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Good - Probably would watch it again sometime.
shroyertour15 September 2012
This is a Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick.

I've seen a number of his similar films over the years and feel that they have all been better than average. Meaning that if you like action movies, Van Damme delivers with ones that you will probably watch again sometime.

Like Assassination Games (2011), this one features his son and daughter (his daughter also produces). No, his kids won't win any acting awards either, but they turn in credible performances for their characters. For his part, Van Damme acts better than I have ever seen him act before as a troubled ex-mercenary who has built a reputation finding and returning kidnapped children. He also seems to have built one for leaving a lot of bodies behind, including innocents. Unlike most of his other movies where he does no wrong, this one has him a lot more fallible and even negligent. His realizations have him showing lingering regret that really spices up this plot.

While this film is vaguely similar to Taken (2009), there are more differences than similarities. It also shows what amoral lengths the family of a kidnapped child might be willing to go to to get their kid back.

This is a good action flick with some thought provoking moments about consequences and choices. I recommend it.
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I was TAKEN by surprise!!!
bitea200219 September 2012
Let me be as direct as possible: this movie rocks!!! I know most people are expecting a cheap movie with flat dialogues and average acting but this film will certainly surprise many.

OK, you won't have Academy Awards performances but the actors did a good job. The action is well executed and the plot line captivating enough.

I believe that Joe Flanigan made his character believable and convincing enough. Plowman was also decent as the mum looking for her kidnapped daughter.

Overall I give "6 Bullets" a solid eight. It is good fun. Van Damme is BACK!!!
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JCVD has another hit on his hands
movieman_kev13 September 2012
Jean-Claude Van Damme shines as Samson Gual, an ex-mercenary haunted by tragic accidents of his past job who seeks to redeem himself when he's approached by a MMA fighter who seeks Gual's help in getting his fourteen year old daughter back after she's abducted by sex traffickers.

While a bit hokey in places and some of the acting by the bit players leaving much to be desired, all the major characters do a very adequate job and the action scenes are very good. I found myself enjoying this "Taken"-esque film quite a bit. JCVD indeed has another winner on his hands.
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Standard but Good DTV
Renegay19 May 2012
To be honest, I didn't expect a lot when I was invited for the screening at Cannes. Another Van Damme movie shot in a East European country with the same director of Assassination Games (AG), a good and standard action movie with a cheap look and some solid but basic action.

And that is exactly what you get with Six Bullets but even more. This movie starts of interesting with a big actionscene with JCVD on a motorcycle..and the movie is filled with good directed fights. Joe Flanigan, who is basically the next big name in this movie, is great as Van Damme's co-star. The only thing that is annoying that the rest of the cast is filled with unknowns and Van Damme "talented" son Kristopher Varenberg. He plays, how surprising, the son of JCVD in the movie. Also some of the locations in the movie were recycled from AG. The openingsscene is shot at the same manor from AG ( the one were Scott Adkins kept his wife) It all feels very save (not mindblowing, but very watchable) and it is great to Van Damme doing some action again. Ernie Barbarash is developing as a solid director and seems to get the some good movies out off Van Damme, who seems to step of his basic moves and shows some new stuff. This movie was shot prior to The Expendables 2 and it shows. Van Damme seems to be very motivated. Not like he was in AG. Although his character has a dark secret and is kinda depressed.

Six Bullets is a fun movie. Overall people didn't like it that much. Lots of complaints about the cheapfactor in this one and comparing it to Van Damme's Cannes classic "JCVD". But Six Bullets is nothing like this movie.. It is your standard but good DTV.. Nothing more nothing less 6/10
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A great Van Damme movie...
paul_haakonsen17 November 2012
This is without a doubt one of the better Van Damme movies in the entire course of his career. Why? Well because it is not the average generic movie that he usually makes, where he is sort of a lone underdog hero who is fighting an uphill battle against overwhelming odds, and with some miraculous force he manages to singlehandedly emerge victorious at the end, even after having received a beating that would normally drop dead a prize-winning bull.

