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Danny Dyer's actress daughter Dani: 'My dad doesn't want me doing sex scenes'

Danny Dyer's actress daughter Dani: 'My dad doesn't want me doing sex scenes'
Danny Dyer's actress daughter Dani has revealed that her dad doesn't want her filming sex scenes.

Dani, who stars alongside Martin Kemp in forthcoming film Age of Kill, said that her father will "never be happy" with her doing scenes where 'everyone is on top of her'.

Speaking to The Mirror, Dani said: "[My dad] wouldn't have been happy if I'd been doing scenes where everyone is on top of me."

"It isn't nice for him to see, he will never be happy with me doing things like that."

Speaking about her strict parents, Dani said: "If I tell my parents the truth they are fine but if I take the liberty in the house, I get grounded and get my phone taken away."

She added: "I wasn't allowed a phone until I was 16. And I wasn't allowed home later than 11pm. So I'd say I'm staying at my friend's house,
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Princess Di's biopic nominated for 'worst film of 2013' at BAFTA

Princess Di's biopic nominated for 'worst film of 2013' at BAFTA
London, Feb 16: Naomi Watts starrer Princess Diana's high-criticised biopic 'Diana' has been tipped to win the worst film of 2013 at BAFTA.

The Oliver Hirschbiegel-helmed movie that had supposedly caused the Aussie actress so much stress that she would break down in tears is leading the pack with the judging panel at the British Academy of Rubbish Films and Terrible Acting, the Daily Star reported.

The award for the second worst film is expected to go to 'Run For Your Wife' which was helmed by 80-year-old first-time director Ray Cooney.

Meanwhile, film critic Andy Lea has described Diana as "charmless and utterly.
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Angelina Jolie' career inspires Harding

Angelina Jolie' career inspires Harding
Los Angeles, Dec 29: Singer Sarah Harding would love to embark on a film career playing ''sexy baddies'' and says actress Angelina Jolie is her career inspiration.

The former Girls Aloud singer has appeared in films including "Run For Your Wife" and "St. Trinians" and is keen to take her action career further, with her sights set on an action role.

''I love a bit of Angelina Jolie kind of kick-ass! I got down to the last two for 'X-Men: First Class', so something like a sexy baddie who's an adrenalin junkie would be good. I'd love to do my own stunts," quoted Harding as saying.

She is also readying.
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Interview: A conversation with Jonathan Sothcott, producer of Vendetta

Nafissa Jeetoo chats with Award-winning British producer & CEO of Richwater Films, Jonathan Sothcott, about his recent release Vendetta and what we can expect in 2014...

Nafissa Jeetoo: Hi Jonathan, I’d like to start by thanking you for taking the time to answer the questions I have in store. And... *applause* well done with Vendetta, a successfully gripping action movie where revenge is best served... Erm...Bloody!! So... who came up with the idea of Vendetta, and why did you make it happen? Be honest... even if this masterpiece stemmed from drunken banter!

Jonathan Sothcott: I had been working with a writer/director called Stephen Reynolds. He sent me a short film called Snowman a couple of years back, which he had ambitions to turn into a feature. It was stylish and I loved the concept, but it was more comic book than Death Wish. But it made enough of
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Danny Dyer on Harold Pinter, misogyny and giving up drugs

Find out more about Danny Dyer's relationship with the Nobel laureate playwright, plus what he really thinks about Zoo magazine and the true, Dyer-approved, definition of 'slag'

Hi Danny, the press release for your new film, Vendetta, calls it "a career best" for you. Is it a "career best" (1)?

It is. I felt like I had a lot to prove, I'd had so many negative reactions to my recent films and people constantly mocking me. I was just like: "Fuck you – I'm an actor. I'm a serious actor."

Do you feel that your personal life overshadowed your acting?

