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New laws universally needed for this Crime.
Nemesis4214 May 2022
There are some rather dumb people reviewing here saying "What's the big deal, you needed insemination from a stranger anyway?" When someone seeks artificial insemination, back then and now, they choose from a pool of donors who've been through health screening. Meaning anyone with a medical condition is forbidden from being a sperm donor.

This imbecile Cline is/was not a healthy man. He has/had auto immune disease. He wouldn't have even gotten through the first hoop of donor screening! So you see, there's a problem here. And this is just ONE of the issues with what he did. He co-created nearly 100 human beings that are now predisposed to becoming ill.

The film needed to be dramatic to get the message through to the public more effectively.

I'm not going to detail the rest of the issues related to his conduct, but this criminal needs an appropriate prison sentence, or be admitted to an asylum. One, to assist his victims to move into closure mode, and two, to set an example for other offenders who wish to violate women in this way.
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A shocking real life story.
Sleepin_Dragon15 May 2022
No federal law?

94 siblings, the result of a cruel and perverted acted by fertility Doctor, Doctor Donald Cline, who used his own semen samples inside his fertility Clinic, his victims unaware of his warped ideas.

This was such a good watch, so sickening, a plot that I've seen on a TV drama, where I can't remember, it seems so extreme, so abhorrent, you wouldn't expect to see it in real life, this is that story.

I have a full admiration for those that spoke, you get the sense of anger and injustice that each felt, and rightly so, Cline's acts were grotesque, once again we see someone trying to justify their acts in the name of religion.

It was arguably a little long, and personally I wasn't too sure about the idea to take it to The Doctor Jones show, that seemed to demean the tragic story somewhat, the look of glee on the faces of the audience members didn't sit right with me.

All in all, a shocking, intriguing watch, 8/10.
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Uncompromising take on a crime that's yet to be punished! [+70%]
arungeorge1311 May 2022
Our Father is a disturbing tale of half-siblings finding each other and learning a very bitter truth in the process: their mother's fertility doctor is their biological father. The documentary holds nothing back, giving the siblings the opportunity to voice their perspectives and provide detailed statements on how this ordeal has overturned their lives at various points. Sperm donation is something that we saw being talked about in films such as Vicky Donor (in India) and Delivery Man (in US) - both light-hearted takes on the subject. But what makes all the difference here is that everything in the documentary happened in real life and more importantly, Dr. Cline very clearly knew what he was doing and still did it dozens of times, his motivation behind the acts still unknown.

The very fact that he lied and hid the truth accounts for the crime here. He fathered children and pretended like they weren't his. The evolution of DNA technology exposed him, however, the laws in the state couldn't bring him to justice and he remains a free man. I'm really enjoying Netflix bringing these stories to light - they're honestly miles ahead of their original cinematic productions. And when we have such earth-shattering real-life incidents taking place around us, this is the least a streaming giant like Netflix can do. Well-made, nicely put together, extremely hard-hitting stuff.

Yeah, this piece is a psychological horror-thriller of the highest order and one that sticks with you for all the wrong reasons!
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Dramatic for a reason
ravenclaw_girlrules12 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I'm already seeing a number of reviews I disagree with. This is genuinely a big deal.

1) Imagine finding out that your own father who raised you your whole life (these siblings are in their 30's and 40's) is not your biological father.

2) Imagine finding out your biological father has no remorse for his crimes.

3) Imagine you're a man in his sixties (way past the ethical window for having more kids) finding out that your own child isn't yours - that the family line ended with you because of this doctor.

4) Imagine finding out that all the stories about your family history don't directly apply to you.

5) Imagine realizing you only have an autoimmune disorder because a donor who wasn't qualified passed on his genes without consent.

There is a widespread empathy and compassion fatigue problem that is perpetuated by seeing the worst pain and suffering 24/7 online. The people features in this documentary aren't starving children, but they are still enduring trauma.
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We are family
kosmasp14 May 2022
Our father - a great title and it can mean anything. Like literally anything - but the doc is actually about what you would call a literal father. It is so insane what one individual did to others, that if I were to tell you about it ... you wouldn't believe it. And yet this is not fiction, but true.

The interviews reveal a horrific story and the way it is put together the stakes get higher by the minute. The suspense and what has happened to many families is immense. But even though we understand the struggle the craziness of it all - we can also understand that being right, does not always mean that you are right - in the eyes of the law that is. Or in the eyes of prosecutors or whatever.

The fact there are no laws against what the doc has done ... no written ones for most of the things he has done. And then there is this techincality thing .. let's leave it at that. If you are into "true crime" stuff, I won't have to convince you to watch this. It is already on your list - and if you like documentaries that are quite out there.
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An utterly disgraceful individual who broke the ethical code which he should have held dear
James_Denton3 June 2022
A shocking documentary which I didn't think would have been possible had I not watched it.

He broke no laws but just because a law doesn't exist for this type of immoral behaviour doesn't make it any less heinous, not least because he had medical issues himself ruling him out from being a donor.

As a documentary it was 'ok' but a little too long.

