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We revisit the Westeros in this fantastic season premiere
kkoller06934 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw Game of Thrones a little over a year ago, I didn't not read any of the books. But when Ned's head was chopped off, Joffery wasn't the true heir and Robb has crowned himself as The King in the North, I couldn't wait any longer. So I decided to read the books. Now I'm watching this show from a different perspective and I am still amazed how well this episode was played out.

"The North Remembers" shows us how much this show will now jump around. With Ned Stark dead, there is no real center role to keep everything together. Even though Tyrion (played by Peter Dinklage who won an Emmy and Golden Globe for Supporting Actor last year) is now considered the overall fan favorite, he still fits in the supporting actor role; and it's better that way. The season will jump around a lot from Daenerys and her dragons to Robb Stark and his ongoing war against the Lannisters. For those who had problems remembering plot and characters from Season 1 might want a note pad handy - because it doesn't get any easier in Season 2.

The season premiere was all about showing where everyone is. I loved how it opened; they show King Joffery and much of a monster he has become by nearly drowning a knight in wine. I also loved that Tyrion is finally in King's Landing serving as Hand of the King that his sister, Queen Cersei, is not too happy about. Across the Narrow Sea, the episode showed Daenerys and her dragons heading east for shelter or civilization. While we were only able to see on dragon, it looked beautifully made. Robb Stark, the King in the North, sends his peace terms to King's Landing and wants the North to be separate from the Kingdom forever. We also see his wolf, that has grown since we have last seen it, test the imprisoned Jamie Lannister. The episode also shows Jon Snow north of the wall and we are told that a new king has also risen beyond the wall.

The episode shows some new faces. Stannis Baratheon, only mentioned in Season 1, finally comes on screen during a ritual that dealt with burning the old gods for the new God of Light that a sorceress, Melisandre, is performing. Stannis has declared himself the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and declares war on King Joffery.

Yes, the episode is full of information. They throw a lot at you and since this is only a ten episode season, it's required to show so much information. Having said that, they did a marvelous job of bringing the book to the TV screen. The little game between Cersi and Littlefinger (also known as Lord Baelish) was tremendous and shows what power really is. The ending with all of King Robert's bastard sons was beautifully done. Though I wish we could have seen more Arya (who only appears before the credits role), everything else about it was fantastic.

"The North Remembers" was about bringing everyone up to speed again and now the show should continue with great pace. This is a 1000 page book they are trying to squeeze into ten episodes. So far, the show is doing beautifully. I can't wait to see how everything else is played out. Even though I have read the book, I am still eager to "see" what happens next.

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Knowledge or Power Is Power?
Claudio Carvalho20 April 2014
The Lord Commander Mormont is tracking down Benjen Stark with the Night's Watch. Tyrion arrives in King's Landing to assume his position of Hand of the King making Cersei furious and he strikes back telling that she allowed the execution of Ned and the escape of Arya. Stannis has received the letter sent by Ned to him telling that he should be the heir of the throne and he sends copies of the letter to all Lords in the realm claiming that he is the legitimate successor. Cersei forces Littlefinger to find Arya threatening his life. Joffrey orders a massacre of Robert's bastards in King's Landing. Daenerys and her small group face starvation and she tries to feed her dragons anyway.

"The North Remembers" is another violent episode of "Game of Thrones". Now Stannis claims the Iron Throne and will fight the War. Littlefinger believes that knowledge is power but Cersei shows him that power is power actually. The slaughter of babies and children is impressive to keep the throne for Joffrey. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The North Remembers"
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Not the best episode of the series, but a great return for what is currently the best part about television
axel-koch2 August 2013
The second season's first episode takes us right back to George R. R. Martin's fantastic creation Westeros and as soon as the HBO logo has left the screen and the legendary opening credits start, it feels as if we have never left this amazing fantasy world. In the very first scene, underage asshole king Joffrey reminds us why we all hate him so much while also delivering an immensely entertaining scene that directly merges into another one involving the only two characters that are even more entertaining than Joffrey: his mother and his uncle, Cersei and Tyrion Lannister. The two have a heated debate during the Small Council that has Tyrion delivering this episode's most rememberable one-liner, "It must be hard for you to be the disappointing child." This marks as the first real confrontation between those two and it is awesome. The fierce chemistry between the mutually abhorring brother and sister is magnificent and shows the enormous acting qualities of Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey.

