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  • As the boys prepare for poker, the girls go out to play...with other boys. Parker asks advice from Sophie, who brushes her off in her rush to meet Tara. Peggy, pal of Alice White, needs a VIP blind date screened. Parker meets Craig Mattingly, international bad boy who makes Hardison damn the tuxedo. Sophie and Tara meet Parker and Mattingly at the Venezuelan Consulate for Miche, arepas and Stop 'n' Shop. Tara causes fireworks when she tangoes with Escobar, but it takes a caterer, two grifters and two thieves to stop a bomb, and save the hopes and dreams of Venezuela.

  • A con to take down a cunning thief who is part of a larger conspiracy is told from the point-of-view of Sophie, Parker, and Tara Cole.


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  • A man in a tux races down the streets of Boston with two guys in suits hot on his tail. He runs through traffic and disappears, cleverly hanging on the side of a car. The woman inside the car smiles at him while looking sideways at the nerdy guy driving the car, presumably her husband.

    At the condo, Hardison presents Parker with his surprise -- tickets to the fighting robots on Saturday night. Parker tries to seem excited.

    The team sets up for poker night. Nate tells them he just got a call from Detective Bonanno, who has news for them.

    Sophie has plans and is going out. Parker is going out with Peggy, from the jury job in L.A., when Parker was "Alice."

    Parker follows Sophie out, needing Hardison advice, but Sophie's in a rush. Parker's worried about the fact they don't have common interests.

    Parker meets Peggy, who is nervous about her blind date, at a bar. They met on a cat fancy website. She's taking him to a gala she's catering. Her phone rings and she excuses herself to chew out someone at the event. A hot guy in a tux comes in and orders a top shelf tequila and a cosmo, but says he's not staying. Parker is intrigued and takes photos. She calls Hardison to run his face through facial recognition.

    Hardison interrupts his poker game to find he's Craig Mattingly and he's wanted for grand larceny in a whole bunch of countries.

    Sophie meets up with Tara (Jeri Ryan), her old grifter pal who filled in while Sophie was on her soul quest last season. Parker calls Sophie for help. Tara and Sophie look at the photo of his wallet and see his hotel room and decide to toss it.

    Meanwhile, with Peggy outside on her call, Parker poses as her for the blind date. Craig is in a rush to get to the gala at the Venezuelan consulate that Peggy is catering. Parker excuses herself and directs Peggy toward her blind date -- some old guy in the corner. Peggy bails.

    A woman conveniently leaves a cocktail dress in a dry cleaning bag hanging by the bar.

    Sophie and Tara go through Craig's room but soon hear someone coming so they hide in the closet. It's the two goons who were chasing Craig earlier. They start searching the place, cutting up the pillows. They get a call from their boss. Tara sneezes from the down in the air. As one goon approaches the door, Tara shoves it open and knocks him over, and punches the other one, knocking the gun out of his hand.

    Sophie goes for it, but the other guy gets it. He aims at Sophie, but Tara knocks him over the head with a vase.

    Parker goes to the gala with Craig, using Peggy's ticket. Craig encourages Parker to get to work, leaving him alone. Parker puts in her earbud to talk to Sophie.

    Craig is interested in three guys with briefcases.

    Tara and Sophie wait to get in, arguing about what excuse to use. Tara goes with her Secret Service badge and Sophie drapes around an old man, pretending she's an escort sent by the agency.

    Craig talks to a man, asking if two guys chasing him is the way the cartel does business. He accuses the man of trying to steal something he was going to sell to him. Craig wants to hear all the offers first.

    Peggy sees Parker and Craig and starts yelling at her, accusing Parker of stealing her date and her invite. Parker struggles to explain.

    Sophie deduces that Craig is holding a sale, but Parker explains that it's probably a "stop and shop", where a thief steals something and sells it to prearranged buyers onsite. Whatever he's selling, he hasn't stolen yet.

    Craig sneaks into an empty back office and starts to picks the lock on a door when Parker interrupts, pretending to be loaded. She picks the lock while blocking the door and stumbles in.

    Sophie talks loudly on a cell phone as if she's a buyer. She's talking to Tara while Tara watches the reactions of the other buyers. Tara thinks one of the buyers works for a drug cartel. Sophie says that another buyer is an oil man from Texas. Tara and Sophie try to out-read each other, sizing up the buyers. Cartel brought more than $1 million, the Texan has $600K. They can't figure out a nebbish guy, so Tara pulls out her secret service badge.

    He's Umberto Garcia, professor of Latin American studies at Harvard. He says Mattingly is trying to steal the exact reserve levels of the oil fields in Venezuela, the information that's keeping the government in power. The opposition could use the info to topple the regime, the cartel could use it to keep the government off their back and the Texas oilman could use it to bet against on the stock market.

