting into when he takes possession of a mysterious Orb. Little does he know that Ronan (Pace) - a genocidal Kree radical - will do just about anything to get his hands on said Orb, including sending alien assassin Gamora (Saldana) after it. Gamora, as it turns out, has an agenda of her own. Trapped in an intergalactic prison (long story), Peter and Gamora are forced into an uneasy alliance with three other misfits: a brainy, sarcastic raccoon-like creature named Rocket (voiced by Cooper), a giant tree by the name of Groot (Diesel), and the vengeance-minded Drax The Destroyer (Bautista).

The truth is that there's almost too much going on in GUARDIANS. Not only do we meet a host of characters we've never met before, on a raft of new planets teeming with brightly coloured life and detail, we're also introduced to several plot lines all stuffed somewhat awkwardly into the film. We have Ronan's planet-destroying aspirations, which are somehow bound up with the evil plans of Thanos - that creepy purple- skinned dude who popped up at the end of The Avengers. Peter's kidnappers turned surrogate 'family' are also on the trail of the Orb, turning up at moments both enormously convenient and inconvenient to the plot. It all makes sense in the end, but until it all clicks into place, it can make for a rushed, unsettling experience.

But, despite its occasionally unwieldy script, GUARDIANS triumphs because of the gang of scruffy losers (a term that will take on a different, more heartfelt meaning during the film) at its heart. Director James Gunn, who co-wrote the script, clearly feels a strong affinity for each one of these outcasts, all of whom are easily outlaws in some (if not all) parts of the solar system, each one battling - at least initially - to save his or her own skin rather than to save the world. It's fascinating to watch the five members of this unlikely group slowly banter, bicker and batter their way into becoming a team.

Most joyfully of all, Gunn never loses sight of the prickly, selfish side of his characters. He gives them plenty of rich, emotional moments - whether it's Peter and Gamora bonding over the loss of their parents, or Rocket's ability to read a whole range of meaning into Groot's extremely limited vocabulary ('I am Groot') - but never allows the film to descend into dangerously sentimental territory.

In fact, Gunn pumps up proceedings with a healthy, hearty dose of humour. Films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have always been more tongue-in-cheek than the likes of the considerably more dour Dark Knight franchise, but GUARDIANS is a heady trip of a different order. It practically delights in bursts of odd, subversive comedy, and actually dares to punctuate its most epic face-off with a sly homage to, of all things, Footloose.

Pratt - so winning in TV's Parks And Recreation - holds the emotional core of the film together. He exudes an easy, rakish charm that makes Peter both dashingly arrogant and achingly vulnerable. He's matched very well by Saldana, who is clearly delighting in the opportunity to play the world-weary, no-nonsense Gamora - bred into a killer, born a fighter. The rest of the cast does justice, too, to the film's cheerful swing from drama to comedy and back again: Bautista brings unexpected pathos to Drax's occasionally comical determination to avenge his family against Ronan, while Cooper sounds completely unlike himself - in a very good way - as a creature who hides a world of hurt beneath his mouthy exterior. Even Diesel manages to find a great deal of depth in a CGI character who only communicates via the same languid burst of three words.

If anything, GUARDIANS is let down by a trio of not particularly threatening villains. Pace snarls and spits in heavy make-up, but can't quite rustle up much in the way of nuance or genuine menace. Ronan is a one-note madman, with so little in the way of backstory that he automatically becomes less interesting. Thanos, too, now voiced and performed in motion-capture by Brolin, doesn't get much to do beyond lounge on his space throne. Only Gillan's cyborg Nebula manages a smidgen of complexity; even then, she struggles to be half as fascinating as her conflicted "sister", Gamora.

Before the film was even released in cinemas, Marvel announced that a sequel would be coming in 2017. It's a no-brainer as to why. The film is smart, funny and quite wonderful on its own merits. But, even more crucially, GUARDIANS is a gamble that pays off handsomely for Marvel. It opens up the MCU in, quite literally, all directions. Don't be surprised if you see our more earth-bound heroes heading into space sooner rather than later. The film also adds a new cast of lovable rogues to the MCU's roster of characters: a gang who, one might say, are actually all the more heroic for being people who would ordinarily be running in the opposite direction from any galaxy-guarding duties. Frankly, we can't wait to see what they get up to next.
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The most unique and delightful film Marvel has created to date
(Rating: 12A, 121 mins) Written by Zen Terrelonge

Starring – Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel

If you've seen the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy, you'd be within your rights to think Marvel Studio execs have been hitting the bottle hard or taking LSD.

The film revolves around a group of dysfunctional but goodhearted criminals – think Robin Hood's Merry Men of the future – comprising human thief Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Pratt), green assassin Gamora (Saldana), talking raccoon Rocket (Cooper), knife-wielding Drax the Destroyer (Bautista), and walking tree Groot (Diesel).

Like the Avengers, the Guardians get off to a false start but soon unite over a common cause, namely, the galaxy being obliterated by genocidal maniac, Ronan – not Keating – the Accuser.

Ah yes, the old, let's-exterminate-everyone-for-the-mistakes-of-their-forefathers ploy.

