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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, nudity, language, some disturbing images and brief drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • This movie contains a couple of sex scenes and brief sexualized nudity.
  • Early in the movie, a man and a woman have sex in the shower and then go to bed. Her breast is visible in the shower and then their butts can be seen as they walk to bed. Both scenes are brief.
  • A man and a woman have sex in an airplane. It is clear that she is topless but nothing is discernible. Hunt distinctively thrusts into the woman and stares at himself in the mirror.
  • Midway through, a married couple swim naked and there are underwater shots of bare breasts that last several seconds. No male nudity.
  • This movie features a very brief montage with flashes of nudity that are barely discernible.
  • There is some occasional sexual dialogue; the "F" word is used once in a sexual context by a minor character.

Violence & Gore

  • A character injures his hand while racing. A bloodstain can be briefly seen on his glove.
  • Moderate violence and bloody injury detail
  • A man walks into a hospital with blood coming from his nose and lower belly, not very graphic.
  • There is a brief, distant shot of the decapitated corpse of a driver still in his car but it is not very clear.
  • A driver's broken leg bone is shown, this is a graphic and bloody wound with bone sticking out. The driver is seen screaming as he is put in an ambulance.
  • A main character crashes his car and burns inside it. There is a graphic recreation of his burn-damaged face as well as detailed scenes of medical procedures such as vacuuming of his lungs.
  • A main character beats up a journalist, resulting in cuts and blood around the nose and face.


  • Mentions asshole
  • One comedic and non-aggressive use of "cunt", partially obscured by feedback noise from a microphone, but still very obvious.
  • 17 uses of the f-word
  • Usage of other profanities such as "shit", and "god damn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Hard drug use
  • There is a lot of alcohol consumption and drunkenness.
  • We see champagne consumed before driving and beers and whiskey drank by many people.
  • We see one of the characters turning into an alcoholic and uses cannabis.
  • We find out that due to substance abuse, one of the characters dies very young.
  • Characters smoke cigarettes throughout the movie.
  • The word "tobacco" is used several times and tobacco brands are displayed on advertising.
  • A white powder, implied to be cocaine, is briefly seen. The film as a whole does not promote or encourage drug misuse.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are graphic recreations of crashes, and the aftermaths of crashes, which some viewers may find distressing. (See violence and gore section).
  • One character vomits habitually before racing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Niki Lauda's car catches on fire is intense and somewhat frightening.

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