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It's nice to see someone other than Jason Statham still consistently making cool B action films!
Hellmant20 December 2012
'EL GRINGO': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Eduardo Rodriquez directed this Scott Adkins action vehicle for After Dark Films (as part of their expansion into the action genre). It was written by Jonathan Stokes and produced by action master Joel Silver! It costars Yvette Yates, Erando Gonzalez and Christian Slater. The film is a great throwback to spaghetti westerns and other old school action films and continues to showcase the remarkable talents of Scott Adkins as a new leading man action hero.

Adkins plays a DEA agent (who is never named, in true spaghetti western fashion) who is setup and attacked in the middle of the dessert. His partners are killed but he manages to escape (after killing the gunmen who attacked him). He stages his own death and flees into Mexico with a bag full of drug money. He runs into hostility there wherever he goes as the locals don't seem to want him in their town. He finds a little help from a local bar owner (Yates) but soon finds a ton of opposition from the local corrupt sheriff (Gonzalez), and his drug cartel thugs, as well as his old DEA boss (Slater), who tracks him down.

The movie is a pretty impressive style over substance indie action film. Rodriguez's directing is cool and the script is fun. There's of course not a lot to the story but the action is almost nonstop and Adkins really shines as an action force to be reckoned with. It's nice to see someone other than Jason Statham still consistently making cool B action films. The movie was made for just $7 million but it's definitely not short on explosions or gun battles. This is the stuff that the action films of yesteryear were made of; just good old action loving fun!

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Why should i watch El Gringo
Ervis Arapi18 May 2012
If you like action this movie will not disappoint the story is nothing that hasn't been done before but it is put together quiet well, and the acting is as good as it gets for a low budget movie... of course its not a masterpiece but i feel it deserves a chance. Reading some of the reviews i felt that they forgot to mention that this was a movie meant to entertain people and it does just that, i was very entertained by the end of it and not only was i entertained but i found myself with a silly smile on my face from laughing hard most times and then end up getting angry the next scene, this movie is like a roller coaster never a dull moment. I highly recommend it simply for its high entertainment value, don't go in expecting Quentin Tarantino.. but were you to sit down and watch a movie simply because you enjoy watching a movie than this will not disappoint i assure you.
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If you can get with its groove, it's okay
Wizard-814 July 2014
It's hard to believe that major Hollywood producer Joel Silver got involved with this movie, since it was destined to go straight to DVD. Actually, I didn't think that this movie was terrible. Certainly, I can see why some people might not like it. The direction and the editing is often very flamboyant, when a less-is-more attitude in these departments would probably have worked better. Also, the movie is VERY bloody and violent, which will probably repulse some prudish viewers. But I have to admit that I wasn't bored while watching the movie. There are a few action sequences that really deliver the goods, for one thing. And the crazy direction and editing, though sometimes annoying and pretentious, did make me curious as to what strangeness would come next. I would say that if you have a taste for direct to DVD movies, and are in the mood for something in a much different style than usual, then you'll probably find this movie an acceptable time waster.
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Fatal Error
Kate Wingnut Drever14 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really would recommend watching this film. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. Numerous people get kickboxed in the face, a bazillion are shot and some stuff blows up. Willfully over-the-top action and character types are fun if never quite as giddily distinctive as hoped for. To the credit of Rodriguez and scenarist Jonathan Stokes, the pic starts at the crisis point and manages to keep complications piling up with a certain esprit.

Although, there was one thing I found that was not planned out that well. The fact that all these men are chasing him for his bag full of money, only to try and blow him up with grenades and bazookas. Wouldn't that blow up all the money as well!?

However, its always nice to see Christian Slater back in the movies. I hope he can get his career back on track.

Thumbs up and I hope everyone else enjoyed the movie as much as I did.
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"The Man" is more a Rambo than a Boyka
Alireza S15 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I had been waiting for this movie for a while. But now that I've seen it, I'm disappointed. But that may not be the case with you. So read on.