But unlike Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy oozes offbeat originality and frankly, it's the most unique and delightful film Marvel has created to date.

It's a hell of an achievement given the extensive movie library the company is building up and when you consider the characters aren't household names like 'big three' Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, but Marvel seems well aware of that fact with the final production risky to say the least.

The film opens in 1988, which is when Quill is abducted from Earth, and 26 years later we see he's become a crooked intergalactic outlaw with a taste for all things shiny, valuable and not his.

Given the distinct decade in which he was taken, his cassette player and mixtape of 70s and 80s tracks are laced throughout the film, which creates a quirky yet grounded quality in the midst of all of the dazzling interstellar warfare that takes place along the way.

In addition to the soundtrack, jokes and comedy have never been more of a feature in a Marvel film – perhaps Iron Man 3 was the closest – as gags are thrown into the unlikeliest of scenarios to lessen the tension, and I would imagine, to really differentiate itself from Avengers Assemble, Star Wars and Star Trek, which by comparison are left looking very sombre.

That said, if you were going to compare Pratt's Quill to someone, the character is quite reminiscent of Chris Pine's Captain James Kirk – smart, womanising, reckless leaders, who eventually find their feet.

The editing is supreme and makes each bit of dialogue super-sharp and tight, so when the infamous five are bickering or talking generally, the repartee all feels really clean and natural without being awkward or forced.

Thor can be stubborn, Iron Man can be arrogant and Captain America is considered too stiff, but all of the Guardians bring even more wildly different qualities to the table and offer some diversity that doesn't ever grate or bore, which wouldn't have been possible without such excellent casting.

Meanwhile, the film is very much in the here and now, with Quill's backstory the only one that truly gets a look-in, which creates a sense of intrigue about his colleagues who only have their pasts hinted at, meaning sequel fodder.

There's just no way of knowing where you're going and tonally the movie delivers a piece of everything and it's done big and without hesitation.

Guardians may have been a gamble, but I'm Grooting for it to Rocket to the top.

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A Visually Stunning Galaxy
CalRhys19 August 2014
With each new film they release, Marvel outdo themselves time after time, from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' to 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and now to this amazing and irreverent superhero space opera packed full of humour and action in a visually stunning galaxy. Admittedly, I have slowly become more and more bored with superhero films since the high point of DC's 'The Dark Knight' and Marvel's 'Avengers', however 'Guardians' was something that was truly different, something that truly blew me away and has, as a result, become what is arguably my favourite Marvel film. Previous Marvel films have tried too hard to place humour in situations that didn't require it, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' however employs it frequently and due to the constant stream of jokes it works perfectly. Chris Pratt is by far one of Marvel's best casting choices since Robert Downey Jr. as 'Iron Man', even beyond this the other acting bodies were cast perfectly. The visual effects are utterly stunning and the battle scenes are epic, 'Guardians' is a truly amazing and thrilling superhero flick full of visual splendour.
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A pleasant surprise, or how I stopped being afraid and again fell in love with blockbusters
BiiivAL13 June 2018
Recently, I began to understand that I was tired of blockbusters: these incredibly spectacular, voluminous, incredibly expensive, but by and large similar to each other and empty films. In 2014, apart from bitter disappointments like the "New Spider-Man 2", there were really standing copies (whether the new "X-Men" or "The Face of the Future"), but they also failed to arouse my special trepidation. And that's why I did not expect the "Guardians of the galaxy". And if it were not for my long-standing affection for the Marvel universe and the invitation for the preposition, I probably would not even have gone to this film and ... Much would have lost!

During the viewing of "The Guardians of the Galaxy" I was surprised at the fact that it was gradually becoming ecstatic. I could not imagine that I can still empathize with screen characters and laugh at their words and deeds. This film really gave me back the love of blockbusters and revived the hope that in the film world of fiction it is really possible to do something new and unusual.

And now I will try to briefly note those components of the film that bribed me the most.

1. Cool plot. This tape contains several storylines, which, due to the abundance of central characters, are revealed as completely as possible. The main action is twisted around an artifact, which everyone abducts from one another. However, developing this storyline, the creators of the tape have time to give us and a spectacular escape from prison, and many spectacular interplanetary battles, and the history of the formation of a real strong friendship between the five main characters. The plot develops very rapidly and practically does not sag, keeping spectators intrigued to the very titles. Personally, I would have sopped the melodramatic part of the film, however, the reaction of the viewers to these episodes was absolutely normal, so it's more of my harmfulness and natural cynicism, and not some miscalculations of the writers. By the way, the film itself is more associated with "Star Trek" or "Star Wars". So not special lovers of the Marvel universe can appreciate this tape.

2. Excellent humor. "Guardians of the galaxy" is a very funny film. And the cool thing is that here there is a place of self-irony, as the tape makers coolly ridicule various clichés peculiar to blockbusters. In general, it is necessary to see and hear. Probably, this is the most cheerful film of this year, although according to official information it is not even a comedy.