Because of this scene, the episode has already had its top point in the first ten minutes, but that isn't really bothering since the simple comeback of all those great characters that we learned to love or hate (sometimes both) in the first season is absolutely great. Some scenes admittedly lack the tension and fantastic screen writing that the one with Cersei and Tyrion had, yet the further evolving of the different characters is enough to keep anyone who liked Game of Thrones in its primal season delighted. Additional intensity comes from a new setting that involves Stannis Baratheon, rightful claimant for the Iron Throne, and television's hottest redhead since Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. It's hard to grasp what is exactly going on in – where are those scenes set, for Christ's sake? -, but future episodes will surely give more insight into Stannis, Melisandre (a.k.a. "Hot Redhead"), and the other characters involved. The introduction to this location was definitely very well-done, however, I remember to have been way more swept away by how they presented us all the settings in season one.

All the other basic locations of the series return as well, with the Night Watch part going into a whole new direction that seems utterly appealing to me. The scenes at the Stark camp are quite good, especially the argument between Robb Stark and his captive Jaime Lannister; while the five minutes in which we travel across the Narrow Sea to find neo-dragon mother Daenerys and her extremely exhausted 'khalasar' are a bit unfulfilling. It's sad that not even dragons can help those scenes get any more interesting, they still are the weakest fraction of the series, like we were used to it previously.

All in all, we shouldn't forget that this is one of the visually best TV series of all time and the whole look ranging from cinematography and editing to make-up, costumes, and set design is absolutely grand. And though creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss start to deviate from the novels more remarkably at this point, it's still a fantastic adaption. I believe my high rating for this episode is warrantable since the weaker parts really don't carry weight that much and it's just tremendously entertaining to watch.
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A Decent Start!
g-bodyl1 July 2015
This is the first episode of the second season of Game of Thrones. We pick up right where the first season left off amidst the turmoil occurring in the land of Westeros. As like it was in the first season, we seem to be getting plenty of strong performances and there are some new characters introduced such as the brothers of the late Robert Baratheon. The production design looks very sharp, sharper than your average television show.

In this episode, "The North Remembers," Tyrion Lannister arrives in Kings Landing where he is to act as the new King of the Hand. Meanwhile, Robb Stark ponders what to do next in the war, The Night Watch decide to trek north to figure out what is happening beyond the wall. Stannis Baratheon decides he is the rightful heir of the Iron Throne. Finally, Daenarys is out in the desert with what's left of her people struggling to survive.

Overall, this is a solid start to the second season. It's an episode that is pretty much the aftermath of the last episode of the first season, but it introduces a path in which this season will take. Great acting is the key to the success of this show. I have a feeling that this will be Peter Dinklage's time to shine.

My Grade: A-
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How Does One Begin to Summarize This
Hitchcoc29 April 2015
There are so many plot elements going on here that to try to go through them is quite fruitless. Suffice it to say there are some incredibly stunning scenes. For one, Joffrey is taking it to new limits. He is so heartless and so cold. He decides a drunken man needs to drown in alcohol, forced down his throat. He confronts his mother calling her out for her responsibility in driving his father to produce bastards all over the kingdom, then sending out assassins to kill them, including a small child and a baby. Of course, the most dangerous of these would be Jon Snow. We see Tyrion gaining the position of Hand to the King, showing little if any respect for his master. Once again, the smallest person in the series, dominates the screen. He is the survivor, the intellectual, the true predictor of actions. There are other aspects of the wars going on with the multiple kings. Once again, there are so many irons in the fire and it is becoming difficult to interpret the alliances.
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Power grab.
mm-394 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Game of Thrones: The North Remembers is a about a power grab. The series creates the impression of ruthless people and the results of ruthless actions. The Kings death created a power vacuum. The new boy king is a sadistic tyrant. Each sadistic act creates new enemies for the king. The King's biggest mistake was beheading Stark, which resulted in war with the North. The question is will the North alliance create a new tyrant if the boy king is unseated, or will the Dragon queen create a surprise coup? All the above mentioned plot elements, and sub plots creates a boiling stew of controversy! The controversy make the viewer wanting more? Lets see who will win the Game of Thrones? Eight out of Ten.
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Excellent start
roni_arg7 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a reader, and I think it is a remarkable adaptation. I would go so far as to say that we owe it to the author himself being part of the production. He is not letting anyone butcher his baby and that's why it is so awesome.