For some people, yeah. It's like, Ok, you need to re-evaluate things, maybe you've become more of a personality, a celebrity than being an actor. There are some actors out there that are brilliant at just being the actor and not giving the interview, mainly because they're boring as shit and
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Vendetta Review

  • HeyUGuys
He’s been commendably honest about taking on under-par projects to pay his mortgage and turkeys like Pimp and Run For Your Wife have made Danny Dyer’s Pinter-endorsed heyday seem a distant Mockney memory. Unfortunately for Dyer and writer/director Stephen Reynolds, their collaboration on revenge thriller Vendetta will likely be judged by the star’s several cinematic sins. Which is a shame, because this Dagenham Death Wish – or Romford Rambo, if you like – isn’t just a slick and confidently made pot-boiler, it’s also a film featuring Dyer’s best performance since The Football Factory. Maybe even his best ever.

Styled as ‘judge, jury, executioner’ by the film’s surprisingly restrained marketing campaign, our hero Jimmy Vickers (Dyer) is on his way back from Afghanistan, hoping for a warm family welcome to wash away the memories of his Geneva Convention-flouting work for the Special Forces. But Jimmy
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“I Never Wanted to be Famous…” Danny Dyer Opens up Ahead of his Latest Film Vendetta

  • HeyUGuys
If there is one thing to be said of Danny Dyer, is that he wears his heart on his sleeve. The actor, renowned as much for his personality off screen as his characters on it, has never been one to shy away from saying what’s on his mind – and ahead of the release of his latest picture Vendetta, we had the pleasure in discussing with him what has been something of a turbulent career.

In this honest interview, Dyer speaks candidly about his work – and describes some of the mistakes he feels he has made, and why he should be taken more seriously as an actor. He tells us why he likes to make films that you ‘f****** hate’, his work with Harold Pinter, and how he can’t seem to avoid calling actor Adam Woodyatt ‘Ian Beale’ since joining the cast of Eastenders

Warning: This interview contains A Lot of swearing.
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DVD Review: 'Run for Your Wife'

  • CineVue
★☆☆☆☆ The inimitable Danny Dyer returned to UK cinema screens earlier this year in Ray Cooney and John Luton's infamous Run for Your Wife (2012), occupying the type of role that few would have associated him with - but will be now be praying he never returns to. Far similar in style and tone to an extended CBeebies offering than the type of 1970s British sex comedy that it purports to ape (the Confessions... cycle's Robin Askwith even makes an ill-advised cameo - the first of many), Cooney and Luton's fatuous farce flops from one unbearable skit to the next, before letting its reprehensible bigamist off the hook, scot-free.

Dyer plays London cabbie John Smith, who inexplicably finds himself married to not one, but two attractive women - one in Stockwell (Denise Van Outen's Michelle), the other in Finsbury (Sarah Harding's Stephanie). After intervening to halt a late night
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Run For Your Wife DVD Review

Director: Ray Cooney

Starring: Danny Dyer, Denise van Outen, Neil Morrissey, Sarah Harding

Running time: 93 minutes

Certificate: 12A

Run For Your wife is the story of John Smith (Danny Dyer), who leads one life in Stockwell, South London, where he is happily married to Michelle (Denise van Outen), and another life in Finsbury, North London, where he is equally happy, but married to Stephanie (Sarah Harding). Whilst on the way home from work, he tries to stop a mugging and gets a hit on the head, prompting confusion and a blurring of his two lives.

This movie was absolutely panned when first released in the cinema, so you should try to go in open-minded. But the critics were all correct- it’s rubbish. Although funnily enough, Danny Dyer is not the worst thing about this film. There, it’s been said. The Worst thing about this film is the plot.
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Jack Whitehall on 'Bad Education', nudity and Danny Dyer

It broke BBC Three ratings records back in 2012 and now Bad Education is back - join Alfie, lovely Miss Gulliver (Sarah Solemani) and new addition Harry Enfield, cast as Alfie's dad, for more exploits at Abbey Grove School...

On set, series star Jack Whitehall spoke about what to expect from series two and the pressure of following up last year's hit episodes - plus somehow the conversation veered onto nudity, amateur artwork and professional geezer Danny Dyer.

Jack On Bad Education Fans...

"If people like a series and enjoy it, you've got that pressure with the second series not to let them down. It's good, because you get feedback of what people like when they talk to you about it, so you're hopefully trying to give them what they want and change [the show] to make it better.