3. Team spirit. I remember two years earlier I was choking with enthusiasm, praising the Avengers precisely for their team unity. However, one can not help but notice that in the Ironman and the company the team spirit was a little bit pretentious. The heroes were constantly measured ... hmm ... by forces, and the friendly atmosphere was relegated to the background. In the "Guardians of the galaxy", things are different: the characters are so different that they have nothing to compete with. This five of the losers (and they call themselves that) form a real friendly union, which more than ever realizes the principle "We are different, but we are together."

In connection with the above, it makes sense to mention the work of a stunning cast of actors. Chris Pratt creates a very bright character who can compete with his own charisma, even with Tony Stark himself. It's amazing that I did not pay attention to this actor before: after watching, I was surprised to find that I already watched a dozen films with his participation. Now I will follow with interest the development of his career. Zoe Saldana confirms the status of the most unearthly actress of our time, adding to her track record a new alien image of the charming and daring Gamora. Professional wrestler Dave Batista is very organic in his role. I think he definitely has a future in the film industry. Very pleased with such venerable professionals of their business as Benicio Del Toro, Glenn Close and John Ci Riley, although, not soon, that these fantastic actors would like to see on the screen a little more. Rocket Raccoon is also a rocket (or for many of the fair sex - milash raccoon) - this is the main bomb of the whole film. I can not appreciate the work of Bradley Cooper, since I watched the film in Russian dubbing (which, by the way, is also surprisingly very good). But the character is simply amazing! The hall came in a raging rapture, it cost the raccoon only to appear on the screen. Definitely, this is a find without which this film would not have been so successful. Spectator love was won by another character - Grut (or, again, for many girls and children - just a Tree). By the way, the incredibly laborious work of Vin Diesel on the voice acting of this character you can appreciate in Russian dubbing.

4. Bright special effects. What to say, the film is bright, very beautiful and voluminous. A real holiday for the eyes, on which it is worth to fork out, in order to appreciate all this beauty in IMAX 3D.

5. Music! Even if the film leaves you absolutely indifferent, then the music just needs to please you. The creators of the ribbon collected just the cream, the quintessential culture of the 70s, choosing bright, favorite, but un-played tracks. I was really pleased to share some of this amazing culture with my friends who, outside of this movie, would not for anything agree to listen to "this is not necessary for old people".

TOTAL. "Guardians of the galaxy" is a completely crazy blockbuster that charges the audience with a positive and undoubtedly captivates with an incredibly warm atmosphere, exciting plot, bright special effects, killer jokes and a genuine team spirit. For the first time in a very long time, I felt this naive childlike feeling: I did not want to leave the cinema and leave this amazing, incredibly convincing and soulful world, which was given to us by the creators of the "Guardians of the Galaxy." Probably, this is the first blockbuster this year, which I will want to reconsider. And this is the rare film that I want to assess neither from the point of view of a critic who cares at trifles and searches for story inconsistencies, but from the point of view of the viewer who can easily be bribed by a talking raccoon and a smiling tree. That's why I highly recommend watching this movie literally to all viewers. And that's why "The Guardians of the Galaxy" is becoming a movie that I without any qualms of conscience put an unprecedented 9 points, which I have not been awarded with yet another film from the universe I adore Marvel.

Enjoy watching!
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One of the best and my favorite movies of the 2010s
Spiderman022322 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I remember like it was yesterday when watching guardians of the galaxy I was 9 years old when the movie came out I was honestly really excited for the movie even though I was not familiar with the superhero's and I do have to admit I think guardians is better than avengers there's something about guardians I like better than the avengers is how the guardians met each other now let's get into movie first of all the movie has a fantastic soundtrack like with opening of Star lord dancing and how guardians met each other and when I heard they were making a movie like the avengers I was hyped my favorite character out the characters had to be rocket raccoon because he is funny for example when gamora cut one of groot's arm groot was sad and then rocket said it grow back you stupid idiot quit whining the cgi is wonderful and the special effects are amazing eventually the characters get into prison and the characters are trying to get out this when the movie gets interesting when the team are discussing a plan to get out the prison but then groot remove the battery and then they fight the security for the prison Also forget to mention Ronan in the movie but he is a excellent villian like when Star lord is fighting him in the final scene of the movie and the saddest part of the movie is that griot sacrificed himself for the team which is a pretty sad death it happens at the end of the movie honestly guardians of the galaxy is also one of my favorite 5 mcu movies and my favorite movie of 2014 so if you love the avengers you going to love the guardians of the galaxy it's a great movie trust me.
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the Rolling Stones of outer space
t-hf23 August 2014
So Guardians of the Galaxy is finally out and how is it? matches every expectation you had about it. Essentially, it is an absurdly fun, cheesy, old-fashioned space adventure with a superhero edge. For those of you who didn't know, the Guardians are pretty much the polar opposite of the Avengers - they're loud, brash, free-spirited, and most of all.....human....or as human as you can be being 4 aliens and 1 human. Unlike the Avengers, they don't play nice when it comes to saving the galaxy.

This movie has so much going for it that you can't really explain it in one paragraph but all you need to know is that the humour is great, the action is non-stop, the drama is riveting and genuinely heartwarming, the soundtrack rocks and unlike most superhero teams - everyone of the guardians are 100% awesome in their own way.