The casting is wonderful. So many new faces mixed with a bunch of well known celebrities make the characters really come to life and I imagine their faces when I read. The wardrobe and make up are stunning, the locations are beautiful and really seem Westeros and Essos, the FX, the plot is genius, the dialog too, and the small changes from the book are a success.

In this episode, we take up exactly where we left. It is amazing how everything is so real, even when it's fantasy. Good guys do bad things, bad guys have hard times, good ones too, sometimes it is not even clear who the bad guys are. Some facts that are clearly explained in the books have to be conveyed by images and voices that's why we see:

.Joffrey taking off his boy-mask to show the ruthless ambitious sadistic psychopath he is. Even to his own mother. Can a king like this really rule? Great scene with Cersei.

.Cersei carries on her plans, like eliminating the bastards and showing Petyr who's the boss. But she knows she raised a monster, she has to deal with Tyrion and Jaime is missing. She is actually reaping what she sew. I really like the actress, I think she is doing a great job.

.I totally love what they did to Robb Stak. Totally worth seeing. In the book he is much younger but here it is a really strong character and the huge direwolf gives him such a halo of power that he is even better than Eddard. We all want to see him rip off Joffrey's head right now! Will life be so just?

.Tyrion becomes Hand, and we all think "Gee, look at Tywin making a good decision..." Let's all hope he brings some wits into King's Landing. Nice man Tyrion, you have to be a dwarf to be a little bit of a humble Lannister. He always steals the scene.

.Sansa is living the real nightmare having to comply with the king's every whim. Will destiny smile at her and she'll escape? Or will life be a bitc* and Joff might kill her (or worse)?

.Jon Snow and the brothers reach Craster's. And like they say "there are no laws beyond the wall". Nice scene too with the Old Bear.

.Arya follows Yoren north as an orphan boy, that continues to show the incredible strength in this young and female character.

.We were all hoping to see Daenerys conquer half of Essos, but the truth is that the dragons are babies, the Red Waste is an awful desert and she is the queen of a bunch of homeless starving dirty souls. Also great female character that steals the scenes when she appears.

With this set forward it is clear to the viewers that we can expect anything in this season. Pretty much like life itself, unpredictable.
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Great season premier
AffeL4 April 2017
Way to start a season. Great episode.

Fantastic work by all involved in this show. The music by Ramin Djawadi is awesome.

10 out of 10.

So.. Amazing.
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GOT Binge...
jcbsn20 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Joffrey sucks. Right where Season 1 left off. And with the winter people apparently we are moving into winter. At least Tyrion is letting his sister know how terrible she is. Joffrey becomes king and the whole world goes to crap, except for Jon Snow and the winter people. Just stating the obvious.

This Craster dude is more messed up than Cersei. At least he informed Jon Snow about all the people that are going to attack them from all directions.

Stannis seems crazy, so he'll fit in just fine. Of course he has a crazy woman behind him. My money is on Robb Stark with the Jon Snow ace in his back pocket to win this one. At least Stannis let everyone know Joffrey is an inbred. Robb was at least raised well. And Arya is bound for Jon Snow if she can make it. Things are looking up for the Starks at least. Things were also looking up for Drogo as well.

Joffrey is on a power trip. He really needs to be killed.
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Reminders and introductions
Tweekums21 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The action in this episode follows on from the end of the previous season and concentrates on reminding us where each of the protagonists is now. Opening in King's Landing we see King Joffrey is as unpleasant as ever as he watches knights fighting to the death and orders one, who turns up drunk, to be forced to drink a cask of wine; only kind words from Sansa save the man's life. Tyrion arrives at King's Landing to act as Hand of the King while his father is fighting Robb Stark's forces in the North. Across the Narrow Sea things aren't going well for Daenerys and her people; they are deep in the desert and know that many locals would kill her for her dragons rather than help. North of the wall Jon Snow and the other members of the Night Watch accept the hospitality of Craster; a man who lives with his many wives, who are also his daughters! We are also introduced to another of the claimants to the Iron Throne, Stannis Baratheon, and his sorceress Melisandre.

