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An The Winner Is....a classic
Paul Fairbanks3 April 2017
The whole series so far is a rewarding surprise. No camp caricature here but a serious, incisive portrayal of two iconic characters. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon create her characters based on Joan Crawford and Bette Davis with such virtuosity that every new episode allow us to go deeper without ever turning into parody. Their reality is parody enough. But what touches me is that Lange and Sarandon, taking our preconceptions into account, inspire us to look at this two women as human beings. My admiration also to Alfred Molina - Robert Aldrich? Wow! Absolute perfection. On the latest episode "And The Winner Is..." Two extraordinary moments: Geraldine Page (A superb Sarah Paulson) taking Crawford's call and surrendering to her request because "She needs it" or Anne Bancroft (a wonderful Serinda Swan) receiving Crawford in her dressing room. Bancroft and Page understand Crawford's agony even from a distance. Compassion at last. I'm enjoying Feud with all my senses. Thank you Ryan Murphy and everyone involved.
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"Feud" becomes a tool
M. Donovan5 May 2017
As someone who worked with actors all his life I'm enormously grateful to Ryan Murphy for putting together with such seriousness and such care this series about a subject that is very rarely if ever touched. And when it is, it tends to be a caricature, a satire, an exaggeration of an exaggeration. Here the drama was tangible and the work of Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, superlative. They managed to transport us from the times of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, as women and actresses, to our times, without betraying it. The characters were one hundred per cent present and the actresses playing them were one hundred per cent present. If acting is an art, and it is, that mysterious fusion between actor and character is the manifestation of it. - Many young actors I'm working with at the moment, some of which had never heard of Steve McQueen, let alone Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, saw "Feud" and compelled and inspire them to want to know more. In the last few weeks I've had them come to me with stories of "All About Eve", "Humoresque", "The Little Foxes", William Wyler, George Cukor... So "Feud" has become a tool, an agent provocateur, a gateway to history, the history of their own profession. It's not wishful thinking on my part. I see it in the young one's faces. Discovering passionately, and their horizons broaden automatically. It's a joy to see. As I close this comment a heartfelt hurrah to Alfred Molina and Stanley Tucci for their fearless, remarkable performances and to everyone involved, thank you very much.
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An Ending To Cherish
G G Gwalles24 April 2017
Superb. The dream, the wish, the thought. Sitting at a table face to face to say, I'm sorry. Thank you to Ryan Murphy and everyone concerned. Jessica Lange gives a performance that will live for ever, so does Susan Sarandon, in the last episode, her Bette Davis is there, totally, absolutely, chillingly there. What a thrill! Jessica Lange has five or six moments that I think will remain as "acting" landmarks. Alfred Molina's Robert Aldrich, devastating, brilliant! And Jack Warner's Stanley Tucci, a repellent delight. Fabulous eight episodes, eight! Enough to keep us wishing for more.
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Joan and Jessica, Bette and Susan
Now already on episode 3 I can say without a doubt. "Feud" is totally addictive. The writing, the direction, costumes and production design, it all works beautifully, satisfying those who knew nothing about the story and those of us who knew a great deal. The biggest surprise, however is the Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon's performances that puts everything into a level way above, camp and/or caricature. Their performances are serious, profound, all consuming. Two modern stars throw themselves into the emotional investigation of two stars from the past and the results are, let me say it, extraordinary. I'm looking at Joan Crawford through an entirely new perspective. Jessica Lange has humanized her without embellishing her and Susan Sarandon plays with Bette Davis's contradictions making them crystal clear even finding a sort of justification for them. I saw the 3rd episode "Mommie Dearest" twice in a row. That's how riveted I was and still am. Let me also mention Alfred Molina as Robert Aldrich. Sensational.
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Not about hate but about pain
claudiaeilcinema11 March 2017
Hurrah for Ryan Murphy. He avoided the obvious trap of super camp. This human tragedy is told without winks and secret giggles. It is a tragedy no matter how funny. Two mega stars of its day drowning in personal pettiness and fear. Now with the benefit of hindsight and with the help of their daughters memoirs we know that fame and fortune is not the happy place most people imagine. Jessica Lange's Joan filled me with sadness, something Joan, the actress, could never do. Susan Sarandon's Bette made me want to shake her like she did Miriam Hopkins in "Old Acquaintance". Alfred Molina as Robert Aldrich deserves a mention all his own. Brilliant!
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Jane and Banche in the real world.
marcosaguado10 March 2017
Why was I thinking that it couldn't work? Maybe because it never does. But "Bette and Joan" present us with that always welcome exception. The introduction of this two icons has sharpness and shine. Both walking a very tight rope. Joan with desperation, Bette with defiance. It is a terrific treat to see Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon going for the real centers rather than the caricature. Alfred Molina is priceless as Robert Aldrich and Stanley Tucci reinvents Jack Warner to a delightful perfection. The late entrance of Joan/Jessica at the theater where Bette/Susan is playing in The Night Of The Iguana is one of my favorite film moments of the young 2017 season. Now, needles to say, I can't wait for the next chapter.
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The Working Women Of La La Land
Will Thomas13 March 2017
Ryan Murphy managed the virtually impossible. Finding a tone and the tone has to do with the humanity of this Hollywood gargoyles. I wonder if young Joan and Bette knew where they were heading. Those women that their daughters wrote about, were they who they were or who they became. Jessica Lange throws a light on Joan Crawford that made me, already, re-think her myth. Her fear is actually tangible. Great, great performance. Susan Sarandon captures Davis's temperament and allow us a glimpse into the contradictory nature of the woman. Brilliant, succinct observation - when she throws herself into the role of wife and mother, she was thoroughly miscast. Alfred Molina is superb as Robert Aldrich and Stanley Tucci is terrific as Jack "I show you my hemorrhoids" Warner. I can't wait for the next episode.
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I wish it had gone on for another 8 episodes
paulb4710 May 2017
This is rave review, no two ways about it. In retrospect Lang had the meatier role, as they fleshed out Joan's character in more detail. Susan with Bette, had a more SANE and centered character to portray.

