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Very funny coming of age film
aujlas24 August 2012
General Education was a great film to watch with my teens. The subtle humor and quick wit responses made it a great coming of age type of flick. I really enjoyed Chris Sheffield did a great job in his role as Levi Collins. He was spot on. The film production and direction is very well done. I could see that a lot of planning went into the filming aspect of the movie. We really enjoyed the soundtrack. It was very catchy and well put together. It was a pleasure to watch Larry Miller and Janeane Garofalp as a dysfunctional couple. The small town school and feel really comes through in this movie. I would watch the movie again! I look forward to seeing more from these writers/director.
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A Waste
KomodoWizard1 December 2012
Alright, lets set the story straight. These past reviews on this board must have been written by the filmmakers or their family. No one in their right mind likes this movie that much. I bet its even hard for the filmmakers to re-watch this drool. Pay attention to the average score. Its far too high but a good indicator that you should steer clear of this film. If you should watch it, take a lesson on how to never make a movie. And if you do make a film that rips off every other movie in its genre, then at least cover these necessitates. Develop your characters in living humans so their not flat and one dimensional. Write a story that is interesting and makes sense. You're jokes need to be funny. And lastly, don't make things random for random sake. You're characters need to have proper motivation. General Education crew; good luck next time. Hopefully, whoever's trust fund you drain, their money will be properly spent into making an educated movie.
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General boredom...
paul_haakonsen4 May 2013
I had initially expected something more from this movie, and it just failed to entertain me on any level. It was quite a disappointing experience, truth be told.

For a comedy, I had to look far and hard to find anything even remotely laughable in this movie. And I must admit that there are far better comedies in the same genre available out there.

The cast did good enough jobs with their given roles, I suppose, however I had just expected something more of a punch-through effort from Janeane Garofalo, as she usually delivers funny performances in the comedies that she is in.

If you enjoy comedies I suggest another movie than "General Education", because it is just not very funny.
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Take a look inside General Education
rgblakey22 September 2012
The world of comedy is chock full of different types and styles, but one thing always rings true most of them just don't work all that great. One genre of comedy that usually works for more often than not due to the wider range of audience is the teen comedy. The latest General Education takes on the teen comedy, but does it have anything that will help it stand out or just end up being another in a long line of forced laughs?

General Education follows a young man receives a tennis scholarship to the local University, but has forgot to tell his parents that he didn't graduate. Now he is in a race through the summer to take summer school before his parent's find out the truth while dealing with a new love in his life, and struggling with playing tennis and getting a proper education. This is one of those films that works for what it is going for, but just doesn't offer all that much. The story sports some funny moments, but tries to play the emotional card a bit too often with little effect. Parts of the story are a bit unbelievable, but you let that kind of thing go to let comedies just do their thing, but here there never seems to be any ramifications for any of them. The actors all do a good job with their parts, and seem to mesh well, but nothing overly impressive. This is a pretty simple film with no deep meanings, just a straight forward story those inches along to its pretty predictable ending. There are some pretty stereotypical funny characters that help to take this out of the coming of age story to keep some laughs coming, but just not enough to step it up to something more than average.

This isn't a bad movie, just one of those that fit in with pretty much every other film of its kind. There is nothing new here that hasn't been seen numerous times, but still manages to entertain enough that it's worth checking out.
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A high school senior risks losing a scholarship when he fails to graduate on time and his last minute efforts to pass high school science.
Sammor-537-66054724 November 2012
This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It was fun and entertaining. I have shared it several times with family and friends and have enjoyed it every time. The characters are well-portrayed and feed well off of each other. I especially enjoyed the teacher played by Elaine Hendrix who came across as firm but patient and understanding towards her students. Maiara Walsh was also fun to watch as she juggled her relationship with her mother as well as with Levi.And I was pleased to see Mr. Collins come around and support his son in the end, showing the real importance of family after all. I have put this on my "Christmas Wish List" and plan on giving it as a gift as well.
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