7 out of 10. It's worth a watch.
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An unbelievable true story
Calicodreamin11 May 2022
One of the wildest documentaries I've ever seen, mostly for its novelty. I never would have expected someone to do this, and so prolifically. The doc was well put together, the story flowed easily and interviews were relevant.
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This is a very smart documentary that I would strongly recommend
kevin_robbins16 May 2022
Our Father (2022) is a new Netflix documentary my wife and I watched last night. The storyline follows a inconceivable number of people who feel strange within their family and decide to do a DNA test only to discover a high number of siblings in the area. As they ask their parents about the findings they trace their ancestry all back to one doctor...

This movie is directed by Lucie Jourdan (Taken at Birth) and is very well delivered. The premise unfolds well and the segue between siblings was well done. The "method of discovery" subplots, actions taken and ultimate way the government handled everything is very well presented.

This movie really makes you think about how the government feels about females, how often this may happen and the definition of malpractice and rape and how it can become a blurred line. This is a very smart documentary that I would strongly recommend. I would score this a solid 8/10.
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Keep talking about it
allisonjoys29 May 2022
I'm not sure which is more shocking- this documentary...or the people who think this documentary isn't shocking. How can anyone say it's no big deal?

There are two main goals here. Keep people aware of what happened and pass laws that protect women from having this happen to them.
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schokogut21 May 2022
I googled out of curiosity what the rating of this is. Thought it was a very high one, but I see 6.6, people saying the kids are too dramatic? ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?

Disgusting that people give this horrible horrible story justification. That without the doctor the kids wouldn't even exist. SUUUUCH IDIOTS I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND HOW YOU ALL THINK LIKE THAT.

Please all who gave this low score go to a therapist or do something to change your mind on this topic because I am legit so sorry for you.
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teresajose-6811111 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The fact this man wasn't charged with rape or anything of the sort is shocking. The laws for that are disgusting. This was clearly a sexual violation and not only to the mothers but his children too. How can anyone support him after that? He's sick. He needs mental help. To think that what he did was okay shows how unwell he must be, mentally. Nearly 100 children. I hope they're all okay. That must be so hard for them. I hope they all get some kind of justice.
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Guy is a sick pos
brett-7626026 July 2022
Yeah this guy belongs in prison that's all I can say. Matter of fact this sicko needs his ass kicked.... This documentary will piss you off in more ways than one that's for sure.
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Dr.Cline is a bad doctor!
potipiroon15 May 2022
Very good documentary but painful to watch. I got really mad watching this and to learn that Dr. Cline served no jail time just says everything about how flawed the US legal system is. 94 shared siblings and still counting. Damn this doctor has no remorse whatsoever.
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"Wouldn't it be crazy if it was the doctor?"
classicsoncall18 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This is an incredible story which began when an adult woman questioned her adoptive parents about who her father was. Doubt in her mind was sown when she discovered multiple half-siblings through a DNA test. Her effort revealed even more outlandish numbers as she delved into tracing her true origins. This documentary exposes how one fertility doctor used his own semen to impregnate at least ninety women during the course of his medical practice. Aside from how astonishing and horrid the doctor's behavior was, what struck me was how so many of the adult offspring from his procedures felt that there was something 'off' about their existence and how they didn't seem to fit in with their families. It points to some intuitive link that bears exploring further, since how does one question their existence unless they've been told they were adopted or the result of an artificial insemination? In the case of some of the interviewees, they only learned that the father figure in the family they were born into was not their biological father. The documentary tries to keep sensationalism at a low level, but with each revelation, it's hard not to feel like you're watching some sort of talk show where the host keeps bringing out more outlandish guests. And when it's over, you'll come away wondering why there aren't laws enacted to criminalize the behavior of practitioners involved in this practice, as the narrative following the program stated that this was not an isolated case, with over forty other fertility doctors found to be involved in similar circumstances.
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normally would not have written a review, but...
jacksonmeddows1 June 2022
If not for the misogynistic and bigoted 1, 2, 3, 4 star reviews, I would not have reviewed this documentary myself. This documentary is not overly dramatic. What Dr. Cline did is horrible, and the story needs to be shared. This is not something you can just move on from and continue as if life is normal. It's not okay, it's not normal, and Dr. Cline is NOT a "good Christian man."
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Their Hypocrite, Religious Doctor Father
royhectorkabanlit13 May 2022
Another great Documentary from Netflix about a Doctor who used his own Sperm to impregnate his Female Patients without their knowledge.

He ended up fathering so many Children, I won't say the number here because the act of finding out is part of the shock of the extent of what he did.

And to think that the Guy was overly Religious and was an Elder of his Church. Typical of these Extremist Christian Hypocrites to go out and keep sucking up to their God but being completely atrocious to their fellow Humans.

And where was their God when he was doing all these? Why didn't it even say to him once, "stop jacking off into the Cup and putting it into Women, Don. It's Gross".

