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Establishment Cover-Up exposed
Marijuanaut16 December 2012
"Keith Allen's film exposes the in-plain-sight cover up of what happened to Diana in Paris in 1997 and her cold, heartless and disgusting treatment by this cold, heartless and disgusting family – including the way that the judge at the excuse-for-an-inquest ordered royal correspondence with Diana from people like Prince Philip to be censored before being made public. Does this remind anyone of how the judge at the excuse-for-an-inquiry into North Wales child abuse ordered that famous political names could not be mentioned by the victims?

The film exposes the pathetic irrelevance of the mainstream media which is just an arm of the same Establishment which it is alleged to be 'reporting' – with a few honorary exceptions scattered here and there. This is the BBC's 'royal correspondent', Nicholas Witchell, one of the most pompous people I have ever met, depicted in the film fast asleep more than once while inquest evidence was being heard. Unlawful Killing is the incredibly important and highly revealing 'inquest of the inquest' that reveals overwhelming evidence of a massive Establishment cover up in the UK and France and this is why it has not been seen in the UK but can be watched now on an overseas website. Keith Allen said around the time of the royal wedding in 2011, when Diana's son, William, married Kate Middleton:

'Why is the film being premiered next week at Cannes, three years after the inquest ended? Because British lawyers insisted on 87 cuts before any UK release could be contemplated. So rather than butcher the film, or risk legal action, we're showing it in France, then the US, and everywhere except the UK. Pity, because at a time when the mindless sugar rush of the royal wedding has been sending British Republicans into a diabetic coma, it could act as a welcome antidote.'

Mohamed Al Fayed is no angelic being of sweetness and light either, but the point of this film is to show how what happened to Diana was systematically covered up by the alleged inquest into the death of her and Dodi Fayed. From this comes a simple question: why would there be a cover up if there was not something highly significant to cover up? A clinical psychologist describes Prince Philip in the film as a man devoid of guilt, empathy and love – precisely the character traits of the royal and 'elite' bloodlines worldwide that I have been exposing for nearly a quarter of a century. The royal family as a whole are described as 'gangsters in tiaras'. Even this is mild compared with their sick and sordid past and present."

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A Must See....Not Consensus Reality
siebertws136 October 2015
This is a one-sided movie with a muckraking point of view that should definitely be seen to balance the narrative developed and sold by the global corporate media in the death of Princess Diana.

Perhaps not all of this is true, but some of the information is undeniable -- from the behavior of the royal press to the parameters set in the investigation by the royal court to the testimony (and lack thereof) of those involved and still alive.

Even if you remove ALL the (admittedly effective) propaganda and hypothesis in the film, the basic FACTS remain. Those facts are damming in ways deeply unsettling.

Knocked off a star for hyperbole the content doesn't need & the general low budget look. But otherwise this is riveting stuff, a brave blow against the Empire. You need to see it.


"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." - Benjamin Disraeli, former British PM
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It's about the content, not the film-making.
loz-2710 February 2013
Almost impossible to get hold of as it seems to be banned (for no reason, let alone the "87 requested cuts" as far as I can see). It is a predictably one-sided docu-film, but then, that doesn't matter as we all know the other side that was presented to us in the media over and over again. The points are all well made and clearly argued. The editing is all pretty low-budget but that's because it is. Keith Allen has done a good job with a prickly subject. Overall then, this is a film that all people in the UK ought to watch so that it opens our minds a bit more to the actual 'democracy' we live in. For the rest of the world, well worth a watch for your curiosity.
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Do we live in a democracy?
eightball1323 January 2013
Us Brits are shocked when we watch documentaries depicting life in places such as North Korea but maybe we should start looking closer to home for authorities covering up the truth.

I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories but found this documentary to be quite shocking and persuasive when arguing its case.

Although not possible to view in the UK, various websites stream it and I definitely recommend you hunt it down. Well worth a watch.

The only contraction it seems to make is its constant reference to the fact that the media viewed it as Diana's death despite two other people in the car suffering the same fate. In summary it refers to the accident as the death of Diana and Dodi without mentioning the driver whose name had been unfairly dragged through the dirt by the media.
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A Must-Watch film for everyone - conspiracy theorist or not
l-02777-4975431 July 2017
This film has some flaws - hyperbole, some moments of B-movie-ness and overstating the importance or relevance of events in the 1930's, but other than that, it's amazing.

