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Fantasy Sequence, Jules
paul-day-clone30 June 2017
I haven't read the rest of the reviews but how does this rate 4.5?

As one reviewer said, it's The Breakfast Club in the House of 1000 Corpses...and I'd add Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean.

Bernadette, a lovely psychotic psychologist, plans a party murder mystery party for her friends...and then drugs them so they can't move. From there, she exposes their lies and hypocrisies. Sure, the fact that she's engaged in deception to know all that she knows and has her own hypocrisies doesn't make sense...that's why she's psychotic. In the course of the night, she shows the hidden videos of the "friends" cheating on each other, raping each other and spying on each other, while keeping their secrets. Throw in some mushrooms and general trippiness and what's not to like?

The rock solid script takes you through the various sins with some excellent group dynamics and ensemble acting. Towards the end, Jules (the blond bombshell who's tripping) goes into a full blown hallucination which throws out an even more unsettling vibe with a gasp-inducing consequence.

Everyone is spot on in their roles. Bernadette plays her insanity with a subtleness and restraint that could have thrown the movie off the rails. This provides the perfect contrast in the rare moments when she does flip out. Jules, too, shines in her role and brings depth to her party-girl persona. When I first saw her, I thought she was too pretty bring off the role but she fearlessly takes on the drug trip aspect and sells it brilliantly.

All in all, it starts up quick and maintains its pace providing an amazing ride!
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Incredibly enjoyable, this movie has a lot of heart, and a lot of blood to go with it.
cjmccracken1 December 2012
Among Friends is a new movie about a group of friends who get together for a dinner party which turns into a violent, horrific and ultimately hilarious ordeal. Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit) organises a 1980's themed murder mystery for her BFFs, who unsuspectingly arrive in anticipation of nothing more than a playful evening of cocktails, drugs and the possibility of hopping into bed together. What they don't realise is that Bernadette has a bone to pick with each one of them, and before long the party becomes a trial, with their deliciously manic host serving as judge, jury and executioner.

Featuring cameos from the likes of Kane Hodder and Michael Biehn, in addition to being the directorial debut of Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie's Halloween, Hatchet I-III), Among Friends certainly comes with a genre pedigree. The writing, construction and shoot of the film was overseen by an almost entirely female crew. Elements of The Perfect Host (2010) and The Last Supper (1995) are combined with a unique and energetic method of delivery. Harris' direction is sharp, frenetic and delightfully sinister and the performances from Lobit, Brianne Davis, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and AJ Bowen are particularly noteworthy.

A Day-Glo descent into Hell, Among Friends is a brilliantly funny, acerbic examination of friendships, lies and betrayal. Gory, gleeful and gorgeous, it manages to consistently digress from stereotype, creating a very unique feature in the process. It's as if the Breakfast Club had a get together twenty years later at the Firefly homestead from House of 1000 Corpses. Incredibly enjoyable, this movie has a lot of heart, and a lot of blood to go with it.
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If you aren't pretentious, then you'll love it!
ihearthorrorfilm3 September 2013
OMG… OMG… and a one more OMG! Do not let the ridiculously mediocre rating on IMDb turn you away because Among Friends rocked my socks off! I had high expectations of this film because the entire crew and cast are hardcore horror film contributors, including the lovely Danielle Harris who directed it…

But then… I started it.

The first few scenes had me completely worried. I even got up and started doing chores, which is never a good sign. And then all of a sudden, about 20 minutes in, I dropped what I was doing, sat on the couch and didn't move my eyes until it was completely over… even sat through the entire end credits! The fact that I enjoyed Among Friends so much proves that I am a sick individual, but I can't deny how much fun this brutal little indie is. It's funny, gory, violent and very sinister. It's kind of like a campy version of You're Next, which coincidentally, co-stars the very same dude, AJ Bowen. And let me just add how awesome Mr. Bowen is. He has been in some excellent horror film, all of which I definitely will add reviews for in the near future. Anyhoo, Among Friends is a awesome low-budget horror film that is mainly targeted at the "Ladies who Love Horror." The bulk of the cast are female horror veterans that are all very fantastic and you should check out the entire crew/casts IMDb profiles because there are soooo many horror connections, it's pretty incredible. Loved, loved, loved this one!