Well, Let's Start with the Storyline. The Story is nothing original. We have seen it in many movies. A man goes to a city. The people of that city are under the Tyranny of a leader. and he Frees them from that ruler. I'm sure right now you can remember at list 10 movies with such a story (though each one has a few twists). That's the plot.

The acting is normal. But that doesn't matter. After all, Who watches an action movie (I mean a movie with such actors as Scott Adkins, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Gary Daniels, etc.) for its acting? I guess no-one. Plot and action scenes are what matter in such a movie. Acting comes after them.

So Let's go on with the Fight scenes. Scott Adkins' Character Called "The Man", "El Gringo" or "The Gringo" is nothing like the most famous Adkins' character, Boyka (Undisputed II and III). He's rather a Rambo for two reasons. First is that he defeats a huge gang alone (rather funny, Just as Rambo does, all of them wait until he shots them). And the Second is his fighting style. 95% of his fighting consists of punching. and he throws only a few kicks throughout the movie, only one of which is a Boyka-Style kick (a two-legged Front Kick). If you're expecting Boyka-type fighting style in this movie, you'll surely be disappointed. But If you like Stallone movies (specially Rambo), You'll enjoy this one. My Score: 4/10
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B-grade gun-toting non-stop action flick
regstir-imdb18 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Basically a no-brainer b-grade gun fighting, action-packed flick wherein the director cannot make up his mind whether to keep the hero as the better fighter or the initial scary villain as the baddest guy.

Some of the scenes make you wince for its predictability or non-originality.

Terrific photography from all sorts of angles, new fight techniques and loud music make it thoroughly enjoyable on surround sound.

Subtle humor with the mongrel and fight scenes wherein the bad guy gets very upset whenever he loses his hat make the movie intriguing.

Romantic scene when she heals his wounds a nice turn on.

Lack of logic in many scenes like why the gang would not see what is in the bag which the hero desperately tried to retain.

If you can look the other way at some of the absurdity and inanity, you might enjoy this if you like movies like Machete, by the other Rodriguez.
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Worth A Watch
David_Brown30 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is without question a "B" Film, the $7m budget, and the fact it was filmed in New Orleans and Sofia, Bulgaria (Instead of Mexico, where it was supposed to take place), tells you that (Although Joel Silver was involved in producing this. Yes,the same Silver who did the "Matrix", "Die Hard" & "Lethal Weapon" franchises). One thing to be aware of, is if you are a woman or into entertainment like "Downton Abbey" this is not your kind of film. If however, you like action and beautiful women it is certainly worth a watch. I was channel surfing and saw Yvette Yates (Anna), and I had to watch (By the way, she also did a Maxim spread, very nice). She is without question one of the hottest women I have ever seen in a film. Spoilers ahead: The best part of the film is actually the ending, where "The Man" (Scott Adkins) has to do battle against a corrupt Mexican lawman, and his drug running friends. If you know the Clint Eastwood "The man with no name" films that were done by Sergio Leone, you can predict quite a bit of it, but the ending offers a nice surprise. 8 of 10 stars (Mostly for Yates).
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Another "rip-off" movie that is actually not that bad at all. Mel Gibson's was better but this is worth seeing. I say B.
Tony Heck6 July 2012
"One man can't make a difference, trust me." After a man (Adkins) grabs a bag full of 2 million dollars and runs to Mexico he thinks he is safe. He stops in the town of El Fronteras where he plans to hide out until he can safely return. After word of his bag gets around he must now do all he can to survive. You may be wondering why this sounds familiar. It's because a movie called "Get The Gringo" is the same thing. I have always wondered why two movies about the same thing usually come out at the same time. At least movies like "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" or "Mirror Mirror" and "Snow White and the Huntsman" tried to have different titles. This one is almost the same title even. This had more of a feel of early good Robert Rodriguez movies like "Desperado" in the beginning and slowly started to turn into a bad Rodriguez movie like "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". There really is nothing else to say other then this is a decent movie that I enjoyed, but I liked it better when it was called "Get The Gringo". Overall, not bad but too soon for a remake. I give it a B.
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Wow was this movie bad. El Gringo esta mierda
david ebarle12 May 2012
I'm sure many have used the trite saying "I'll never get those two hours back". Well, "I'll never get those two hours back!" Having Christian Slater on the bill probably lent more to attracting any of us dumb enough to shell out money for this flick. I'm so sorry his career has taken a turn for the worse with this failed attempt.