Both actresses turned in A-Mazing performances and I won't even attempt to compare them as in one was "better" than the other. With both I quickly lost the sense that I was watching an actress "impersonate" a famous person---they both just became the two women they were playing. Obviously it's easily to do a Broad Characterization of Davis. Drag Queens have been doing that FOR DECADES. Sarandon didn't resorts except once or twice, where it made sense, to that shtick. She nails the Character without it. And Lang is no less phenomenal in the way she inhabits Joan Crawford. These are two extraordinary Actresses at their Peek Powers and I won't compare or try to rate one above the other.

The entire cast, male and female and the entire production was simply the BEST that TV has ever Offered. I could write Chapters about every single participated in this series.

It was simply Extraordinary. I captured it on my Spectrum DVR and have watched it over and over again. I can't seem to let go of it. I'm NOT done yet.

Brava/bravo/brave/bravi to EVERYONE involved.
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Feud Delivers a Stunning Cautionary Tale
ArtBookGuy10 April 2017
If you haven't been watching this spectacular Ryan Murphy miniseries on FX, you are missing out.

Murphy has the uncanny ability of going right for the jugular and getting to the heart of the matter. It stings, but it sings.

This is something I often aim for in my own writing.

Life is short. While you'll never hear me complain about long, wide, sweeping vistas and the most elegant dialogue you've ever heard, I also want to get to the point. Don't bury the point. In "Feud: Bette and Joan," Murphy doesn't bury the point, he shines a spotlight on it.

Murphy and all of his directors and one of the most stellar casts you've ever seen anywhere – TV, stage or film – tell the hell out of the story of the notorious feud between Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

This is simply a master class in acting, screen writing, producing and storytelling. I've never seen anything like it. The actors – and I mean all of them – are absolutely KILLING these roles. Every single one of them is simply at the top of their game.

I'm writing this review after having seen Episode Six of this eight- installment miniseries. Sorry it took so long.

All I can think is this … it was such a shame that Hollywood was hell bent on destroying Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, both of whom were just hitting their strides when Jack Warner felt they were too old to contribute anything worthwhile.

There are so many lessons to be learned here. Here are a few:

Aging isn't a bad thing. It's a glorious thing.

Talent doesn't fade with time, it grows.

