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A sequel that didn't need to be made...but I'm glad it was!
DJKwa16 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As far as conclusions to beloved franchises go, Toy Story 3 is hard to beat. The film tugs at the heartstrings, as we learn that Andy's toys are no longer his, and cuts deep with the realisation that growing up means letting go.

Naturally, I had a lot of trepidation heading into Toy Story 4. It wasn't so much about whether the film would be good or not, as Pixar have been pretty reliable in that regard. Rather it was about whether, despite the best efforts from everyone involved, Toy Story 4 would be able to shake off feeling unnecessary. Well, I'm happy to report that not only is Toy Story 4 a triumph, but the film's heartfelt finale feels like a proper send-off for Woody and his friends and proves that it was a story that needed to be told.

The best way to summarise is that Toy Story 3 is the end of Andy's story, while Toy Story 4 is (likely) the end of the toys' story.

While essentially a roadtrip film, the story focuses on the toys finding their place in the outside world for the first time and it's hard not to draw the analogy between young adults moving out of home. The film captures the feeling of uncertainty but also the new found possibility that leaving a place of comfort entails and it's a joy to see the series mature along with the kids who first watched Toy Story back in 1995.

It is also, undoubtedly, the funniest Toy Story film, largely due to a bevy of hilarious new supporting characters. Forky is a definite highlight while Keanu Reeves steals his scenes as Duke Caboom and Key and Peele bring their expert comedic timing to a pair of carnival-prize plush toys who are attached together by their hands but bounce off each other like rubber balls.

Thanks to a consistently funny script, the film is a blast to watch when it's not making your eyes well up, but either way the film will likely leave you crying. If you're still skeptical about the film, let me just say that, nine years may have passed between sequels, but the series' heart is beating as strong as ever.
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Beautiful picture boring story
erikpaulh2 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The picture is amazing! Really one of the most beautiful animations I've seen yet. The story however was boring and disappointing, when comparing it to the previous films.

In a previous Toy Story Buzz says: "The important thing is that we stick together". - in Toy Story 4 Buzz loses all his previous personality. He listens to his "conscious?" Seriously? It was funny and very concrete thinking as Buzz often can be at times. But let's not forget who Buzz was in previous films. He began as believing he truly was a space ranger. When he finally comes out of that he realizes he's not a ranger but a toy. When he finally figures out his importance and value in his family of toys, he becomes as loyal and committed to Andy and the rest of the group as Woody is. Together they get rid of Sid, fly to the van, and conquer all sorts of missions in the next movies. Buzz takes the lead in toy story 2 to help track down and save woody. But in Toy story 4 it's like he's a drone. All he can do is listen to his little toy commands. He's straight up clueless in this film. At one point he actually abandons woody at the antique shop when the odds were highly against them, because his push button told him to??? Really? That's not the buzz we know and love!! The buzz we knew almost died with Woody in a furnace! He would go to the ends of the earth for his buddies. They were a team and a family. But not anymore. Now Buzz is a drone with little thoughts for himself anymore. He does whatever his buttons tell him to. "Goodbye Woody, sorry if you die in the antique shop, but my conscious told me to quit". That's all it took? Really? Ok?

Woody was a fearless leader in all three movies. Until this one. Yes he still had a heart of gold. But, he went from Bo Peeps hero and Sharif that she looked up to, to his whipping boy. She straight up tells him at one point that he's essentially stupid and doesn't know what he's doing and needs to get in line and follow her. Really? Woody went from her hero to her little Boy. He literally follows her around apologizing with his tail tucked between his legs. Goodbye Woody, it was nice knowing you... now you're this wimpy cowboy doll who lets all the girls beat the crap out of you and basically tell you, you're worthless - you aren't played with anymore (you stick to the closet while the cowgirl is the new sheriff in town), another doll unapologetically rips your pull string out, because she feels this is the only way to get her own worth - so you just turn over and take the abuse, the love of your life says your basically washed up and need to follow her lead because of how stupid you are. This is not how I imagined Woody going out of the franchise.