Some bad films are still entertaining to watch, for the mere comedic factor. Kinda like watching "America's Dumbest Criminals-Pursuits-Bank Robbers" etc. This is not one of those. They tried to present a Tarantino-esque film and missed the target. By about 2000 miles.

Anyway, if you have laundry to fold, litter box to clean, or freezer to defrost, choose one of these three wisely. Don't bother with El Gringo. Or else you will never get those two hours back either.
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El Gringo, the Mariachi's little retarded cousin
testmonckey2 July 2012
A El Mariachi ripoff, with bad acting, strong stereotypes, poorly depiction of a culture and country, incoherent plot, brain numbing scenarios, unlikable characters, downright offensive and did I mentioned bad acting? First time I have ever wanted someone to actually kill the love interest, oh boy that actress has range...of a delusional schizophrenic, but she is hot though, and I guess that's all that matters.

This movie is as smart as a Hilton/Kardashian co-op. I usually enjoy Mr. Atkins movies but this one just made me cringe, yes I hated this flick as you may have guessed for a number...a really high number of reasons, which also makes me wonder, u might enjoy this one, if you're high.

skip this one guys, is not even one of those is so bad is good, flicks it's just plain bad.

oh and so you know, there's no such thing as "Sheriffs" in Mexico, which just made the main villain feel like he just enjoyed playing dress up.
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A failed attempt at being Tarrantino-ish...
pauls15613 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review of a movie. Hopefully it'll get some exposure and consideration. I'm sure many people have said, "I wish I could get XX minutes/hours back of my life" when watching a movie. I have to say, I wish I could get back 100 minutes of my life. Where to begin? I will try to start with a few positives. Well, mainly one. There is a lot of bloody, entertaining, mindless violence. Because of this, there were a number of entertaining action scenes. With the positives aside, here is what I thought about the rest of the movie. Despite the action scenes, it was boring. The main character probably spends at least 30 minutes of the movie trying to get a glass of water from locals, in a town, who will not serve him. The "plot" of the movie does not unravel until probably an hour or so into it, and even then, not everything is explained. This was the major turn off for me. I like to have direction when I watch movies and this did not deliver. Despite the action scenes being entertaining, I found them way too unbelievable. The main character had skills like Jason Bourne from the Bourne trilogy. However, based on what we know about the character, he is just an average, everyday police officer. Sure, he could have got special training to be "bad-a**" but, his character is not explained. I also feel like the movie was way too predictable. An hour into the movie, I predicted the ending. As well, the people who made this movie tried to fit in way too many "main characters," but the furthest they got in terms of character depth was the characters' names. They felt like fluff to pad a movie.

If I had to sum it up, without you potential viewers taking the time to read the previous stuff that I wrote, I would sum it up by saying: Imaging a low-budget, poorly rated Christian Slater movie that he's doing now a days (seems like quite a lot lately) to make a quick buck. This is one of those. If you know what I mean, in my opinion, stay away. However, if you have yet to experience one of these movies, then this one is the way to go...Watch at your own risk.
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Kind of a Spaghetti Western
fivestarmichael18 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a five, maybe a six. I have seen a lot worse movies on IMDb with higher ratings. It was well directed and the actors all did a good job, the dialogue isn't even that bad.

It could have been a 7 or 8 but the over-the-top action sequences ruined it.

A New Mexico cop with Jason Bourne fighting and gun skills? I am tired of all the movies where ordinary cops who are able to fight and shoot like they had special forces training.

Spaghetti Westerns worked because Clint Eastwood was intelligent, resourceful and a great gunfighter and his performances were subtle. El Gringo would have been a lot better movie If the director had slowed down and done a better job telling the story instead of making it an incredibly unrealistic action movie.