I won't spoil the plot for you but i will say that what makes Guardians work so well is that it has a genuinely good-natured, back to basics, rock n' roll approach that has swagger and style aplenty. Despite their late entry into the Marvel franchise, rest assured that the guardians are here stay and will be defending a galaxy near you soon.
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The best superhero movie I've ever seen
Old_Man_From_Scene_2431 July 2014
I know, I know. This will incontrovertibly attract a lot of hate from die-hard Dark Knight fans, but guess what? I'm one of those who thinks Nolan is the epitome of how to make a perfect superhero spectacle.

Or at least, I was until tonight.

This film will blow your mind. Quite literally, it is jam-packed with edge-of-your-seat action thrills and pure comedic gold. Don't be expecting a moody companion piece like that of Nolan's trilogy, or Man of Steel. It keeps more in touch with Avengers, although it's a lot funnier and really builds upon the upcoming Infinity Gauntlet arc.

The actors are incredible, matching the character developments, the dialogue and action sequences are spectacular and the visual effects should surely earn a nod come Oscar time, as I'd personally put them on par with those seen in the recent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The run length compliments the well-scripted pacing of the movie itself, whilst plenty of interesting secondary characters litter Guardians with an ensemble cast that has exceeded anything yet seen in the Marvel/DC movie worlds. I don't pertain to the DC versus Marvel argument, but this masterpiece alone has certainly put Marvel on the front foot in terms of cinema outings, far surpassing the very enjoyable Man of Steel and, I believe, edging out Nolan's trilogy and then some.

I thoroughly recommend this for any with a borderline sci-fi/superhero love, and advise you to remain for the tantalising post-credits scene, although many of the non-comic fans might not get the references.

Easily a perfect ten out of ten for me.
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Pelvic sorcery saves the galaxy
utgard1415 November 2014
Like a lot of other people, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie. To say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. It's a clever and fresh gem in the stable of Marvel films. One of the best they've put out so far. The script is full of funny lines but it's also got lots of good character stuff with earned emotional moments. The action and effects are nice. The cast is great, including those just doing voices. Chris Pratt does a wonderful job blending the comic relief with the superhero. The soundtrack of old pop songs is terrific and integrated into the plot perfectly. The homages to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and more are fun. Which is the simplest and best word to describe this movie: fun. You'll have a blast watching it.
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Another overrated movie from marvel
Die_Nadel16 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So , I was yesterday to see this "big" movie, which has a rating of 8.7, close to "The lord of the rings" movies, the same as "Matrix" or "Inception" and even better than "Seven" or "Usual suspects". It should be good right? Doesn't matter that Marvel made only crap movies, most of them anyway, with a few exceptions, some of the first Spiderman movies and some X-men movies, maybe they nailed it this time.

So, the movie starts and after the first scenes, we see our hero on an abandoned planet, dancing as he goes to collect the item he came for. He is not thinking that while he is listening music at his headset, someone may be nearby. Anyway, he got what he came for, and the scene is very similar to the one in Indiana Jones. No surprise, this entire movie is a rip -off of other movies, you have you hero which is a smuggler and becomes one of the good guys (Star wars), you have a pair, a raccoon and a tree, only the raccoon understands the tree (Star wars), again, our hero out of the nowhere falls in love with the female(again.... Star wars), only in Star Wars, the process was more real and more fun. Also, like other Marvel movies, the characters do illogical actions in the most important moments. Gomora after she fights to the death with her sister trying to cut the power, tries to save her when her sister was holding on the edge of the ship, while Peter Quill and the others were waiting for Gomora to cut the damn power. Another stupid moment was when Ronan, at last he lands, but he doesn't destroy the planet, the thing he wanted the most to do, no, he looks at our hero dancing... speechless... And how did Drax survived when he and Ronan are hit by a ship at full speed, piloted by raccoon?

So, Guardians of the galaxy is a movie full of meaningless special effects, explosions after explosions, characters that are poorly written, actors that don't act very well, a poor script and ideas borrowed from other movies.

Conclusion, another boring movie by Marvel, highly over rated, I don't know how, I think Marvel fans are overzealous or the people are just getting dumber day by day.

You wanna see a good sci-fi movie, watch any of the Star Wars movies.
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Pop is eating itself.
ReelLover8 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In a previous review, one writer said that Marvel could have "played it safe, but went into a bold new direction".

Well I don't know about you, but filling a movie with pop culture references to hook the money-spending adult-child demographic of 30 and 40 somethings, in what is quite literally "just another sci-fi adventure", is NOT taking a risk.

From the very minute the film started I knew I was going to be manipulated in the most direct way, but even then sometimes you ask for it, like watching "Old Yeller" for example. But in the case of GOTG, it's pretty much shoveled in our mouths from the beginning, and with more than a spoonful of sugar.