If only the Gabby doll would have showed an ounce of remorse for what she did to woody, it would have driven home the sacrifice he made for her to allow her to take his pill string and start a new life of her own. No, the villain takes what she wants and never shows a bit of gratitude to woody.

These new carnival characters feel like they were pulled out of the new pets movie. They had some great comic relief at points, but felt like they were in the wrong movie. They felt really out of place.

The kaboom guy was another completely random and useless character. It felt like he was another insert to try to make people laugh, as though that was his only purpose for the film.

We never get to see bulls eye, Rex, and the rest of the gang. They literally were extras in this film unlike the other three movies.

Forky was a creative spin on things and added some great comedy. But, really the emotional connection to the characters we poorly done in this film. I was literally bored and just waiting for the next thing to happen. I didn't care about the end clips when the credits rolled. This story was so weak.

It was a poor way to say goodbye to our beloved characters. We didn't even really get to say goodbye to most of them, they were hiding in the RV the whole time.

I thought this would be a tear jerker, but I don't really care that Woody is not a part of the gang anymore. They took away all the elements that bonded these characters together in the first place.

The franchise should have ended at 3.
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I haven't cried in a movie theater in such a long time, but boy did I for this one
dussaultjulien21 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching, and rewatching all of the Toy Story films for years now and have loved them all, and never wanted them to end, because I could never see an end to such a beloved series of films, but everything eventually has to finish out, and Toy Story 4 does it beautifully. I'm a guy who usually doesn't cry in movie theatres, heck it's a rare sight to see me crying, but I was bawling at the end. They did leave it to make other films, which I hope that they do, but if they left it like this I wouldn't be sad, because it closed all the emotional doors that needed to be closed, for me personally, and even opened some I had never knew could open before. Highly recommend 10/10.
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Depressing vibes from the beginning...
feypoth26 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Well...I prefer considering "Toy story 4" as a side story that someone, who doesn't know anything about the characters, made just for fun. As a big fan of Toy Story for years I was very disappointed with the whole plot. First , our beloved characters like Jessie, Bullseye, Rex , Ham, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Slinky Dog and Little Aliens almost got no screen time. Buzz barely got some time and even then it made him look dumb and as if he wasn't so serious about finding Woody. And all these happened for the shake of the new toys,who were interesting and sometimes funny, but it wasn't necessary to see them all the time. Something else I want to mention is that if you know the original characters, you know it's impossible for them to just sit in a van and do nothing to help their friend who needs them. I don't think finding Bo Beep again and giving her all the screentime was a positive thing as she was nothing special from the beginning. Also Bonnie suddenly loving a fork more than the toys she promised to take care of, shows than she never really deserved to have them! Yes, it was fine that in Toy Story 3 the whole gang ended up at a new home that someone would play with them again, even though it was a big change. Because of that I had a hope that it may end like this, happily starting a new life with a nice new kid that will take care of them,but no...Toy Story 4 came to give us a depressing plot twist and, in my opinion, a terrible end for Woody. Separating the gang for whatever reason is so heartbreaking for a fan who heard the news about Toy Story 4 and was excited to watch it. Especially for a reason that doesn't represent Woody's personality and values. In conclusion, a movie good for kids and anyone who haven't heard about the original Toy Story.
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They ruined the essence of the trilogy
andres-5446022 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely they should stop with the third movie. They separated buzz and wood. Bonnie is the real villain (?).
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Does NOT compare to the first 3 films
conferfm24 June 2019
Toy Story has become an integral part of our lives. It reels us all back into childhood and keeps our innocence alive. Toy Story has had the privilege of taking us all on that journey. Sadly, Toy Story 4 has brought our childlike innocence to a screeching halt.

Although, it really goes without saying, the toys should have never been given away to Bonnie. To keep the nostalgia alive, in Toy Story 3, Andy could have kept his toys in the attic. The ending could have shown glimpses of Andy getting married and having children. The ending of part 3 could have very easily been bittersweet to see Andy's toys given to his own children and Woody and Buzz's legacy of faithfulness to Andy's children continue.