The sad part is that he got away with it, with his fellow Christian Hypocrites tolerating him and him not getting any Jail time at all.
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Unbelievable documentary
kymoviepro13 May 2022
Kudos to my hometown reporter for sticking with this story and exposing him and his victims. The negative reviews must be from his cronies. One person reviewing said he was just helping people who had trouble getting pregnant. You must have gone to get a snack when they mentioned all the health issues these half sibs had. You can have no issues to donate. He had RA. He was clearly playing God and they spelled this out in the title. He is a psycho path religious fanatic who got a get out of jail free pass. If you know the story like I did (I live within range of Indy) or never heard about it, it is a must see. The number of victims are still climbing.
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A Crime With No Justice
lornak-1800816 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This was a totally disgusting(and admittedly fascinating)story of a fertility doctor that took it upon himself to use his own sample to impregnate his patients even if he had the father's sample in hand. Was it an experiment? Was he trying to be a god of sorts and create an all white super group from his own sperm? A kind of master race? Who knows? But I do know that leaving a patient in stirrups while unbeknownst to the patient, he is collecting his own specimen in the next room and immediately injecting her with it is pretty much on par with a type of rape. I guess he wasn't counting on DNA testing. The story is told by a group of half siblings courtesy of his donations. It's kind of scary what could happen. Marry your own brother or sister? They mostly live within 25 miles of each other. The mind boggles.
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Am stunned
loader18108 July 2022
The fact that the US judicial system does not see this mans behaviour as criminal is telling. Amazing story, I especially loved the Dr Phil touch.

Its only a matter of time before siblings marry and the situation blows up again.
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There Is No Hate Like Christian Love
rkeilitz-19-53791514 May 2022
I would rather attend church with messed up people seeking after God than religious zealots like this GYN doctor who think they are His enforcers. This is another insightful Netflix documentary about a doctor who was an elder of the Christian church who used his own sperm to impregnate his female patients without their knowledge or consent.

He ended up fathering so many children(watch the documentary for the tally so far) which is still happening today within the American medical community.

The sad part is that there is no Federal law in America against illicit donor inseminations being illegal and only the victims, all half-siblings who fought in court, got a local law passed in the state of Indiana. He also got away with it while his fellow Christian hypocrites still tolerating him as a great doctor.
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Intriguing Subject, Tedious Documentary.
Backwards7103 June 2022
What this Doctor did was wrong, there's no way around that.

The telling of the story just fails on so many levels though. It focuses way too much on emotion and theory and opinion. What these people are dealing with is real enough.

I wish they would have explored how misleading patients was not criminal or, at the very least, ethically unjust. If the patients are under the assumption their sample is being used for insemination but it was instead replaced with another sample... how is that not fraud and/or malpractice? Maybe there is no legal recourse but was civil recourse ever explored? They should have focused on Who, Where, When, Why, What, and How..... not Would, Could, Should... It just feels like a huge chunk of the actual story is missing.
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Our Father - the doctor/preacher playing God
Funtasia11 May 2022
This is one of those documentaries that will have you thinking "oh wow, that's horrible" and then it keeps getting worse right through to the very end.

It is not difficult to relate to the lifelong trauma being faced by the mothers, siblings and fathers simply by imagining how you would feel if this happened to you. It is absolutely THE greatest betrayal of trust by a person who, as a gynecologist/obstetrician (and a preacher), is someone we should trust implicitly with our lives.

For generations to come, these families will continue to live in fear that their children, grandchildren and so on, may unwittingly have a child with a relative.

The documentary was well paced as it introduced each mother and child, while unpacking the sheer arrogance of this evil man, right up to the shocking crescendo at the end of the couple with twin daughters.

It's a must see film!
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chexsmate4 July 2022
This is almost unimaginable, that man should have been sentenced to prison and rotted there. I can't begin to imagine what Jacoba and her siblings have gone through psychologically, their mothers and the anguish, pain and anger they had to deal with. The men they called their fathers are their father's, period and they represent the male species far more than that disgrace and excuse of a human being. That spineless, little fraction of a man deserved for his disgusting, perverted deeds to be revealed to the world. He actually thought they'd care if his marriage would be over. Sadly. I'm sure this isn't the only time this has happened. This is an excellent documentary.
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Gonna Be A Very Crowded Reading of the Will...
setgetsiin12 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
...they should all fight for his estate. All of them. Punch the man in his bank account.

The racist slant nearly had me turn it off. "Oh NO! White doctor impregnates white patients and the children are...WHITE!" How stupid. That was really really stupid to even bring this up. And we all know that if he did this to any other race, you can bet he'd be in jail. But yeah, because his patient base were all white women, that makes HIM the racist. Sure, right, okay.

While I agree to an extent that these women were desperate for a child...they had a right to at least be ASKED. I wonder how many would have said yes if he actually asked their consent?? I mean, they are all sick kids, didn't he think about that? I'm sorry his killing a child made him mental, but how is it everyone else's price to pay? I can't believe he got off.

But anyway, yes: They may have not gotten justice in that courtroom, but perhaps they can find justice when they go for his assets when he dies.
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A terrifying and horrid truth
jacksongaming-8009413 May 2022
A very though provoking and disgustintly scary truth portrayed to the world after decades. Big ups to Netflix for greenlighting this documentmary and making this horrid truth heard by the world because the crimes committed by the doctor should never be replicated. Some parts of the docu were dragged a bit but overall an absolutely worthwhile addition to Netflix's original docu catalog.
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