Please like me on Facebook! You can read more of my reviews and get info on the latest movies in horror:
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Good movie, terrible ending!
TheContorted27 January 2014
Among Friends has some great things going for it. The story is interesting, the actors (for the most part) do a great job, and some of the directorial decisions make this a fun ride. The movie does borrow from a handful of other movies. Saw, Would you Rather, and Deranged being among them. But the movie distinguishes itself and is better than some of the movies it shares similarities with.

However, as much fun as I had with Among Friends and as invested as I was with the characters and their situation, the ending kills this movie. Simply because there is no conclusion. The movie just ends. There's no reason for a film maker to not create an ending for their movie. As the viewers we've invested the time into getting to know the characters and anticipate how the story unfolds. It's the writer and director's job to make sure that the story has a satisfactory conclusion. Not always happy, not always straightforward, but an ending that makes me glad I invested the time into watching the movie. Among friends doesn't have this. I just felt frustrated, cheated, and completely unsatisfied.

In conclusion, I can't recommend this movie. It's frustrating how much potential was displayed and then squandered.
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Uninteresting slasher movie without real story, except the final 15 minutes when a real plot seems to emerge
JvH4814 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film at the Imagine film festival 2013 in Amsterdam. The synopsis on the festival website sounded very interesting. And it started alright, when the characters were introduced one by one, as a natural side effect of loading them all in a limo, hired to collect and bring them to the house where the party was. Cocktails were served, and everyone was prepared to have an enjoyable evening, with a possible extension of sleeping with one of the old friends.

When the host announces an "evening of integrity", no one suspects anything yet, not seeming to feel even a bit of uneasiness. It starts normally too, like a whodunit game. Couples are sent out to the various rooms to find clues for the mystery that has to be solved. Nothing out of the ordinary yet. While visiting the respective bedrooms, old memories and old bonds are refreshed. Everyone is prepared for an enjoyable evening with a diner among old friends, an additional game to pass the evening, and a conclusion in some of the bedrooms.

The atmosphere changes dramatically after the cocktails. The hostess is a psychiatrist, obviously having access to drugs. Only she is still standing, while all others awake one by one and find themselves tied to their chairs. Plus there is Lily, who we see on the video screen lying in a bathtub, seemingly dead but without further details about her fate. The hostess has a remote control unit and shows pictures and video's about past and present events, and makes very clear that there are several axes to grind. From that moment on, it turns into an uninteresting blood&gore (or torture porn) movie, where several people are wounded without a real purpose other than causing pain, only to settle an ancient account. This takes 2/3 of the running time, and I cannot find any merits in it.

We have to wait until the last 15 minutes to witness something interesting again. It has to do with Lily, who was forced to have sex with some of those present, while several others saw or heard it happening but did nothing to stop it. Of course, those involved all say they are "sorry", but that makes it even worse. I will not reveal more, if only to prevent spoilers.

All in all, this film was not enjoyable to watch, for me that is, since I always try to evade torture porn movies. The plot is original and could have been exploited much better. The beginning and ending are perfect, but the hour in between is hardly bearable to watch, because of the fact that there is no reason (that we know of at that time) for all the pain caused. In hindsight we get the message that there was indeed a real purpose, but that is too late. In other words, the scenario is unbalanced and should spread the information flow more evenly over the running time. The festival visitors gave this film the last-but-one place (40th out of 41) with average score 5.3.
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Among Friends (2012)
morrigan198213 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well I didn't expect that! It was a decent movie! The story is really interesting and it keeps you watching it till the end. Oh, the end! I really loved it! I didn't expect it to end the way it did!

The plot is really great. You get to know the characters more and more as the movie continues, and you get mixed feelings of love and hate on the same time. The director did a good job and the acting was really decent. So in overall I think you will enjoy watching it.

A plus is that Kane Hodder has a cameo appearance here so it is a bonus!

So as far as the story goes: friends meet up to play a game of mystery, clues and murder. Things don't turn out the way the planed really quickly and the real story begins. A lot of well buried secrets see the light and their relationship is put to a test.
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Very Nice Directorial Debut From Danielle Harris
Slasher_Lover2327 August 2013
When a Marcus, Melanie, Adam, Jules, Sara, and Bernadette (Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Brianne Davis, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit) get together for an 80s prom themed party, they have no idea what's in store for them. When arriving to the party, they are told that they are going to be taking part in a Whodunit game. Noticing that one of their friends is missing, they assume it's all a part of the game. But things quickly begin to change when one member of the group takes the game to a whole new, and bloody level by causing secrets to be revealed and the friends to turn on one another.

