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Enjoyable television
docterryc2 June 2012
I am frequently in awe of many reviews posted on IMDb. The writer's have insights and knowledge of production techniques that amaze me.

However, unlike many reviewers, I watch TV (theatre, read fiction, etc.) for a relaxing escape. Indeed, my sole criteria is "Did I enjoy it?" Without exception, I thoroughly enjoyed all 13 episodes of this series and look forward to season two.

I agree with the comments made that took issue with Ho Hum's views. I think he is being sexist. Miss Fisher is the heroine of the story so must be sharper/better/cleverer/whatever than the police. This is no different to other private detectives such as Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Monk etc.
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adriennew-325-67981923 March 2012
I am so glad to see a local author recognised during their working life in this way! Fantastic to see the series made. Yes, they have changed a few of the "facts" but it has to tie together within a restricted framework of a TV series.

I also thought Essie Davis was older than the character was meant to be (about 27) but I could not think of anyone better for the role. I don't think she plays it as too experienced a person; you must remember that people grew up a lot faster in wartime than they do in the comfortable lazy days we live in now.

As for the review entitled "Ho Hum", if the roles were reversed, and the important characters male, with the females filling the vacuous or stupid roles, it would be NORMAL TELEVISION FARE! For once, we have a story that represents women in a strong light, and having some fun, instead of being a backdrop to a male tale.

ABC, you rock!
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Lots of fun, and looks gorgeous
Katherina_Minola3 December 2013
I happened upon Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries quite by accident. I'd never read (or even heard of) the books, but the programme drew me in, and is now one of my favourites. It's set in 1920s Melbourne, and although as the title says, each episode is concerned with a murder, it's lots of fun, and not too gory at all. Because of the time it is set in, there are no sophisticated forensic techniques to be handily applied to push the story forward (such as in CSI and numerous of its copies). It's basically good old sleuthing by Phryne Fisher and Inspector Jack Robinson. I love Essie Davis and Nathan Page as Phryne and Jack - the chemistry between them is almost palpable.

The period is reproduced beautifully, and the programme is simply gorgeous to look at. (I covet Phryne's wardrobe with every episode that I watch!) I also really enjoy Phryne's maid and friend Dot, and Jack's constable Hugh. who ably help them in their crime-solving.

It's great to see a series with such a strong, intelligent and independent female lead, and Davis plays the character wonderfully.

I would definitely recommend this series to any fans of period drama or crime drama, especially if you like a dash of playfulness added to your viewing!
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Great fun! Smart. Witty. Beautiful Costumes.
riverstyxmail23 December 2012
Call me nerdy, I love this show and so looking forward to season 2. Thank the tech nerds for the internet that allows me to see shows from all the world. They are who have given me access to great shows such as The Killing (Danish), Downton Abbey, Miss Fisher and so many more.

If you can appreciate amazing costume design and construction within a universe that is also beautifully shot and written. Yes, the murder mystery formula may be derivative, but as a woman, I appreciate the strength of Miss Fisher and those she assembles around her. Her mischievous, but lovable antics are endearing. And, the writing is just good enough to make this a 9 in my book. I think this is a step above Downton Abbey or any of the other Edwardian and/or 20s period television soapies.

It may be reconstructed history...but it is fun. It's great for the whole family. There are adult themes, but if you are forward thinking parents, this is completely within the parameters of what your kids should be aware of and take as reality. If only the 1920s Australia were this "contemporary".
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Fun, classy, and pretty to look at
maerrie125 May 2012
As someone who hasn't read Kerry Greenwood's novels, I found this entertaining, light- hearted and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps a little formulaic and not particularly creative in its plot devices, but altogether an enjoyable way to while away an hour on a Friday night. In fact, I may now read the novels after all.

However, as I haven't read them I can't really comment on the criticisms of other reviewers that the storyline was changed and that the main character suffered in her translation from print to screen. Obviously it's often difficult to leave a story unchanged because it just doesn't work in film the way it does in a book; and who knows what other (budgetary) restrictions the production was working within.

