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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language

Sex & Nudity

  • Rocket, who is a raccoon, is briefly shown not wearing clothes while entering his prison cell after being showered, his folded prison uniform held over his groin.
  • The background song "Hooked on a Feeling" contains the lyrics "Yeah, you turn me on".
  • Around 13-14 min a blue naked man is seen rising from a pool what contains a purple liquid. He is seen staying in a lateral postion where his genitals aren't visible. In the next scene he is seen walking naked, but his nudity isn't visible due the darkness of the room.
  • In the beginning, an alien girl is briefly shown in a t-shirt and panties sitting in Peter's ship. Even though it is implied the two had a one-night stand, the scene isn't shot in a sexualized manner.
  • Peter stares at Gamora butt as she climbs the stairs and says that if he had a black light the ship would look "like a Jackson Pollock painting", referring to semen.
  • A man talks about sleeping with a woman to get information.
  • Other mild references to sex include a scene where it is implied that a woman should seduce men in order to distract them, and a very vague reference to prison rape that will most definitely fly over kids' heads.
  • Peter is seen shirtless in one scene with his underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • An alien-like character grabs the orb in one scene to commit suicide. The scene, however, is highly stylised.
  • When peters mother was dying she looks like she's bleeding and is emotional very emotional for kids.
  • This is slightly more violent than other MCU movies. It does have some gore, though not excessively. There are some scenes where large amounts of people are killed by various methods, being blown up, shot, having an arrow shot through their chest and out their backs. Little blood in most scenes, but there are some where blood and gore is present, as some human/alien insides are seen as they explode.
  • Fight scenes throughout (hand to hand, laser gun shoot outs and spaceship battles)
  • A man is tied against a pole. A man goes up to him with a hammer and offscreen we hear a loud bang. Blood runs down the chair after.
  • A guard uses a cattle prod to shock a man more than once, even after he is lying helpless on the ground.
  • A tree creature stabs several bad guys and uses them to slam other men to the ground
  • A prison guard is stabbed through the chest in the background. No blood is shown
  • A pirate uses a remote-control electronic dart to threaten people and to kill two dozen soldiers, leaving holes in their chests as they fall dead. The dart goes straight through all two dozen, right through their chests.
  • An orb slowly disintegrates anyone that touches it. This happens about 3 times throughout the film (no blood is shown, but skin can be seen burning away).


  • "Whore" is used once and "dick" is used 3 times maybe twice also star lord calls Ronan a "bitch."
  • Drax calls Gamora a "Green Whore."
  • This film has frequent language, including a humorously censored F-word, some S words and a few uses of each: Damn, Hell, Ass, Prick, Dick, bitch, bastard, asshole with some religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Peter tells Rocket that he's drunk when he's trying to shoot Drax for calling him "vermin". Drax the Destroyer drunkly proclaims "Lets put more of this liquid in our bodies!"

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film as a whole is bright and colorful with an upbeat tone, but there are some moments that may scare younger children and make people emotional.
  • Apart from Peter, most of the other main characters also have very tragic and emotional backstories. Gamora lost her entire family and was held captive and tortured. The scene where she tells this is quite sad; Rocket was the result of experiments on animals, and has an emotional drunken monologue about this; Drax lost his wife and daughter and mentions this several times throughout the movie.
  • A woman who was previously shot is shown with a slightly contorted body and face, which slowly heals itself. The woman snaps her joints and bones back into place. No blood is shown, and the scene is brief but it may be seen as mildly disturbing to some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • One scene has about six people/creatures holding each others hands, and their skin is peeling off and flying into the air. Though there is no blood, their eyes are turning black and their skin is peeling away as they scream in pain. Very intense scene.
  • Two women fight with swords. One pushes the other off the ship and we see her cut her hand off to escape.


  • The movie is quite profane compared to the other MCU movies. In one scene Peter says: "if this had a blacklight, it would look like a Jackson Pollock's painting" a clear comparison to semen, although most children wouldn't understand.
  • There is a scene where Peter mocks the bodyguard by slowly bringing up his middle finger at him, making it look like his hand is the box the ding is jack. He gives the guards "the finger" a few times in this one scene, acting as if he can't keep his finger down, he pushes it down, and it pops back up, then he shakes his head like he doesn't know why that is happening.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The first scene is emotionally intense, as it deals with Peter's mother dying of cancer in the hospital. She is obviously very sick, and seeing both that and a young child lose his mother might be distressing to some, especially those who went through similar situations.
  • A main character dies in an explosion. It is very emotional.
  • Although the ending is happy and upbeat, Star-Lord's emotion after opening his mother's last gift may cause some tears.

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