The film is the directorial debut of horror Scream Queen actress, Danielle Harris of Halloween 4 and 5, as well as Rob Zombie's two Halloween films and many other horror flicks. For her first time directing Harris does an extremely well-done job. She has a vision only a horror vet can see and it's evident she has a love for 80s horror films. While many may look at the film and call it "stupid" or "bad acting", in all actuality it's not. This is very much a homage to 80s horror through and through. We are given some brutal and bloody situations, as well as some very over-the-top performances by its cast. The villain especially gives this off by giving the evil performance with random outbursts, but also can be intimidating by how calm they are during the torture scenes or watching the characters panic. While some may not get into the story, fans of 80s slasher films like Happy Birthday to Me or April Fools Day will find some enjoyment in it. The film also features some great cameos by known horror stars such as Kane Hodder of the late Friday the 13th films and the Hatchet trilogy, as well as a cameo by the director herself in a very big nod to her early Halloween days that will please fans. The film isn't exactly a slasher and sometimes pales because of it, but it has a slasher feel to it. The characters aren't exactly the most likable either, but it's comical watching these characters interact with each other.

So if you're a fan of cheesy, over-the-top 80s horror, or a big Danielle Harris fan, I definitely recommend it.
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nogodnomasters19 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit) a psychologist throws a party for a group of friends, a theme party where they have to solve a murder. The movie becomes one of those everyone sitting around a table, secrets being revealed, and people being tortured type film. This one attempts to "go deep" by turning "inaction" into a horrible deed deserving punishment, although I think "Seinfeld" did it better.

With the exception of Jules (Brianne Davis) on mushrooms, the film was a bit boring as we watched films of wrong doings etc. This type of film works better as a forced game or a brutal "truth or dare."

Makes for a decent rental. Not on my keeper list.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, rape. No nudity.
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Among Friends: A Perfect Blend Of Homage & Originality With An Ultra-Stylish Presentation
LesLegionsNoires13 August 2012
I am admittedly a die-hard fan of Danielle Harris, and so I was very hopeful that this film would be enjoyable, but in the end Among Friends completely exceeded even my highest expectations. A lifetime in front of the camera in the ambiance of horror has certainly paid off behind the camera, and it was clear that this film drew inspiration from the classics without sacrificing any originality.

From the onset, there is a very throwback feel to Among Friends as we are introduced to the characters through jumpy transitions between quickly paced shots and still images. To circumvent the limitations of a low budget, the film takes on the backdrop of the 1980s via an 80's themed party to avoid the anachronism of the occasional cell phone or modern car. All the while, there is plenty of gore and random humor to string everything together perfectly, and the characters are surprisingly well developed despite the shirt run time.

I cannot recommend this movie highly enough; it is original, loaded with cameos, and very rewatchable.
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Not a very good Directorial Debut for Danielle Harris.
Michael-Hallows-Eve31 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, where to start. This movie had potential - until it started. Apart from AJ Bowen (who I like), the acting in this movie is average at best, as was the whole film. It was cliché, as the plot has been done before, and much better, and the script obviously wasn't that ground breaking either. I mean I normally like Danielle Harris, and this was her directorial debut, so I'm hoping that she will improve from this attempt. But after this, she should stick to acting. The film reeked of another movie that I saw this year - Would You Rather, which is a much better movie all round. It also reminded me of Urban Legend, by the revenge against friends side of the story. And there was a part where good old Kane Hodder had to fight off a skinny woman, and he LOSES. But later on that skinny woman is beaten by an even smaller woman! Yeah... whatever. So unfortunately all I can give this film is a 2 out of 10. Save your money.
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Sit back, shut up and enjoy!
rififi2215 September 2013
"The directorial debut of Danielle Harris, best known as a scream queen for her multiple horror film roles, four of them in the Halloween series:in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) as Jamie Lloyd, and in the new versions of Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009) as Annie Brackett."

REVIEW: The movie got some really bad reviews which is totally unfair since it's a really fun-to-watch movie with witty script, comic elements and extreme gore. For a low-budget movie "Among Friends" is enjoyable, sinister, cocky and destined to achieve a cult status for horror fans, so sit back, get your pop corn, a group of friends and enjoy!

7.5/10 (it's a pity IMDb doesn't give you the number.5 option)
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Great directional debut from a wonderful actress
acidburn-1014 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I heard about this through an online review on YouTube which was very positive and given the fact that it was directed by one of my all-time fave scream queens Danielle Harris, who has entertained us for years with some brilliant turns in (Halloween 4, 5, Hatchet 2, 3 & Bloody Hatchet); even in crap she always does a decent turn. Now with her solo directional effort "Among Friends" that despite having almost no budget, she managed to turn in a very decent slasher movie.

