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The Rise and Fall of a Con Artist
claudio_carvalho2 October 2011
The infamous anti-hero Marcelo Nascimento da Rocha is one of the greatest Brazilian con artists ever that has lured several persons with his schemes. The director and writer Mariana Caltabiano proposes to write his biography and to make a documentary about his life, and she is also lured by the swindler.

Marcelo discloses the story of his life with humor and his greatest moment when her lures the society in Recife, including the unethical journalist Amaury Jr. that uses the comfort of his companionship, pretending to be the son of the owner of the Gol (a Brazilian air flight company). The documentary entwines interviews with footages.

His intelligence and ability to lie is amazing and deserves to be studied by psychologists. Wagner Moura has performed a character inspired in his biography in the fictional film "VIPs". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "VIPs - Histórias Reais de um Mentiroso" ("VIPs – True Stories of a Liar")
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The liar
masssariol2 September 2019
Very well produced documentary, with a touch of humor... He knows how to deal with people like few, taking everyone with his lip... Having as his "victims" Amaury Jr., Ricardo Macchi, Marcos Frota and Carolina Dieckmann and others ... In fact this documentary must have been the subject of study of many of our politicians ... With such a "curriculum" Marcelo is already qualified for the policy of this country...
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