Toy Story 4 felt like a slap in the face to not only all the fans of Toy Story, but the hope that this film brought with it. The main charachter really focuses on solely Woody, which becomes apparent by the end of the film. In no way is this taking away from the laughs the film brought, because it is quite amusing. The plot felt scattered and pointless. As an adult whom had favorite toys saved in the attic for the my children,Toy Story 4 was a huge disappointment. "Gabby Gabby's" character felt quite selfish. In leaving Woody in the condition that they left him in didn't feel selfless; it felt robbed of his loyalty. Although the stuffed bunny and chick were funny, their characters felt like Pixar was looking for ways to find laughs. Finding "Bo Peep" as a conclusion to the story was not a good enough reason to create Toy Story 4.

A sad misstep in Toy Story's legacy. Having mixed reviews from the audience in Toy Story 4 after a long love from the inception is just saddening.
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Childhood ruined
kratos_training27 June 2019
The film felt like a quick money grab. The characters developed over the last 20 years were cast aside with the majority limited to one line. Woody flip flops between his morals and the ending was incredibly disappointing. Toy story 3 wrapped the series up superbly and it should have been left there.
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kellylane1723 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I love Toy story. It probably is one of my all time favourites. I was lucky even enough to have an original buzz light year toy, So obviously when I found out toy story 4 was being released I couldn't wait. I love all Disney. But it was good to know that I could watch a film that wasn't a remake. I could go into this film feeling like I did when I watched Toy story for the first time.

I wanted to like this film so much. And don't get me wrong the animation was beautiful. The first scene was brilliant. It felt like the good old days. And I was hopeful for the rest of the film. But unfortunately this film just didn't sit right.

One huge problem for me is that it wasn't believable. Woody was being forgotten about and being left at the back of the closet. But Toy story 3 would have you believe that Bonnie loved Woody and after the heartbreak of watching Andy give him to her at the end, was okay because you thought she would love him just as much.

Second of all. I know that it's all about the kid. But it isn't. It's about the toys friendship. Leave no you behind. So why would Woody choose to leave all his friends. It just doesn't make sense. The whole set up for this film from the beginning was to make you feel comfortable with woody leaving. But it's just not in his character.

All our favourites Slinky, rex, Hamm, bullseye, Jessie to name a few got next to no screen time. Buzz got some but still not enough! He was almost made to come across as an idiot. For what, some cheap laughs.

This film was scary the dummy's were nightmare worthy but the actual protagonist just wasn't deep enough. No where near Sid, Stinky Pete or lotso. Probably so you could like her and be happy she found her kid. It just felt far too forced for me.

Overall I wish this film didn't exist. Watching the RV drive away made me honestly feel heart broken. I felt as if I truly had lost someone important. And how would Andy feel knowing that the Toy he so dearly loved, the Toy he entrusted to Bonnie was now lost.

Toy story should have ended with 3 or at the very least Woody should have been taken to college with Andy where he would have been Loved.
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This was hard to watch. So disappointing
MrsBKG22 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I knew there was absolutely no way they could do a better ending than Toy Story 3. Toy Story 4 was disappointing, really disappointing. It was eerie, dark, and lacked all the heart of the first 3. It completely contradicts the underlying theme of the first 3 movies and throws it into a 180, leaving us with a sad, lackluster, way too "hey, kids- reality's not easy" ending. According to this latest installment; 1.) You don't have a friend in me. 2.) Whatever life throws at you, it's not going to be okay because you can't count on your friends & family to be there for you to infinity and beyond.

So many elements to this movie were just flat out depressing. Woody is trapped, defeated and dismembered, being robbed of his voice box and yet, we're supposed to somehow completely be ok with that because the eerie attacker is the one who the story writers want to aim sympathy toward (??!) The other horribly depressing part of this story is Buzz Lightyear is reduced to a brainless sideshow coward who has somehow lost his heroic persona. Also, Bo Peep is so cold with zero emotion!