The plot focuses on a group of 20 something's who attend a murder mystery dinner party hosted by one of their friends, but things take a sudden turn for the worst when they are drugged and tied up and forced to watch all their past mistakes on hidden camera, and end up going through hell and torture by their twisted hostess as the night goes on.

This is a very good movie, the set up is very interesting and the performances are also really good, it was nice to see everyone involved making an effort. The build up was pulled off effectively as we see at first the group having fun with the party games, then sitting down to the dinner table where the real fun is to be had, wasn't rushed it allowed us a decent amount of time to get to know the characters and the fact that everything mostly takes place in one room, never gets boring, in fact you never lose interest as each secret is unfolded, adds more suspense and drama.

Okay there is one or two shortcomings to this, but that's mainly down to budgeting reasons, like firstly the movie doesn't have a great look to it, looks kinda cheap at times and the ending which was so annoying as we didn't get to see their fates and should have went on a bit longer. But besides that, it's still a great watch.

Alyssa Lobit who plays the hostess Bernie does a stand up job, conveying true menace and authority to her twisted role, the fact that she also wrote the script shows she has definite talent. She loved every minute of it and it shows, you never know what's she gonna do next, which was thrilling and well and truly steals the show. Brianne Davis was also another standout; she was very funny, especially in her tripping out scene, where we get awesome cameos from Danielle Harris and Michael Biehn, which was awesome. Kamala Jones also gives a very noble turn as Sara , and also the cameo by Kane Hodder was also another fun moment in this.

All in all a very decent flick that may lack scares, but doesn't lack fun.
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"Among Friends" - film review by Jamie DeCourley
jamiedecourley11 November 2013
"Among Friends" is the directorial debut of scream queen Danielle Harris and if that isn't enough to spark your interest take a look at some of the other super talented people involved. Alyssa Lobit penned this little gem and is slowly proving that she's a rock star screen writer headed for the top. Lobit also stars in the film and carries herself well amongst a troop of indie horror veterans. The film also stars horror genre icon Kane Hodder, Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc, Dana Daurey, Brianne Davis, Chris Meyer, and of course the great A.J. Bowen. A.J. Bowen is swiftly becoming a horror genre icon himself. I can't believe how many truly awesome films Bowen has starred in over the last five years or so. "Among Friends" is probably best described as "Misery" meets "The Breakfast Club." The film kicks off with what appears to be a tight knit group of friends attending a retro eighties party. The group is taken hostage by an insane and apparently jilted Bernadette that wants to show them the error of their ways. It doesn't take long before the secrets and lies binding the group together begin to tear it apart (literally).

I really liked this film for a lot of different reasons but the truth is there's not much here that we haven't seen before. Harris does a very solid job in her first time behind the camera. There are several instances in the film where one of the characters has drug induced delusions. Harris is especially impressive in these moments as she is able to set those scenes apart from the story we're watching and then pull us back at just the right moment. Although the film is decent in all aspects it never really seems to decide where it wants to go or even how far. This is very evident in the films last twenty minutes which make little sense and almost completely stomp out any fire we had burning here. The production value here is unfavorable and I say that having just had a similar retro eighties party for my daughters sweet sixteen. Honestly the party cost us a couple thousand dollars and would have made twice the set produced in this film. I have to nitpick a little bit that's just my nature but let me counter that by saying my two girl's ages 16 and 11 absolutely loved this film, so what do I know. Through it all the film tries hard to stay interesting, bloody, and pure fun. It's not a great film but it's a great start and hopefully we'll get more of Harris behind and in front of the camera. I give this film 6/10 and recommend it to all off-beat horror fans. Let me know what you thought about this group of friends and there dirty little secrets.
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I love danielle
kylegaze3618 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Danielle Harris directorial debut was a great first film.I have followed Danielles entire career from the time she was a baby girl till now so obviously Im biased because she has a special place in my heart.This film is as true to people today as it can get .Lying,cheating,backstabbing you cant trust anyone even your best friends and when you watch this film it will show you what your friends can really think of you and the actions they will take without your knowledge.Going behind closed doors with hidden cameras best friends find out what they truly think of one another.After watching this film you'll really start to wonder what people actually think of you if your one of those people whom it matters to this will be a huge shock to your system.Me personally im just proud of my dear Danielle she is a beautiful girl and a wonderful director.
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A Rambling Mess
arfdawg-116 September 2018
AMONG FRIENDS is a twisted horror about a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an 80s backdrop, good times take a dark turn when one in the group hijacks the evening in the name of Integrity. Through an attempt to help the others come clean about secret betrayals against one another, it's revealed who's willing to cut through the bone to expose the truth. This feature directorial debut of Scream Queen Danielle Harris stars Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Dana Daurey, Brianne Davis, Kane Hodder, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit and Chris Meyer.