Some have compared this movie to Star Wars (which it's not), and even while that film was derivative of Saturday morning serials and classic science fiction films and TV, what made Star Wars unique is the creative ways it tips it's hat at the genre, and more specifically how hard everyone worked to make it their own. There was more depth to it, and it left you wondering, "didn't we see that in something else"? However GOTG embellishes with pop culture, very much like the roller-coaster ride operator who turns on the top 40 or R&B station while he locks you in your seat. That's not creating something unique, it's hopping on the back of something that's previously established, and it takes no effort to do so, only money.

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself. In going through the other reviews, on almost every page someone writes their summary as "Hooked on a Feeling". If that doesn't resemble Pavlov's Dog, I don't know what else could.

I DID like Guardian's of the Galaxy for it's art design, effects, stunts, sound design, and the battered underscore by Tyler Bates which was brilliant. But with scenes in which we have Chris Pratt making Kevin Bacon sound like a universal liberator of man during a romantic scene with Zoe Saldana, (and who references his name later in the film like a punch line) this movie is the epitome of that age old prediction, "Pop Will Eat Itself".

Speaking of Pratt, I felt he's probably the weakest leading man I've ever encountered in a blockbuster film. He felt like a composite of Indiana Jones, Norma Rae and Oliver Twist all mixed into one. I cared not a single moment for his well being, his past or even his future.

So no, Marvel didn't play it safe. Not by a long shot. They knew what they were doing when they licensed these songs, filled the dialog with prime time nods and then threw a bunch of fireworks at us. Not having read the comic, if these same kinds of references are in there, I'm sure I will find out soon enough. But that just reinforces my argument anyway, and leaves one to ask if we should expect more depth of storytelling, character development and not-so-easy references to day to day life from big budget features (I do!), or is it safe to say that today's blockbuster films will sacrifice originality for commonality and we should just go with it?

Either way, since this is obviously the first in a new franchise, I'm sure we will find out what Marvel's priorities are in the next installment. Let's hope it's not just "The next Empire Strikes Back".
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Whackos of the Galaxy
joo-p-13-31164225 August 2014
What happens when Marvel pulls out five relatively unknown characters of its own, who have a terrible chemistry with each other, and decides to make a movie out of the mess?

The result is surprisingly good.

Guardians of the Galaxy starts out as an unholy alliance of five unlikely companions: a space rogue (Indiana Jones + Han Solo much?), a righteous assassin, an annoying tech-whiz raccoon, a humanoid tree, and a thespian prisoner on a vendetta, all of whom pursue their own more or less selfish goals. Without revealing much, they are joined together by the mysterious Orb, a crucial device for the plot.

The movie is packed with chaotic and continuous action. No slow sections mid-movie, no meaningless pieces of dialog. Everything is so well- knitted in its weirdness that I'm beginning to consider the whole even greater than immediately after the show. It's fascinating to follow how the different personas co-operate despite their differences, and the leading actors thrive in their roles, doing amazing work! In addition, for an action movie, the plot has some very touching moments during which I had to fight not to shed some manly tears in the theater.

The space is beautiful, and so is this movie. One breathtaking vista after another, visual orgasms will be guaranteed.

When looking for flaws on purpose, the biggest con throughout the movie might be the overuse of the jokes and one-liners, some good, some not. However, they are a part of the spirit of the work. Furthermore, I'm sure that the 1970's soundtrack will divide opinions. I'm not particularly fond of it, on the one hand, the songs felt dime a dozen and alien as I didn't grow up with them nor knew them save one, why not use some other tracks? Either the movie was targeted to people over 30, or the authors wanted to use their favorite songs. Oh, one last thing! Did the Dark Aster really have to be so ridiculously gigantic?

There's a squirrel with a big gun. He's the sole thing I remember about the flick's poster, and later he turned out to be a genetically enhanced raccoon. Anyways, he gave me the impression that this was going to be a tongue-in-cheek version of the Avengers, which was partially true. Massively superior, Guardians of the Galaxy is an idiosyncratic masterpiece amongst the blockbuster movies of Hollywood.

All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy turns out to be unexpectedly funny and warm adventure that has all the rights for its cliffhanger ending and oh, we will be waiting for that sequel!

Rating: 4,5/5
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Not sure I saw the same movie that people are raving about...
alvaran-g2 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The plot was predictable. The characters aren't original. I guess the younger crowd and die hard fans will probably like it but as an avid movie fan Guardians kind of disappointed me. Acting was kind of terrible too. Bautista played Drax as if Drax was TRYING to sound intelligent. He couldn't pull off the smart brute. Zoe tried too hard to be bad a$$ and it wasn't natural. The Collector... Don't get me started... What reason was there for The Collector to even open and show anybody the Infinity Stone? It's a super powerful object that he knew was very powerful, why show Thanos' daughter or the outlaw? The bad guys were the worst, so campy. Ronin reminded me of a pro wrestler during an interview. Like Ultimate Warrior on a rant. Only good acting came from Thanos and Rocket. Yep, the CGIs. The final battle was whack. The ships lined up to form a net to stop the super ship and the good guy ships were below shooting bad guy ships who we're dive bombing the city. The worst was when they tried to replicate that scene in Avengers when Hulk was slamming Loki around but instead it was Groot shooting his tendrils through a bunch of bad guys and skewering them then slamming them unnecessarily back and forth against walls. The ending was so cheesy when John C Reiley was all sappy about his wife and kid being saved who they showed in the end as a woman and her daughter who earlier was part of a scene where they were almost crushed. Booooring.... The movie wasn't terrible but after reading the super reviews on IMDb, I had to say something.
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Money for Old Rope
courtnmj29 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of Marvel movies I was excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this movie failed on several levels.