    Umberto didn't bring money. He plays a tape of children singing, hoping to trade with just the hopes and dreams of the Venezuelan people. Tara thinks it's funny but Sophie is touched.

    Craig sits down at the computer and shooes Parker out.

    She snaps a picture of the room and calls Hardison, asking where he'd hide a secret computer file. He's now in a bar with Eliot, shouting that he's a dirty cop. He says the electronic computer frame. Parker picks it up so Craig notices the USB port. Craig gets his info.

    Security comes and Craig knocks him out with a chokehold.

    Craig and Parker run to the elevator, but it's out of order. He uses a fire ax to open the doors and Parker climbs up the cables. Craig suspects she's not really a cat fan and is really a thief. Up on the roof, he offers to cut her in for 20 percent.

    She wants him to give the thumb drive to Prof. Garcia. He laughs at her.

    Sophie tells him to wait five minutes and he'll get his money.

    Downstairs, the Texan is gone, leaving only the cartel man's briefcase. Sophie wants to switch it. Tara dances with him as Sophie swaps his case for the professor's.

    Sophie gives the briefcase full of money to Parker to give to Mattingly as Tara finishes up her dance.

    Parker trades Craig the money for the thumb drive. She goes to leave and he says she's got him all wrong. She thinks he's a second story man who doesn't care about anything but his next score. He says it's his job and he has people depending on him.

    Craig asks what her real name is. Parker gives him her name. He says, "Wait, not THE Parker?".

    The cartel man, Octavio, heads for his meeting with Craig. Sophie follows. Parker looks for Peggy.

    Octavio brings his briefcase into the study where he meets with Craig, who has a second thumb drive. Hiding behind the curtains, Sophie tells Parker they've been double crossed.

    Parker remembers Craig dropping the drive as he downloaded the info from the picture frame and we see him slip another out of his watch band.

    Octavio opens his briefcase, which Sophie expects to hold the tape player from the professor that she exchanged it for. It's full of money. Something is amiss.

    Parker hears muffled cries for help in the freezer and finds the rich Texan tied up.

    Flash back to Octavio and his goons stealing his money and walking away with two briefcases. Tara assumes they stashed their money and used the oil guy's money to buy the drive.

    Craig calls him out for stealing the oil guy's money and leaves. Sophie watches Craig get the other briefcase full of cash and walk out. Parker is livid and follows.

    Sophie and Tara watch Octavio and are stunned when he drops his thumb drive into his drink and walks away. Tara says she's only see this happen once before, and it was because there was a bomb.

    Parker confronts Craig getting onto an elevator. The people depending on him are two ex-wives, a bookie and a barkeeper. Octavio doesn't work for the cartel, he works for the Venezuelan government and they wanted to quash the info and blame it on the professor while taking Craig out in the process. The three women and Craig go back into the party looking for the bomb.

    They remember a clumsy waiter holding a tray with two hands and pushing around a cart. Parker calls Peggy and tells her one of her waiters isn't who he says he is. She's talking to the "worst waiter ever" in the kitchen. She demands to know who hired him. When she turns her back he picks up a knife, but she sees him in the reflection on a pan and dodges it then deflects him with the pan. She's whacking him silly with the pan when he says they need to get out of there.

    Craig interrupts and the waiter says he was just paid to bring it upstairs and it's in a serving cart.

    Sophie and Tara find it blocking the exit. The timer is ticking down past 2:30. They wheel it away, telling Parker to clear the room, calmly. She gets on the microphone and tells people the fireworks are about to begin outside.

    Sophie calls Hardison, who is now running through a parking lot with dogs on him. He jumps on a jail link fence to try to escape. Sophie sends him a photo. Hardison tells her to strip the wire to figure out which needs to be cut first. They have 15 seconds. Cut to the bomb flying out the window and exploding mid-air, which all the people below take as fireworks.

    Craig hugs Parker, excited to finally meet her. He says the word is she got out of the game. She says she's still in it, she just plays by a different set of rules. The professor stops by to pick up his thumb drive.

    Craig says he has something for her before the cops get there.

    Cut to Parker standing on the two briefcases back at the bar with Sophie and Peggy. Peggy now thinks Parker is a spy.

    She wonders about Octavio getting away.

    Flash to the police arresting him for attempted murder, kidnapping and grand theft of the Texan's money. Peggy says good night, with plans to see Parker at book club next week.

    Sophie apologizes for not giving her better advice earlier. Parker says she just spent the whole night with Mattingly, a guy who likes all the same stuff she does, and she would have had more fun with Hardison, so she's less worried about differences.

    Parker wonders where Craig went off to. Cut to him falling into bed with Tara.

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