A seriously contradictory and downright depressing "final chapter" to what used to be one of the finest kid movies American pop culture ever had. Completely void of charm and heart. So bad!
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kilpatrickarlo27 July 2019
Toy Story - 1, 2 and 3 were all amazing. It's hard not to tear up at the end of 3 which was the perfect ending to (arguably) Pixar's best franchise. This film completely ruins Toy Story's legacy. It didn't take long for me to realise this film wasn't going to be good and that it's only purpose was to make more money of a beloved franchise. The story is forgettable, all of the new characters are either uninteresting or underdeveloped and almost all of the original toys are dismissed and barely in the movie. This felt like a direct to dvd sequel and I'm going to pretend that it isn't the official end to the series. I'm not going to spoil the ending but all you need to know is that it's completely unsatisfying. I'll admit, I felt emotional at the end. I felt very sad. But not because the movie was moving me, I was sad because of how disappointing the ending was and that this is the official ending no matter what I think. I'd advise you to skip this movie and let Toy Story 3 be your final memory of Toy Story instead.
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Major letdown...and here's why!
danieljoshuabraid20 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Now before I get started I've got to make it clear that I'm one of the biggest Toy Story fans out there. In particular the moving nature of the third instalment genuinely brought me to tears as I'm sure it did with a lot of you all.

While I had major concerns about the 4th movie's existence in general, I was willing to give it a shot. And don't get me wrong while Toy Story 4 is certainly not a bad movie, it's also not something that will sit in the hearts and minds of this generation any longer than a brief passing moment.

The problems start with the randomness of the plot, and the amount of themes that it is trying to cover in one movie. Is it primarily about getting Forky home to Bonnie, about Woody finding Bo, about Gabby finding an owner or about something else entirely? None of it is made particularly clear to the audience.

The beauty of the first 3 movies were that they had a clearly defined main plot: Toy Story was about the battle between Buzz/Woody and getting back to Andy from Sid; Toy Story 2 was about getting Woody back to Andy, and Toy Story 3 was about escaping the day care centre. Unfortunately in Toy Story 4, an actual coherent main plot is removed in favour of action sequences, the favouring of new characters instead of beloved old ones along a few amusing gags here and there.

Toy Story 4 remains unsure what it wants to ultimately be about and I guess that blurred vision comes from the variety of 8 (yes 8!) screenwriters who are credited for their input into the story. Regulars such as Jessie, Rex, Hamm, Bullseye, Slinky Dog and the Potato Head are all given next to no screentime which is a massive disappointment. Keeping them in the van for most of the movie is a lazy and ultimately boring decision for many of these beloved characters who each found much better things to do in Toy Story 2 and 3 in particular.

Instead the barrage of new characters makes things far too confusing for the audience. The movie needed to be about Forky or Bo - not both. There wasn't any tension in finding Bo nor was there any in getting Forky back to Bonnie. A more wild-cap adventure separating Woody and Forky from the gang and finding Bo at the very end of the film might have had a better pay off but unfortunately neither mean all that much to the audience given the other issue of spending so long at the Antique Store.

Meanwhile another huge part of the movie - Buzz is a shell of his former self. He has precious little to do that actually affects the plot and really needed to be in more actual danger and peril or more useful in saying Woody and Forky.

Finally put, everything just feels so low-stake compared to the first few films. There's no fear of being incinerated, getting trapped on a plane to Japan or being torn apart by a crazed kid. Instead it's just all a bit simplistic and the film lacks any real dramatic tension. Perhaps they needed to make Gabby more evil before her transformation? Or use the height of the ferris wheel for a bigger finale at the top somehow? It all just felt too warm and fuzzy and lacked the energy of all the films that have come before it.

Yes this movie still has its moments - Duke Caboom is an amusing and welcome addition, Forky is a very likeable addition too and the ending was a nice send off - but unfortunately the setups all seemed too rushed that it didn't have the emotion it ultimately should of. I think by having too many writers the ultimate vision for this film got lost and the movie is all the poorer for it, which is a real shame!