"I do Fresh Meat and that's very heavily student fans, but with Bad Education.
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Johnny Depp, Will Smith: Huge Hollywood stars & their big-budget flops

Johnny Depp, Will Smith: Huge Hollywood stars & their big-budget flops
Johnny Depp's blockbuster The Lone Ranger is expected to lose between $160m (£104m) and $190m (£123m), according to an announcement made by Disney today (August 7).

The adventure movie cost more than $215m (£139m) to make, but has so far made just $176m (£114m) worldwide.

We look back at some of the biggest Hollywood stars and their even bigger blockbuster flops - from George Clooney's Dark Knight disaster Batman & Robin to Will Smith and son Jaden's After Earth bomb below.

Will Smith - After Earth

Will Smith's science fiction drama After Earth - released earlier this year - was directed by M Night Shyamalan. It achieved sales of $26.5 million (£17.1 million) upon its release, falling well below the $40m (£25.8 million) predicted by studio Sony. The blockbuster flop, which also starred Smith's son Jaden, was made for an estimated $130 million (£83.9 million).

George Clooney - Batman & Robin

George Clooney's Batman
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Kelly Brook: single-handed saviour of British film-making?

With all the paparazzi pictures that have appeared of her new film, Taking Stock, you may feel you have already seen it. Still, if it's going to save the industry …

Once again, Lost in Showbiz contemplates paging Jimmy Carr's tax accountant, in search of an urgent explanation for a forthcoming work of British cinema.

I am joking, of course. Admittedly, none of us is yet clear what precise percentage of Britflicks are deliberately conceived as Producers-style calamities, which nonetheless result in millions plopping into various tax-avoiders' bank accounts. But I seek absolutely no explanation for news that Kelly Brook has landed a movie role other than the notion that cinemagoers will gladly pay to see her act.

For Kelly, appearances on the silver screen are second nature. "I can't wait to get back to doing what I love," she informed fans. Which is? "Which is being on set and
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Danny Dyer to lead British hitman thriller 'Assassin'

Danny Dyer to lead British hitman thriller 'Assassin'
Danny Dyer has been cast in an upcoming British thriller titled Assassin.

The Run For Your Wife actor will star as a contract killer who discovers that his latest victim is the estranged father of his girlfriend.

Jonathan Sothcott will co-produce the project with Jk Amalou. Sothcott previously worked with Dyer on the action movie Vendetta.

Amalou will also direct the film from his own script.

"Jk has written a brilliantly slick script and I cannot wait to start work with him, he's a force of nature of a filmmaker," Sothcott said.

"I look forward to continuing building the new Danny Dyer brand with Assassin and Vendetta."

Production will begin next month, while the filmmakers hope a promo will be available for the American Film Market in the autumn.

Danny Dyer recently signed up to play a character known as 'The White Man' in E4's Hollyoaks Later.
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Is Rick Parfitt’s movie any good? Absolutely Quo way!

Not since Run For Your Wife has a Britcom looked like being shot down so comprehensively. Like that turkey, which was “as funny as leprosy”, Bula Quo may not yet have flown across your cultural radar. Here’s what you need to know about the film, another crime caper that swaps South London for Fiji and Danny Dyer for Status Quo – with no added laughs.
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Danny Dyer: 'Being on film doesn't work for some people'

With Oscar-winning style, the actor blames his co-stars for the cinematic catastrophe Run For Your Wife

A privileged glimpse into an actor's craft, now, as Danny Dyer is moved to address his recent turn in critically misunderstood film Run For Your Wife.

Danny, you will recall, took top billing in the Vicki Michelle-produced cinematic work, a Britflick of such radioactive awfulness that it took a mere £747 at the box office. "Rarely has a film aimed so low and missed its target so woefully," was the verdict of one reviewer, who had presumably also seen Mad Cows and Sex Lives of the Potato Men. "Perhaps never in the field of light entertainment have so many actors sacrificed so much dignity in the cause of so few jokes," ran another.

