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31 Aug. 2011
The Philadelphia Experiment/Ape-Man Army/Zapped to Death
"The Philadelphia Experiment" looks at the case of UFO writer Morris K. Jessup who investigated an experiment in teleportation supposedly conducted by the U.S. Navy. "Ape-Man Army" examines the work of Russian scientist Ilya Ivanov who tried to create a human-ape hybrid. "Zapped to Death" examines Thomas Edison's role in the first execution by electricity.
7 Sep. 2011
I Have Einstein's Brain/Unidentified Flying Nazis/Killer Thoughts
"I Have Einstein's Brain" examines the case of Dr. Thomas Harvey who stole Albert Einstein's brain in order to discover the basis of genius. "Unidentified Flying Nazis" looks at the Kecksburg UFO incident and its possible connection with Nazi anti-gravity experimentation. "Killer Thoughts" examines the psychic arms race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. during the Cold War.
14 Sep. 2011
Sexy Secret Agent/Full Body Transplant/Honey I Nuked the Planet
"Sexy Secret Agent" examines the story of Candy Jones who believed she was the subject of a CIA mind control experiment. "Full Body Transplant" looks at a scientist Robert White who worked to perfect the brain transplant. "Honey I Nuked the Planet" examines the work of James Van Allen and the effort by the United States to detonate a hydrogen bomb in outer space.
21 Sep. 2011
It's Alive!/Tripping with Uncle Sam/My Hand Is Killing Me
"It's Alive!" looks at the the work of Giovanni Aldini who discovered a way of making dead flesh move. "Tripping with Uncle Sam" examines claims that the U.S. Government secretly tested psychoactive drugs in the French town of Pont St. Esprit as part of Project MKUltra. "My Hand Is Killing Me" examines the work of neurologist Kurt Goldstein and looks at the causes of alien hand syndrome.
28 Sep. 2011
21 Grams/Missing Cosmonauts/Sound of Death
"21 Grams" looks at the work of Dr. Duncan MacDougall who weighed dying people in order to establish the existence of the soul. "Missing Cosmonauts" examines reports that several cosmonauts died on missions during the early days of space exploration. "Sound of Death" looks at the work of scientists who were experimenting with ultra-low-frequency sound and a sonic gun.
5 Oct. 2011
Jekyll vs. Hyde/How to Make a Zombie/Radio Waves of Death
"Jekyll vs. Hyde" examines how the dentist Horace Wells pioneered the use of anesthesia but later suffers dementia when testing chloroform on himself. "How to Make a Zombie" looks at how Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis discovered real zombies in Haiti. "Radio Waves of Death" examines claims that Nikola Tesla's effort to transmit electricity without wires led to the development of a powerful radio wave weapon.

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