Inevitably as this episode concentrates on reminding the viewers where most of the major characters are now there is less plot advancement and action than most episodes. This doesn't mean it is boring though; the violent opening reminds us that this is a dangerous place where the slightest offence towards those in power can mean a cruel death. The introduction if Stannis and Melisandre promises to be interesting; both grab the viewers' attention as he pulls a flaming sword from a fire and she drinks from a chalice she knows to be poisoned and survives. Satannis's spreading of the news of Joffrey's parentage has immediate repercussions as Joffrey moves to kill any child who may have been fathered by the late King Robert. Jack Gleeson does a fine job as the repellent Joffrey as he avoids making him a pantomime villain. Amongst all these events the only real disappointment was the fact that Arya barely featured… and that was just an unspeaking appearance at the end. Overall though a good episode that effectively brought me back in to the world of 'Game of Thrones' and left me looking forward to watching the rest of the season.
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we still love you but...
tameryilmaz4 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Peter Dinklage(Tyrion) was awesome as usual, Lena Headey(Cersei) and Jack Gleeson(Joffrey) was remarkable. Scene changes with using comet was a great idea. Some acting looked stiff but other than that, it was a good start for season 2.

Good, but not great like first season. Because there is buts...

There is little screen time so we can understand why creators of this series, put some great things out of the show. My concern is what is "in" the show.

The writers seems to getting bolder this season so they decided to make the show little different than the books. I'm okay with that, but there is things you shouldn't change. Like character profiles.

1- Littlefinger not so dumb to threaten Cersei to her face. He doesn't play like that.

2- Joffrey not so bold to threaten his mother. Actually he is afraid of her. (now i wonder, how he will react on Tyrion's ass kicking.)

3- Stannis would not be so arrogant to deny north alliance if he really did learn the truth about Joffrey from Ned's letter.

4- Robb would not be so eager to become King in the North or keep the crown if he really knew that Stannis is the rightful heir.

5- And please, stop making Jaime Lannister look like a coward for your audience. Man doesn't fear death, he proved it countless times in the books.

My concerns not for present, but the future of this show. If you play character's profiles this way, soon people will start saying "this doesn't make sense. why he would do this, or why he wouldn't do that." This is not a comic book series, there is no whites and blacks, rights and wrongs. Line between good and bad is very thin in these books. So please, keep it that way.

Sorry, English is not my native language.
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Close encounter of the fantasy kind
igoatabase2 April 2012
It has traveled billion miles from the deepest corner of the cosmos and we have just experienced its calm impact on our screens. Welcome back GoT, we have missed you ! Who could possibly need a recap for such a show ? It's not like if we hadn't spent the last past months thinking and dreaming about it. Still seeing all the major events in such a short time was exciting and when the title sequence began its stellar dance I had already plunged into the forgotten realms.

I feel calm and around my head gravitates dozens of captivating televisual ideas. I see her angelic figure lost like an oasis in the desert and a fragile dragon as real as it gets. I feel the cold breath of a golden axe and the bitter smell of blood that follows. I hear their atmospheric voices, laugh of his wit jokes and wonder if I'm not hallucinating. A pagan and charming confusion, then a whore above a rocky CG Babylon. Can such an overwhelming production be real or have all my neurons already been scattered by this close encounter ?

A comet. What a majestic refrain to transition between the burning screams of the North and the cold ballads of the South. An irresistible Tyrion, a repelling tyrant. An educative tale. What an entertainment way to be a better leader, a better child, a better human. I have looked into the eye of the beholder. I saw a disgusting pig surrounded by young wives and ready to get slayed by thousands of flying knives. I drank sacred water to stimulate my senses and be as frightening as a dire wolf ready to cut your filthy throat. I have never been so lost in medieval times and still I can feel the ground beneath my feet. I'm at war. We're in love. I'm a dragon ! We're dungeon masters !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
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Alan Taylor takes it to the next level
Christian18 February 2013
After director Timothy Van Patten introduced us to this epic series with the two captivating initial episodes, episodes 3-8 were engaging but slightly less convincing. Timothy Van Patten is an HBO veteran since "Sex and the City" and from "Sopranos" and "The Pacific" fame and was the right choice fine-tuning the take on this seductive and succulent source material. Having tackled two episodes of the perfect pitch period piece "Rome" and giving directorial birth to "Game of Thrones" he is now largely involved in "Boardwalk Empire", the other current HBO blockbuster and critically-acclaimed show.

Alan Taylor, also involved in "Sex and the City", "Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire" too some lesser degree, worked on my all-time favourite series "Six Feet Under" and also on remarkable and more relevant "Rome". He arrives for Episodes 9 and 10 of season 1 of "Game of Thrones" and ups the game in almost all levels of storytelling. Now in season two he is in charge of the first two episodes including this one who is the best episode this series has seen thus far. Watching episode 3 of this second season, it became apparent that the show is not the same without Alan Taylor! Thankfully he directs two other episodes I have yet to see, later in this season. However, he is not slated to direct in season 3 as he is now involved with a Marvel feature film for Thor...

