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Can't believe the high reviewer rating for this movie!
mdimarino-1214516 June 2015
I tried to watch this movie due to the poster having an interesting/curious depiction of the main character. Boy was I wrong, very low budget and made for TV style of writing/filming. Maybe the movie would have worked if it was rated R and the main female character really committed some major sins to give her even more power over men. The pot head/jobless husband that doesn't pay attention to his hot wife and her old school parents pushing Asian tradition was pretty basic writing that isn't enough to build a movie around, at least a movie that someone would want to continue watching or pay for. But the high IMDb rating is what got me, now I can never trust the rating system on this site again if people are going to rate a movie like this so high, come on people, don't you know poop from gold! Geez!
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Suffragettes? Who the...
wrightiswright19 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When does a man deserve a second chance in a relationship? I mean... If he's a complete jerk who just hangs around the house all day, offers no support to his poor, career-oriented wife who he relies on financially 100%, refuses to look for another job after being made redundant because of some perceived 'insult' to his abilities, and shows her negligible affection on the rare occasions he even acknowledges her existence. I'd say, that was a pretty open-and shut case for divorce.

But not in Pretty Rosebud, which has a clear 'stay together' Christian message, even if your man is a parasitic waste of space. It's pretty sneaky about it's Bible bashing, too... It's only until the last twenty minutes we get the one-to-ones with our lead and the local vicar, and the packed-out sermon that urges families to 'work things out' whatever the circumstances. Any agnostic voter who might have walked out early, after being subjected to this barrage of religious doctrine probably won't have the chance when it eventually appears so late on. Very devious.

Yes, his wife does have a couple of affairs along the way, but can you blame her? Under pressure due to culture sensibilities to spend more time at home and pop out lots of kids as soon as possible, she needs release SOMEWHERE... And she's certainly not getting it from her nearest & dearest. Her father is a strict taskmaster, obsessed with micro-managing his children's lives (Even as adults) and the mother just meekly follows his coattails regardless of how uncompromising or brutish his behaviour is.

And, that's the kind of lady our strong, independent female lead should aspire to be... A domestic drudge. No thanks.

You know what, movie? You can take your 19th century dogma and shove it. You idolise the wrong characters, you vilify those in the right, and if this is an accurate depiction of the Filipino way, then I fact my lucky stars I have nothing to do with it. 3/10
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rackion22129 September 2014
I saw this movie with my boyfriend. It was quite refreshing to see such an honest film, one that takes an issue (in this case, adultery) and shows the pain, the issues, and the parties involved. I think many women can relate to the intricate secrets that we hold in our hearts but don't share with the world. Finally, a film that frankly portrays a woman who has desires typically attributed to men. And society disparages, if not maligns, women who display these desires. Hopefully, we will see more films like this – films that don't perpetuate the double standards that have plagued our society for millenia, films that illustrate how women, just like men, appreciate sexuality.
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Pretty Rosebud is surprisingly good
kclurkinjames567527 September 2014
Pretty Rosebud is surprisingly good . I was thinking what will they do in this but when I watched it, it was quite nice and surprisingly good.

Pretty Rosebud is one of my favorite films ! Excellent directing, acting, cinematography, set design. Saw this at a film festival, look forward to other projects from this director.

Chuti Tiu is a wonderful actor who never ceases to entertain and Chuti Tiu gives honest and touching performance . This was a high-quality professional .

That's it folks , go and watch it !! This is a must see! you'll love it.
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This was a stunning movie
blackhat01228 September 2014
I cried, I laughed. I totally related to the entire story. How Asian parents can be so controlling, no matter how old you are. I think I saw my dad in there somewhere, like the words had come straight from his mouth. Cissy, the main character faced a lot of the challenges that I dealt with growing up and still do. How we all try to be perfect and it explodes in our face sometimes. The secrets families keep and try to hide that bubble up to the surface only to be pushed down again. I can only hope that I have the courage to come out and tell it like it is when the time comes, if it ever comes.

God you have to see this movie!
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great indie
lindnw129 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
**spoiler alert** so i wasn't sure what to expect with this film. boy was i surprised. got totally drawn in by the characters and the plot. it's a story about cissie, a professional woman who works hard but is married to a loser. well, he later looks for a job but fails. so a loser. but anyway cissie keeps trying to get him to communicate and he's pretty much a brick wall. she hooks up with other men in an attempt to get what she's not getting at home. what's interesting about this film is one, usually we see the man cheating and a suffering wife at home, but here it's the total opposite. cissie brings home the bacon and steps out. i like how the director doesn't make one person to blame for the situation but shows how the resposnbility lies with both spouses. i'm looking forward to seeing other stuff from this director and writer because the story is really well told. great indie.
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Originality goes beyond anything
webpun27 September 2014
An excellent recommended Drama film !

It's a stunning, lovely film filled with plenty of cultural references very intriguing but as a campaign doesn't work much . The purpose of taking a small time - though long for a commercial - and watching it works perfectly, it's vivid and entertaining. Pretty Rosebud - Creative and engaging . Originality goes beyond anything. A real fun to watch. 10/10

Watch this movie a thousand times. Watch it a thousand times, a second time.This film has personality.More personality than a hamster. More personality than your cat. More personality than a hurricane.

it's good to see this in print and available. Most highly recommended.

Waiting the next movies of Oscar Torre :)
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A Beautifully told story from the eyes of a female protagonist
angiequidim29 September 2014
Pretty Rosebud is not your typical relationship drama. The story unfolds as the lead character is a product of a marriage of two cultures; one more prominent than the other. It shows the influences of the old country and the clashing of the new ways of their offspring. Claire also has the troubles of a broken marriage and tries to pick up the pieces and drown herself in her work as most workaholics do.

The story is very relatable to the first born children of immigrants in the US and the story is all too real. The actors did a phenomenal job of taking the dialog and made this story come to life. I was compelled to see what happens next. Each scene was beautifully shot and the production value was close to some indie studio productions.

This indie darling and festival award winner is definitely worth the watch. I'd keep an eye out for this one.
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No spoiler in this review
cellardream419 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Pretty Rosebud" kidnapped my attention and didn't release me until the credits had almost finished. The acting of Chuti Tiu was uniquely fresh and she captured me with the strength in her beautiful eyes! I totally recommend experiencing "Pretty Rosebud" if you want to see what a great movie, with even better acting is suppose to be!*! I don't want to give any of the plot away or break the (spoiler law)so all I can say is see this movie, enjoy and I'm sure a little of that naughtiness that is in all of us may start to surface in you a little. Hey... there is nothing wrong with that and it's Fun to feel alive again!*! Pretty Rosebud will give you that feeling!*! Thanks - T.J.
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