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ilk defa recep
serdarkorkutan9 December 2022
For the first time, Sahan Gökbakar used the popularity of Recep ivedik for the right job. The film is 10/10 in terms of social sensitivity. I congratulate him as someone who has always been prejudiced against Recep ivedik's TV series. He didn't make us laugh in his last series, but it made us think, he honestly talked about the situation in the country for two hours without any fear, normally I wouldn't give this movie 10 points, but it showed because it showed. Sensitivity. It is halal like its mother's white milk. I hope it continues.

You can watch it without prejudice and with peace of mind. I congratulate Sahan Gökbakar here.
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Aranan recep bulundu
ulasturgut9 December 2022
After a long time, recep ivedik felt like a natural person who criticized the system, who criticized the institution, gave the old taste when he did it without being molded. I missed seeing this Receb on the screen, frankly, it's just a challenge for a new movie, I wonder how could Recep do this, because there was criticism, there was an opinion, nothing was tried, he said something, it was already time for him to return to this kind of structure. I'm really going back and comparing Kenya Recep to this Recep, in fact, the same person's structure has never deteriorated, but why did he go to Kenya, there are so many issues to be done that even if he stopped and worked for 1 day, Kenya would be nice ... no needless to mention the old movie, this is good, this is beautiful...
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kaankose-201749 December 2022
In the previous series of Recep ivedik, we have seen that a lonely person who has not been able to adapt to social norms, has not developed social skills, has never tasted love or being loved, but has still somehow got used to this lifestyle. In this film, Recep ivedik criticizes the troubles and difficulties of the societies in which people live and shows how people can be made hostile. It also deals with how people can be controlled and exploited. In general, Recep ivedik 7 examines how people think and act and shows how people can be controlled. It may contain a political message. It deals with the problems arising from today's economic hardships.
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10 points for the message of the movie
dr_atilla10 December 2022
I never thought that I would want to rate a Recep Ivedik movie. For someone who doesn't live in the same country as the author, this movie may seem irrational; may find the script childish or absurd. It is difficult to tolerate a rude character from a slum neighborhood. But in this movie, this character is fighting against the depopulation of villages and environmental destruction. He also emphasizes how the state forces yielded to the greedy and arrogant capitalists and how the peasants' lands were seized by various tricks. Maybe even show the way out of this. This is a problem not only for Turkey, but also for other countries whose development is hindered and whose nature is plundered. Sahan Gokbakar wanted to give a message in this movie and he gave it perfectly to the people living in his country. My heartfelt congratulations to the director and all the actors. If possible, I ask foreigners not to make evaluations. His message to us is higher than your scores.
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A good critical production
cebrailemirhanofficial9 December 2022
It is a critical production independent of the previous series. Although it is not as gripping as the previous movies, it has its own unique drag. It is a good production that criticizes the problems we live in. It has dealt with a subject that touches on both women and social issues, something you can sit and spend 2 hours of your free time. Classic Shahan Gokbahar product. Even if you don't like it, it can be watched for everyone to at least watch and have fun. Thanks to the labor of those who made it. My first comment on this platform, I apologize if I made mistakes, I will improve myself in commenting aas time goes by.
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Sahan Gokbakar
yusufpiskin10 December 2022
The new movie made by Sahan and Togan Gökbakar brothers for Disney+.

The character has been revised for Disney+. The political implications are amazing.

Cinematography and sound design are excellent.

The film, which is shown as a target by the press serving the government for criticizing the government in Turkey, is attacked by trolls with negative points.

Other movies of the character can also be watched on Disney+.

The film, which is the last link of the series that he has been shaming for years, will probably achieve a success that will cause the sequels to come.

At the end of the day, this is a blockbuster comedy.

Watch, laugh and pass.
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It's10 because
borayvess27 December 2022
Do matter what, people loves the dirty comedy. People likes simple jokes. People likes rude and funny characters.

And also: Recep Ivedik 7 was a protest masterpiece against the government of Turkey. Bad economy, low living standards, the power of companies etc. This is why Recep Ivedik 7 didn't show up on cinema.

Of course it is not funny like first movie of this series. While i am watching this i felt sad more than i enjoy. The situation of Turkish people is too bad. That's the reflection of these feelings in the film.

So this is why you should use another perspective while you rating this movie.
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A Message to the World.
faiknadir12 December 2022
Normally I like to talk about story, cinematography or acting but today I don't want to.

A few years ago Recep Ivedik is a symbol of rudeness according to Turkish people. Sahan Gokbakar made people laugh with fart, puke and a lot of f word. Which were not true.

Today many of Turks say they love this movie. Why they love it suddenly? The answer is politics, my friends. Sahan tells our problems in his movie, they say. As a Turkish citizen I don't think we need this. Maybe you do. It's a whole other argument.

So, reviews of Recep Ivedik 7 are political and insinciere. They don't tell anything about cinema. I know, this message takes many dislikes. But everybody knows I am right.
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Surprise: Recep is not the person as he used to be
figeng9 December 2022
If I was ever told I'm gonna not only watch but also appreciate any Recep Ivedik sequel, I wouldn't believe it. I didn't even realized there were six of them, I was quit right after the first one.

In number 7: Still no progress in any artistic or sinematografic angle but has a whole new perspective.

Change of Gokbakar brother's politic approach visualized in every minute of it. Recep is still unbearable as a person but not the way of thinking anymore. He is an activist, nature lover,, even a feminist. He overreached himself, but keep the rude attitude.