All that said, this "The North Remembers" episode is to be remembered. From the beginning with King Joffrey's birthday celebration and sadistic humour interrupted by submissive Sansa Stark and new appointed Hand uncle Tyrion Lannister with a crisp arrival to King's Landing to the final murderous scenes, including brutal infanticide, that end the episode, every shot, dialogue and the specific and overall tones are on point. This is a strong episode on its own and also perfect resolution of last season's remaining questions as well as setting up the story lines for a potential exciting season 2. The next episode "The Night Lands" is also top notch, so here hoping other directors will follow Alan Taylor's lead and elevate the series with better scenes, acting, tension and pace.
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A stunning return
teajel5 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Finally,the wait is over for HBO brilliant and fantastic Game Of Thrones second season but which is any good or even better. the first episode of the second season already has so many intrigue from a scenery of a blazing red comet pass down in the sky to killing a baby,this season is definitely going to be a lot darker than the first season of this epic fantasy series. the story begin with the new monster king Joffrey and Sansa witnessed the hound butcher another knight in a tournament that was held for the king amusement and Joffrey forced Sansa to enjoy the tournament but Sansa was only pretending to enjoy the fight,when suddenly the charismatic Tyrion appear before Joffrey and Sansa.as usual Peter Dinklage steal the scene right away with his charming performance being a sharp tongue Tyrion Lannister,he has proved that he still got something that made him won last year golden globe.meanwhile back in the north Brand is still haunted by his premonition about the coming winter and dreams about the red omen in the sky.although his story didn't really get much of an improvement but it shows that there is still a constant character building on brand story. in the south,Daenerys was struggling in her journey to reclaim the throne despite having some dragon,mainly because neither Daenerys or her brother didn't know a thing about raising a dragon so she has to face the reality of only having a baby dragon and small follower even thought she was eager to take back the iron throne,fortunately she still has the brave and wise Ser Jorah Mormont accompany through out her journey. in the scene,Emilia Clarke was great in portrayed the struggled Daenerys even after manage to hatch some of her dragon egg,she just has that innocent look on her face that make you care about her character Daenerys even thought her character has made the first episode a bit look like a soap opera set in medieval times,nevertheless her acting was superb in this first episode.then we are introduce to the one and only Stannis Baratheon,who happens to be the true heir of the kingdom was now having a ritual of converting his religion into his wife new religion praising a so-called "God of Light" although his elder has warned him not to betray the old god but the stubborn Stannis disobey his warning and he choose to convert his old belief.in this season we are introduce to Stannis Baratheon played by actor Stephen Dillane,who plays the character convincing but somehow lack of intimidation although the novel has describe the character Stannis Baratheon as an intimidating and fearsome leader but it is early to judge from the appearance since it is still the first episode and an introduction to the character.these are the main plot of the first episode beside there are some interesting new character being introduce,there is also some of the old character show their other side such as little finger being easily disturb when Cerces mocked his status of being one of the honorable lord and Rob looking more fierce and brave than ever before,when he intimidate Jamie with his dire wolf and when he learn to stand up for himself in front of his mother.beside introduction and character development,there were also a brutal scene where a baby was killed in little finger whorehouse and near the end of the episode,a boy was drown into the water by one of the city guard,these scene are a little disturbing but it also help to build the suspense in the end of episode.so the answer to the question was yes,the new season is definitely going to be better than season one beside its more brutal and bloody aspect that we likely to see often in this new season but the intriguing plot and superb acting will attract new viewer,while the fan will be craving for more of game of thrones in days to come.
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Remembers everything that made Season 1 so great
TheLittleSongbird5 December 2017
Came to 'Game of Thrones' fairly late in the game and due to being so busy the binge-watching was gradual. Have found myself truly loving the show, very quickly becoming one of my favourites. It totally lives up to the hype and not only does it do the brilliant source material justice (a rarity in television) it is on its own merits one of the finest, most addictive and consistently compelling shows in recent years and quality-wise it puts a lot of films in recent years to shame.

