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Soundtrack Credits 

Track Suit
Performed by Minor Mishap Marching Band
Written by Datri Bean, Rachel Proctor-May, Dave Quanbury, Leah Durrett, Jeff Luna, Michael May, Joe England
Published by Datri Bean Publishing
Mirror Maps
Written by Bill Baird
Performed by Bill Baird / Sunset
The Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher
Written by Wade Allison, Jason Tarpey
Performed by Iron Age
Published by Cyclopean Records
Courtesy of Teepee Records
High On The Hog
Performed by BFE
Written by Will Evans & Chad Holt
Published by a/s records
Courtesy of a/s records
Performed by Pong
Written by Larry Strub, Michael Shelton, Lyman Hardy III, Jason F. Craig, Gary Prescott Chester
Helping Hand
Performed by Black Eyed Vermillion
Written by Gary Lindsey, Jim Finklea
Published by Gary Lindsey
Courtesy of 1332 Records
Mirror Maps
Performed by Sunset
Written by Morton Williams Baird
Published by The Moon Is Actually A Big TV
Under License by The Moon Is Actually A Big TV
Why Say Don't
Performed by Bad Sports
Written by Orville Bateman Neeley III
Published by Mattitude Music LLC
Courtesy of Douchemaster Records
Joan of Arc
Written and Performed by Taylor Holland
Published by Taylor Holland
Under License by Taylor Holland
Performed by Chris Catalena
Written by Chris Catalena
Published by Ghost Hymns Publishing
Performed by Charlie Hurtin & the Hecklers
Written by Charlie Hurtin
Colossus of Lodes
Performed by Resistance Ensemble
Written by Samuel Douglas, John Hart Asher
Published by John Hart Asher
Courtesy of Big Beard Films
Uncle's Blood
Performed by The Octopus Project
Written by Joshua Lambert, Yvonne Lambert, Gilberto Miranda
Published by Robot High School Publishing
Drop the Book Anarchist
Written by Geoff Marslett
Written/Created by Michael Manzke, MoweTek
Arranged by Eric Friend
Decision Making Processes
Performed by The Goin' Along Feelin' Just Fines
Written by Lyman Hardy
Foe By Foe...J Why J?
Performed by Reboot Billy
Written by Johnny Lopez
Published by Chingamagine Music
Performed by Reboot Billy
Written by Johnny Lopez
Published by Chingamagine Music
The Iron Fist Of Stalin
Performed by The Invincible Czars
Written by Joshua Jeffrey Robins
Published by Attack Lamb
Stranger In A Strange Land
Performed by DD Dagger
Written by Allyson Lipkin
Published by Dally Devita
Courtesy of DD Dagger
You Don't Need The Wine
Traditional (1921)
Written by Harry Akst and Howard Emmett Rogers (as Howard Rogers)
Performed by Eddie Cantor
Up Mt. Bonnell
Written & Performed by Adam Blau
Published by Alien Dog Publishing

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