Beauty doesn't fade, it changes.

Women get better with age. Period.

Power hungry men are scared little boys.

Hollywood was – and is – a machine that will chew anyone – and I mean anyone - up and spit them out in an instant. Same yesterday, today and probably tomorrow.

Why feud when you can join forces?

Make peace with your past. If you don't, it will haunt you.

Marriage is not for the faint of heart.

Get in front of the story before the story stabs you in the back.

What goes around will surely come back around.

Artistry and fame can co-exist, but it's a tough trick.

When you dig someone's grave, dig one for yourself.

Success is subjective and life is a roller-coaster.

I could go on and on. What fascinates me so much about "Feud: Bette and Joan" is the fact that it's about so much more than a feud between two Hollywood legends. It's truly a cautionary tale about work, ambition, gender, social class, love, marriage, success, money, survival, family, morals … you name it.

It's such a pleasure to sit and watch these actors, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Alfred Molina, Judy Davis, Stanley Tucci, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Jackie Hoffman and others … just having the time of their careers with these roles. It's like watching kids playing, only they're adult actors on screen.

While there are many talented young actors out there, they simply don't have the commanding presence and gravitas of these seasoned veterans. Good actors only get better with age.

Too bad Jack Warner refused to believe that.

Even today, while Hollywood is a bit more generous, any aging actor knows that while wrinkles and thinning hair are great for characters, they signal the death knell for screen careers.

But … if you're the vengeful sort, take heart. There's a simple reality that we simply cannot escape … whether you're in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, Wall Street or the Great Plains … feud or no feud … politics or no politics …

No one is getting out of this alive. - Michael K. Corbin http://artbookguy.com/film-reviews-_783.html
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Simply Marvelous
Rodrigo Vieira30 April 2017
One of the best TV series, ever. It's amazing watching two icons acting out other two myths. A unique experience. Simply marvelous, besides being aesthetically pleasing. Ryan Murphy gets better in every single work he creates. Jessica Lange, although it seems impossible, gets also better and better, every time. Master piece for the television.
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The brilliant Feud
Dick Grayson26 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This limited series was great,not only gave us a great insight on the life of these 2 sacred beasts of the screen that were Joan Crawford and Bette Davis but also shown the cruelty of the old Hollywood.

I loved how faithful they stood to the glamour of the 20st century,how remarkably accurate the costumes were and how they used bits from Ryan's interview with Bette,for example the explanation why one of her Oscars looked rubbed off or how they recreated great historic moments such as Bette singing "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane",different scenes from their various movies,how deep they went into each detail or how they completely rejuvenated the Oscars of 1963,which to my astonishment was done in the same building which they completely renovated and used a lot of props for it.

Jessica Lange embodied not the voice of Joan Crawford but her manners,her facade sweetness and her fighting spirit to always go forward. Her highlight I felt was in episode 5 where she turned the Oscars of 1963 into her own little party,orchestrating everything around.Her most emotional scene for me was in the finale,where she has this hallucination about a party with Hedda,Jack and Bette and makes peace with them and herself.

Susan Sarandon was sublime as Bette Davis.She embodied the voice,the power and the actress's renown wit and laugh.She was breathtaking in every scene she played but my favorite was her confrontation with Joan,where each lady said what they wanted to for a long time.

Judy Davis for me was the best addition to the cast,she made me hate Hedda Hopper but embodied her brilliantly,from the costumes,to the manners,the voice and her famous hats.She was a force to be reckon with back in the days,we truly see her claws in the Oscar episode,where she badmouthed and manipulated the situation in order for Joan to get her 2nd Oscar.I sure want this lady to win some awards for her work

Stanley Tucci was the embodiment of Jack Warner. Greedy, electric, bossy,demanding,stylish,every bit of the moguls of the golden age of Hollywood.

Alfred Molina did great as the submissive Robert Aldrich,who always listened to his boss until he realized his own value and went to being a successful movie maker.

Jackie Hoffman as Mamacita was one of the highlights of the series for me,a very good comic relief but also a character with much depth,awareness and generosity.

