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  • Soon-to-be-a-dad Michael makes a last ditch effort to save his longtime but addicted friend Chris from a foreseeable drug related death. Visiting Chris and handcuffing him to an exposed plumbing pipe, Michael forces his buddy into detox, but while watching over his friend he also discovers that all is not right within the territory Chris has drifted into. Situated on Indian Reservation land, the area seems to attract a number of strange people. Someone or some thing has a longtime interest in recording activities in the area, all captured on a variety of recording devices (CDs, film, phonographs, etc.). Michael comes to understand he's been pulled into the latest "story" of an unseen entity, one with a grizzly resolution projected for him and his pal unless they can possibly work out their own agreeable alternate ending.

  • A man imprisons his estranged junkie friend in an isolated cabin in the boonies San Diego to force him through a week of sobriety, but the events of that week are being mysteriously manipulated.


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  • Two friends hunting, shooting, laughing around.

    Michael "Mike" Danube (Peter Cilella) lures his best-friend-forever to the cabin in the middle of the forest where they used to have so much fun together, as Chris Daniels (Vinny Curran) is addicted to meth. Michael gives Chris an electric shot with a self-defense device and handcuffs him to a pipe on the wall. Michael goes shopping to the supermarket. On his way back to the cabin, Michael pets a dog. When Michael returns, Chris admits that he needs to go to rehab. Michael doesn't fall for it and shows him the dog to keep him company. Funnily enough, Chris has tried to free himself trying to cut the chain with a toothbrush he happened to have in his pocket.

    Withdrawal begins. Chris pretends to be having a nightmare, so Michael approaches him. Chris attacks him and Michael has to use the Taser devise. Two friends of Chris pass by but Michael sends them away by showing them a baseball bat. Chris refuses to have been a dealer, but Michael thinks he was because he finds a gun hidden away.

    The two addicts, Micah (Skyler Meacham) and Billy (Kurt David Anderson) appear with another guy, who is their dealer, in search for a bag of drugs. Well, it happens that Charles (Zahn McClarnon) is not their dealer, it's a tribal representative who tells Mike that the cabin is in Native-American's sacred land. Mike says that he's going to stay for a maximum time of a week and that they will leave for good after that time. Mike shows him the slides from an overhead projector of a disabled veteran who became a drunk and then committed suicide. The slides are supposed to have been left by some previous visitors or holidaymakers.

    Ted Tellensworth (Josh Higgins) is a mortgage officer who tries to convince them of selling out the property for him, but Mike tells him that they are renting. Ted leaves, without thinking it strange that Chris is handcuffed to the wall.

    They have plenty of time to talk - about crystal meth, happiness, life, their pasts... Mike always tries to take care of Chris as best as he can. When Mike tries to see the recording again, it has changed - it's blurry and distorted, and it looks like a porn flick.

    It looks like Billy and Micah have killed the dog - and Chris finally admits that he feels suicidal. Mike talks with town people. The conversations go on and on with Byron (Bill Oberst Jr) about some French scientists who used that very same cabin. Byron was the last owner of the dog. There is a discussion about the place being haunted, although Mike is skeptical.

    Chris and Mike decide to leave. They find a bag of crystal meth which Chris had chunked away before. They hear a recording in which several shots are heard and a female voice (Catherine Burns') is heard.

    They find some film - there is a fire on the cabin and both Mike and Chris die on it. They wonder what to do next while they are hiding. Chris wants to leave for good, but Mike doesn't want to carry the omen back home to his wife. They see Charles, Micah and Billy searching out for them and the drugs. They later set the cabin on fire.

    An entity arises from the fire. Both Chris and Mike stare at it. Mike asks it "Can we try it another way?".

    There is like a flash light.

    End credits.

    ---written by KrystelClaire

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