Kids will still like it and you'll find a few laughs, but this is certainly a step down from the original 3 films.
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I'm going to pretend this was never made.
rsmith-8166422 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited for this movie. I love all 3 of the other ones (2 being my favorite). So I went in feeling really good, and about 20 mins in I realized this was not like the others. It just does not have the same charm. The story was just terrible. It was about rescuing a spork that was made from trash. They added in too many new characters. We barely got to see any of our beloved characters, jesse, bullseye, ham, rex, the potato heads, Etc. And the ending was the worst of all... why would Woody ever leave his friends that he loves? Seemed very out of character. I mean the whole reason he didn't go to the toy museum in 2 was because he didn't want to leave his friends. Anyway there was a few funny parts but I'm just going to pretend this movie never happened.
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Terrible ending
lkwwesley27 June 2019
As much as I love the Toy Story universe, this one is that bad, that I would wish to not remember watching it at all.

The film did make incorporate a lot of nostalgic elements and over-the-top jokes that you would be sure to have a laugh and smile a bit.

But the plot itself is incoherent and not a bit faithful to the trilogy. It forcefully introduces a scene that has never been mentioned at all in the previous Toy Story films, and it drives the entire plot onwards. The ending was also abrupt, and the friendship and romantic buildup in the past 3 films seems completely ruined just within a few minutes at the end.

The ending was abrupt also because I felt like the story was supposed to continue while it suddenly came to an end. There were so, so many questions left unanswered that even should Pixar make another sequel, it will never be able to address all of them.

The message of spreading individualism and feminist-esque hints throughout the film seems to be screaming out too much at points in the film.

The individualist aspect also defeats the values of the "Toys", precisely every admirable act by Woody in the past seems to be meaningless and "wrong", simply he was not thinking for himself.
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A sequel that not only works as an ending, but also as a new beginning.
eelen-seth18 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The announcement of a fourth Toy Story chapter, felt like an easy cash grab for Disney, after the huge success that was the concluding Toy Story 3. After seeing the first trailer and synopsis, I still wasn't sure if this was gonna work. So being a bit cautious of seeing these beloved characters coming back nine years after we said goodbye to Andy, I can say - no need to be afraid. The toys are dusted off and look better than ever!

The film opens with a flashback to a rainy night where our toys are still happily living with Andy. Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and Bo Peep (Annie Potts) are getting ready to rescue RC-racer - a radio-controlled toy car - that's been stuck in a gutter and is about to be dragged into the sewers, if not saved in time. This is an exciting opening to get you right into the story and remind you of the bond these toys have with each other. "No toy gets left behind", like Woody would say multiple times throughout this franchise. This scene also shows how close Woody and Bo's relationship just was, which gets torn apart moments later when the lamp that houses her and her sheep is given away.

Almost a decade later, after Andy has passed his beloved toys to young Bonnie, we see her playing with all of them, although Woody gets pushed aside more often as time passes. He gets left in the closet with some of her baby toys. But when Bonnie has to attend her orientation day for kindergarten, Woody sees an opportunity to sneak into her backpack to look after the nervous girl. In class, a selfish kid grabs Bonnie's art supplies and drops some in a bin, where Woody jumps in to save some of it - along with bits of rubbish - which leads to Bonnie creating Forky (soon discovered to be a toy, voiced by Tony Hale), a spork with popsicle-stick feet, googly eyes and pipe-cleaner arms. The family has a new member.

Bonnie adores Forky, but having an existential crisis, this spork knows it's trash and feels like his only destination is the trash can, his safe haven. Woody, so longing for a purpose, takes it upon himself to keep rescuing and returning Forky, which will only get harder when Bonnie and her parents embark on a road trip in an RV. A journey on which we will meet carnival toys (Ducky and Bunny - voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), a Canadian stunt-motocross action figure (Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom - the coolest and most breathtaking toy ever created) and a manipulative vintage doll (Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby) who's stuck living in an antique store, ready to do whatever's needed to live a blissful life.

The emotions run high, with stunning animation and imagery all around. New characters that will win over your heart and make you laugh out loud with the funniest one liners. Did I really expect anything less, after three exceptionally strong films in this franchise?! Shame on me.