"6 Bullets" is a great story-driven movie, in which Van Damme plays Samson Gaul, a mercenary who is working in Eastern Europe to infiltrate human trafficking rings and rescue underage boys and girls, and bring them home to be reunited with their families after these horrible ordeals. However, during one such a mission, something goes horribly awry and two innocent young girls end up dead. Haunted by the apparitions of these dead girls, Gaul ends up seeking solitude and salvation at the mercy of alcohol while trying to make a living as a butcher. A young American girl is kidnapped from her hotel and the parents seek out Gaul for help. But can Gaul redeem himself of the past and step up to the task at hand? The storyline in "6 Bullets" was really interesting and captivating, as human trafficking is, sadly, every day events in parts of the world. So with that in mind, then this story really takes on a personal approach and becomes more than just mindless martial arts entertainment.

Plus, the storyline is really helped along by some powerful performances, not only by Van Damme, who really stepped into character and showed a great acting side, but also by Joe Flanigan (playing Andrew Fayden).

The movie was nicely shot, the dialogue was good and it moved at a great pace. There was a fair amount of drama in the movie, spiced up with martial arts, of course, and also gun fights. This is really one of the better Van Damme movies that I have seen in a long, long time, and it is good to see that he is back in the game.

There were just a couple of things in the movie that I didn't really understand. In the opening sequence, how did Gaul manage to plant all that explosive in the cars parked outside the building when there was all that much security personnel around? And also when he wanted a phone number traced, it started with 555, which is a number associated with Hollywood movies, so we must assume that it is an alleged American fake-movie phone number, so why was it showing up on an Eastern Europe phone? And finally, why would most people in Eastern Europe opt to speak English first whenever addressing strangers? Wouldn't it make more sense to speak in their native language? Anyway, these touches are just small flaws that don't really have much impact on the movie. I just happened to notice this and wonder about it.

"6 Bullets" is a great addition to movie collection for fans of Van Damme. And it is also good entertainment, even if you are not particular a fan of him.
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Above Average for a direct to DVD movie, an upswing for Van Damme
mdfaraone24 September 2012
Finally ! Van Damme seems to be getting his act together and putting out a better product. This is one of the best "straight to video" movies he has done, kind of on par with Desert Heat and Legionaire, and dare I say almost good enough that it could have had a theatrical release. The plot borrows heavily from "Taken" and a few other movies but is pulled off well and JCVD is in good physical shape for this film, despite his haggard face. Could have used a bit more hand to hand fight scenes, but what we are given is filmed well. Definitely worth a view if you are a Van Damme fan, something that couldn't be said for most of his movies made in the 2000s. Let's hope he can maintain this momentum and have a bit of career resurgence like Stallone.
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Van Damme delivers 6 Bullets
rgblakey16 September 2012
Hot off the heels of his great villainous turn in the Expendables 2, Jean Claude Van Damme delivers another straight to video action film 6 Bullets. Over the years some of his films seem to have gotten a bit better in both acting and quality. He still has a lot that get international theatrical release, but still end up on the video shelf here. Will 6 Bullets keep his streak alive after E2 has brought him back to theatrical prominence?

6 Bullets follows an ex-mercenary known for finding missing children is hired by a mixed martial arts fighter whose daughter has been kidnapped, but is still struggling with a failed assignment. For the most part this isn't one of his better films, but is a decent addition to his filmography. There is plenty of action that's pretty simple and only averagely executed, but mostly loses some of its effectiveness due to bad editing. Where this film lacks on some of the expected action, Van Damme delivers another character with a wide range of emotions. While still nowhere near the performance of JCVD, he really carries the film well giving the character more depth than his normal bad ass persona. The supporting cast including Stargate: Atlantis star Joe Flanigan and both Van Damme's son and daughter all do a decent job with what they are working with. The story is simple, but does add some clever twists here and there to give it a bit of an edge you may not expect. The foreign setting really helps this movie both visually and size to give it a bigger feel than it may have had being shot here in the US.