If you like glamour,good drama and anthology series this show has to be on your list to watch.
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A journey into the emotional depth of actors
Meme21 August 2017
This is one of my all time favorites, I decided after I completed the first season's viewing. This show is a force in itself, the writing is so well done, and the two leading ladies Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, the way they hit their emotional range is the reason to watch this show. Moments of vulnerability, the rawness of the situation, the disappointment within ones self and the betrayals all of these emotions are captured in the best possible way. The characters are fleshed out, they are brought to life by the brilliant cast. I would sum it up by saying in the public eye in general as people we put on our strongest faces, our vulnerabilities hidden deep within knowing that a hint of weakness gives room for exploitation, when the veneer is no longer there we see our vulnerable self. I love how a show and the wonderful actresses managed to bring vulnerability to life, vulnerability of being a glamorous successful woman who lives life on her own terms and being human in general.
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Could not stop watching
tarahayes-7605827 April 2017
I thought this show was excellent. Everything was so well done - directing, costumes, the actresses (of course)but most of the story. This left me thinking about what Hollywood was like at this time and how it may be now. I really felt for the characters, mostly Joan Crawford. The scene from the last episode in Joan's apartment having a candle light dinner party was really a work of art. Great show!!!
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Superb acting and fascinating story
phd_travel2 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The acting is superb. Susan Sarandon - perennially youthful acts and talks like Bette Davis. Jessica Lange is just as convincing as Joan Crawford. Ryan Murphy has really taken a fascinating subject and created a pretty long series that isn't boring for a second. Good support from Alfred Molina as the director, Stanley Tucci as Jack Warner, Judy Davis as Hedda Hopper and Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men as Bette's daughter. Who knew the behind the scenes of making a movie could be so interesting. Looked forward to every episode.

Advice to viewers watch "Baby Jane" again if you can't remember it.

The only fault is didn't like Catherine Zeta Jones at Olivia de Havilland. For anybody who has seen Olivia in "Gone with the Wind" and "Light in the Piazza" or any of her movies knows that isn't the way she talks. Her looks were wrong too lacking that sweetness that Olivia has. Recently Olivia has come out suing the makers of the series for fabricating the interviews she gave and putting gossipy and bitchy statements in her mouth in this show. Looking back it did strike me as out of character for her to talk in such a matter. This is the only fault of this otherwise very good miniseries.
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If you are a Bette Davis/ Joan Crawford fan... You will love this!
jimmyorrico8 March 2017
I'm 16, and have been a fan of both of these woman since I was 2. I'v watched All About Eve, Mildred Pierce, Queen Bee..etc. Overall the Pilot was a great introduction to the rest of the series. All I can say is that I admire both of these woman, and both Jessica, and Susan can really channel the emotions, and heartbreak you'd never expect from these two Hollywood Icons. Just Amazing!
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Mark-Alexis31 March 2017
We've reached the halfway point of "Feud" and I'm genuinely floored. I predict it is only going to get better with each subsequent episode. I am truly surprised by how graceful and heartbreaking this production is despite pointed moments of camp and humor, which are also wonderfully executed.

Lange and Sarandon have not only managed to possess their subjects but have also been fully possessed by them, giving transcendent performances of rare, indelible power and vulnerability.

Sarandon has hit her stride as Bette Davis and though her performance may not be as volatile as Lange's, the wit, grace and humor she brings to Davis whilst echoing the great star's famous voice and gestures is exquisite to behold. I think it's safe to say that this and "The Meddler" are her best work in years. She's a lock for nominations across the board.

Lange is doing something astonishing here. She's managed to both transcend Faye Dunaway's wonderful and unfairly lambasted performance in Mommie Dearest whilst allowing the spirit of Joan Crawford to possess her in a way that is both eerie and transfixing.

Perusing through Joan Crawford interviews on YouTube, I was taken aback by how sweet and sensitive Crawford could come across. I was expecting a woman with eyebrows constantly and menacingly arched, lips pursed in a perpetual smug smirk, her hands permanently fixed on either side of her waist. What I found instead was a woman whose voice could jump octaves depending on her mood and insecurities, of which she always had many, and who could go from serene to charming to steely in an instant. She could be witty and ballsy, but overall what she showed the public was her gentle, proper, graceful and vulnerable side. Then, of course, there are the drunken interviews - Crawford at the airport, her voice jumping octaves again and accents, from mid-Atlantic to Texan; Crawford in someone's living room, slurring and cursing.