Toy Story 4 is an adventure full of subtle messages and metaphors, that carries on the legacy of its original trilogy. Disney/Pixar has done it again - a sequel that not only works as an ending, but also as a new beginning. When we get to chapter 5 (because let's be real, this is gonna kill it at the worldwide box office), these characters will have seen so much more than just the walls of Andy/Bonnie's room and have experienced what "letting go" really means.
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This isn't flying this is falling from grace!
iamthemusicman1413 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What a way to just stomp over everything us 90's kids grew up with and were very passionate about as buzz and woody always did the right thing by everyone especially their kid be it Andy or now Bonnie.

The thing I find very hard to accept with this film is how some very big decisions and feelings are just pushed aside ignoring character traits all just to reach out to the new young generation.

For example at the end of Toy story 3 when Andy gives Bonnie all of his beloved toys including Buzz and Woody, Bonnie loves and respects the toys as much as Andy did this making the audience feel extremely sad but somewhat assured that Andy has picked a good child.

This does not seem to be the case as in this film Bonnie couldn't care less about Woody but plays with literally every other toy that Andy gave her, this is just completely unbelievable and shows the writers have completely lost their way.

This film has just created new pointless characters just to sell more merchandise to the new young generation but these characters are nowhere as near as charming or charismatic as when Jessie, Bullseye, Weezy and Stinky Pete where introduced.

One point that nearly made me walk out was when Woody willingly gave Dolly his voicebox and the film just glazed over this with no one reacting to what he has done not even Buzz, Jessie or Bo Peep witch brought no weight or shock or sadness as the film didn't seem think it was a big deal.

The end of the film makes no sense woody would never leave his kid even if he wasn't getting played with as much, that's his kid and woody is very loyal, he was abandoned for years in Andy's Toy box until Andy went off the Collage, Bonnie has just started kindergarten and woody for some reason can't wait forever and just decided not only to abandon Bonnie but everyone he has ever known and loved including Buzz, Jessie & Bulseye instead of trying to persuade Bo Peep to join him.

Over all I whole heartedly hated the film and hope they leave it be now I consider the film to be a trilogy and will only purchase the film to add to the collection but will not rush to watch this again as it is not the Toy Story I knew and loved growing up.

I hope Pixar now move on to new and original stories instead of ruining beloved childhood movies.
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It should've ended at Toy Story 3.
taylormade-111122 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I really truly believe Pixar could've came up with a way better story line. There were so many avenues to pursue after TS3 ended. The commonality of all TS movies is the beautiful animation portrayed. With that aside, this one has way too much focus on Woody and Peep to start...

I was 10 when the first Toy Story came out. I'm now a 34 yr old mom of two kids- 6/8 who love toy story, as we all do. I leave this review with open minded opinion that it has been nine years since the third one-we can get fixated on an ending and expect otherwise- and yet- the fourth one feels overreached and lacking those "clever" scenes the previous three all have. Contradictions glaring. There were maybe two times the heart of the Toy Story we all know prevailed in the movie. Other than that, I felt no warmth of connection to the plot. It was like; "let's just create a movie and see what happens!" The entire script was a complete heartbreak.

"Forky" was cute for a scene. Woody's obsession to please Bonnie keeping Forky around seemed overdone- Bonnie didn't want to play with Woody since the opening scene anyway. I was more interested in how Woody was going to transcend this form of rejection. Afterall, Bonnie loved her "cowboy" in TS3. He was the last toy Andy gave to her!

Woody convincing Forky (who wants to be trash and free) that he's "lucky" to have a kid and Woody actually ends up leaving the kid to be "free."

What about Andy not wanting to play with Woody in the past? Was Andy more worthy of a kid than Bonnie?? (Woody could've left years ago?)

Woody is a loyal cowboy and would "never give up on you", yet, he leaves everyone. To be with Bo. Who's character, albeit, is strong and well characterized, lacks connection between the two. We knew nothing much of Bo prior?!