While this wasn't a great movie, it still delivers enough of a kick to entertain the hard core Van Damme fans out there. Over time Van Damme, much like the other action stars of E2 has seemed to really embrace his age and seems to have enhanced his performances a bit more. Worse case, this film will serve as good filler while fans eagerly wait for his next film Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

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Van Damme is in top form
mikesblast29 August 2012
To my surprise, this is playing on Google Play for only 3.99 so I rushed to watch it...twice for that matter. I rather enjoyed it. I'd rank it pretty much on the same level as AG. Both movies were on the cusp of making the leap from being "good" to being "damn good". The script in AG is a bit stronger but JC does a much better job in 6B. He is in fantastic shape and doesn't sleepwalk at all through his performance. He looks and performs the best he has in years. The action is pretty well done and there is a good amount of it. Like AG, Ernie gives us a really cool opening intro to the movie! For the most part, 6B is shot really well, considering the budget. Acting wise, I thought everyone was above average for a DTV...with the exception of Bianca(JC's real daughter). Even though she isn't in it that much, I thought her line delivery was just awful. Kris(JC's real son), however, is better than usual. He still has a lot to learn but he didn't stink up the place like usual. Flannigan was good and I liked seeing him in something other than Stargate. Neal Acree turned out another good music score, although, a lot of it may be a little too piano heavy which kind of kills the tone in a few scenes. It sometimes added a "made for TV" vibe. Overall though, this is another good step for Ernie and definitely one of JC's best DTV's. I'll probably watch it one more time before it expires. 3.25/5
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At the budget is one of the best movie of last year, my grade is the maximum. Van Damme has an unforgettable performance!
adrianodiastorres16 November 2012
My grade for this movie was 10 (excellent), because even with a limited budget of 10 million dollars Director Ernie Barbarash managed to make a wonderful movie, a movie much better than many films I've seen over the past decade and even year we are. The story despite being good, could have been used in a better way, but it is nonetheless engaging. What most impressed me about this film is the work of Jean-Claude Van Damme shows that there really is a great prejudice of the major studios with him, because the guy every movie shows that he has talent, who can act, which is a great actor, but people are prejudiced in his early films, he was not so good performance in the question, but if surpassed by their performance in fights and action scenes. Van Damme over time just came to improve their way of working, which is showing a great actor for drama in his last film role that usually always has a dramatic story behind. 6 Bullets is an action movie with drama and suspense fantastic, not shot anything he said, I just think it's time to return to Hollywood enchergar this myth and hero of martial arts and action movies, and my prayers and hopes Van Damme is to return to the top of the world. Michael Jackson said: "They say the sky is the limit, but I wait to see beyond it". I hope Van Damme reach this level of success because he deserves for being talented and his humility.
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Not bad for a direct to video film, not great either - Minor spoilers
KingOfThrones30 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Six Bullets is directed by Ernie Barbarash. Who recently directed Assassination Games also starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins. Six Bullets was recently screened at Cannes 2012 and here is my Review (contains spoilers):

Van Damme plays a depressed, ex military (or something along those lines. It's never really discussed) by the name of Samson Gaul who is hired to rescue the daughter of an MMA fighter, Andrew, played by Joe Flannigan. Joe portrays the equivalent of Floyd Mayweather in the MMA world.

Surprisingly, you get the feeling that Van Damme is not the lead in this film and from the off set it's apparent that Joe Flannigan is the main attraction here. Joe is an 'MMA fighter' whose daughter has been kidnapped due to his spiraling debts, you later learn that Joe is due to throw a fight and bets against himself for a large sum which he owes to "Vlad". Things don't exactly go accordingly and Vlad deploys a number of his team to kidnap Joe's daughter, Monica. Andrew then realizes that he is in over his head and calls on an old ally who is renowned for his recover of small children. Fans of Jean Claude will be pleased with what he has to offer and looks in tremendous shape when he is boxing a hanging piece of meat a la Rocky style with Joe Flannigan (There are a few references to Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude saves the best for last which I won't spoil). Samson and his son set out to rescue Monica and reunite her with her father.