Lange captures Crawford's mercurial nature beautifully. We're halfway through the series and I still don't think I've seen all the sides of Crawford Lange has to reveal. As it is, I already feel as if I've witnessed 5-10 facets of Crawford in the four episodes we've seen. It's a full- bodied and fully integrated performance that relies on every ounce of Lange's talent – from her vocal genius to her physical brilliance. When simultaneously set-up against Joan Crawford AND Faye Dunaway, that's truly no easy feat. Her performance here reaches and surpasses the wondrous heights of her Emmy winning work in "Grey Gardens", and "American Horror Story". I wouldn't be surprised if this garners Lange the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Limited Series/Movie.

Together, Lange and Sarandon bring out the best in each other. The metaphor of dancers has often been used by critics when reviewing their work together here. I'll use it again. They are like two dancers taking turns being the lead, completely in sync with one another, always forcing the other to up their game but never striving to overshadow one another. They are electric together.

Judy Davis, Jackie Hoffman, Stanley Tucci, Alison Wright and Alfred Molina lead the exquisite supporting cast. Each has moments of brilliance, helping transport us to a Hollywood of yore, both as brutal as it was glamorous and enticing.

I see Davis, Hoffman and Wright all being contenders in supporting actress. Hoffman's understated brilliance has been especially surprising and wonderful to behold.

I'm torn between Tucci and Molina who I feel are both giving amazing, if different, performances. Tucci is sexy and electric, whilst Molina is charming and touching.

I must admit, this series has totally exceeded my expectations. I knew I would like and love it, but I didn't think I would be so moved and IN LOVE with it
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Wow! Excellent miniseries on old Hollywood legends
Davis P23 April 2017
I was sooo excited when I heard that FX was going to be airing a mini series on the infamous feud between classic Hollywood screen legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. And for Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange to be playing them?!! Well this just seemed like there was absolutely no possible way for this to fail.... and I was right! Oh my goodness I was dazzled and amazed and touched by every single episode, from one all the way to eight, I loved every one of them. The first episode did a wonderful job at introducing these acclaimed film stars to us and showing the struggles they faced in Hollywood at that particular time in their lives. The next few episodes focuses on the start up of what ever happened to baby Jane? and how everything got started with that classic 60s horror. The performances given by Sarandon and Lange are absolutely incredible! I thought they both captured these women marvelously, they captured their beauty and their pain, both their professional lives and their often times turbulent private lives. That is another thing I loved about Feud, it focuses a lot on the private lives of these women and what all went on to make them the way they were. Each episode really does dive deep into the material and it gives you such insight. If you love things focusing on classic Hollywood like I do then you'll be in love instantly. I just watched the final episode tonight and that was one of the best finales I've ever seen, no exaggeration there, none at all. I just loved the deep meaningful performances given, they really are what makes this series meaningful and memorable, yes the sets and costumes are very well done, but the acting is what will make you or anyone fall in head over heels love with Feud: Bette and Joan! 10/10
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Hooked on Feud
tannep27 March 2017
I'm hooked. I'm a fan of film & great classics such as "Whatever Happened..." So the promos of Feud intrigued me. Wonderful series...the script, acting, sets, costumes, editing. I will be disappointed if there aren't Emmy nominations. I know Davis better than Crawford & think Sarandon has done wonders with the role of the famous actress. Lange, Hoffman, Molina, Tucci, Wright all give strong performances that add to the magic and transport me to 1960s Hollywood. Will not want this to end.
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Amazing all around
nti-547-7659733 April 2017
There are many things extraordinary about this series and the incredible performances we get to witness and for more details on that you can read some of the other reviews. What I have not seen mentioned and I am blown away by is the precision of the casting. I am looking for pictures of the main players and those being brought in as the story evolved and the resemblances of the actors with the real life people are uncanny over and over again. It seems small but this offers such a strong base for diving into those times in a historically accurate way that it makes me feel like I am a fly on a wall in Hollywood 50 years ago. What an amazing feat!
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ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. You have to watch this show it's brilliant
foxyimports-7743227 March 2017
I have been watching FEUD now for 6 weeks and am loving the show. It is absolutely BRILLIANT. For those people who have not watched the movie - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis - you must. It will also give you a good insight into this show. I love Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is up amongst my favourite movies of all time. This series has the brilliant Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange starring as the two ladies and their performances are out of this world. I really hope that they receive many awards for their acting and this show. I wish that this show would never end but that's impossible. BRAVO to everyone involved. The acting is brilliant, the script is brilliant and it really keeps you interested.Watch the movie first and then watch this show - you will love it.
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A wonderful take on the real life feud between two legends that's moved along with envy, sexism, and the fact of aging.
Danny Blankenship20 March 2017
"FX" and director Ryan Murphy has done it again as a real life drama has been brought to the screen and it brings light on the issue all while having drama, black heart comedy, and envy with age and sexism closing everything up! Many film fans don't know a lot about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, only some remember their 1962 classic suspense horror film "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" and the tales and stories written of the on screen drama and fights that went with the picture, well this series "Feud" captures those hot and wicked moments just fine. Both actresses Bette Davis(Susan Sarandon)and Joan Crawford(Jessica Lange)are on the downside of their famous and glory type careers, so both try to give it a go at some work for an old journey type director. As the film they will do together will be "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" soon and slowly the ego and tempers start to flare between the two divas the two become bitter rivals on and off set! The scenes are memorable and the series shows the personal struggles the duo faced in life with family and both appear to be tortured souls inside. The chemistry between Jessica and Susan is in top notch form making this one series to watch to be entertained and informed about two legends.
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Top notch acting from the entire cast *** One of the best mini-series we have watched in the last decade
Ed-Shullivan24 April 2017
What a nice surprise this mini-series was to watch. Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis, and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford were just incredible performances. Mrs. Shullivan and I truly believed as the film rolled to and from a series of historical black and white silver screen images and then back to color images that we were witnessing the many personal exchanges between these two famous actresses.

