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Because the dad she remembers chose a bottle of whiskey over her and her sister.
CeccacciPaolo197726 October 2017
Some children were enjoying the merry-go-round when a single mother freaked out stating to lose her son. Shortly after, detectives bump into the crime scene in order to collect evidences: the prime suspect is her former boyfriend and child's father who has been fighting for two years to have parental rights (they are not married and there is no clue of him in the birth certificate). Anyway it's not so sure that a kidnapping really happened. There aren't any sign of the toddler in CCTV, but only the mother and an empty buggy; besides, no child fingerprints were found in his teddy as well as in his bed. The young mother has a low IQ (the one of a 10 years old girl) and she needs a father figure to stop lying and telling the truth. She has a new lowlife boyfriend and they live together in a rathole where social services don't allow a baby to grow up. The newborn is dead, what's the motive?

In this episode we saw Thorne who has to deal in trial with a female lawyer with whom he had a night stand (forgotten). That case help Brooks getting back in touch with his estranged daughter who has just made him grandfather.
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