Kristopher Van Varenberg is surprisingly entertaining in his role as Samson's son and his shoot-out albeit with the rather unimaginative villains is similar to the Van Damme movies we all grew fond of as a teenager and he certainly has the ability and is worthy enough of carrying the Van Damme name if he so chooses. The main shoot out takes place outside an old mansion and the slow motion 'shoot and kill' moment is very similar to that of the slow motion capture used in his father's earlier films such as the Hard Target. Kris also adds an element of comedy the way he dismembers one of the henchman in the knife scene that takes part in mansion's kitchen. Van Damme's daughter, Bianca Bree/Van Varenberg/Van Damme, I am not sure what she names herself, makes a brief appearance although it really feels like she happened to be on set and they threw a small cameo at her to keep her father happy.

Overall, there are a few action scenes that we have become accustomed with in a Van Damme film – He certainly displays better punching prowess compared his more recent DTV efforts, he takes out three guys Transporter style in the end mansion finale in a small hallway. Although there is more gun action than fight scenes, there isn't really a need for Van Damme to demonstrate his kicking ability as there isn't the opportunity to do so. In fact, I would have expected more from Joe Flannigan's character given his supposed background as an MMA fighter. Joe doesn't participate in too many action scenes and it's transparent he doesn't have any interest in becoming an action star. He should have been a more lovable rogue than an MMA fighter

You kind of hope that Van Damme has more dialogue in the movie. Throughout the film, you feel slightly frustrated that he is not presented with more dialogue and most of his lines are no more than one or two in length.

For those that have seen Assassination Games will instantly feel the Barbarash vibe to this movie, the tone, well used locations and pace of the movie more than give this away.

The story is all too familiar in the direct to video market and isn't going to win any awards and fans of low budget, action, direct to video movies will enjoy this – I give this 6/10.
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Comically horrible
dtkim8017 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is not boring, as it is just horribly executed and edited. The acting is unconvincing. The opening sequence was filled with action and some pretty good knife play, but it's clearly fantasy when people drop dead immediately from a cut to the neck without as much as a drop of blood, and of course no stains on JCVD's pristine white shirt. It's the little things like that which pull me out of the story. It's the reminder that I'm just watching a bad movie. I laughed out loud at many of the scenes because of the blunders. They don't even bother covering the fact that they're using blanks...one scene toward the end, some dude loads a bolt action sniper rifle with what is clearly a crimped blank round. Then they show some surveillance feed that shows the rear of the surveillance camera in the feed...what???? Comically horrible. The issue of human trafficking deserves a better movie.
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Definitely a B movie...but in terms of actors who used to be famous but still make movies Van Dammes are watchable. I say B-.
cosmo_tiger11 September 2012
"I know you mean well but your not a cop, your a soldier and this is not Africa or Afganistan." Samson Gaul (Van Damme) is the best at what he does. He is an ex-mercenary who finds missing children where ever they may be. When one mission goes wrong and he finds the girl he was looking for but other children get killed as collateral damage he vows to give up and no longer be in that line of work. When famous MMA fighter Andrew Fayden's (Flanigan) daughter goes missing he offers Samson a job that he can't refuse. Before I start I have to say that this is not as bad as I expected...but I expected a typical Van Damme movie. While it's still a B movie this is actually watchable. I am not saying I am a fan at all but if I had to choose between a new Val Kilmer, Dolph Lundgren, or Steven Segal movie after watching this one I would have to go with Van Damme. This is a movie where you pretty much know what your going to get going in and it doesn't disappoint in that sense. Nothing to run out and watch but in terms of movies starring action heroes who used to be famous this is not bad at all. I give it a B-.
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Everyone reviewing this film must be 12 years old. This is a terrible film, and I'm a JCVD fan!
abbottsam10 January 2013
I rate, I don't usually review unless it's really good, or really bad. This is the latter. As a JCVD fan I've been encouraged by his some of his later work in the film 'JCVD', 'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' and 'The Expendables 2'.

