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Bella Heathcote: Gigi



  • Waitress : Would you like to hear the specials?

    Gigi : Sure!

    Sarah : Ugh, you're not going to eat it...

    Gigi : But they work so hard to memorize them.

  • Gigi : He calls me the bionic woman.

    Jesse : Is that a compliment?

  • Gigi : [while looking at herself and applying lipstick in a bathroom mirror in a club]  God, I love this color on me.

    Ruby : Red rum.

    Gigi : What?

    Ruby : That's what it's called. They say women are more likely to buy a lipstick if it's named after food or sex. Just think about it. Black honey, plum passion, peachy keen.

    Gigi : [Sucking on her finger and looking at herself in the mirror]  Pink pussy.

  • Gigi : Sweetie, plastics is just good grooming. Imagine going a year without brushing your teeth.

  • Gigi : Jesse? What are you doing here?

    Jesse : They told me to wait.

    Gigi : For what?

    Jesse : For makeup.

    Gigi : You're in the show?

    Jesse : [smirks]  Yeah.

    Gigi : This show?

    Jesse : ...yes.

    Gigi : [pauses in disbelief]  That's my chair.

  • Gigi : You wanna know what I had done, don't you?

    [Jesse stares intently] 

    Gigi : Well I thought I'd get more work if I went down a cup size. So I'd look like a hanger, ya know? But then my surgeon, Dr. Andrew, he pointed out a lot of other problems with my body. So I had them: shave my jaw, I had a slight eyebrow lift, new nose, cheeks, inner and outer lipo... oh, and they pinned my ears.

    Jesse : Why?

    Gigi : So I could wear a ponytail?

  • Jesse : Didn't it hurt?

    Gigi : Anything worth having hurts a little. Besides, nobody likes the way they look.

    Jesse : I do.

    [Gigi scoffs with disgust] 

  • Gigi : Well, you certainly move fast.

    Jesse : What do you mean?

    Gigi : You must be fucking him. Sarno doesn't let just anyone walk his collection.

    Jesse : [scoffs]  I don't think I'm his type...

    Gigi : Why not? You're very masculine.

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