The fight scenes are well shot, but the over-abundance of blood shed ruins the movie. I wouldn't say this movie is a complete waste of time, there are worse movies with higher ratings. However, it could have been a lot better.
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Stay away if you value your time and money
nico128917 January 2013
This is actually the first time ever that a movie has tempted me to write a review of my own. Scratch that. It practically forced me to. After a hard day's work, all I wanted was a good old action flick. A movie that'd not overwhelm that overworked brain of mine. Well, I certainly got what I came for, but to a degree I hadn't been prepared for. This movie basically consists of three things: 1. Close-up shots of certain objects or persons accompanied by a cheap sound-effect. (A rattlesnake, for example) 2. Shootouts and fights by and with a superhero-like nut-job against even worse nut-jobs. 3. The worst dialogue I ever heard in a movie. Ever.

Example? Here you go: About 5-10 minutes into the movie, our superhero-nut-job approaches three other nut-jobs sitting beside their trailer in the Mexican desert. They are harassing a dog. He shouts from afar: "Hey! Leave that dog alone!" In response, one of them shouts: "Un Gringo! Hijo de puta!" (Son of a..) Now, in a close-up shot that is brilliantly accompanied by some cliché western-jingle, we see our 3 nut-jobs grabbing a bat, tire-iron or whatever else seems to be lying around. Then our superhero-nut-job hits everyone of them a few times until they stop moving.

All you have to do now to imagine how the rest of the movie goes is to exchange the three nut-jobs for other nut-jobs, the trailer for a ramshackle Mexican town and the bats for guns. That's it. There's nothing else there.

All in all one of the worst movies I have ever seen and a huge waste of time. Plus 1 star for the hot chick though.
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Lively Little Shoot'em Up with Style Galore
zardoz-1328 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Venezuela-born director Eduardo Rodriguez isn't related to Texas native Robert Rodriguez. Nevertheless, Eduardo's violent crime thriller "El Gringo" resembles Robert's crime thriller "El "El Mariachi." As far as that goes, "El Gringo" looks like the Mel Gibson savage shoot'em up "Get the Gringo." The chief difference here is that the Scott Adkins' hero is a lawman on the prowl. He crosses the border because he wants to and winds up in the cartel owned town of El Fronteras, Mexico. Gibson played an amoral gunman who preferred Mexican justice to California. Eduardo proves that he can stage machine gun shoot outs, physical hand-to-hand combat, and to handle them in a manner that accentuates the action with a multi-media approach. This is a lively, entertaining epic with a body count and a wisecracking Christian Slater in a supporting role as a tenacious New Mexican detective. The opening scenes show our hero stumbling into Fronteras looking for a drink of water. At one point, he tries to pay $500 for a glass of water!
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El Gringo? Really?
valiaka22 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is not bad itself for a B action movie. Give me a break - I do not know where this movie was filmed, nor do I care. The only thing I care about is this was not filmed in Mexico. So why call it El Gringo? Russian made cars, buses, etc. The vegetation was not native to Mexico. The architecture was also not native to Mexico. I do not know how much cheaper was to film this somewhere else, but this definitely affects the realism of the movie and my viewing experience. If you guys are trying to make a movie and distribute it in the US, consider the fact that quite a few of us have traveled south in the past. There are quite a few movies out there, in which the action supposedly takes place in some fictional country in Eastern Europe or Asia, so it would have not been that difficult to adapt the storyline. I give this movie the 2 stars because I liked Scott Adkins' performance. Otherwise would have been less.
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Not foreign at all
kosmasp6 May 2013
Even clichés can be nice to watch. So while the title is talking about a "stranger/foreigner", the plot itself is actually pretty common. You might have seen similar stories told and some even in a better fashion (hopefully). But this still is a lot of fun, if you let it. There are some nice little visual tweaks here and there and the editing style is all over the place too. It might not be your taste, but you can't fault the movie for trying.