The sometimes ponderous camera work and precise, deliberate acting reminded me pleasantly of the Poirot series- although Phryne Fisher is rather racier than the little Belgian. I enjoyed the recreation of late-20s Melbourne, including the bright, interesting wardrobe of the leading lady. I got a little annoyed in some of the middle episodes that the storyline concerning Phryne's sister appeared to be dropped as it was the most intriguing thing about the early episodes, but I was satisfied by the end of the series. I also liked the development of the friendship between Phryne and Jack Robinson, and Hugh & Dot were quite cute too.

Don't sit down to this expecting something mind-altering or deeply intellectual. This is quality b-grade and proud of it; it does its thing very well indeed.
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Sultry and Stunning Period Mystery Series
robin-72-71821930 November 2013
As a life long mystery buff,I find "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" to be a real treat. The series is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie's "Marple" (with Geraldine McEwan ) and "Poirot" (with David Suchet). There's just something special about period murder mysteries, perhaps it's the lack of high tech machines that do our sleuthing for us, a la CSI, or maybe it's the romanticism of the period itself. Regardless, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is expertly produced from exquisite wardrobe & makeup, to lush shooting locations and breathtaking cinematography. Every element of the production is done with such attention to detail, you loose yourself in the story. The two leads, Essie Davis as Miss Phryne Fisher and Nathan Page as Detective Jack Robinson are perfect in their roles. Having watched each episode thus far, I cannot imagine anyone else portraying these delightful characters and their chemistry is undeniable. The entire cast is great, the characters are well thought out and multi-dimensional. The episodes are also well done, peppered with historical information and accuracy. I would highly recommend "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" to any mystery buff, it's a modern classic done in the period style of the roaring 20's.
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Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries
dlwilson184426 April 2014
The characters have excellent chemistry between them. I love the relationship between Ms. Fisher and Jack between Dot and Hugh, and between Dot and Ms. Fisher. Then there is Cec and and Bert and Mr. Butler. Everyone is such a delight. And Aunt P is great too. the plots a good but the people the actors are great.

The 1920's music is so much fun to hear and it sticks with you. I believe the period music is very realistic. The costumes are excellent, and beautiful.

I also like the way they tie in the history of the war in flash backs and how life was after the war and everyone was in the midst of recovering and getting on with their lives.

Love this show
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Amazing - need more seasons, please!
jenche-446208 November 2015
Phryne is an intelligent, beautiful, confident woman, and, as a detective, she is absolutely remarkable. Her personality is refreshing and unique. The plots aren't very out-of-the- ordinary for the most part, but, with a leading lady like this one, it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I am addicted and adding a shameless plug here - please give us another season! My review must be a min amount of lines, so I'm just going to name some of my favorite things about this show: 1. Phryne is a multi-faceted character, with tons of interesting back story and experience. 2. Her taste in clothes and guns is fabulous - the whole series is very pleasing to the eye and makes me wish I could bring back the '20s style. 3. She's a good person - this is made clear in several episodes and she almost seems like the big sister you always wished for. Long story short, watch this show so they will make more seasons!
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Top Rate Series
yorksie29 November 2013
This series is Drop Dead Fabulous. I have been longing for a new period style murder mystery series. And Essie Davis is simply perfect and delicious as Phryne Fisher.

I have always been mad that Diana Rigg did not make more of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries Series. So few episodes.

But now we have Essie Davis to take the torch and Forge ahead. Love Love Love this series.

Also Love the strong woman who won't let stupid male chauvinistic pigs push her around...and I am a male myself. She's smart, witty, caring and down right sexy. Who could ask for anything more? If you like smart murder mysteries, and not the stupid glossy trash we Americans produce, then this is the series for you. Cannot wait to see more future episodes. Thank you Netflix for offering this series on Instant View. Makes we want to keep up my monthly fee.

A Very Happy American
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Miss Fisher is great.
patlightfoot5 October 2013
I absolutely love the series, inventive and Esse Davis is marvelous. If we could go back in time we would find out that actually women had the vote then as NZ was the first followed shortly after by SA and the rest of the states in the late 19th Century. Well before England.