Toy story for 24 years has been about the kid. A toy is a toy and purpose fulfilled when with a kid. That was the imagination beauty to these toys that have lives with THE KID. The toys are selfless- that's their beauty! Now it's about the self approached ego toy? This left a "What's best for Woody" human- feel. He's not quite a toy now- he's a robotic person doing what he wants when he wants. "I'm going with Bo so we can be toys living as people out here in the wilderness. You guys just keep getting played with and when Bonnie's done, just leave her too." Who's next? Each "toy" for their own? What is this nonsense?

The dummies were frightening. My son had a difficult time watching the "villains" attempt to take and sew up Woody to remove his voice box. Did Woody really need to go through "surgery?"

Rather than add to the Toy Story family like the previous ones did, how we grew to love characters like Ken and Barbie, Mr/Mrs Potato head, the aliens and "the claw", etc. It was sad, sadistic and filled with new toys who's characters appeared over exaggerated to fill in a plot which appeared to not even have one in the first place. Less Buzz, Rex, Slinky, Bullseye and other favorites as well. I couldn't wait till it was over. Of all the amazing films coming out this year so far, (2019), I'd say Aladdin and Detective Pikachu surpass this one.

Maybe I am older now and set in my grown ways of watching this toy family stick together through everything. Or maybe it is just the effect of classic movies being produced simply because, well, they can? You still paid to see it, didn't you?
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Not a kids' story
jamesjustice-9220 June 2019
What if I told you that nowadays cartoons are not for kids anymore? They never were actually because the art of drawing has nothing to do with age, it's only about making something new and making a difference as with every kind of art there is. Toy Story 4 doesn't break borders of imagination by its once revolutionary computer animation but it sure has a very pretty picture. The story is same as the premise of the third part of the franchise but only this time it deals with a much wider variety of topics: self-association in the society, loyalty, shattering of dreams, search for your purpose in life, definition of friendship, dissatisfaction with your current life status and the list goes on. Kids are only looking for fun and jokes to keep them entertained and they will not be entertained by Toy Story 4 what I clearly saw sitting in the movie theater - this is a movie that has grown with its viewers and is almost a quarter of a century old now. All in all this is a sweet, touching, meaningful, thought-provoking story and is a worthy addition to the franchise that I would gladly be coming back to along with all of its three installments.
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Good, but not near the level of it's predecessors
arabnikita21 June 2019
Toy Story 4 (2019)

Watching this animated film as an adult, I was thinking during the first half an hour why was this even made? Why am I watching a cartoon about a pathetic looking spork made of chewing gum and why all the fuss about it? Couldn't they come up with something better in 9 years? As it went along, the story improved and at the end I did enjoy it but no way near as the previous ones.

The new toys are different from what we saw in the earlier movies and have some interesting personalities which lead to good toy-chemistry and some funny moments. The plot has some originality but at times feels repetitive with decisions being forced and characters acting inconsistent to their personalities not to mention some of them being left behind as a whole. Also, the fact that the entire plot hinges on a spork, makes it difficult to fully appreciate despite the philosophical points and messages that it sends.

I did enjoy the first 3 Toy Stories but I felt that this one fell short of its predecessors in establishing an emotional connection and leaving me with a feeling of overall wholesomeness by the end of the story which is sad because this is what Pixar has always been known for. As an adult, I would not say that this one is a must watch unless you are a die hard fan of the franchise or have children. Its good but not as phenomenal as everyone is saying.