Scott Adkins delivers again and you can see why he sort of revives the 80s action movie style almost by himself. He has that kind of charisma and I don't mean that in a degrading way. The dog sub story is good and even Christian Slater isn't a big letdown as he was in his last couple of movies ...
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I really liked this film
moppymcjones8618 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why so many people gave hateful reviews about this film. I'm giving it a ten because for what it was, I thought it was excellent. One cannot watch a B movie and expect it to have the same flavor as a major budget Hollywood film. It seems so many people are comparing it to other films instead of rating the movie itself and know one gives reasoning as to why it was worse than (insert major Hollywood movie). If you like B cheesy action movies than this one will be awesome. It has lots of cool shootings, and a one pistol round that unstoppable. In the moment where people usually would show mercy and arrest instead of shooting the main character doesn't. It has the cheesy intros for characters without being unnecessarily lengthy and wordy.
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Stay away from this film
wolfhell887 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The main problem with El Gringo is that the lead actor can't act and has absolutely no charisma. The other problem is that there is almost no story. The hero of this movie is running around or shooting most of the time so I really miss a script.

Christian Slater has also seen much better days. He's a good actor but hasn't much to do here so he gives us a Jack-Nicholson-for-the-poor performance.

The story reminds me of a mixture between El Mariachi and Desperado but without the coolness and the sense of humor that Robert Rodriguez films had.

Stay away from this film!
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Despite the titans Adkins and Slater, there's actually very little to recommend about El Gringo.
Comeuppance Reviews22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A mysterious man, known only as "The Man" (Adkins) arrives in the small Mexican town of El Fronteras with a duffel bag filled with cash. He finds the town less than hospitable, and as the local gang tries to steal his loot, through a series of flashbacks, we find out how he got into this predicament. With Lt. West (Slater) of the New Mexico police crossing the border to go hot on his trail, The Man has plenty to contend with, but with the help of local barmaid Anna (Yates) he just may ride off into the sunset with everything he wants. But can this happen in such a violent place? Sadly, very sadly, we found El Gringo to be a disappointment. You'd think having Scott Adkins and Christian Slater in a movie together would be a surefire winner that could overcome any potential drawbacks elsewhere. It turns out that assumption was incorrect, and you know what happens when you assume. The problem is, it's weighted down with those annoying modern, overly-slick editing tricks that we're not in love with, to say the least. Why directors and editors feel they need to do this remains unknown. (It should be noted that the editor's name is Don Adams, and he does indeed need to get smart). They must think it's helping, but it's really, really not. With a bunch of quick cuts, seizure-inducing flashes, CGI all over the place, and self-consciously "wacky" music and situations, the movie dooms itself. The whole outing has a vibe that it's trying super-hard to be cool, but it's trying too hard. All it had to do was let the magic of Adkins and Slater happen. And get out of the way. But its obsession with being a post-Tarantino irony-laced jaunt puts the kibosh on that.

And it had so much potential for being genuinely cool. The movie sabotages itself by setting up a potentially cool situation, then squelching it, almost out of spite. So it sets itself up for failure, because even if something awesome does indeed happen, the overall tenor ruins it, because you can't go back and un-see what uncoolness you just saw. And at 103 minutes, it wears out its welcome. Besides having to witness the character of "The Man" (which isn't at all stolen from Sergio Leone) in a variety of situations frustrating to him, the viewers also get frustrated. The whole thing has a distasteful Missionary Man (2007) vibe, and director Rodriguez even made a movie with Dolph, Stash House (2012), which is acknowledged to be one of Dolph's worst, even worse than Missionary Man.

Of course, Scott Adkins is always boss, and he does execute some outstanding moves on the baddies in the beat-em-up scenes, but, ultimately, it's very hard to care. Despite some classics like the "walking away from an explosion" and the "sideways jump/dive while shooting", it's just not enough this time. Even the fruit cart cliché is here. But a dud in the Adkins canon was bound to happen eventually, as he has had a long string of winners, and no actor, or gambler for that matter, has had an unbroken streak. But perhaps the most unsettling thing about this particular Adkins performance is that his distinctive British accent is gone, in favor of an unnecessary American voice. Just another El Gringo misstep, it seems.