This movie is horrible. First of all there is a disconnect. The people in the film are all dressed like they are going to the prom, but they look like they are about to hit 40!

No real nudity, which is important to this genre. Acting sucks, writing sucks, directing sucks. It's a boring mess.
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Surely Danielle Harris can do a lot better…
Coventry25 January 2017
Back when I was around 10-12 years old, in the glorious early nineties that was, I had two celebrity crushes. The first one was Christina Ricci, based on her inimitably stoic performance of Wednesday in "The Addams Family", and the other one was Danielle Harris, based on her appearances in the "Halloween" sequels 4 and 5 (which I actually wasn't yet allowed to watch) and the Bruce Willis vehicle "The Last Boy Scout". I was completely mad about little Jamie Lloyd in her eerie jester costume, and that cherubic yet mysterious face always remained printed in my pre-adolescent mind. Then we didn't hear or see anything remarkable from Danielle Harris for about fifteen years, until she made a phenomenal horror comeback in Rob Zombie's "Halloween"; ironically enough the remake of the original of the franchise that made her famous. I'm very happy that, since 2007, Danielle became a very frequent and reliable horror leading lady/scream queen. She starred in a handful of really entertaining movies ("Hatchet II", "Stake Land", "Blood Night") as well as in a couple of disappointing duds ("Shiver", "Camp Dread"), and in 2012 she brought her career to the next level by making her debut as a director with "Among Friends". In all honesty I have to say that, based on the plot description or encountered reviews, I probably never would have bothered to seek out this film if it weren't for the fact that Danielle Harris directed it. "Among Friends" objectively looks and sounds like a mundane and conventional slasher, and it really is just that. No wait, I'm mistaken… In a mundane and conventional slasher, most of the characters still get killed in a gory fashion, whereas in "Among Friends" the vast majority of them only get wounded. A six-headed group of friends meet up at Bernadette's house, in a fancy rented limousine, supposedly for a murder-themed game night. Before they are properly installed, though, it turns out that their hostess has a much more sadistic and realistic game in mind. They all wake up tied up and semi-paralyzed around the dinner table and get confronted with a whole lot of intrigues, hidden affairs, betrayal and dark secrets. There's a little bit of torture and mayhem to enjoy (for example half of a scalping), but the blood hunger of rabid horror junkies will definitely not be stilled. Most of the film is uninteresting drivel and bickering between unlikable characters you don't care for anyway. Danielle Harris' direction is competent, but she doesn't really put her mark. The performances vary from average to poor, and the proudly announced cameo appearances (Michael Biehn, Danielle Harris herself) are barely noticeable. Only Kane Hodder has a remotely fun supportive part as the limo driver. I hope Harris will take another shot at directing a horror movie, this time with a slightly better script.
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A Great Start for Danielle Harris
tcoll3210 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Among Friends is the directorial debut of horror queen Danielle Harris. It would appear to be, on the surface, a similar hash of the tired torture horror that has been overdone since the endless Saw sequels and Hostel ripoffs but it actually brings some fresh air to the subject. The story revolves around a group of 6 friends who have come to a 80's themed party hosted by their friend Bernadette. They are drugged by one of the group and forced to see their sins displayed and they have to answer for them. You see them violate the trusts of others and they violate each other to the deepest core. Before the night is over none of them will ever be the same if they can make it through the night. Ms. Harris called in all of her friends to help with this one and you can see she has a very talented group of friends. Standout performances from Alyssa Lobit, AJ Bowen, and Brianne Davis. Abley supported by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Christopher Backus, Kamala Jones, Chris Meyer, Dana Daurey, and Kane Hodder as the limo driver. There are a host of cameos including Ms. Harris in a certain costume she made famous. This is great start for Danielle Harris and I can only hope she make her next film as entertaining as this one.
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If Danielle Harris wasn't attached, nobody would like this.
murnenjm8 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is pathetic.