The costumes are beautiful, they should win some award surely? But the series is unique, and taking us back to the 1920s is skillfully done, and we can only guess how this was so well authenticated. The doctor who is obviously Lesbian is another addition into society of the times. I hope the series will continue long after the second series and we will be delighted for many years to come.

The characters are well rounded, Dot is delightful and we know that Jack and Miss Fisher must be attracted to one another, but professionally remain apart. It deserves a 9 vote.
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absolutely brilliant
amyworkman21 September 2015
I stumbled upon this show browsing netflixs. I was like why not and im thrilled with it. This show exceeded any expectations i had. The plots are excellently executed and keep you guessing. Ms davis does a fabulous job with her sleuthing and has brilliantly witty dialog. I love how they have her character push boundaries for a female in that era. She is bold and refuses to back down and conform to what people expect. Ms. Fisher not only breaks female roles for the era but inspires other character as well especially her companion Dot. I highly recommend this show to everyone who enjoys a good mystery you will not be disappointed! !!!
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Production Values are fantastic
Eqwatz22 March 2012
I am not familiar with the series of books; I am looking at this as a TV show. The camera work and editing are top notch. This should be purchased and run "as is" on US television. So much of the TV in the USA is frankly bad TV--as is the stuff from Canada (much of which is on USA also.) Is it perfect-award-winning stuff? Possibly not. Does it draw me to watch just as much as the first years of Midsomer Murders? Absolutely yes.

BTW: The main character would have to be older to have had so many adventures and skills. Everything took a bit longer in the 1920s. And, while it is true that many women (all over the world) in the 1920s would be considered to be old maids at 21-years-old, there were a few who scandalously didn't marry until their 30s. The actress is a tad older, but she carries it off rather well--people looked older in the 1920s. She doesn't look hard or wrung out, just lived in.
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Fantastic, Beautiful, and Entertaining
privatepracticedoc9 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My husband and I are watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries for the second time around and really enjoying it.

One of the reasons I am writing this review is that several people have written that there are no major male characters in the series. I beg to differ. While it is true there are two female leads, Phryne and Dot; there are also five male major characters: Inspector Jack Robinson, Constable, Hugh Collins, Mr. Butler, Ces, and Bert.

The program itself is just stunning. Everything from the setting, Pharynx's house, her wardrobe, and her personality; attractive, flirty, sassy, intelligent, inquisitive, and just determined is a delight. The chemistry between her and Jack Robinson sizzles and one can only hope it grows and grows.

As far as Dot, her chemistry with Constable Collins and their difficulties can be frustrating to watch. But it is interesting to see them work out these problems.

Yes, many of the cases Phryne works on seem improbable. And her methods are unorthodox as she, at times, forces her way in. But it is all very entertaining. Phryne's detecting methods are a bit reminiscent of Colombo in the way she gathers evidence.