Speaking of missteps, there's the matter of the title song. One of the best and most noteworthy aspects of the movie was the song by Manowar, but it's only heard during the end credits. It would have been awesome to hear it during a shootout or training sequence. But no, another wasted opportunity. Despite the titans Adkins and Slater, there's actually very little to recommend about El Gringo, as much as it pains us to say it.
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Adkins is a worthy action hero, just needs worthy films.
Joseph Su'a28 April 2014
First of all, I haven't seen Get The Gringo, so I won't compare the two. Now, El Gringo has a small plot; Man has a bag, hides in Mexico, and once people find out there's a large amount of money in the bag, they hunt him down. There's a couple of twists and turns, which are poorly executed. The acting isn't Oscar worthy, the dialogue is pure cheese, the humor feels out of place, the editing is effed up choppy, but the action sequences are awesome and was enough to hold my interest. I'd say it's the type of movie I'd have playing in the background while I'm doing other things. Just because I'm giving it a low rating doesn't mean it's bad.

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El Gringo
Phil Hubbs17 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of many straight to DVD films that Scott Adkins has churned out in between the odd big movie. This film seems to have gone down a few routes here, firstly its clearly a nod to classic Clint Eastwood 'the man with no name' films, there is a strong Mexican style spaghetti western vibe here. Secondly its clearly a Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez wannabe flick, the editing and general style is obvious. Thirdly it could be seen as a film project by Adkins to try and prove he's up and ready for a role in the next violent Tarantino/Rodriguez flick, cast me! cast me!. And lastly it might just be a simple homage to all of the above, but I doubt that, riding on the coattails probably.

In all honesty its not a bad film but its not good either. We spend the first ten minutes of the film watching Adkins trying to get a drink of water from all the local oddballs in town. Then we spend another ten minutes or so watching this really annoying young girl trying to steal Adkins bag of cash. This happens not once but numerous times, its annoying, time wasting, for Christ's sake just look after your flippin' bag dude!.

Most of the film is forgettable except for one gun battle sequence slap bang in the middle. I can't deny I was impressed with this, it was awesome! spectacular in its bloody bullets to the head violence. A touch of kickboxing from Adkins but mainly a rollicking gun fest as he pops bullets in a stream of bad guys whilst running around tight squalid alleyways. It is a real adrenaline rush I kid you not, lots of bloody squibs and absurdity as he takes out blokes with a shotgun that are well out of range I'm sure. The whole sequence plays out like a Call of Duty online game actually, visually it has that frantic wham-bam feel plus Adkins goes around picking up weapons from guys he's just taken out, one after another.

The other COD inspiration if you ask me is that all the bad guys have this gangland warpaint on their faces in the form of a simple skull motif. Their faces are white with black around the eyes and cheekbones giving that COD: Ghosts appearance. The main bad guy looks the best of course, he also looks like a young Raul Julia too.

It is a bit of a shameful artistic and stylistic rip off from various other sources but it still manages to hold together. Adkins isn't the best actor on the block by any means but he's a good action star as we know and his fights get more impressive with each film. The finale to this film is pretty damn awful I won't lie, it builds up to something massive but ends up a wet squib, very disappointing. Other than that I recommend watching for the gun battle midway through, its worth it, just try not to have an epileptic fit with all the flashy quickfire cuts and editing.

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Watching a race between two slugs would be more exciting.
dovomu16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dumb movie! This movie is an offence to the human brain. One third of the movie is the major character trying to buy some water, where all sellers denied to sell. The remaining waste of time is about coward bandits who don't have courage to fight the law, easy targets to his gun and brailess citizens. Mysteriously all people he shoot were placed in his fire line. And the plot ends with The Man changing his decision of take the money.

