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Can't wait for next season
soreal-bhadoria11 May 2012
OMG! That was a fantastic finale. can't wait for the 4th season premier. This episode was full of emotions and thrills. Finally Elena makes her choice and eye watering scenes. This was a Perfect finale after a little disappointing last episode. They could've done a much better job in previous episode than this after creating a negative character of Alaric.

I haven't read a single book of Vampire Diaries, so i can't compare it with anything but i surely love this show. They have done a brilliant job with the storyline and a great base for the next season and just hoping that they continue like this in the next season. On the whole 3rd season was brilliant with some Amazing starting 9 Episodes and last 5 episodes... and some bad episodes like 1912,Break on through...

If i have to pick "The Reckoning ,Heart of Darkness , The Departed " were the best episodes...... 10 stars to last episode and 9 star to season 3.
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Awesome, come on with season 4
AlexisVannin8 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This was just an amazing final, I always wanted Elena to chose Stefan and I liked how she said goodbye to Damon, also the flashbacks of Elena in the drowned car and from Damon when he first met Elena,One thing I didn't like was that Alaric had to die because he was just awesome, I liked him and I wanted him back like he was before, Also the fact that Elena turns into a vampire is fantastic, I waited for her to become a vampire since the beginning of season three. And I have to add that Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Damon would be a perfect couple :) I hate it that Jeremy and Bonny had to break up but I really really really can't wait for season 4 to start! fantastic three seasons and I hope season 4 blows them away :)
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Let's See the Sequel of This Soap Opera
Claudio Carvalho31 December 2013
Elijah returns to Mystic Falls and requests the corpse of his brother to Stefan and Elena to leave the town and Elena makes a deal with him. Damon is forced to agree to deliver Klaus to Rebekah and hides his coffin in a storage room. Bonnie asks Damon to leave her alone with Klaus for a moment. Meanwhile Sheriff Forbes and Mayoress Lockwood are deposed from their position by the council after being denounced by Alaric, and they ask Caroline and Tyler to leave town. Elena cannot decide between Stefan and Damon, and Matt and Jeremy drug her and Matt drives Elena out of Mystic Falls to protect her.

"The Departed" follows the shape of this terrible "Third Season": the "die-non-die" of The Originals; the boring "soap opera" romance of Elena, not sure whether she makes out with Stefan or Damon; and the annoying and spoiled eighteen or nineteen year-old Elena always deciding what to do instead of the two ancient and experienced vampires. The wooden Nina Dobrev was funny as Katherine; maybe she improves her performance on the next season as a vampire. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "The Departed"
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