I THINK its supposed to be a cheap Horror-Comedy type of nonsense film that, assuming that is the case, completely misses on the humor, lacks originality, and lacks effort.

The dialogue from the get-go is terrible and cliché beyond words. Characters saying the ol' "what persons of this age/socioeconomic status would say in this situation who are best friends but so terrible to each other!" Again, If the supposed objective is spoofing movies in a campy horror movie style, it doesn't work at all. If the objective is to make the audience laugh on its merits, I can't imagine who's laughing. What was with the limo driver addressing each character exiting the limo? That early scene was Unforgivably unoriginal/unfunny to the point there's no redemption possible for me (I did continue watching however).

The acting for the first 30 minutes of the movie is noticeably uninspired as if they did it on one take at the end of the shoot. Oddly it becomes better as the movie progresses, as if only the second half of the movie was actually the movie and the first 30 minutes was written in 30 minutes, filmed in 30 more and never revisited, revised or edited.

Last items -The use of the F curse is, again, over-exposed, unoriginal, and ruins a lot of scenes for me. Its overuse doesn't come off as adding comedic value, rather, annoying and unoriginal. -Having one character tripping balls on mushrooms; sooooooo overplayed come on this is he best you could do? *One funny moment is the playing of the privately incognito sex tape. The bad part about this; proving this movie is capable of entertaining the audience if it wants to.

If Danielle Harris wasn't attached to this picture you wouldn't be seeing anything above a 3. Keywords; unoriginal, not funny, lack of effort toward script/acting. Why would you want to watch a movie with these attributes. The 4.5 aggregate rating is for Danielle Harris' name.
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Could have had a more satisfying conclusion!
LasKeepsItReal30 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The director debut of Danielle Harris the film Among Friends is her first offering in the horror/comedy genre.

The story follows six main characters who get ready for an eighties themed party. When they all arrive at their friend Bernadette's house they take part in a murder mystery game where they go around looking for various clues. Once the group feel as though they have completed the game the lady of the house, Bernadette quickly drugs them all and straps them to chairs in the dinner room.

It is then that Bernadette shows her true colours and informs the group of her intentions when her games take a twisted turn and before long she has them confessing their deepest and darkest secrets.

The actress Alyssa Lobit who plays Bernadette does an exceptional job in humiliating each of her so called friends and successfully turning them against each other through not only a series of violent and sick mind games but also some video taped scenarios which expose their sins. She is prompt when informing the group of party goers on the lessons of their lack of morals whilst saving the best until last!

I did expect to see more violence in this film although on the several occasions it does happen it is memorable. Bernadette herself does not have any real justification for extracting revenge on the group however another friend of the group Lily played by Dana Daurey, who is briefly mentioned early on does have a few things to settle particularly with one person.

The film itself goes from having horror,comedy, thriller and drama moments so it has a little something that should please most viewers. The film progresses to become much more serious within the last fifteen minutes when one character who may appear innocent becomes the most guilty of them all!

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.
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I had a few issues
trashgang25 February 2014
I was looking forward to see the debut of Danielle Harris as a director. She should know what should be in a horror flick because face it, she's in the scene from her youth (Halloween 4 (1988)) until today and has been seen in a few classics within the genre. But I was left with a bitter feeling at the end. I liked it somehow but I also had a few problems with this debut.

I liked the story and the way it was shown. But I had troubles with the editing somehow. It's clear that reaction shots were inserts and the inserts are edited to slow. The reaction of some doesn't fit into the fact or reason why they should react. On the other hand, the torture that we do see is okay and it all looked good but once one of the friends is tortured he or she just staid in the game. When fingers are being cut off or even one his testicles they all stay alive. maybe I don't get it and it's all part of this flick but for me that teared this flick down.

It's funny to see Kane Hodder and Michael Biehn here in a cameo which is normal, Danielle worked together with Hodder in Hatchet to Hatchet 3 and her best friend is Jessica Blanc, who is married with Micheal Biehn.

Due the way the torture and the afterglow was presented I also had a bit of a problem with the acting. Still, Danielle did well and there are a few rare scene's to see especially when Lily is tripping on paddo's.

Is it a must see for the geeks of the genre, well, I understand that a few did have actual problems with Among Friends. It never really becomes gory and there's no nudity even as there are a few erotic scene's and the ending, there's a lot to say about that part too. Among Friends, you love it or hate it, sadly I'm in between.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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