Great series, My husband and I are looking forward to a fourth season.
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Love, Love, Love This Series
cheaddc13 November 2015
How can you not like a heroine like Phryne Fisher adeptly played by Essie Davis. Although I thought the scripts in Season 3 were not as strong as the previous seasons, there is a lot to like about how this series is evolving, including scenes with more active violence, an expanded role for Dot, and the growing sexual tension between Jack and Phryne. The costumes and set design still make me swoon. I sure hope Hugo Johnstone-Burt will be returning as Constable Hugh in Series 4, he and actress Ashleigh Cummings, who plays Dot, have a sweet chemistry going. There will BE a Season 4, right Australian Broadcasting Company??? This series certainly deserves more episodes.
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Unique Whodunnit - Great show!
consortpinguin31 October 2018
This is the most unique detective show I've ever seen. A very progressive woman for her time, private eye Phryne Fisher solves baffling crimes in Australia in the late 1920's. The setting, the acting, the scripts add up to a fascinating TV series. Singing, dancing, romance, mystery, drama -- it's all here. There are so many great episodes I can't pick a favorite. She once went "undercover" as a fan dancer and explored a cult based on ancient Egyptian reincarnation. Essie Davis leads an all-star cast including her protege Dotty and Police Detective Jack Robinson. Fascinating!
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Most amazing show in recent history
It took me awhile, but this show is a great mystery. After watching the first series, I bought the "Cocaine Blues". Some reviewers seem to have issues with the differences between the book and the TV series. Rarely do they match up, and I am totally into both. Essie Davis is perfect in the title role. Dot's character is different, but...as I said. Being a jazz musician, I am taken also by the soundtrack for the show. I've gotten both series 1& 2 and play them ALL THE TIME. It is difficult to put an entire book into a 1hr episode, so I would have to disagree with the person who was upset by the "jumping around" feel of the show. I would love to see a full length movie come out of this. Give it a chance, it'll grow on you and you won't be able to stop.
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Highly Recommended
jimmullinaux30 September 2017
This delightful and entertaining mystery drama made its debut on Australia's ABC-TV in 2012. Based on Kerry Greenwood's novels, the series follows the adventures of Phryne Fisher, a 1920's English heiress, and her devoted companion, Dorothy. Essie Davis is marvelous as the self-assured and free-thinking Phryne, who engages merrily in a number of torrid one- night affairs when she's not otherwise solving murders. While all the production values are generally excellent, the standout feature must be Phryne's stunning wardrobe. It is said her costumes have inspired numerous 1920s look-alike parties. If you enjoy good mysteries in stylish settings with colorful characters aplenty, then this clever series will surely satisfy. My wife and I have watched this series many times and have discovered something new and entertaining with each viewing. Highly recommended!
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Role Reversal
pensman8 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
An interesting series set in the roaring 20's of Melbourne with Essie Davis as private detective Phryne Fisher, who assisted by her somewhat naïve maid, Dorothy 'Dot' Williams, goes chasing after various thugs armed with her gold plated 38 and a ready throwing knife. There are some supporting characters: Dr. Mac a George Sand like woman doctor who prefers dressing in men's style clothing; and Bert and Cec her two men Friday; and a butler, Mr. Butler, who somewhat reminds you of Bruce Wayne's Alfred.

Miss Fisher has a quite thrilling life tracking down cocaine dealers, stopping Latvian anarchists, dealing with Zionists, and even a ghost to mention a few. Of course along the way she beds a number of men who might be suspects but for proprieties sake turn out innocent. Not Rene but he wasn't a murderer when she bedded him. Our Miss Fisher is a tad promiscuous which is to suggest she is a totally modern woman.

Some threads are picked up and dropped without explanation such as her domineering Aunt Prudence and a waif, Jane, she "adopts" but who sort of vanishes off to school. At least until the last three episodes where she plays a crucial role. In general Miss Fisher tends to aggravate and enchant the local police as established in the character DCI John 'Jack' Robinson who finds her frustrating yet admirable. And while there are plenty of hints tossed about regarding their relationship, Jack is married if somewhat unhappily. Jack's assistant, constable Hugh Collins is smitten with Phryne's maid and their romance, although clouded by the fact Dot is a Catholic and Hugh a Protestant, seems to be more likely to be consummated as the episodes move forward.

The last three episodes are an arc which completes the story line and allow Miss Fisher to confront her nemesis, Murdoch Foyle, the man responsible for Miss Fisher becoming a detective. Unfortunately these episodes wrap up the series so well they almost make the need for a second season superfluous. But there is a second season and in some ways it is much more fun than the first with a few tongue-in-cheek episodes. And the focus is a bit more on the evolving relationship between Phryne and Jack.

Production vales are quite good and the mysteries are good fun but frequently the viewer will figure out the perpetrator before Phryne does.
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Love Phryne Fisher!
scrappermom6313 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The spoiler has to do with the books, not the television show! I fell in love with this program when I joined Acorn Online in 2013 and was so happy to find out there was to be a season two. I've just begun to read Kerry Greenwood's novels, and I can honestly say (in my humble opinion), the television show is loosely based on the novels.