It is very well put-together - it presents all the inconsistencies of the case in an easy- to-follow, fluid narrative, all while poking holes in the official story from every angle.

It is very well researched and has the benefit of time and hindsight to reveal things that were unknown, covered up, delayed or not presented into evidence.

It was not released in the UK, and the recommended "87 cuts" (that it would need to be certified for release in the UK) would've made it into an incoherent music video rather than a documentary.

If you're a conspiracy theorist - watch it. This is just amazing.

If you are not a conspiracy theorist but don't always believe everything the government says (Richard Dearlove, head of the British Secret Intelligence Service: "We have never killed anybody in the last 50 years"), it's a great watch because it's filled with shady stuff.

If you believe every single word the government says and have never doubted anything and will never doubt anything, this film is a great work of fiction. It's a fun story to watch.

All in all, highly entertaining.
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I want to watch this movie!!!
luanimmachado18 September 2011
I'm also looking for more information about this movie.

I hope to be able to watch it soon...

Not that I need to watch the movie to believe in it's theory...actually I don't understand how people can believe in the accident story...

I've found this review on Amazon website, where, it seams, the DVD will be available.

"Good enough for Mark Lane, good enough for me. It's impressive that Mohammed Al Fayed is the sponsor. And that it's banned. It only presents the evidence, but that in itself is sufficiently damning to get it banned. John Hankey BushKilledJFK.com"

There is also a website but there is not much to see there, and a page on facebook where people is also asking about the release.
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How did Lady Di? A documentary style fantasy for conspiracy theorists and anti monarchists
michael-328831 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
An emotional rather than logical documentary full of speculation, hearsay and outright manipulation of facts with a clear agenda.

"Britain is a monarchy not a democracy" declares Keith Allen solemnly. Pur-leaze.

Constant mysterious references to 'The Establishment' like some cabal controlling us all like marionettes on a string.

Then we have Piers Morgan telling us that we can't believe the head of MI5 because "we've all seen Bond movies". Really.

That's the bar for evidence in this documentary which inhabits a world where every single person in the country is willing to be complicit in homicide for the chance their boss might be awarded a knighthood.

The country's security services are at the beck and call of the royal family who are really Nazis especially Prince Philip, (because Nazis attended his sisters funeral in Germany of course). Not to mention the sheer number of people who have been paid off and sworn to a lifetime of silence.

There is flawless collusion between the countless personnel of the media, security services, royal household and the judiciary.

And the motive? Causing embarrassment to the royal family which she is no longer even part of. Oh and the landmine manufacturers being put out of business. Maybe. Good Lord.

Diana was treated terribly by Charles and there are many questions to be answered for sure. As for assassination I remain thoroughly unconvinced.

All in all a low budget piece of propaganda worth watching if you want to get into the mind of the conspiracy theorists and there's no paint drying at your house at the moment.
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Fatal accident of Diana Princess of Wales.
taniarollinson25 October 2013
Exceptionally well presented facts, depicting the truth regarding Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed however I thought the film could have revealed a little more of Dodi Al Fayed so people could have seen the character of the man Diana was sharing her life with. I would recommend this documentary for ages 12 and up. I would give it an 8/10 as I found it entertaining and factual and heart felt as Dodi's father played an important role in getting his testimony to the public and not taking revenge, exhibiting an honourable character. The director and his associates need to be applauded for disclosing all the vital evidence that would have otherwise been buried in forgotten history.
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Even though i have not seen this film, from what i have heard,not to be missed
bensintes30 March 2015
Dear People, Think about it, the amount of effort mounted to block the release and screening of this film is a sure indication someone has a lot to hide. Corruption at the highest level comes to mind, with the royals, their cronies and others top of the list. Looks like this film is really worth chasing. Note, the doctor who was first on the scene and commented on what he heard and saw, later changed his story, why was the CCTV cameras conveniently all not working. Why did it take so long to get Dianna to hospital when the entrance was just meters away. How is it Henry Paul was supposed to have been really drunk and yet he ties his own shoe lace and gives no sign whatsoever of intoxication. How is it drugs said to have been in his blood were never prescribed for him. How is it many other factors were never investigated or ignored. How is it Mercedes never examined the wrecked car to determine tampering. Why is it the paparazzi were blamed for the crash and yet were proved to be totally innocent. These notes are just the tip of the iceberg, That is why this documentary is so important. Judge for yourself. R.I.P Dear Dianna, a real princess, you are not forgotten....
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