He's old, sure, but he's kept in shape and his acting has improved a lot over the years, he's actually quite good! But this film is one of the cheapest pieces of crap I've seen and well beneath the actor JCVD has become in his twilight years.

It's poorly written, poorly shot, poorly edited and poorly acted by everyone else in the thing!

It feels like it was directed by a teen on HD camcorder. I couldn't sit through the whole thing. That's some dead honesty, as I've sat through a lot of crap and a lot of JCVD over the years (sometimes one and the same).

Don't waste your time. If you are trying to chose between this and something else right now, choose that something else.
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An Extremely Boring Van Damme DTV Release...That Barely Has Him In It...
taijiquan124 January 2013
Jean Claude Van Damme has still got it. At his age, he's kept in fantastic shape and has only gotten better at acting. For a guy who's improved so much, it would be nice if he was given better projects than 6 Bullets, a dreadfully slow, poorly edited and acted straight to DVD release who's 115 minutes feels more like 3 hours.

6 Bullets actually begins with promise, with Van Damme in a fantastically choreographed fight scene which proves to be one of the last you'll see from him in the film. There's another decent scene about 2 thirds in, but the opening with Van Damme sporting disguise facial hair is easily the best part. It's all downhill from there.

I'm not incredibly demanding of the plots of stuff like this, so a kidnap/rescue type thing is in no way bad, it can be pulled off really well, as seen in Taken with Liam Neeson. But everything about the execution and the way the kidnapping happens, coupled with how we don't see the villains or any motivating factor for the villains til much later really hurts the movie.

Speaking of hurt, one of the worst aspects of the movie is the insanely plain Joe Flanigan. Everything about this guy is bland, and he is beyond unconvincing for his role as an MMA fighter. Not only is he not in shape for the part at all, but he has these distractingly awful douchebag tattoos that are supposed to sell him as the fighter he's supposed to be, but so clearly isn't. It wouldn't be too bad if Flanigan was in the movie briefly to allow Van Damme to come in and kick some ass, but that isn't it. Oh no. Flanigan and his character's wife practically take over the movie, making you forget at parts that Van Damme is even in it, with each segment including Flanigan being gut-wrenchingly grueling.

Everything 6 Bullets really has to offer is in it's opening scene. Had the entire movie been made that way, it would've been a fun, one-off action thriller. As it stands, it's a lesson in the value of pacing in filmmaking.
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Fast pace action with minimum spoilers.
spheckma22 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As usual John-Claude Van Damme is back in the action, but this time it involve children kidnapped for human trafficking and all the sick, sick thing involved. Backed by Joe Flanagan of Star Gate Atlantis fame and the father of a kidnapped American fourteen year old girl. In the movies Flanagan plays a professional fighter and makes a suitable back up for Van Damme's knife play and fighting. JCVD is of course because of age has limited his high kicking karate kicks. Instead he's integrated all sorts of fire power, gas and fire bombs. I could have done without one event towards the end of the movie, but other than that it was well acted and it was nice to see Van Damme's real life son playing his son in the movie.
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nogodnomasters19 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is another teen abduction/ Eastern European sex trade/ rescue movie. Samson Gaul (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is the village butcher who moonlights as a mercenary. His accent varies throughout the film. His son (Kristopher Van Varenberg) who works at the US embassy, sends him clients.

When Andrew Fayden(Joe Flanigan), an American cage fighter's daughter Becky (Charlotte Beaumont) is kidnapped, he calls on Samson who is reluctant to take the case. On his last case he generated a significant amount of collateral damage that wasn't as funny as when MacGruber does it.

