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Mistakes of credibility
atreyuu200321 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers

From beginning to end, I was wondering how such a good premise could come off as being so placid and, sometimes, even embarrassing.

1. The whole "creepy neighbor" thing came on too strong, too quickly. That took mountains of suspense away from the general thematic. At that point, which was far too soon in the movie, all the characters began acting in a way no one would ever act, given the situation.

2. Far too many questions and suspended reasoning throughout.

3. The director didn't seem to know what to do with the two daughters. Why in the world would one of the daughters choose to be with some strange old guy, killing her father, quite brutally, I might add, in the process? There was no back-story to that. Had she been molested? Had she been mistreated? That was never apparent. In fact, the most I could gather was that the father was a GOOD father, which makes her actions even more puzzling.

4. Moreover, why in the world would there be three other girls--all quite beautiful--under the spell of this lunatic old guy? What power did he have over them? Was he drugging them? What were their stories to have such rare and diverse outcomes? It just made absolutely no sense, whatsoever.

5. Then we find out--in some kind of supposed twist/shocker--that there are more than three girls. There is a whole harem full of them. Once again, WHY? Why? Why? Why? The answer could have lent a entirely new and exciting layer to the story.

6. The actors, outside of David Arquette, who was like a wooden spoon from start to finish, were commendable with the minimally constructed script they were given. It was clear that they were trying to use facial expression and body language to convey some of the elements the script should have channeled.

I gave two stars for the acting chops of the two sisters, Morissa and Alana O'Mara. I would like to see what they can do with something more.

Well, in conclusion, you can pass on this one, folks. There is really nothing to see here.
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This movie is bad, very bad
Seth_Rogue_One25 June 2013
The movie started out OKAY, well half-watchable at least...

The main reason being David Arquette, for some reason I like the guy, he'll probably never win an Oscar but he has a likability about him that is undeniable...

Although I suppose in this movie he isn't suppose to be likable at all since he plays a psychopath, now David playing a psychopath doesn't work as bad as one might think BUT it doesn't matter cause no one could save this wreck of a script that I can't see how anyone would give the greenlight too...

I'm guessing David needed the money and good for him if he got some but yeah the script goes from halfdecent to fully horrible...

The psychopath is not only a psychopath but he also has a stable of young girls at his place hiding for the outsiders and just waiting for him to come home everyday to spend some time with him, and if he's brought someone home help killing them...

Cause girls like to have fun like Cyndie Lauper said, and these girls find nothing more fun than killing innocent people and cuddling in bed with their David Arquette all day long...

If this sounds sort of exciting to you, it isn't, not even a so bad it's good type of movie...

There's also subplots and stuff involving the family that rents out David Arquette's place, various family-issues etc that fail to commute any sort of interest with the viewer...

I gave it a 3 I'm not sure why maybe it should be less, but I wasn't annoyed to the point I hated it I just thought it was a movie that was really bad so I'm kind maybe...
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It's Bad, Really Bad
yawael9 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Yesterday, i found this film on TV and wasn't in the mood to play one on the DVD, so i told myself "give this one a chance, even it wasn't well known". Now usually i'm from the kind of people that can stand bad films, even if it's bad i watch it till the end, even if it was in the cinema, but this film was exception.

From the beginning there was something wrong, they put David Arquette as the main villain, i mean who could believe that ! . David is one of those actors who can only play the funny Innocent guys he was totally wrong for the part. Another thing was the camera angel and the style of shooting which was very bad and not scary at all because everything was predictable , and there were times the style of shooting was so silly and boring like a 5 year old child tries to make his first film.

i was really surprised to see Bellamy Young here, she is one of the stars of scandal and she did a small part in this terrible film!!!

Anyway i tried very hard to keep watching it, and when i couldn't i put the mute mode just to make it easier for me to watch, but it really didn't help me at all because after five minutes i changed it for a cartoon channel just to take a deep breath and feel the life again!!!
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How Do You Botch This Up?
gavin694217 October 2012
A romance novelist (David Arquette) moves into a "cottage" behind the home of a composer and his family. He seems sweet, but what do they really know about him?

I have no idea how this was botched, but it was. You have a pretty decent story of a man living in a guest house and the family is slowly getting creeped out by him. That seems easy enough to build suspense for, find good actors and more. But somehow, no, it just does not happen. And I do not want to blame the actors, because they were fine. I want to blame the person who wrote the script (Nick Antosca). So much of what Arquette's character does makes no sense whatsoever. He could achieve his goals in ways that are less absurd.