I originally purchased only the novels that didn't have episodes made from them because I was afraid they would be repetitive. However, I purchased one that had been made into an episode, so decided to compare the two. The book was just different enough from the episode to be enjoyable (even with a different killer). The main characters are different in the book than on the show. There is a Mrs. Butler who is the cook, Phryne has adopted two girls, Jane and Ruth, instead of just Jane, and Miss Fisher is the concubine of Lin Chang, who is no longer even mentioned on the show. Jack Robinson is a happily married man in the book with no chemistry with Miss Fisher at all. The books have been quite entertaining and I've enjoyed them immensely. However, I believe this is so because I didn't read the books prior to watching the show.

I do hope that ABC decides to renew the show for another season. There are too few good television shows on these days, so I truly hope Miss Fisher will rise for season 3.
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an absolute treat
roedyg8 April 2015
This is an absolute treat. It takes place in the 1920s in Australia. The detective is a wealthy flapper, who reminds me a bit of Diana Rigg in the Avengers.

The sets are lush. The music is fun. The costumes are opulent and eye- popping. The males are scrumptious and sexy. The characters are Dickensian in their eccentricity. Our heroine is a thoroughly Modern Millie. Her maid, Dot, is a terrible prude of a Catholic, who fears even electricity as wicked. It has a sexy crackle to it.

Unlike the usual convention, the detective is in constant peril. She uses all manner of devices to rescue herself including some impressive gymnastics.

The plot charges along at breakneck speed. It is so well done, I can't think of a single thing I think should have been improved. There might have been one anachronism. The maid finds what might have been some birth control pills under the bed.
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My feel good series!
lilmisspokadot0418 March 2019
No matter how many times I watch this series I never get bored, if anything I love more because there is nothing quite like it out there. The fashion is immaculate, the stories intriguing while comical, and the chemistry between the actors outstanding. If it were up to me I'd keep the series going as long as possible!
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wrightstuff2171 March 2019
We like crime shows...but got tired off true crime, guns, guts, over and over..so we just happened upon Miss Fisher be- cause a period piece with a cute female lead was something a bit different...... WOW!!!! "Miss Fisher" hits home with my husband and I on so many points...We LOVE her, Phryne, she's cute, sexy, gutzy, even ballzy at times, but she has a heart and Praise God a BRAIN....and him...OH! Detective Jack, he is a Man's man...my husband never grows tired of putting up with the girl's antics because there's just enough testosterone to balance. And, sex too so probably not appropriate for whatever you parents think is not appropriate for inappropriate you-know! Not every show but, may want to watch first...or keep this fun show for you and the man to cuddle up too. The ENTIRE cast is a blast!! We are on our 4th time through, Netflix should pick this up and keep this going for another 10 years. We truly don't know of anything quite like it.
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absolutely fun!
ppacct21 December 2017
Essie is such a delight. She's a Thoroughly Modern Millie in the flesh. Being a Yank, the setting is great because it's 'new". My wife and I really enjoy the characters and the plots. The whole thing is just good fun to watch. If you like detective dramas but are a tad burned out on the usual fare then by all means give this a try!
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anushkarf15 August 2017
This show is absolutely perfect in every way! The characters, casting, acting, dialogues, locations, content, costumes, chemistry, plot and everything is very well balanced and presented spectacularly. Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher is truly mesmerizing while Nathan Page as the Detective Inspector brings to life a very special pairing in Phryne and Jack. The chemistry is explosively subtle! I have watched all the Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Miss Marple etc series and stumbled into this accidentally on Netflix recently and I must say it changed my perception in Australian productions entirely. Very unexpectedly impressive! The best i've seen so far in this genre. I find it unbelievable and so disappointing the entire series was stopped abruptly (season 3 only having 8 episodes). What a shame this series wasn't continued, however i am eagerly waiting for the movie trilogy expected in 2018.
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Delightful Series
tpdjack10 July 2017
My wife and I both found Miss Fisher to be absolutely delightful. I cannot imagine why they made so few episodes. Miss Fisher was truly a woman out of her own time. Her sleuthing capabilities were outstanding. The other members of the cast were nearly perfect.

I check periodically to see if the producers have wised up and started producing more episodes.
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