There is also a long list of terrific supporting performances such as Alfred Molina as the two Hollywood stars' director Bob Aldrich who in 1962 filmed "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" and Aldrich's difficult relationship with the relentless studio boss Jack Warner (Warner Brothers Pictures) also played to perfection by Stanley Tucci.

Oh, but we cannot forget the superb performance by Ms. Crawford's able assistant/confidant/housekeeper "Mamacita" played to absolute perfection by actress Jackie Hoffman. The relationship between Mamacita and Joan Crawford was more than endearing, it was more reflective of two sisters who were so close knit that nothing could keep them apart, not even Joan Crawford's habitual drinking nor her sometimes explosive temper. Their relationship was not one of a Hollywood film star and her housekeeper but it was exposed in this mini series as one in which one sister (Joan Crawford) was allowed to behave as a spoiled little brat until such time that her mother-like sister Mamacita would pull in those reigns with just a few sharp words and Joan would once again calm down and begin to behave...well Joan would at least behave until the next time she was in front of the camera with Bette Davis.

Other great performances were achieved by the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones as Bette Davis's friend who was also an established actress in her own right Olivia de Havilland, Dominic Burgess as the plump but young up and coming homosexual stage actor Victor Buono, Kathy Bates as Joan Blondell and another perfect casting of Hedda Hopper played by Judy Davis.

This mini-series is very deserving of a number of Emmy's for so many of the film stars as well as for categories such as for the magnificent period style costume design, set design (we loved seeing all that plastic covering Joan's living room furniture...even her pillows!) the excellent screen writing, and even for the episode(s) brilliant opening musical score which was a high grade animation credit role depicting some of the scenes from their only film together What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? The opening credit animation musical score was such a powerful opening credit score that we felt that we were watching an Academy Award best film and not just another TV mini-series.

