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Detonator Inverts a Familiar Formula

Detonator Inverts a Familiar Formula
Detonator opens with an extreme close-up of a tattoo being lasered off. Initially, it's not clear what's going on, but slowly the puckering and burning of skin clues the viewer in. That process of erasure, the pain involved in removing what is not only a memento of youthful folly but also a badge of one's former identity, pulls double duty in Detonator's setup; it's both easily deciphered symbolism and foreshadowing of the pain to come as present wrestles with past.

Sully (Lawrence Michael Levine) has traded his glory days as a local Philly punk rock star for the hustle and grind of grown-up responsibilities; he has a cute wife, cuter young son, and a soul-sucking job.

Just as he's wrestling with selling off some old equipment to buy a new bed, he receive...
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Brooklyn Film Festival Reveals Full Lineup; To Open With 'HairBrained' Starring Parker Posey

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Brooklyn Film Festival Reveals Full Lineup; To Open With 'HairBrained' Starring Parker Posey
The Brooklyn Film Festival (Bff) announced their lineup and their opening feature, "HairBrained," starring Brendan Fraser and Parker Posey. This year's festival runs May 31 - June 9 and takes place in Williamsburg with screenings held at indieScreen and Windmill Studios. "HairBrained" centers on the plight of 14-year-old genius Eli Pettifog as he sets off to Whittman College, a second choice for Ivy League rejects. He is paired with another unlikely student, Leo, who is a 41-year-old seeking to start over after his gambling career ends. While initially less than trilled about their shared dorming situation, the odd pair form a friendship. Read below for the full lineup. Go here for more info. Narrative Features: A Wife Alone (USA) Dir. Justin Reichman - World Premiere Black Out (The Netherlands) Dir. Arne Toonen - East Coast Premiere Cut to Black (USA) Dir. Dan Eberle - World Premiere Detonator (USA) Dir. Damon Maulucci & Keir Politz
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Philadelphia Film Festival 2012: ‘Greater Filmadelphia’ Section

Future Weather

To call Future Weather a ‘coming-of-age’ tale would likely be to make the assumption that the 13 year-old lead, Lauduree (Perla Haney-Jardine) has a Stand By Me moment somewhere around the climax of the film. Though Lauduree has her scene, the folks that come-of-age in Jenny Deller’s debut feature are the adults.

Lauduree is a precocious girl with big, environmental-science aspirations. Her mom Tanya (Marin Ireland) is an aspiring makeup artist, but a bit of a feckless parent. Her grandmother Greta (Amy Madigan) is love-lost, and more of a parent than Tanya seems capable of.

Haney-Jardine handles some difficult material with grown-up poise, and those childlike adults play their roles with equal parts moderation and complete abandonment.

Future Weather is a small film that looks big. Deller and cinematographer Zak Mulligan magically transform suburban Pennsylvania to a beautiful rural wonderland, and Deller’s assured direction makes her work
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