The cinematographer, Zoltan Honti, needs to be singled out. Maybe his work is sometimes good -- he has done a number of films -- but it just is not worth a darn here. He does not frame things well, the camera is jostled all over when it should be steady... it is a mess. I recently watched "Last Exorcism" and do not recall it being so bad... For what it is worth, though, "Zoltan" is a pretty awesome name.

Lastly, I have to take issue with the box. First, it says the film is "based on a harrowing true story". I hate it when films claim that, especially when it is so blatantly false. The events in this movie did not happen. And second, it says the family does not know about "depraved secrets of his past" (referring to Arquette). That is just misleading -- his past is never the issue, and I do not know what secrets he has. What matters is the present, which may or may not be "depraved".
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The family being "terrorized" in this movie were all incredibly stupid
tashadriver20 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Questions I had to ask while watching:

1. With such good actors here, why is the script this horribly unbelievable?

2. If this guy creeps them out this much, why didn't they make at least ONE police report.

3. Would you please STOP LEAVING THE BABY ALONE IN RANDOM PLACES? I was almost rooting for Arquette's character to win in the end,because someone really need to call child services on the mother.

4. What on earth did they do to Rose? I mean, no normal girl shacks up with some guy who lives in the backyard unless he gives her drugs or her family has already put her through some traumatic sh*t.

5. After the twist ending: What on earth is this guy's penis made out of. Gold? Heroin? Pixie dust? Seriously, how can a minimally attractive guy with a serious problem of being socially creepy get that many pretty young girls to buy into his B.S.
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Vanishing Plot Points and Lapses of Logic
burl-130 May 2013
Family rents "cottage" -- actually a two bedroom, two bath home, fully furnished, with swimming pool, modern appliances and lovely hard wood floors -- to romance writer who has a red pick up truck but no typewriter. He tells the lady from whom he rents the names of his three most recent, for the rest of the film (somewhere between 80 minutes and 5 torturous days, depending upon perception) I wait for the lady to look up his books on line for some major "reveal." If YOU had a successful author renting from you, wouldn't you look up his books on line? Nope. Okay, David is excellent as the "renter" who is up to plenty of no good but the plot holes are big enough for his pickup truck, and the behavior of the family is the face of suspicion and terror is absurd and senseless. Apparently not only did the writer/renter not have a typewriter or word processor, neither did the screenwriter. Only worth watching for villain's performance.
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Nothing says menacing bad guy like David Arquette
movieman_kev9 April 2013
I must have written that summary a good 50 times attempting to keep a straight face before (somewhat) succeeding.. But even looking past the... inventive casting, this movie about a romance novelist who might not be who he seems, is a hopelessly muddled mess. Poor direction, abysmal writing, nonsensical characters. No character really has any rhyme nor reason to do anything that they do in the film. The movie feels horribly disjointed like they wanted to make a Lifetime-esque thriller but even failed at those 'lofty' goals. It's also one of the tamest movies of the 'bad tenant' sub-genre that I had the misfortune of subjecting my eyes to.
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Very bad movie
Beckumeh2 December 2013
So disappointed in this movie. Scripting is bad, story line doesn't match up. Acting is poor camera angles not interesting. They should made a documentary instead. Looks like amateur movie that went wrong. With the caliber of known actors involved, it's very disappointing . I recommend a remake. Write a proper script Use effects and create illusion . Even if your lighting is poor, still , use effects to patch up.

I think the movie has potential to become something good. Just rewrite the script .

Good things about the movie Good location Few good actors
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lemoncat8814 August 2013
The characters weren't particularly likable, and the plot was vague and left room for plenty of assumption. Honestly, it really just didn't pull me in. I spent half the movie wondering where the baby was and why she was left alone, and I couldn't help but feel like the characters reacted poorly to situations most people would handle with a bit of common sense. The suspense was notable but was overpowered by irritation with the character's stupidity. The movie should have definitely been longer and with a bit of explanation, perhaps a bit of back-story to each of the main characters. At the beginning of the film you're like "Why is this happening?!" and you're still asking yourself the same questions along with some new ones by the end. Definitely would have been unhappy if I'd have paid to rent this ... but since it was on Netflix ... eh. Worth watching I guess.
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Very creepy thriller
steel_indigo17 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is definitely not the worst movie I have ever seen but not the best either of this genre. My take on this movie was that Rose met a man on the internet and they became lovers. She told him about her family and her Mother's death and how she felt about what had happened with his Dad remarrying so soon after her Mother's death and they had a baby. The man she got involved with was a charismatic psychopath very like Charles Manson. At least, that is who I thought of while watching this movie.