One eventually realised what's going on around always deserve some appreciation. Well done Sahan. Keep doing so.
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huge disappointed
ArdaKasulka10 December 2022
The originality of the story, which was in the first films of the series, was unfortunately lacking. Although it was broadcast digitally for the first time, it felt like television content within the boundaries of RTUK. If we look at the storyline, it clearly showed the limits of morality in Turkey and it embarrassed me. But I also congratulate Sahan Gokbakar for his effort to draw attention to something. I respect the actors, but some of the acting was seriously inadequate. The lack of a group of actors to excite the audience is another negative aspect. I hope I don't get lynched for what I wrote. Enjoy watching.
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kilickankayra12 December 2022
We watched 6 movies before and all of them focused on only comedy.

However, Recep Ivedik 7 is different. It focuses on the people's situation who live in Turkey so comedy is standing on back door.

In my opinion, this movie should not be watched for people who want to laugh, on the other hand I always believe that every kind of art should be made for soiety and this movie did it well.

Finally, I really dont like that movie is too long with extra scenes like singing woman (5 times), slow motion scenes and finally useless scene especially made to prepare the other scene.

I want Recep Ivedik to keep his stand with the progress of cinetography.
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I don't know why but I like this
etann-367073 March 2023
It has a very intense energy for most of it and the protagonist is so out of touch with other peoples feelings and emotions, but still remains endearing to an odd degree. There is some great comedic content, it feels lighthearted but still has some depth to it. It was not at all what I expected from the press image and description. I really wasn't sure why I was enjoying it, and after finally thinking about it for a while, it's was nice to see comedy through the eyes of another culture and see there is some base humor that translates well and this guy is really talented in this respect, from big gestures to subtle cues he really delivers a large palette of jest. I found it comforting to watch, some turn your brain off entertainment. I don't know anything about this series as this is the first I ever saw. I liked this one but I don't know how much of this character I could take, he's really on all the time and it felt a bit exhausting watching this especially noticing it's just over 2 hrs long, a bit of a commitment from any audience when moves do hit the 2 hour mark. Depends on how much you like this character maybe it's not enough, for me I'm willing to give some of the other movies in the series a watch, will see if I like it as much.
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His TV shows were much better
h-634853 January 2023
It's not much different from the other films in the series. This time they are involved in daily politics. This is the reason why this movie is given high marks while other movies cannot exceed 1-2 points. I'm not against political films, protest stances, I even love them very much, but this production is far behind my expectations. The filming locations and the cinematography are excellent, but the story is still very weak. With a cleverer script, this movie could have been much different. Sahan Gokbakar is one of Turkey's best comedians and we know he can make excellent movies if he wanted to. We all know that his TV shows were much better than movies. We expect better quality work from him.
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Is Rajab 7 a good movie?!
srdiplomat16 December 2022
In this part, Rajab's electricity bill is high. Rajab, guided by his friend, goes to his grandmother's village to avoid paying for electricity. When Rajab returns to his native village, he realizes that his old friend and co-star in the village, who has now become the head of the village, wants to hand over the village to a prominent capitalist, so that he destroys the forests and destroys the trees of a complex in this village. Make fun Later, Rajab, with the help of a lawyer who has recently returned to the village, stops this.

Recep ivedik 7 had a much better and more informative topic than the previous episodes I saw. A film about environmental protection. (something that if we did and our environment was important to us, we wouldn't be in pain all the time now).

Recep ivedik 7 (recep ivedik) scenes depicted beautiful scenery and it can be said that the song had a good text.

I did not laugh at all when I saw Recep Ivedik 7. I don't know if it's because I've grown up compared to previous years, or because the new episodes of Recep Ivedik are boring and devoid of the necessary humor, or because our days are so bad. But despite all this, when I hear Rajab's name somewhere, I remember Rajab Ivodik and a smile comes to my face.

With the movies and series I've seen now, I realized that any movie that has the right characterization of the secondary characters and pays attention to details, like the Money Heist series, will probably be a good series. But Recep Ivedik 7 did not have proper characterization of his characters.

Even though the author tried to make the film routine and Rajab's migration from the city to the village logical and realistic, in the rest of the film, we no longer pay attention to these details.

For example, a lawyer (no matter what I say about the perfections and beauties of this lady lawyer) who came to the village had a friend who was with the lawyer until half of the movie (although without any act or dialogue), but without any half of the movie. He disappeared for no reason.

To see the rest of my review, visit:
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The movie that describes the Turkish agenda beautifully.
jonmilor17 December 2022
This slightly political film of Recep ivedik contains comedy that reflects the situation in Turkey very well.

Recep Ivedik, which is placed on digital platforms by flying like a bird from movie theaters, takes you to the village environment with a familiar situation story shot in Bergama. In this environment, Recep Ivedik, who is fighting against businessmen who try to build facilities and villas by destroying nature, forest and greenery, and who seek profit, invites you to this struggle together with lawyers, village teachers, trucker friends and villagers. If you like Recep Ivedik's movies and even if you don't like it, if you want to get away from this chaos environment where all kinds of filth are experienced and have a little laugh and cheer.
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Recep in the house
eren-9866225 January 2023
GOAT has made its quality speak again. The 3169 detail in the member number scene blew me away. In this movie, we saw Recep's tactical intelligence, his ability to take social responsibility, his versatility and foresight more closely. Recep is one of the rare people who can make 7 movies without sacrificing their quality. We look forward to Recep making new films.

I hope we will see the days when recep is happier in the upcoming movies. We would also like to see the movie where he finds a lady suitable for him. I don't have enough words to describe this movie, so I'm going to finish writing, have a good time everyone.
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