A history of a cop who watched his co-workers being killed by smuglers, kill them all and decide to take the drug money and run to some quiet place, taking advantage of the money. Then goes to a city in the middle of nowhere, where half of the citizens are dumb bandits, following the weak and non smart sheriff, and the remaining are speechless citizens. Suddenly the major character give up the drug money AFTER have saved all the city from 200 bad buys.

The plot could be better, even awesome. All histories have a begin, the development and the end. But the producers forgot the development.
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Worst film ever.
blue14129 September 2012
Giving this film even a 1 makes me shudder. I have never seen such bad acting, heard such cheesy lines, looked at so many ugly people, sweaty boobs, or stupid townspeople on film. And that's just the OK folks. Even the dog was a loser. I want my thinking cap back, I lost it somewhere in this terrible mess of a movie. If there is a bath to be had in town, it's somewhere over the horizon that no one attempts to locate. And who wants to take a bath next to animal bones anyway. Wait, those ugly, dirty, sweaty boobs people, and their loser dog just might.Nasty, grimy, horrible, just awful, and those are the good points of this film.
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Decent Action Flick
Destroyer Wod4 March 2013
Personally i am not a fan of these type of movies usually, the "desperado" style. But as a Scott Adkins movie, i had to see it. It was released under Bullet here in quebec, don't know why, as its so generic of a title... Anyway took me a couple weeks after the DVD release to finally watch it, the reviews had me nervous, but I'm glad i decided to watch it anyway.

Scott Adkins can't be Boyka in every movie, and as much as i love that character, it would be bad for him to just play it again and again. Here he is a more ordinary police officer on the run and pretty much fight like your usual big guy hitting hard. A lot of gun fights also but there is enough hand to hand to keep the fans of it satisfy.

The movie has a couple jokes and funny lines, i really laugh hard at one scene in particular, and the "cheap filming" style didn't bothered me too much, even tough its made like that for artistic purpose.

It will not be remembered as Scott Adkins best movie for sure, but its a decent enough action movie in the no brainer category. It serve its purpose well.

One thing i find funny tough, Christian Slater is on the cover like he is some major character but he is not... not at all, really its kind of funny to see they almost blocked Adkins to show him because at one point he had Star Power... but nowadays he just play in low budget movies and get crappy roles, more or less always a wimp...
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Scott Adkins Should do More Big Budget Movies and More Main Role Get The Gringo 2 A Little (Spolier)
nikola1721 September 2013
OK I Love Scott Adkins but mostly he is not main role in Movies sometimes he is main role like in Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning and Undisputed 3 and Ninja and this is he's main role of movie sweet i like to see him more of main role movies this movie is like Get the Gringo 2 with Mel Gibson know as How I Spent My Summer Vacation. why is it like Mel Gibson movie well (1) Mel Gibson has no name in this movie named Driver in El Gringo Scott Adkins role the Man is cop he was under Attack by Mexican gangs His partners are killed but he manages to escape (after killing the gunmen who attacked him) for Hour he was looking for water young girl with knife was trying to rob him he says your holding the knife the wrong way he get's it,punch's her in face he walked to bar meet girl and got to know each another he had drug money with him he had to take because he might need it so he payed her with drug money later she might thought he was drug dealer or gang member but he wasn't you have gangs that don't do much going after him because he has drug money the Action Scenes were awesome i love part when he got gun gang were on line,Scott shoot's the gun killed all 4 guys in one shoot went threw their heads that was AWESOME. Christian Slater as cop but later you find out he is bad guy as in bad cop he doesn't do much in this movie he is tracking him because he has drug money and bring it back to Deputy Chief Logan Christian should do better movies not like this he doesn't do much in this movie more of Scott Adkins fan this movie is entering,Actioner,Fun,Fast Placed and enjoyable movie like Get the Gringo or should i say Get the gringo 2 or how i spent my summer Vacation 2 it's like that but in b movie 8/10 good underrated flick with Scott Adkins do more role movies with BIGGER BUDGETS Like Expendables 2,Zero Dark Thirty,Bourne Ultimatum do more big budget not low budget.
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