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24 Jan. 2010
Episode dated 24 January 2010
Interviews from the 2009 COP 15 - United Nations Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen, Denmark - December, 2009. Host Greg Dalton interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California and Chinese entrepreneur, Huang Ming. Also interviewed are Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and Caio Koch-Weser, President of Deutsche Bank. Lastly, Greg discusses the future of electric cars with James Lentz, President and COO of Toyota Motors USA.
24 Jul. 2011
Charge It: Sustainable Urbanism
Charge It - Consumers are ready for electric vehicles. Entrepreneurs and policymakers just need to hustle to work out the kinks in the nationwide networks that will charge the cars, said a panel of experts assembled at Climate One on 5/12/11, in San Francisco. Sustainable Urbanism - It's a love story gone horribly wrong. Big cars, ever-bigger homes, distant suburbs - all of it kept afloat by cheap oil. If this American arrangement ever made sense, it certainly doesn't now, Peter Calthorpe told a Climate One audience in San Francisco on 5/25/11. Tragically, we're ...

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