Lost in Showbiz had been wondering how Danny's agent would advise him to treat the opus should he find himself in the company of an interviewer.
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R.I.P. Frank Thornton

R.I.P. Frank Thornton
Brit Frank Thornton, who played Captain Peacock in the long-running TV sitcom Are You Being Served? has died at his home in London. He was 92. Thornton played mainly comedic roles during his decades-long career, including Truly in Last Of The Summer Wine, but it was the role of Captain Stephen Peacock, a pompous department store floor manager, in Are You Being Served? that he is best remembered. The innuendo-laden sitcom ran for 13 years from 1972 and was based in the fictional London department store Grace Brothers. It became popular in the U.S. on PBS and BBC America. He also appeared in comedies Hancock’s Half Hour, The Goodies, Steptoe And Son, and The Benny Hill Show. His feature film credits include Carry On Screaming, No Sex Please, We’re British, Gosford Park and most recently Run For Your Wife.
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Wreck-It Ralph batters Bruce Willis

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph maintains its momentum at the UK box office as half-term gave a lift to children's films

The winner

It lost the best animated feature Oscar to Disney stablemate Brave, but Wreck-It Ralph scored a victory at the UK weekend box-office. Takings for the film were almost the same as the previous weekend (£3.42m v £3.44m), as families slotted in a cinema visit before the end of school half-term. Over the 10 days of the school holiday (15-24 February), the video-game-themed adventure grossed an impressive £11.54m, for a total so far of £18.62m. Audiences will decrease now children are back at school, but Wreck-It Ralph should bump along for a few more weeks and is well placed to overtake the totals for 2012's Madagascar 3 (£22.74m) and Brave (£22.17m).

Wreck-It Ralph returns to the top spot after a weekend when preview takings had boosted the opening of A Good Day to Die Hard,
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Are there no depths to which Danny Dyer won't plummet?

Run for Your Wife is already a contender for worst Britfilm ever made, but could that have been the cunning plan all along?

After the fashion of any self-respecting prime minister, I have not actually seen the thing on which I am about to pass judgment.

In my defence, nor has anyone else. Or rather, a mere £747 worth of cinemagoers have – for it is Run for Your Wife, a film some are already calling the worst Britflick ever made. Which gives you a sense of the scale of its horror.

A movie version of the Ray Cooney farce, Run for Your Wife was billed as a "Danny Dyer comedy vehicle" – and if that didn't suggest the brakes were cut from the start, the presence of 'Allo 'Allo's Vicki Michelle as executive producer should have. (Having said that, Lost in Showbiz does have a soft spot for Vicki Michelle, not so
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Danny Dyer's 'Run For Your Wife' flops with £602 at the box office

Danny Dyer's 'Run For Your Wife' flops with £602 at the box office
Danny Dyer's Run For Your Wife has made just £602 at the UK box office over its opening weekend.

Dyer's adaptation of the long-running West End play has been widely panned by critics, and also failed to connect with UK audiences.

Its taking of £602 from nine cinemas translates to an average of £67 per cinema, plus preview takings of £320, as reported by The Guardian.

The film is set to expand to a further 65 cinemas across the UK this week, playing mainly at late morning and early afternoon screenings.

Run For Your Wife stars Dyer as a taxi driver who must prevent his two wives (played by Sarah Harding and Denise Van Outen) from coming face to face.

Involved in bigamous marriages for five years, he lives with Stephanie in Finsbury and Michelle in Stockwell.

> UK box office top 10: 'A Good Day to Die Hard' beats 'Wreck-It Ralph
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Richard Briers: the sweetest of men

Genial star of the sitcom The Good Life who impressed in a range of roles on stage

When he played Hamlet as a young man, Richard Briers, who has died aged 79 after suffering from a lung condition, said he was the first Prince of Denmark to give the audience half an hour in the pub afterwards. He was nothing if not quick. In fact, wrote the veteran critic Wa Darlington, he played Hamlet "like a demented typewriter". Briers, always the most modest and self-deprecating of actors, and the sweetest of men, relished the review, happy to claim a place in the light comedians' gallery of his knighted idols Charles Hawtrey, Gerald du Maurier and Noël Coward.

"People don't realise how good an actor Dickie Briers really is," said John Gielgud. This was probably because of his sunny, cheerful disposition and the rat-a-tat articulacy of his delivery. "You're a great farceur,
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