Mrs Shullivan and I truly enjoyed each and every episode which provided valuable insight into what initially may have caused the highly documented FEUD (thus the movie title) between these two A rated Hollywood actresses whose careers were winding down before they agreed in 1962 to co- star in the film classic What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Both Joan Crawford and Bette Davis displayed those unacceptable and ugly characteristics of a Diva, a spoiled actress who was prepared to damage their own picture(s) to get what they individually wanted, to "one- up" each other at any cost. Pity they did not realize early enough that they were being played by both movie mogul Jack Warner and by their own Director Bob Aldrich. This is a story that was well worth telling, and even a better story due to so many outstanding performances not only by Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Stanley Tucci, Alfred Molina, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and my favorite Mamacita played by Jackie Hoffman, but this mini-series was so well done because of the entire cast and because of a well written script whose interest never waned as the characters were all brought to life in period costumes and period set designs with the utmost sincerity and with great dialogue.

We loved every last minute of FEUD. A perfect 10 out of 10 score!
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Feud of the Ages
scarkhum16 April 2017
You don't know Joan until you've seen Jessica. Lange is playing a beast of a role, and entertains every second. There's never a dull moment in the life of Joan Crawford, but then again, there's Bette to fuel the fire. SOUND the ALARMS! Susan Sarandon's uncanny resemblance to Bette Davis is remarkable, but doesn't hold a candle to the words that fly out of her mouth. Davis's words were swift and cut deep and Sarandon embodies every bit of it. Also, there's more than one Feud, but two, however, their men borrowing time in the world of these wonderful, widely talented WOMEN. I love this SERIES, PERIOD!
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Truly great TV.
ashley wetherall25 April 2017
I don't know how much of Feud is actually true. I'm going with 60% of it happened. But this show is one of the best mini-series of the last 20 years. The show sticks very closely to the known facts about these two fascinating but flaw women and gives its viewer a good insight into how Hollywood was run in the Late 50;s early 60's. The recreation of certain events is brilliantly done. But it was the direction, script and especially cast the really made this show a true classic. Susan Sarandon is Betty Davis, Not a crude caricature but a real person. An actress who wants to be recognised as a star, but feels out shined by lesser talents, namely Joan Crawford! Bette always seems to be saying the right thing in the wrong way but is too proud to admit when she was wrong. Susan's eyes really convey Bette's torment and sometimes childish malice, then regret.

But for me it's Jessica Lange's Joan Crawford who gets the acting honours, she gives us a truly sad Joan Crawford. Yes there are the Mommy Dearest traits, but we seem to understand where these came from. Paired off with quiet but strong willed devotion of her house keeper , Mamacita. (an amazing turn by Jackie Hoffman).

By the way, I think Mamacita is a composite of a number of persons who devoted themselves to Joan. But again, with a look or a movement of the head Lange can convey so much about Joan's inner torment. A movie star, who desperately wants to be taken seriously by the one woman who she sees as the best actress in Hollywood, Betty Davis! The rest of the cast is also excellent. Alfred Molina gives Robert Aldrich a quiet desperation with Stanley Tucci , Judy Davis , Catherine Zeta Jones and Kathy Bates all giving star turns in small but pivotal roles. If this doesn't win big come awards season there is no justice.
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A show for an adult audience
laurent-saletto7 April 2017
And by that I mean, for those who can enjoy scenes longer than 10 seconds at a time... I love Feud for many reasons. All of my life I have been the biggest old Hollywood fan and the book 'The Divine Feud'by Shaun Considine from which this series is taking its cue is a masterpiece in studying two characters at a certain time in Hollywood where glamour and elegance (at least superficially) counted for something. I generally have real problems with biopics when actors look nothing like the people they portray but here I managed to get over that. Sarandon is very close to Davis at times though I would say more of a 1950's Davis than the sixties. As for Lange her physical resemblance is miles away from the real Crawford. And yet. They are both utterly believable and utterly exciting in those roles. Other reviewers suggest this is more of a study in fear and in a way it is. The reason it is so fascinating is because that fear still exists. As women age the screen abandons them. And what once was the hottest ticket in town has no chance in making it in the new world. There is also that sense of not really understanding that new world and fighting against it. Someone once said that the real problem between Crawford and Davis stemmed from the fact that they were so similar. And I guess that was true as well... My advice would be to read the positives and ignore the negatives in those reviews. Some folks are simply not understanding that they need to read between the lines and look at the bigger picture. But everything about Feud is elegant and amazingly well judged. And oh! those credits!!!!!!
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