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deafugate-5376822 June 2019
Total destroyed the movie series. Total went against what the last movie was all about loving and taking care of the toys. Just awful. Not sure what the directors/writers were trying to do but you all total destroyed the movie series with this one. Just awful completely and totally destroyed the movies.
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Not the real satisfying Ending
liuskennedy30 June 2019
I still like the ending of the Toy Story 3 that really concludes everything for the life of the Toys
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This never happened, please say this never happened
pruz-5580124 June 2019
Honestly there is nothing for me to add that others hadn't said, no buzz none of the original toys. They took the values if the movie that once made this franchise great and stepped all over it. But it's okay! It never happened, it's not like they just ripped out a piece of my childhood and tore it to loeces oh wait they did. Somebody help!!
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Worst Ending to Any Saga...
boatsfra-4248913 July 2019
I'm sorry, but I didn't feel the love behind Pixar on this dud. When it comes to Toy Story, I am the biggest fan, having seen every one in the theater, bought the DVD's to pass onto my kids. Luckily I saw this in the Philippines, where I didn't have to fork over a bunch of money to see it. The popcorn I ate was the highlight of my movie experience. Where was the plot? Where was Andy? If you want to finish a saga, finish with a bang! There are way too many supplemental characters that I just don't care about. Are my expectations too high? Very few LOL moments. Plot very soft. Wait for the DVD/download.
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Not as good as the others
jre-526 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
It was fun and exciting, but there were problems with it. One of the main problems is that there were too many characters, and most of them from the previous movies aren't seen very much, other than Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep. The movie is also too centered on woody, and I thought it was rather disappointing that the movie ended with him leaving the others to stay with Bo Peep. This was a rather sad ending and not a good way to end the series.
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What was pixar thinking????
cjhorak7 July 2019
This movie is horrible. Sure it looks great and almost real but that is where the good ends. The characters you know and love are barley in the movie (besides woody), which wouldnt be a bad thing if the new characters were worth anything. The new characters get really no back story or introduction and you are just suppose to care about these characters like you do about the ones that have been around for 20 years.

The big complaint is how it ends. I wont spoil it for people who havent seen it, but it goes against everything all the other toy story movies go for (including the shorts). Sure some will say its a story about growth and change, but it completely ruins the whole franchise. They should have stopped at 3 and kept making the shorts if this is what they were going to release.
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More like a Dark and Greedy Villian than wholesome family movie
TheGamecockNurse4 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I created an IMDB account purely for the purpose of reviewing this movie. This movie was terrible, perhaps that is a bit unfair - this movie was twisted, demonic, pointless and without the uplifting light that had been in previous versions of the franchise.

Do I think this is harsh? No. Disney claimed after Toy Story 3 there would be no further sequels - and while TS3 was very dark as well, it was a fitting conclusion to the final chapter of the trilogy. I am a fan of nearly all things mouse, but Disney has taken a decidedly dark turn recently. Cinema (especially children's cinema) is about escapism, happiness and good messages, this was not that.

Now to the review: Toy Story broke the mold when it came to the creation of animated cinema. Toy Story 4 felt like a mashup of Mission Impossible meets Child's Play. The usual sight gags, and innuendos are not there, instead jump scares, refuse jokes and poor dialogue were utilized for a few cheap laughs, that left a theater full of children mostly silent, and their parents chuckling a couple times.

The central theme of the movie seems to be that Woody can't let go of making sure that Bonnie (the new Andy) is happy. Woody reconnects with an old flame - and a love story is born, where there didn't need to be one. Time drags on as Woody (who is sans Buzz for most of the movie) tries to rescue this lost toy again and again, ultimately failing on his own without the help of a new group of toys.

Buzz for his part is turned into a bumbling idiot, who hearkens back to when he first discovered he was a toy. Repeatedly pressing the buttons on his suit believing they are his "conscious", and making poor choices based on them as well.

The antagonist is a toy very similar to Lotso (TS3 villian) who hasn't felt the love and affection they want, steals from others to get it, so children are taught that as long as what you take benefits you - it's OK. Ultimately the antagonist is partially redeamed at the end, just in time for the gang to get back together again.

Except - remember the love story above, Woody abandons his previous position of making his child happy, and instead decides to throw it all away for the woman of his dreams, in a very channeling of Jerry McGuire Woody splits up the dynamic duo of Woody and Buzz and instead decides to go play house for all the misfit toys.

Two final notes, there is no mini movie beforehand, and the after credits scene that use to be bloopers are instead some more garbage in the vein of the end of the movie. Highly disappointing, saddening, and depressing to see that Disney instead of allowing a Franchise that revolutionized an era to remain on high, instead is bringing it crashing down for it's insatiable love of green.
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