"The North Remembers" was a great Season 2 opener. Season 1 was of a consistently high standard, with its best episodes especially "Baelor" being 'Game of Thrones' high points, so of course expectations would be high. Luckily, "The North Remembers" lives up. Occasionally it's slightly rushed and it is agreed that the Littlefinger threatening Cersei to her face scene was just silly and not something Littlefinger would characteristically do. On the most part though, it's an exposition-heavy episode where almost all of it works, a lot happens and is introduced and it's handled in a lean way. The scene setting and the introduction of many characters and subplots were deftly balanced.

Everything with Joffrey and the expansion of Tyrion's role were everything good.

Visually, "The North Remembers" looks amazing. The scenery is throughout spectacular, the sets are hugely atmospheric and beautiful on the eyes with a real meticulous eye for detail and the costumes suit the characters to a tee. The make-up is beautifully done. The visual effects are some of the best of any television programme and are not overused or abused, the scale, the detail and how they actually have character and soul are better than those in a lot of the big-budget blockbusters. As well the cinematography and editing, which are cinematic quality as well.

One cannot talk about "The North Remembers" without mentioning the thematically, orchestrally and atmospherically multi-layered music scoring and the unforgettable main theme. Again, worthy of a high-budget fantasy/action/drama film.

It is hard not to be bowled over by the quality of the writing, outstanding isn't a strong enough adjective to describe how good the writing is once again. It always has a natural flow, is layered and thought-provoking and demonstrates a wide range of emotions such as suspenseful tension, poignant pathos and witty humour. The story is paced beautifully, structured with such nuance and attention to coherence, a high emotional level and is done with intelligence, passion and sensitivity.

All the characters are wonderfully written and layered, and the acting from especially humorous and ever growing Tyrion and Jack Gleeson's repellent Joffrey is superb.

Overall, great start to Season 2. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Dinklage Stops This Being A Very Average Return
slightlymad229 November 2014
In the last episode of the first season, we saw the aftermath of Ned Stark's execution, we saw Jon accompany Lord Commander Mormont on a mission beyond the Wall and, most of all, we saw the birth of dragons.

Plot In A Paragraph: As Robb Stark (Richard Madden) and his northern army continue the war against the Lannisters, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) arrives in King's Landing to counsel Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) and control the young king. Stannis Baratheon plots an invasion to claim his late brother's throne, whilst Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), her three young dragons and khalasar trek through the Red Waste in search of allies, or water.

The opening of the episode starts strongly but at times scenes feel slightly rushed. the sparkling presence of Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage (Who deservedly won an Emmy for his work in the first season) is a breath of fresh air whenever he's in a scene, easily dancing around Joffrey's and Cersi'z jibes. I particular liked the scene where he offers his condolences to, and is assessing (you can see it in his eyes) how Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) has found a way to survive, by saying the words they expect. And when he discusses getting Jamie back form the Stark's "you had three Starks to trade. You chopped ones head off, you let another escape.... Father would be disappointed."

Another scene I liked, was one with Robb, Jaime a very large direwolf in Grey Wind. Nikolaj Coaster-Waldauand Richard Madden both do a fine job.

My big complaint with this episode would be the absence of Arya (played Maisie Williams, who I was a big fan of last season) except for the very last shot of the episode. All in all, this episode has some of the same problems that the show had in its premiere last year: a lot of ground to cover, and not enough time. And that's why I suspect I quick shot of Arya was just tacked on the end.
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I got bored
sjensenstrad13 May 2012
I can't understand the previous reviews are so positive. "fantastic season start" and so on.

OMFG: this was so boring. What happened? Nothing!

I waited for this season to come and take us on a new adventure ride, but so far it has been a drama of doubtful quality.

I have not read the books, so I could not tell if the story writing for the TV series is following the books strictly.

But if they are it most have been some boring passages to read.

I hope it will get better before the season ends:D

I wish all a happy game of throne season.
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A great, albeit not excellent, start to Season 2
After the last two episodes engaged me because of how emotional and dramatic they were, this episode is a great, albeit not excellent start to Season 2. My two quibbles is that the plot advancement isn't as strong as the first season and also, I wanted to see where Arya is considering she got captured by the Hound in last two episodes of Season 1. However, the rest of the episode is great.

The performances are still good, some of the writing is fine despite how slow the plot advancement is, the scenery is still gorgeous, and the music score from Ramin Djawadi is still great. Even the new title sequence is awesome. Visually impressive and the melodic theme from the first season intro is still there.

So, overall, not excellent, but great start to Season 2.
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