It appeared he picked girls who had a lot of anger toward their families and helped them reek vengeance on them and anyone else associated that was felt had done harm to this person. It was like he had formed his own cult of wives who held undying allegiance to him. They would do his every bidding and over time he added to his group of wives. He would abduct family members and others associated to the person to perform a killing ritual at the end of a marriage ceremony. It seemed like some sort of bonding issue to leave the past behind and rid the person of any attachments and take revenge for whatever ills they felt had been perpetrated on them.

Therefore after a fight with her family, some of them getting away and some of the girls being killed and David Arquette's character getting badly hurt, you don't know if they really get away or not. The girls, one in particular you never suspected is telling her that Arquette has been hurt worse and will survive and how much he is devoted. They are cajoling Rose to stay with them. They are a family group in their minds. Here you find out his following is well more than three or four but a huge number. It leaves you wondering if they get caught and if the three you see of Rose's family and think survived did indeed survive.

This movie really gave me the creeps and with the way they did the soundtrack did cause me to jump a few times even though I knew what was going to happen. The acting was fine and the suspense was there. It reminded me of Hitchcock movies. The antagonist's (Arquette) spaced out way of interacting with the characters is extremely disconcerting. If you like movies that are sheer tension this is a good movie for wondering what he is actually trying to accomplish even with many clues. You knew he was homicidal but not exactly why. He did it for the object of his affection at the time. He seemed to have chosen those that had gone through family trauma and turned out broken.
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Couldn't Even Keep Watching
ArdentViewer11 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't speak for the ending or even the middle of this wretched "film," because I had to quit watching after the ~20 minute mark. I'm usually someone who gives movies a chance,. However, this one was playing out like a really bad, cheesy, predictable Lifetime TV movie (and I've seen much better of that genre). Bad acting, cliché moments, ridiculous dialogue, etc. I could have seen it as a movie of the week - "Don't Trust Strangers" or something similar. It was painful to watch, and I couldn't subject myself to any more of it. Whether this was intended as a straight-to- video release or a theatrical release, these elements are inexcusable. I can't imagine it got any better after I tuned out.
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It must be really easy to make a movie...
ofumalow20 May 2014
Actually, I know it's never easy to make a movie. But sometimes you see one and you think, how on earth did this actually get funded, get as far as production, with a script that might have been drafted on a few cocktail napkins? Really, you're going to pour so much money and effort into something that has barely been written? Was it so so easy to say "Sure, this script is ready! Let's roll!" when there are plenty of people involved whose professional instincts should have been screaming "Hit the brakes NOW!!!"

This slapdash assembly of genre elements has too many ideas for one thriller, though none of them are necessarily good, and none of them are developed at all. That includes the dysfunctional family dynamics (so poorly done I wasn't fully sure just how everyone was related to each other), the villain's backstory (there is none--how, and how long, has been getting away with this stuff?), the ridiculous cult-leader-of-sexy-young-women thing, and so forth.

This i one of those movies in which the entire plot falls apart anytime you ask a question like "Didn't they think to ask for references before letting him rent their home?," let alone "Why didn't they call the police?" (you'll ask that one about ten times). It's just sheer carelessness that perhaps could be excused/explained if the film went into production without a finished script (or into the editing room after a budget shortfall caused filming to stop before the whole script had been shot...these things happen). Either that, or the filmmakers simply had no idea their script was Swiss--as in cheese, with lots of holes.

Of course a lot of people are going to find the very idea of David Arquette as a scary bad guy inherently ridiculous. He's adequate here, actually, and could have been pretty good in a better movie. But the other performances are fair to middling, no surprise since they're given so little to work with in terms of scripted character definition.

What worst about this movie, though--even beyond all the above, not to mention the weak non- ending--is its vacuously glossy look, which is more appropriate for a Lifetime or Hallmark movie than a horror thriller. It's like a lifestyle ad for a new upscale suburban development in Utah, the homes are so boringly tasteful and new-looking. Needless to say, this tends to undercut any potential for suspenseful atmosphere--and unlike something like "The Stepfather," "The Cottage" doesn't even think of using that environment subversively, to give the horror elements a more perverse edge.
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Would you rent to a mystery man?
michaelRokeefe31 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A young couple wakes up in a nightmare after renting out their guest cottage. Without any real references, Chloe(Kristen Dalton)and Michael(Victor Brown)rent the cottage behind their home to Robert Mars(David Arquette), a writer who claims to need privacy. Mars comes across bashful although he writes romance novels. Chloe becomes curious about the sometimes charming renter, observing the hours he keeps and his comings and goings. Choloe doesn't like Mars staring at her daughter and really freaks out after finding him in the main house in the baby's room. Does Mr. Mars lead a double life, maybe searching for writing material? Or is he even a novelist at all? Is he just devious? This film seems like a dull made for TV movie. Very little acting, albeit there is enough curiosity raised to make a decent psycho thriller flick. THE COTTAGE is filmed in Santa Clara, California and filling out the cast: Morissa O'Mara, Alana O'Mara, Ken Baumann, Franny Hocking, Bellamy Young and Darren Dalton.
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I liked it!
valerielaforgia28 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I liked it. Thought it was interesting, I like David Arquette's role in the movie He should try roles like that in other movies. I liked the whole ending of the story too. I personally felt the characters all had merit for their roles. They were all good actors and had reasons for their actions. I do not want to indulge why because I would have to give spoilers and I do not want too. I felt the characters expressed what was going on through their angers and lack of words in some scenes. I really enjoyed the fact that you may start to think someone else in the story is going to turn out otherwise and they do not.

