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Decent enough conclusion to a fairly average series
Tweekums19 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As the first series of 'The Body Farm' draws to a close I wouldn't bet on it getting a second even though I did grow to enjoy it more as the series progressed… it could do without the awful voice-overs at the beginning and end though! This week's instalment sees Dr. Lockhart and her team helping with the investigation into the death of a security guard found dead at a garage. At first it appears that it was a robbery that when wrong but it soon becomes apparent that the victim was not murdered at the site. The victim came from a local travellers' site but it is a very closed community and nobody there is keen to help the police; is this because of their customs or because they have something to hide? The case gets more confused when it appears that the victim may also have been involved with the kidnapping of a teenaged girl.

This was a decent episode that didn't cop out at the end by making the travellers a misunderstood group and have somebody else responsible for the crime. Tara Fitzgerald and Keith Allen do good jobs in the roles of Lockhart and Hale and the rest of the main cast is okay even if some of their characters remain as cliché as they were at the start of the series. If this series hadn't been a spin off from the superior 'Waking the Dead' I doubt it would have been given so much promotion by the BBC… however it might have been more highly regarded if it wasn't in the shadow of that programme. I would quite like to see more episodes but hope they will fix some of the more irritating elements if a second series is commissioned.
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