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  • Rachel and Kurt finally get their chance to audition for the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Meanwhile, Puck makes a decision about his future after a meeting with his father.

  • Rachel and Kurt finally get their chance to audition for the NYADA.


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  • With her NYADA audition coming up later in the week, we open with Rachel (Lea Michele) talking about being a star. She's doing everything possible to make sure she's ready.

    Puck (Mark Salling) has been talking about not graduating. But he needs to pass a European geography class to get it done. His plan is to flirt with the teacher.

    Coach Roz puts some of the girls on her "list" for a comment about domestic violence. She and Sue (Jane Lynch) tell Will (Matthew Morrison) about what they said, but tell him they're going to handle the problem.

    Kurt (Chris Colfer) works on his audition song, which is "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. He tells Blaine (Darren Criss) he's not sure of his song choice and is thinking about doing "Not the Boy Next Door."

    Puck making a pass at the teacher does not convince her ot give him a D. He's gives up on school and sings "School's Out For Summer."

    Sue talks to the kids who made the joke. She says nobody deserves to get hit, but the teachers don't think they appreciate the gravity of the subject. Roz tells a story about her aunt getting beat by an ex-husband. Sue gives them the assignment of using violence songs as songs of empowerment.

    Finn (Cory Monteith) tells the rest of the guys about Puck "dropping off the grid." He wants them to try and help him pass, "by any means necessary."

    Rachel tells Kurt she thinks Not the Boy Next Door is a terrible choice because he hasn't rehearsed it enough. She's doing "Don't Rain on My Parade" because she knows it like the back of her hand. She says he should do that song and offers to help him.

    Mercedes (Amber Riley), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Santana (Naya Rivera), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sugar sing "Cell Block Tango." Sue and Roz tell them they missed the point, which was about women getting out of an abusive situation.

    Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) admits to Sue and Roz her black eye wasn't from working out. Cooter hit her. They tell her she needs to get out of the house, but she doesn't want to because she doesn't think anybody else will want her. Sue offers to put her up.

    Puck tells one of his clients he's leaving town, headed to the West coast to begin his business. After the conversation Puck's father (Thomas Calabro) shows up. He's there to borrow money from Puck.

    Puck tells his friend he gave his dad the money, primarily because he thinks it means he'll never have to see him again. And since his father was a dropout, he now wants to make sure he passes this test and graduates. He asks the guys to help him.

    Just before his audition Rachel tells Kurt the surprise judge is Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg), a Broadway great who has been named dean of NYADA and is crossing the country picking out her first class. At the last minute, Kurt changes his song to Not the Boy Next Door. Tibideaux loves it and congratulates him on taking a risk with his song choice.

    Finn drops off flowers for Rachel before her audition. Rachel chokes on "Don't Rain on My Parade." Badly. After letting her re-start once, Carmen ends the audition, saying when a person forgets their lyrics on Broadway, the job goes to their understudy. Rachel is beside herself.

    The guys help Puck cram for his test. This turns into a punkish version of "The Rain in Spain."

    Beiste tells Sue she's moved in with her sister. She then tells the kids what really happened to her. She's considering pressing charges and tells the girls they helped open her eyes.

    Puck takes the test, but doesn't seem confident. He thanks the guys for their help.

    The girls perform "Shake It Out" for Beiste. During the song we see Beiste has moved back in with Cooter.

    Rachel tells Kurt she had her chance and she choked. She's talking about not going to New York. She sings "Cry."

    Puck failed his test.

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