It is supposed to a comedy but the jokes are not funny. I genuinely laughed once. Furthermore, one 'joke' was weirdly inappropriate.

The story is completely generic. It seems like they just needed some story, any story, as a vehicle for the characters to get together and try to be funny.

I wanted to write a review without spoilers but the big set-piece ending of a spaceship crashing into the ground has to be called out. This was done in the Avengers and Star Trek: Into Darkness. To me, it's like directors have to have this '9/11' shot in every movie (big thing crashes into buildings) and it has to stop. It's boring now.

The only positive about this movie was the special effects and space backgrounds.

It seems that Marvel have figured out punters will pay cash money for any old junk if its wrapped up in special effects and a decent soundtrack. I will approach the next Marvel with extreme caution, and I will not see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
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It is just another pretentious, mediocre film
fyang-hsc1 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Guardians of the Galaxy is just another mediocre film. Under the pretence of future, it sneaked in embraces of the past. Perhaps it tried to be both, but it was neither a serious film nor a comedy. It failed to trigger any deeper emotion inside me. Its humour was out of context. There were too many characters, most of which were not properly developed. The purposes of existence of those figures were very confusing. I'll comment in detail on the triggering of deeper emotions and the humour in the following 2 paragraphs.

Someone commented that the films like the Dark knights series set a standard that superhero films must be deep and thoughtful. That person further commented that this film, Guardians of the Galaxy challenged this standard. I generally don't like dogmas. But here it's not at all about dogmas. It is just the fact that those "deep" ones could trigger deeper emotions, or provoke thoughts, or inspire the audiences, or help the audiences learn something, or help the audiences learn themselves better. By these, the audiences like, think about, involuntarily recall, remember and give high scores for those "deep" films. Of course different people have different opinions on deepness. So, I don't comment on the deepness of Guardians of the Galaxy. Just commenting on triggering deeper emotions, or provoking thoughts, or inspiring me, or helping me learn something or learn myself better, unfortunately, Guardians of the Galaxy did none of these to me. So, it just didn't make me feel that way, that it was one of those all-time great films.

Someone commented that Guardians of the Galaxy was not a serious film, but rather, it was a great, light-hearted comedy. Even for this, I don't think I could agree. Great humour exists in context. In the right context, something plain could be hilarious. Out of context, brilliant jokes were just nothing. In Guardians of the Galaxy, too much humour ran out of context. For example, the raccoon said later, that he asked for one prisoner's prosthetic leg was just a joke. What did this convey? It was clever to play such heartless jokes on your partners when it was time to be serious? No. How about it tried to portray a figure, the raccoon, who was unfazed in front of great danger? But then you had to make the situation look dangerous. Even in The Wizard of Oz (1939), the scenes felt more creepy than here in the prison. The prison here felt just like a noisy second-hand market. So, I didn't find the joke funny and didn't know why it was in the film otherwise either. There were many such lines. I knew they were intended to be something to make people laugh, but I just didn't feel that entertained at those improper moments.

All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy has no place on the all-time great list. Perhaps it was the last joke it could play, on itself, being put into the Top 250 list. Among those great films, its mediocrity would just manifest itself. Just within the first month of its release, it dropped 20 places on the Top 250 list from the 34th to the 54th. As time goes on, this film will likely drop further when the enthusiasm fades after its initial surge. There are great films, like In the Name of the Father (1993), A Beautiful Mind (2001) etc. They were not on the Top 250 list before, but gradually rose up and emerged into the all-time great list. Just on the contrary, Guardians of the Galaxy will gradually drop out of the Top 250 list.
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I don't even think this can be spoiled...
avidengine14 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I thought it would only be fair giving this 1 star, even though it's maybe - at BEST - a 4, because this is definitely not worth 8. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was a shot I chose to try in god knows how long since I've been to the cinema. This is just another load of Hollywood trash. I had the impression it was innovative, considering the Guardians being pulled out from the bottom of the pile and the whole outlaw thing... but I was wrong...

IN THE BEGINNING, what's-his-name is on Earth and it is APPARENTLY '88. The kid's mother dies. OK. Is this meant to be emotional despite the fact I have no attachment to any of these characters yet? OH WOW IT'S THE FUTURE NOW!! I'm sorry; his mother dies, he goes outside and then he gets abducted? What is this supposed to signify? Not to mention it's (obviously) unbelievably and strangely timed, but this is probably an attempt at giving some depth to the main character, but really doesn't do ANYTHING for the major plot of the entire film.

The rest of the film was just a bunch of underdogs coming together because they end up in the same space prison (because what happens when you're arrested together is you share a block, not to mention gender is no issue here). Then they fall into this orb situation. What is it? It.. it is this orb.. and it is powerful.. a bit like the cube or something. There was little development in the story at all really, a few changes in direction but no real twists or anything surprising. I don't even know, I was almost asleep half the time. I was constantly checking my watch to see when it was over.