Oh and can someone tell me what is the name of that song that is playing when Justin leaves the older sisters room and than is looking into the cottage window and Rose is dancing around David Arquette. I liked the song but I have been unable to find it, which leads me to believe it was made merely for that scene. If anyone can find that song or knows what it is please please let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you!
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Creepy Weird Man Moves In and People Go Missing.
moongoddess-3018520 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Cottage was a really scary movie.There were some good actors, and the film had a cool look and style. Morissa O'Mara is one to watch. Great if you are into scary fix. The film played with the fear of a stranger getting. into your life and people start disappearing. Kinda scary. The dysfunctional family was a good jumping off point.It had a psychological thriller vibe that drew you in. Could be a cult classic? Worth a watch. David Arquette was super scary in this movie. This movie was a mix of of horror and psychological thriller with an arty edge.. I want to watch again, because I missed some things . I would recommend this move to people who like scary movies with style.
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Arquette is good in an average production.
parry_na24 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
David Arquette plays Robert Mars, who provides a welcome antidote to the rather saccharine family unit who make the mistake of allowing him to rent the cottage behind their house. Before long, this quirky, dashing newcomer is displaying qualities that are not quite what you would look for in a neighbour. Arquette plays this very well, accompanying many a questionable statement with a winning smile and charming demeanour; before long, however, these traits become simply unnerving accompaniment to increasingly threatening, weird behaviour.

The most disturbing thing about this is Mars' predilection for apparently under-rage girls. They are easily manipulated by his ways, but even his smooth line in smarm doesn't adequately explain the lengths they are prepared to go for him. Although the gore is very lightweight, there is much that is nasty here. He is a Charles Manson prototype, but in a production that never quite jumps into top gear.

There are occasional moments of tension, but overall this comes across as weird, rather than frightening, and all in suburban surroundings, which sanitises things a little. The scenes with Mars and his very young concubines remain effective, though, but having toyed with the older man/younger girl syndrome, 'The Tenant' doesn't do a huge amount that is interesting with it.
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A bit slow and unexciting, but OK
jimmysmithx216 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie seemed to never really develop enough for it to be credible. I think that the potential was there, but it, unfortunately didn't happen. The house and cottage was a beautiful location and the family seemed to be like a real everyday family.

I didn't really like the movie too much, but did give it a chance all the way through. It's not horrible, just too slow for me. I also wasn't expecting a lot, but did hope that it would be more dark.

Lorraine Nicholson (Jack Nicholson's daughter) appears just briefly in the movie and the first time is at the beginning to allegedly set it up for the new guy (Arquette) to move in when talking about the hit and run. I guess this was all part of an existing plan by Rose to help Arquette's character get close, but was that really even necessary? Why did he have to move into the cottage to achieve his goal of ending up with Rose as part of his clan? The entire goals seems that it could have been accomplished at his compound where he already had others, even if his goal was to kill a family (similar to Charles Manson). Perhaps the production had access to that fantastic house with the cottage and just tried to write the story around that.

I never saw Rose with any motive to be willing to kill her family. If there was brainwashing, I would have liked to have seen more. The dad seemed to care about her, her step mom seemed to have beef with the other sister. Rose was just kind of there and along for the ride. She has a personal sister rivalry, but nothing that most family members don't go through anyway.

The movie was a bit slow early on and really didn't seem to move any faster until the kidnapping of the friend. I would have liked to have seen more of the captures though and not just a cut to them in a sack in the back of the truck.

I thought the overall acting was OK. Arquette played his normal quirky character type, just more dark. The tattoos seen during the pool scene helped this. The girls playing the daughters were OK as well. The one playing Rose had a nice demeanor for the part, but overall, there was nothing too spectacular from the overall acting arc. Most seemed to play the parts pretty safe and somewhat flat. They weren't bad, but I would have liked to have seem more emotion from everyone involved, especially during the climactic ending.
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