The movie has a slight twist which really wasn't much of a twist. Monica Fayden (Anna-Louise Plowman) mouthing statistics in the middle of the film made me think this was a 93 minute public service announcement. In addition to beating up people, Samson uses elaborate high tech stuff. He is capable of setting up complex traps in a matter of moments. The movie "Taken" has set the bar for this genre and unfortunately this one doesn't measure up. Will work as a rental.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, no sex, no real nudity. Women in strip clubs scantily dressed. One woman with large pasties...nothing we haven't seen at Superbowl half time.
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Would have been a great film, if they had left out the bits between the action scenes
bendaboots27 January 2013
It's got the feel of an 80's B Movie. Also, the way it is shot makes it look more like a TV production than a feature film, but that could play towards its retro charm. So much so good, but unfortunately the script progressively deteriorates towards the second part of the film, until the plot takes turns that are so hair-raisingly stupid that it made me cringe. All of this is compounded by a cast that for the most part fails to even remotely convince in their roles. At least in my humble opinion, not even JCVD's decent performance can't quite salvage the film. The action scenes are good, although the majority of the good martial-arts stuff is in the first part of the film. So, beware, this film is only for JCVD die-hard fans.
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Was actually not that bad.
candersonb12 September 2012
I had little hopes honestly thinking Im going to fall asleep on it. Actually when it starts it starts out pretty decent. A few people get there *** kicked by him. The one thing I like most about the movie is it has that action feel to it but it also has its sad parts that make you go aw. This is my first review All i'm saying s this movie is way better than assassination games. I think van Damme starting to come back up there with the big guys SLOWLY tho. I think This was a good choice for Van Damme to go. it does have some nudity just the regular pole dancers etc. I also think another movie worth checking out would be Steven Seagals new movie called Maximum Conviction starring Stone Cold Steve Austin Seagal is coming back to the top as well for being 60. check both these movies out.
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Action Drama
kosmasp30 September 2012
Do not watch this expecting hand to hand combat (well not too much of that anyway). There are a few of those, but there is more gun action, than fist fights going on here. You also have van Dammes son here (under his fathers real last name) and his daughter (who changed her name, though I'm not sure, if it's because she's married or just a name change to sound good), both not the greatest actors in the world, but get the job done.

Van Damme too delivers and plays his character really good. It's a stellar performance, a stellar script with some supernatural touches and an engaging story overall. This still won't change the mind of some people concerning van Damme of course. But maybe due to his recent revival (Expandables 2), he will be able to do movies he always wanted to do (next up is a comedy in 2013 and that's something he's been dying to make!)
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Taken away
Prismark1018 August 2015
If Liam Neeson can have a big hit with Taken then why not jump on the bandwagon.

6 Bullets has Jean Claude Van Damme playing a mercenary Samson Gaul infiltrates Eastern European human trafficking rings and rescue boys and girls from the sex trade.

At the beginning of the movie we see him rescue a young boy but Gaul failed to take into account the collateral damage of his actions which left two young girls dead.

Haunted by this he ends up drinking and working as a butcher.

The plot kicks off when a teenage American girl is kidnapped from her hotel in Romania and the parents turn to Gaul for help. Gaul reluctantly accepts as he also persuaded by his son who is a cop. Gaul discovers that the criminals are being aided by the Romanian secret service on behalf of a wealthy Arab arms dealer who wants an American virgin.

The film wants to make serious points about the child vice trade, a serious issue in parts of Eastern Europe since the 1990s wrapped around an action thriller. Van Damme is assisted by Joe Flanigan who plays the dad and who in the movie plays a major MMA star, therefore he can share the action scenes with Van Damme.

Of course its basically a low budget Taken rip off without much verve or characterisation that the original Taken had. Its still an involving story, decent action scenes although the parents of the kidnapped daughter are flatly drawn.
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A surprisingly strong DTV effort from Van Damme
brchthethird14 November 2014
Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in another above-par DTV outing, and proves that he's still relevant (at least more relevant than Steven Seagal). There's nothing too special about the story, seeing as it's been done before in various forms (e.g., TAKEN). Even the cinematography isn't too unique, and has a washed-out palette that is all-too-common in these types of movies. But unlike TAKEN, this movie actually takes the time to develop its characters and give you reason to care about them. In other words, it's not all ass-kicking and one-liners (and in fact, there really isn't any humor). The run time is a little overlong (by about 15-20 minutes), but it's spent with characters you can identify with and a story that has some dramatic impact. Definitely for JCVD fans, but also for anyone looking to branch out beyond the middling action fare that Hollywood churns out nowadays.
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WHAT IN THE WORLD is this doing at 6.1?
witster1811 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong. I actually kinda dig the older Van Damme flicks, and JCVD was decent(maybe his best actually).. Bloodsport was good for what it was(a b-action flick).