So we have hideous CGI here. Ridiculously unprofessional, but I guess I'm not in with the CGI in blockbusters. They have this obnoxious claim to fame with technology it seems; having the ability to do these things doesn't make it cool, it just looks like a video game. Another thing, visually, was the designs. It was just so typical of the action/sci-fi genre in the technology and whatnot, and the characters... very much in the same boat but more-so thrown together effortlessly.

Then after that its all EXPLOSIONS - SPEEDING - ADVERTISING - HITTING! In between there's a conceited amount of one liners that made me cringe. The best kind. And in the end we have some false suspense because we know everything is going to be okay.

OVERALL: >The comedy was... horrid... >The story was simple. >The characters were lacking in... everything really. -The cinematography didn't even involve cameras. >The soundtrack was a bunch of pop classics chucked together. So what was good about it? The ACTION!!!1111 Wait, no... >The action was too much, unnecessary and clearly there to fill in time.

Main reason I even saw this was I received an invitation from some mates. I think I'll try go back to sticking to films with a point. The only point of this was to brainwash and make big bucks.
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Great Motley Crew
blackmamba9997124 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well if the universe has the corner stone of idiots this is it. Guardians of the galaxy comprised of five dolts who come together in the face of total annihilation from what is known as the Infinifty stone. A relic of ancient past where its properties are made up of the building blocks that created the universe itself. It could be used to create or to destroy. Between planets is a man named Quill who at a younger age was abducted from earth by an alien trash race lead by Yondu Udonta (Micheal Rooker) after his mother died from severe cancer.

Some fifteen years later he becomes a relic hunter and not always by legal means. During his last trek to an abandoned planet he comes across this stone housed in an orb but is confronted by a league of trackers lead by Korath (Djimon Hounsou) who works for Ronan (Lee Pace). Ronan is by no means a nice guy. In fact he only wants the stone for revenge against another race who used the stones power to alter the natural means of creation but was destroyed in doing so. Taking ronan's people with them he vowed revenge at any cost.

Now with quill's group is Drax (Dave Bautista) Gamora (Zoe Saldana) Groot (Voiced By Vin Diesel) and last is the over emotional Rocket (Bradley Cooper) who looks like a raccoon. Together they put aside their differences... that is to stop trying to kill each other and put an end to ronan from destroying the entire universe in the process. In many ways this movie holds a great deal of emotions from beginning to end. Passionate, anger, betrayal, the kind of self centred pessimism one looks for in another in order to get their point across no matter the cost.

It is a big universe where many alien life forms dwell including Quill's own father who had kept his identity a secret from his family. Quill only learnt his entire being is half Terran, and half earth. Knowing this he decides to change over a new leaf to become a guardian with his new found friends and try to get along without throwing a fit. I had a great time watching this with the new characters, new action, and wonderful retro music that just somehow fit to quill's character. What I also found interesting is seeing how the other half lives out there in the deepest parts of space. Come to think of it they are not all that dissimilar from anyone else.

Each has a family, dreams, goals, even opportunities which presents themselves evil or not. I give it ten stars for originality, music, special effects, and wonderful actors including an Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro who plays the pawn master that appraises the stone's value. Guardians of the galaxy is much better than Galaxy Quest for its story line, and optimistic characters. You couldn't take your eyes off of any alien in this film it is that well made. Highly recommended to all ages above 14. Excellent addition to the summer.
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Hugely overrated
xclub_10120 September 2014
The movie was recommended to me by a friend who saw the reviews and somehow believed those. Huge mistake.

To say the movie is childish would be an honor for this movie, I have seen plenty of animated movies which were a huge lot better.

The story is dumb and entirely predictable. The characters are almost flat and have absolutely no credibility from either a serious point of view nor from a parody point of view. Acting was also poor.

Visual effects were OK and being a 3D movie helped, but that is the only positive thing that I can say about the movie.

The theater was half-full but during the entire movie there was not a single time when you could hear everybody laughing hard.