There are so many problems here that it will be hard to pick out the worst. Let's just say that you may be better off viewing this as a comedy. And I have no Idea what this is doing in the 6's. SOrry if it duped you into renting it too.

The first moment I'll mention comes fairly early in the film when Jean faces off against some villains in a room. He takes out the lights and puts on his "night-vision". The camera bounces back-and-forth between his "fluorescent" green/yellow night vision view, and then back to the regular view, which should be near-pitch black(hence the reason for night-vision), but it's not, it's like "library" dark, the kind of dark that's darker that usual but no problem seeing much of anything. It's laughable.

Another moment comes late when Jean(and the couple he's helping) scout out the hide-out of the enemy and come together to talk about a plan. I prepared myself for this mind-blowing idea that turned out to be her pulling up to the gate and getting approached by one of the enemies, and then Jean jumping-in from the side onto the guy... really...? that was the "masterplan".. this stuff happens every 5 minutes here.

Couple all those stupid moments with some deplorable acting, bad set-pieces, and an unoriginal and poorly written script, and you have yourself a real stinker. In hindsite, JCVD and Bloodsport are the only Jean Claude films that I would rank at or above a 6... this is not even in the same ballpark.

Save your money and your time. 34/100 You might like this if you liked: Lionheart(better), Cyborg(better), and Legionaire(about equal or slightly better). This amounts to an absolutely terrible remake of "Taken".

6.1? Hilarious. As a comedy - maybe 5.1.
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Not bad but could have been better
fenny0078 October 2012
First I will start with the positives, Van Damme gives a solid acting performance and shows he is still a master of fight scenes, he also looks in the best shape he has been in for a while. The film starts off with good pace and the supporting roles are adequately acted, yes it is very much a low budget Taken film but holds it's own for the first half. For me that is when it it loses it's way, in the last third the drama and action seems to go missing and I found myself losing interest (maybe I was tired!), usually the action at the end makes up for this but unfortunately I was disappointed. With the same director as Assassination Games it certainly feels similar to it, but as with AG I just felt it could have been better. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad film and has some good action sequences but just seems to lose momentum towards the end.
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Jean Claude is back and he has never even been here before...
omendata5 November 2017
I am not a big fan of Jean Claude and thought he had his hey day 20 years ago and found most of his later stuff a bit corny as though it was coming straight off a production line but I am now having to rethink this.

The action in this film is not your usual fake, unconvincing kicks and roundhouses but more in the style of Taken with Liam Neeson and is very well choreographed and not your usual sanitised violence.

I have always liked Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis - he has always been a favorite actor and he was well cast in this.

There were some really cool ideas like the pen with the hypodermic - never seen that one before.

This was a rather good action movie; much much better than expected. It seems Jean Claude has re-invigorated his acting career and his older world worn, chiselled face makes him seem altogether more real and less plastic than his old persona if this is anything to judge by.
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daniel-8291 October 2012
6.2 Stars? Must be good, right? Unfortunately, the movie is totally below average. It has bad, cliché acting and the usual "cheap plot in a foreign country with no English-speaking actor anywhere in sight" feel to it.

We all know Jean-Claude, and we love him and keep going to his movies. I find he aged well and is up to the job, but somebody made a mistake when they suggested he star in this film. At no time do you get into the movie, you never identify with anyone, it's all stereotypical and overdone and basically a waste of your time.

Glad I didn't see it in the movies, but I hope Jean-Claude doesn't go the way of Wesley Snipes and keeps doing these sad attempts at meaningful movies.
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