The only way I can imagine that so many 9 and 10 star reviews were added for this movie is since all the brainwashed Marvel fan-boys and sock-puppets for the studios somehow managed to overwhelm normal reviewers.
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Warning: Disappointed fan girl venting below
liucarolyn13 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love Marvel. Whether it be X-Men, Thor, The Avengers, Spider-man, Iron Man... most of the commonly known ones, of course, but I always loved them. But to put this as simply as I can -though that doesn't mean this will be short-, this film was filled with 1,000 of the most common clichés extracted from these great films and stories and crammed them into one mashed-up, jumpy, unreserved, ridiculous, abnormal, spiteful, detestable, idiotic, moronic, absurd, ludicrous, senseless, meaningless, pointless, terribly-written, unbelievably- unrealistic, super-super-super-hero-wannabe movie that very desperately AND obviously AND obnoxiously attempts to special-effect everything -and I mean everything- to simply gain some big bucks because, hey, it's Marvel, what could go wrong? It's sad to see how successful their attempts were; I fell for it... for me, it's all due to The Avengers because that was freaking amazing, even though it had a lot of commonplace stuff. And boy, do I regret wasting my two hours on this extremely disappointing collage. Basically, it's a film made of collages because everything just had to be colorful in outer space. No seriously. Of course everything is colorful there. It's not like the galaxy is filled with 96% dark matter that is called DARK for a reason. So yeah. Totally makes sense. And your skin also starts rotting in outer-space, too. Serious case of leprosy then? I liked Elektra more than this. I'd rather have watched that five times. Kind of feel like that says something. The only reasons I smiled or laughed was because the directors and script writers were decent at making corny jokes, puns, and lines funny enough that giggling is impossible prevent unless you are emotionless. They should have gone with comedy, rather than action-adventure, though, since I sincerely thought the rest of the moments were just junk. Call me a spoil-sport if you must, but I was literally whispering what would happen in the next minute to my friend beside me. Usually I'm not very good at predicting what happens in films -unless they are seriously full of clichés...which this film is-, but I said them anyway. I was right 8 times. Out of 9. I counted. Anyway... though the beautiful graphics did rival that of Avatar, the plot of "saving the people from the evil mastermind only this time it involves the whole galaxy instead of just one planet so it's not just Earth that's being targeted this time so ha we are different" never got THIS tiring. I was so close to sinking in my chair and dreaming up a nightmare because of how stupidly predictable this film was. Maybe that was intentional and Marvel fans just wanted to see some new, more unique heroes this time, and also to see the visuals, and maybe to see Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana's pretty butts...but whatever. I had half that mind prepared for a cliché-turned- awesome movie when I walked in the theater. I came out with my whole mind filling up and overloading with shame and displeasure.

So, plot: Would have been old and good but it wasn't. Protagonists: I would have cared for them more if the filmmakers didn't blow up almost everyone's favorite guy and kept alive some people's least-liked guy(s). So, yeah. Villains: ... oh my gosh, no, seriously? What even happened to the evil robot woman? Did the filmmakers just completely forget her? Music: Louder than Inception's horn. And I loved that even though it had no tune. Couldn't stand this though. But still, be ready for some rocking 80s and 90s music that I would have downloaded if they didn't play those songs during totally inappropriate moments. Comedy relief my butt. The only relief I got out of the soundtrack that isn't even their soundtrack -hopefully they didn't violate any copy rights... I mean, if it's these filmmakers, I wouldn't be surprised- is that I'm glad Groot enjoyed himself. Visuals: Stunning. That wasn't sarcastic at all. At all. What else? Oh yeah, unless you pay me a million dollars, I would never watch the sequel. So sorry I can't contribute ten dollars for Marvel next time. Tough luck.

Don't let this review stop you though. Most of my friends liked it. And of course, most people who reviewed this movie liked it, so I guess I'm just a jerk. I'm betting you readers agree, and that's totally understandable since I am totally venting. But hey, three out of four of my friends never watched a Marvel movie so... call me bluffing, but I sincerely experienced one of the deepest disappointments I have ever dealt with in regards to a movie franchise in my entire life.

... I'm still going to watch X-men though. Dang you, Marvel.
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Vastly Overrated
AnimalMother12 September 2014
I'm wondering, after seeing the reviews for this movie on IMDb, if this was the same movie I saw at the pictures a few weeks ago, because it absolutely boggles my mind how people can give this movie a 10/10 rating.

Now, when I saw it I wasn't particularly disappointed, as I came in expecting a light-hearted childish story that passed the time, and that is exactly what it was, and I didn't feel ripped off for paying to go and see it. I really regarded it as a superhero B Movie with a big budget. It was fun but wasn't memorable at all, and there was nothing in the movie that made me really think or challenge my perspective on a particular topic, which is what I expect from a movie which is deemed by the public to be a classic.

But this entirely wasn't the case. The plot line was simple, there was little to no character development or any notable acting performances, and the humour was completely childish and only really funny for someone aged 11 or under. There was no wit, satire, intelligence or anything really interesting in the movie and it was all set in your average Hollywood feel-good family fun movie template, which really doesn't appeal to mature tastes in cinema.

Now, I have to say I'm not a big superhero movie fan and I'd never buy a DVD for a superhero movie, but even for a superhero movie this one wasn't even that good. In my book it was about the same quality as another superhero I recently saw, which was The Amazing Spiderman 2, which is rated about 6 or 7. Personally I can't tell how this movie is any better or worse than that movie, after all, both were cliché feel-good films with a very simple plot.

I have to admit I wouldn't have even bothered writing a review for this movie had it not been for the ridiculously high rating it received on IMDb. Its 8.6 out of 10 at the minute. 8.6? That puts it ahead of absolute classics such as Django Unchained, Full Metal Jacket and Taxi Driver. How on earth this movie can be considered better than those movies is utterly unthinkable. They aren't even in the same league. This movie is several leagues below that.

I hope that the rating has subsequently gone down to somewhere between 6 and 7 if you're reading this in the not-so distant future, because that's where this B Movie with a big budget really belongs.
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